List of Artists and their Works (S)

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Sadowski, Czeslaw"Piaski"
"Portrait of a Woman"
Sadowski, Pawel"Elements"
"No More Blood"
"Unbearable Lightness of Being, The"
"Young Poland"
Sajewski, Andrzej Andrea"Angel"
"Bay of Solitude"
"Carnival is Over, The"
"Different States of Self-Consciousness"
"End of Summer"
"Harbinger of Peace, The"
"Icaro? Dove sei?"
"In Pursuit of Dreams"
"In Search of Lost Hope"
"Journey in Time"
"Journey to the Interior of the Earth"
"Learning to Fly"
"Life on the Sidetrack"
"Magic of Clouds, The"
"Metamorphosis 3"
"Nothing Compares to You"
"Per aspera ad astra"
"Quo Vadis"
"Song of the Sirens"
"Stairway To Heaven"
"Three Graces"
"What Awaits Us on the Other Side"
"Who was Moby Dick?"
Salaburski, Zdzislaw"Composition"
Samostrzelnik, Stanislaw"Portrait of Piotr Tomicki"
Sandoz, Adolf Karol"Prayer at Sunset outside Barka, Oman"
"Wounded Drummer Boy in the Alps"
Sarnowicz, Aleksander"Before the Storm - Road among Fields"
Sasnal, Wilhelm"Aquarium"
Sawiczewski, Stanislaw"Nude"
"St. Mary's Church in Cracow"
Sawka, Jan"Banner - Stanczyk"
"Partial Recall"
Schinagel (Szinagel), Emil"Houses"
"Street in a Small Town"
Schnarbach (Sznarbach), Sylwester Antoni"Difficult Piece"
"Girl with a Basket"
Schoninck, Martin"Siege of Malbork in 1460"
Schouppé, Alfred"Smugglers in Tatra Mountains"
"View of Ilza"
"View of Tatra Mountains"
Schreter (Szreter), Zygmunt"Landscape"
"Landscape of Israel"
"Seated Woman"
"Still Life with a Bottle"
"Still Life with Flowers and a Bottle"
"Woman in a Coat"
Schultz, Daniel"Duck Hunt"
"Family Portrait"
"King John Casimir II in Polish Costume, The"
"Portrait of King John Casimir"
"Portrait of Konstancja von Holten Schumann"
"Portrait of Stanislaw Krasinski"
"Portrait of the Queen of Poland Marie Louise Gonzaga de Nevers"
"Portrait of Wincenty Gosiewski"
Schulz, Bruno"Adoration of a Slipper (Three Women and a Man)"
"Attack on Bianka's House"
"Attack on Bianka's House"
"Book of Idolatry, The"
"Book of Idolatry II, The"
"Eternal Fairy Tale"
"Eternal Fairy Tale II (The Ideal)"
"Fantastic Head"
"Hassids at the Table"
"Head of a Horse and Torso of a Rider"
"Infante and her Dwarfs, The"
"Joseph with a Sick Father"
"Joseph with his father Jacob and Terrorists"
"King (Dwarf)"
"Mademoiselle Circe and Her Troupe (Circus)"
"Man between Two Naked Women at the Table"
"Man Washing Woman's Feet"
"Messiah over the Town"
"Old Hassids at a Town Square"
"Queen (Snow White)"
"Self-Portrait and Passers-By"
"Self-Portrait at the Drawing Board"
"Stallions and Eunuchs"
"Susanna and the Elders"
"Tribe of Pariahs"
"Two Men at the Feet of a Naked Woman"
"Two Naked Women in a Cart"
"Undula at Night"
"Undula at the Artists"
"Undula Goes Into the Night"
"Undula Once Again"
"Woman and a Bowing Old Man"
"Woman and Two Men"
"Woman With a Riding Crop and a Kneeling Man"
"Woman with a Whip and Three Naked Men"
"Zuzanna at the Toilet"
Segal, Simon"Blacksmith and His Wife"
"Bouquet of Flowers"
"Brittany Landscape"
"Church in Tronoën"
"Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The"
"Portrait of Gisele"
"Spring in La Hague"
"Still Life with Fish"
Seidenbeutel, Efraim and Menasze"Flower Bouquet in a Vase"
"Still Life"
"View from a Window"
Seifert, David"Fruit, Still Life"
"Girl with a Black Cat"
"Woman in Profile"
Sempolinski, Jacek"Dawn"
"Violet Space"
Serafin, L. Tadeusz"2014 I"
"2014 IV"
Serwin-Oracki, Mieczyslaw"Landscape"
"Storm Clouds over the Bieszczady Mountains"
Setkowicz, Adam"Around Bonfire"
"Black Grouse"
"Cottage Outside a Village"
"Cracovian Sleigh Ride"
"Cracovian Wedding"
"Field Marshal Ernst Gideon von Laudon"
"Going Hunting"
"Potatoes Baking"
"Rest During Hunting"
"Return from the Field"
"Rural Scene"
"Shepherd Girl"
"Sledge Ride"
"Sledge Ride"
"Sleigh in front of an Inn"
"Sleigh in front of Cottage"
"Sleigh in front of Cottage"
"Sleigh Ride at Dawn"
"Sleigh Ride to Church"
"View of Wawel Castle"
"Village Girl"
"Winter Landscape"
"Winter Landscape"
Setowski, Tomasz"Astronomers"
"Beyond Borders of Time"
"Crazy Love"
"Empire of the Great Magus"
"Eternal Delight"
"Flying Dutchman, The"
"Forest Studio"
"Futuristic Woman"
"Infinite Painting"
"Labyrinth of Imagination"
"Magician's Studio"
"Messenger from a Happy Land"
"New Jerusalem"
"Parade of Jugglers, The"
"Patron of Errant Souls"
"Port of Fulfilled Dreams"
"Scattered Dreams"
"Secret of Great Love"
"Three Queens"
"Town of Sailors"
"Underwater Graces"
Sibera, Alina"Autumn"
"Blue Balloon"
"Girl in Black"
"On a Beach I"
"Pretty Woman"
Sichulski, Kazimierz"Blessing of the Waters"
"Blossoming Trees"
"Blue Roses"
"Boy with a Horse"
"Caricature of Michal Hruszczewski"
"Church, The"
"Design of Theatrical Costume"
"Flowers in a Vase"
"Poppies in a Vase"
"Stagecoach. Ballad"
"Stand-Alone Spruce"
"Still Life"
"Still Life"
"White Poppies"
Sidorowicz, Zygmunt"At Sunset"
"At the Steppe"
"Autumn Landscape with Cottages"
"Gipsy Camp"
"In a Forest at Sunset"
"Landscape at Sunset"
"Landscape with a Bridge"
"Landscape with Water in the Foreground"
"Near the Forest"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman in a Blue Shawl"
"Rural Road in Autumn"
"Walk Through a Village"
Siedlecki, Franciszek"Annunciation, The"
Sielski, Roman"Marine Landscape"
Siemiginowski-Eleuter (Szymonowicz), Jerzy"John III at the Battle of Vienna"
"King of Poland - John III Sobieski, The"
"Madonna with Child"
"Portrait of Queen Maria Kazimiera with Children"
Siemiradzki, Henryk"Arcadian Afternoon"
"At the Well"
"Boy from the Sabine Hills"
"Bringing Comfort and Help"
"By a Temple (Idyll)"
"By the Fountain"
"Chopin Playing the Piano in Prince Radziwill's Salon, 1887"
"Christ and the Samaritan Woman"
"Christ in the House of Martha and Mary"
"Christian Dirce"
"Christian Golgotha"
"Country Idyll"
"Dance Amongst Daggers"
"Departure from an Island at Night"
"Eros and Psyche"
"Following the Example of the Gods"
"Girl at a Well"
"Girl at the Spring"
"Girl or the Vase?, The"
"Grand Prince Alexander Nevsky"
"Gypsy Woman"
"Herod's Feast"
"Imitating the Gods"
"Italian Landscape"
"Joan of Arc"
"Judgment of Paris, The"
"Male Nude"
"Man in Profile"
"Moses Transverses his Rod to a Snake Before the Pharaoh"
"Near Castel Gandolfo"
"Near Water Spring"
"Night in Pompeii"
"Night on the Eve of Ivan Kupala"
"Orpheus in the Underworld"
"Patrician's Siesta, The"
"Phryne at the Festival of Poseidon in Eleusis"
"Portrait of a Roman Woman"
"Portrait of a Roman Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Italian Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Portrait of Aleksander Stankiewicz"
"Portrait of the Artist's Father"
"Portrait of the Artist's Mother"
"Princess Marie Lubomirska"
"Rape of the Sabine Women, The"
"Road from Rome to Albano"
"Roman Idyll"
"Roman Idyll - Fishing"
"Roman Orgy in the Time of Caesars"
"Shepherd Playing Flute"
"Sketch for Rus Burial in Bulgaria"
"Song of a Slave-Girl"
"Soul, The"
"Southern Beauty"
"Studio Female Nude"
"Study for 'Torches of Nero'"
"Study for a Portrait - Head of a Girl"
"Study for the painting Phryne at the Festival of Poseidon in Eleusis"
"Tight Rope Walker's Audience, Capri, The"
"Torches of Nero or Candlesticks of Christianity"
"Two Figures by a Statue of Sphinx"
"Vase Salesman"
"Young Angler, The"
"Young Orpheus"
Sienicki, Jacek"Human"
"Portrait of a Man"
"Ram's Jaw"
"Still Life"
"White Interior"
Silvestre, Louis de"Portrait of Augustus III, the King of Poland"
"Youth Kissing an Unclad Young Woman"
Siminska, Aleksandra"Composition I"
Simmler, Jozef"Death of Barbara Radziwillowna"
"Farewell of Waclaw and Maria"
"Nobleman with a Parrot"
"Portrait of Emilia Wlodkowska"
"Portrait of Jadwiga Luszczewska (Deotyma)"
"Portrait of Julia Simmler"
"Portrait of Mary Rosa and Rosa Mary Caroline Kronenberg with a Dog"
"Portrait of Mr Genelli"
"Queen Jadwiga's Oath"
"Study of Male Nude"
Sitak, Kamila"At the Beach"
"Break VI"
"Fly II"
"Step Back"
Siwecki, Alojzy"Landscape of Capri"
"Wawel Castle in Cracow, The"
Skangiel, Julian"Nude"
Skarzynski, Jerzy"Carousels in Motion"
Skoczylas, Wladyslaw"Castle and Church in Kazimierz Dolny, The"
"Girl with a Basket"
"Insurgent's Prayer"
"Little Street"
"Marching Ruffians"
"Nativity Scene"
"Portrait of a Girl in a Red Sweater"
"Rialto Bridge in Venice, The"
Skotnicki, Jan"Second Brigade, The"
"Turkeys in the Rain"
"Under the Nests"
Skrzynska, Magdalena"Achillea and Flowering Sambucus"
"After the Rain"
"Autumn Landscape"
"Autumn Landscape with Stinging Nettle"
"Black Elder"
"Common Rue"
"End of Summer"
"In a Shadow"
"In Embrace"
"July Night"
"Junipers at Dusk"
"Landscape with a Meadow"
"Landscape with Grasses"
"Landscape with Nettle"
"Marsh Marigolds"
"My Landscape"
"Nettle III"
"Nettle in Zgorzaly Most"
"On the Way to Zgorzaly Most"
"Poppy Flowers"
"Summer Landscape"
"Summer Landscape"
"Three Cornflowers"
"Three Wild Apple Trees"
"Two Mulleins"
"Velvet Plants"
"Velvet Plants"
"Walking Deck in Cisy"
"Wild Elder"
"Winter Day"
"Withered Yarrow"
Skrzypek, Grzegorz"African Still Life"
"Capsicum on a Table"
"Pine Tree"
"School Still Life"
"Still Life on the Green Background"
"Still Life with a figure of Christ"
"Still Life with a Little Car"
"Still Life with a Mirror"
"Still Life with a Pumpkin"
"Still Life with a Shell"
"Still Life with a Siphon Bottle"
"Still Life with a Tea Pot"
"Still Life with Apples"
"Still Life with Scissors"
Slabiak, Juliusz"Best Man, The"
"Cracovian Wedding"
"Escape From Wolves"
"Going to Midnight Mass"
"Sukiennice (The Cloth Hall in Cracow)"
"Wawel Castle in Cracow"
Slendzinska, Julitta Anna"Forest"
"Mrs Goat"
"Princess on Horseback"
"Tree of Life, The"
Slendzinski, Aleksander"Portrait of Karolina Slendzinska"
Slendzinski, Ludomir"Above Subalpine Forests - Tatra Mountains"
"Bialy Dunajec"
"Cityscape of Vilnius (Oratory)"
"Coast of Syracuse, The"
"Family Portrait with the Dog"
"Four Busts"
"Gate to the Bernardine Cemetery"
"Head of an Old Woman"
"Last Page, The"
"Male nude"
"My Diary. Thesis"
"My Diary. Vilnius"
"Near Assisi"
"Ostia Marina"
"Portrait of a Lady with a Necklace"
"Portrait of a Lady with Music (Bronislawa Rymkiewiczowna)"
"Portrait of a Man"
"Portrait of Antoni Czechowicz"
"Portrait of Artist's Mother"
"Portrait of Artist's Wife on the Background of Vilnius"
"Portrait of Irena, the Artist's Wife"
"Portrait of Jadwiga Grobicka"
"Portrait of Janina Grobicka"
"Portrait of Leonardo da Vinci"
"Portrait of Lucyna Grobicka"
"Portrait of My Daughter Julitta. Queen of Clubs"
"Portrait of Stanislaw Lorentz"
"Portrait of the Artist's Daughter"
"Portrait of the Artist's Daughter in Spanish Shawl"
"Portrait of the Artist's Daughter with a Powder-Box"
"Portrait of the Artist's Daughter, Julitta"
"Portrait of the Artist's Daughter, Julitta"
"Portrait of the Artist's Daughter, Julitta"
"Portrait of the Woman (Jadwiga Kontkiewiczowa)"
"Portrait of the Woman (Jadwiga Kontkiewiczowa)"
"Portrait of Wife with a Wedding Ring"
"Prelude St. Cecily"
"Ruins of the Temple of Baalbek in Heliopolis"
"Self-Portrait on the Background of Vilnius"
"Song Festival"
"Standing Male Nude"
"Still Life with a Clock"
"Tennis Player"
"Thermae of Caracalla (Terme di Caracalla), The"
"Vilnius (Oratory)"
"Vilnius (Oratory)"
"Young Woman"
Slendzinski, Wincenty"Daniel in the Lions' Den"
"Portrait of Orlowski"
"Portrait of Roza Wereszczynska Misiewiczowa"
Slewinski, Wladyslaw"Anemones"
"Anemones in a Vase"
"Apples and Flowers in White Paper"
"Apples with a Knife and a Pot of Begonias"
"Asters in a Jug (Reines-Marguerites dans la cruche)"
"Bouquet of Asters"
"Breton Boy with Bread (Ludwig Koscielniak)"
"Flowers and Apples on a Round Table"
"Flowers in a Vase"
"Flowers on the Table"
"Green Apple and Flowers"
"Jug of White Flowers and a Rose"
"Kazimierz - Houses"
"Landscape of Czarnolas"
"Landscape of the Brittany coast"
"Little Town in Brittany"
"Marine Landscape with a Little Boat"
"Mask and Books"
"Old Breton Woman"
"Orphan from Poronin, The"
"Portrait of a Young Fisherman"
"Rocks - Belle-Île, The"
"Roses Against a Blue Background"
"Sea in Brittany"
"Sea with Lilac Rocks"
"Self-Portrait in a Breton Hat"
"Self-Portrait in a Straw Hat"
"Still Life with a Green Cup"
"Still Life with a Silver Bowl and Fruit"
"Still Life with a Vase of Flowers and a Pot of Tulips"
"Still Life with Apples"
"Still Life with Apples (Nature morte aux pommes)"
"Still Life with Bread Rolls and a Knife"
"Still Life with the Hyacinthe (Nature morte à la jacinthe)"
"Study of a Woman Sitting"
"Two Breton Women"
"Vase of Flowers and Three Apples (Vase de fleurs avec trois pommes)"
"View of Bay"
"White and Red Roses in a Vase and Apples"
"Winter Landscape near Zakopane"
"Woman Brushing her Hair"
"Young Fisherman from Doëlan"
Slugocki, Marian"Awakening. Spring"
Slusarsky, Dariusz"A Bit of Luck"
"A Midsummer Night's Dream"
"Alice - Diamonds"
"At the Dawn"
"Big Adventure"
"Big Adventure"
"Colours of my Youth, The"
"Common Way, The"
"Debut of Sancho Panza"
"Dreams Become Real"
"Elapsing Time"
"Elusive Moments"
"Evening Coated with Moonlight"
"Fighting Thoughts"
"Fighting Thoughts"
"Flicker of Hope"
"Forgive Me Darling"
"Going to Plein Air"
"How did I Stop Being an Angel"
"In the Shadow"
"Inspiration of Every Day"
"Joy of Creation, The"
"Legend of King Popiel, The"
"Like a Flower in the Sun"
"Limits of Imagination, The"
"Little Prince, The"
"Mechanical Orange"
"Milky Way"
"Mirror of Soul"
"Moment of Joy"
"Moon Zone"
"Night and Day"
"Night Challenges"
"Nine Wishes"
"Paper Bird"
"Queen of Hearts, The"
"Rusty Friendship"
"Scale of Happiness"
"Sign of Time"
"Singing of the Whale in Love, The"
"Subtle Taste of Freedom"
"Symphony of the Ocean"
"Tide of Hope"
"To the Light"
"Tree of Life"
"Voice of Heart, The"
"Waiting for Inspiration"
"Woman of Peace"
"Woman with a Pearl"
"Wonder Years, The"
"Yellow Scarf"
"Youth Years"
Smuglewicz, Franciszek"Battle of Warka 1656"
"Death of Chodkiewicz, The"
"Kosciuszko Taking the Oath at the Main Square in Cracow"
"Persian Envoys before the King of Ethiopia"
"Portrait of Prozor Family"
"Queen Esther"
"Scythian Envoys before Darius"
"Titus Flavius Vespasianus"
"Visit to the Baths of Titus (Vestigia delle Terme di Tito e Loro interne pitture)"
Smuglewicz, Lukasz"St. Clement"
"St. John of Nepomuk"
Sobczyk, Marek"Marten"
"One Idea of Bed and Table"
Sobocki, Leszek"Self-Portrait. Aureola"
Sochaczewski, Aleksander"Farewell to Europe"
Sokol, Leszek"Captive"
"Fruitful Meeting"
"Lofty Poet, The"
"Sunday outside Town"
"Venetian Meeting"
Sokolowski, Jakub"Man Smoking a Pipe"
Sokolowski, Sigmond"Unexpected Advance"
Sonnewend, Stefan"On Chodzieskie Lake. Fisherman and His Daughter"
Sosnowski, Kajetan"Good Night"
Sozanski, Michal Adam"Zaleszczyki"
Spasowicz, Magdalena"Churches"
"Landscape with Boats"
"Urban Landscape"
"Urban Landscape"
"Urban Landscape with a Cart"
Spiegel (Szpigel or Szpiegel), Natan"Boy - Study for the Portrait"
Spitzer, Walter"Figures in a landscape"
"Young Man from Moissac (Jeune homme de Moissac)"
Spychalski, Jan"Battle of Jacob and an Angel"
Sroka, Jacek"Cement Boots"
"Red Floor"
"Van Gogh Militaire (4)"
Stabrowski, Kazimierz"Against a Background of Stained Glass Window. Peacock"
"Colosseum by Moonlight, The"
"Corals and Fishes"
"Golden Autumn Fairy Tale"
"Landscape with a River"
"Portrait of Julia, the Artist's Wife"
"Portrait of the Artist's Fiancée"
"Snow Maiden, The"
Stachiewicz, Piotr"Ave Maria"
"Beautiful Sophia"
"Bouquet of Flowers"
"First Sowing, The"
"Flowers in a Vase"
"Girl and Amor"
"Girl in a Cracovian Folk Costume"
"Girl in a Cracovian Folk Costume"
"Girl in a Folk Costume"
"Madonna with a Child"
"Madonna with Catkins and Swallows"
"Making Wreaths"
"Portrait of a Woman in a Red Dress, The"
"Portrait of Sarah Bernard"
"Portrait of Sarah Bernhardt"
"Portrait of Young Woman"
"Semi Nude"
"Venetian Lace"
Stachowicz, Michal"Adoration of the Magi, The"
"Jan Pawel Woronicz, primate of Kingdom of Poland (1828-1829)"
"Kosciuszko on Horseback"
"Kosciuszko's Camp"
"Raising of Kosciuszko Mound"
Stachowski, Wladyslaw Ignacy"Seascape"
Stajuda, Jerzy Adam"1511"
"Composition with a Bottle"
"English Landscape III"
"White Flags"
Stanislawska, Monika"Dreams Fulfilled"
Stanislawski, Jan"Autumn Landscape"
"Autumn Landscape with a Stream"
"Beehives in the Ukraine"
"Cathedral in Siena"
"Church over the Dnieper River"
"Clouds on the Dnieper"
"Cottage House"
"Cottage Houses in Pustowaria"
"Cottage in Popovka in Ukraine"
"Dnieper River"
"Dnieper River"
"Flowers on the Steppe"
"Fortress in Verona"
"Garden in Sunshine"
"In the Cemetery"
"Landscape - Green Bushes"
"Landscape - Meadow"
"Landscape of Sieniawa on the River Rosia"
"Landscape with a Pine Tree"
"Landscape with a Poplar Tree"
"Mallows and Poplars"
"Moon - Tyniec"
"Moonlit Evening"
"Mountainous Landscape"
"Mykhaylovska Church in Kiev"
"New Bridge (Le Pont Neuf), The"
"Night (Cottages in the Moonlight)"
"Orchard. Biala Cerkiew"
"Piazza dei Cavalli in Piacenza"
"Place de la Concorde in Paris, The"
"Planty Park in Cracow"
"Poplars near the Water"
"Poppy Flowers in a Garden"
"Pustawarnia in Ukraine"
"Saint Sophia's Cathedral in Kiev"
"Santa Maria della Salute in Venice"
"Sapphire Dnieper"
"Small Landscape"
"Somewhere in Ukraine"
"Somewhere in Ukraine"
"St. Michael's Cathedral in Kiev"
"Summer Landscape"
"Sunflowers and Cottages"
"Ukrainian Landscape"
"Ukrainian Thistle"
"Ukrainian Thistle"
"Ukrainian Thistle"
"Ukrainian Thistle"
"Ukrainian Thistle in Sunshine"
"View of Kosciuszko Mound"
"View of the Sea"
"Village in the Ukraine, The"
"White Church in Ukraine"
"Winter Landscape"
"Winter Landscape"
"Winter Landscape"
"Winter Landscape"
"Zakopane in Winter"
"Zakopane in Winter (Cyhrla - Zakopane)"
Stankiewicz, Aleksander"Rat wit a Dog and Three Puppies"
"Travelling Italian Musicians"
Stankiewicz, Zofia"Bulrush"
"Girl at Work"
"Winter's Day, Warsaw"
Stanko, Michal"Cottages in the Mountains"
"Tatra Mountains"
Stapinski, Wladyslaw"Blossoming Tree"
Starowieyski, Franciszek"CATASTROPHA COELESTRIS"
"Hic transit gloria equis"
"La femme de Loth"
"Pagan Converts the Saint"
"Rêve sur les rêves des filles"
"Splendor Vitris"
Stasiak, Ludwik"Self-Portrait"
"Well in a Park near a Manor House"
Stattler, Wojciech Korneli"Nude"
"Peasant Girl with Tambourine"
"Portrait of Alfred and Adam Potocki"
Stazewski, Henryk"Abstract Composition III"
"Co-operation (Crane)"
"Coloured Relief #10"
"Composition Nr 11"
"Composition Nr 3"
"Figural Composition"
"No. 17"
"No. 18"
"No. 19"
"No. 3"
"No. 37"
"No. 37"
"No. 49"
"No. 5"
"No. 50A"
"No. 66"
"Nr 12"
"Painting no. 36"
"Relief in Aluminium no. XII"
"Relief in Copper"
"Relief no. 17"
"Relief no. 17"
"Relief Painted (White)"
"Strata Composition I"
"Three Graces"
"White and Grey Relief - No 20"
"White-Red Composition"
Stefanowicz, Kajetan"Angels"
"Two Women"
Steller, Pawel"Christmas Star"
"Landscape of Jaworze"
"Midnight Mass"
"Silesian Christmas Nativity"
"Tatra Landscape"
"View from Poronin"
"Winter in Zabnica"
"Winter Landscape near Wisla"
Stern, Jonasz"Figural Composition"
"Landscape with a Bridge"
"Landscape with a Cottage"
"Red Tablets"
Steynovitz, Zamy"By the Seaside"
Stolorz, Jozef"Advent Prelude"
"Book of Labyrinths (Golden Mountain), The"
"Dreamcopter's Sailor"
"Garden of the Seven Seals"
"Good Heart Needed"
"Good You Are Here"
"Guardian of the Word, The"
"Island of the Crimson King, The"
"Miserere II"
"On Earth As It Is In Heaven"
"Shine Brighter (Hope)"
"Sigur Ros Reflections"
"Solitude of David's Psalms, The"
"Stone Book of Psalms, The"
"They'll Have Your Name in Hate"
"Triple Symmetry of Triangle"
"Villainy Triumphing"
Straszynski, Leonard"Messenger Of Love"
Streitt, Franciszek"At the Well"
"Bifurcation of the Roads"
"Catherine Jagiellon of Poland"
"Doll Doctor"
"Feeding Pigeons"
"Gypsies On the Road"
"Heart Question"
"In a Small Town"
"Musical Serenade"
"On the Road in Autumn"
"On the Way to a Market"
"Resting Gipsies"
"Travelling Musicians"
"Village Musicans"
"Wandering Gypsies"
"Young Violinist"
Strobel, Bartholomäus"Coronation of the Madonna"
"Jerzy Ossolinski"
"Portrait of Wilhelm Orsetti"
"Stoning of St. Stephen"
"Wladyslaw Dominik Zaslawski-Ostrogski, Voivode of Cracow"
Stryjenska, Zofia"Apple Picking"
"At the Bonfire"
"Christmas Carolling"
"Dousing Womenfolk on Easter Monday"
"Four Seasons"
"Highland Dance"
"Highlander Musicians Drinking Wine"
"Kujawiak Dance"
"Kupala Night"
"Little Musician"
"Meeting in the Forest"
"Meeting with the Son"
"Pageant II"
"Parisian Landscape"
Stryowski (Stryjowski), Wilhelm August"Freitag Carving the Bust of Hevelius"
"Hope for a Food"
"Polish Nobility in Gdansk"
"Raftsmen by the Vistula River"
"Raftsmen on the Vistula River (Flissen auf der Weichsel)"
"Raftsmen's Camp by the Vistula River"
Strzalecki, Wandalin"Knights in Front of a Cottage"
"On the Steps of the Palace"
"Violinist, The"
Strzeminski, Wladyslaw"Cubism - Tensions of the Material Structure"
"Lodz Landscape"
"Sun - Heart of the Day"
"Sun's After-Image"
"Unist Composition 14"
"Unist Composition II (10)"
Studnicki, Juliusz"Composition"
"Gertruda Wysocka - Udarnik"
Styka, Adam"Algierski ch³opiec"
"Arab Pair Smoking"
"Arab's Head"
"At a Watering-Place"
"At the Nile"
"Banks of the Nile, The"
"Bathing in the River"
"Beduin Couple"
"Boy with Donkey Water Bearer"
"Camels at a Watering-Place"
"Desert Seduction"
"Discharge of the Goods"
"Donkey at a Watering-Place"
"Donkeys by the River"
"Eastern Beauty"
"Enjoying the Moment"
"Fatima in Front of Her Door"
"Favourite, The"
"Girl from Algeria"
"Girl with a Vase"
"Girl with an Arab in a Hat"
"Happy Couple"
"Happy Couple, The"
"Head of an Arab of El Oued"
"Impoverished Elder"
"In the Nile River"
"In the Souk"
"Island of Philae, The"
"Joy and Tambourine (Joie et tambourin)"
"Laughing Couple"
"Lovers, The"
"Moroccan Couple"
"Moroccan Idyll"
"Mother and Childeren by the Nile"
"Mother with Children on the River Bank"
"Oriental Couple"
"Rocky Coast"
"Small Boy on a Donkey near a Palm Plantation"
"Street Corner in Marrakech"
"Street in Marrakesh"
"Street scene"
"Sunlit Nude"
"Sweet Moments"
"The Banks of Nile"
"Thebes - Sunset over the Nile"
"Three Friends Camping (Trois amis au campement)"
"Under the African Sun"
"Under the African Sun"
"Warm Embrace"
"Water Carriers on the Edges of the Nile in High Egypt"
"Water Lilies"
"Whisper, The"
"Young Water Carierrs"
"Zohra. A Morrocan Dancer"
Styka, Jan"Christ"
"Coachman from the Staff of General Bem"
"Death of Petronius and Eunice"
"Hermes and Aphrodite"
"Hermes and Aphrodite"
"Jesus Christ"
"King John III Sobieski"
"Kiss of Eunice, The"
"Landscape of Raclawice"
"Near Water Spring"
"Peter the Apostle in the Great Gircus"
"Portrait of a Girl"
"Portrait of Leo Tolstoj"
"Portrait of Petöfi"
"Quo Vadis Scene-Eunice in Front of Petronius Statue"
"Saint Peter preaching the Gospel in the Catacombs"
"Thaddeus Kosciuszko and His Officers"
"Ursus Carrying Saved Ligia"
"Young Woman Bathing"
Styka, Tadé"Fifi the Second, in the Hands of Mrs Kingsley Macomber"
"Girl with a Guitar"
"Girl with Harp"
"Golden Haired Girl"
"La Polonaise"
"Portrait of a Girl"
"Portrait of a Lady"
"Portrait of a Lady"
"Portrait of a Lady with a Black Dog"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman (Portrait de Femme)"
"Portrait of a Young Lady"
"Portrait of Adam Styka"
"Portrait of Adam Styka in the Haller's Army Uniform"
"Portrait of Beatrice Hahn Troy "
"Portrait of Clara C. Gabrilovisch"
"Portrait of Jan Styka"
"Portrait of Louis de Meurville"
"Portrait of Pola Negri"
"Portrait of Woman with Green Eyes"
"Young Shepherd"
Suchodolski, January"Akhaltsikhe siege 1828"
"Assault on Saragossa"
"Battle of Fuengirola"
"Battle of Kircholm, The"
"Battle of Kircholm"
"Battle of San Domingo"
"Death of Cyprian Godebski in the battle of Raszyn, 1809"
"Death of Prince Jozef Poniatowski"
"Death of Prince Jozef Poniatowski at Lipsk"
"General Chlopicki with Polish Army, 1831"
"General Jan Henryk Dabrowski entering Poznan"
"General Jan Henryk Dabrowski entering Rome"
"General Jan Henryk Dabrowski entering Rome"
"Hunting for a Deer"
"In a Forge"
"In the Salon of Senator Franciszek Skibicki"
"Napoleon and Prince Joseph Poniatowski at Lipsk"
"Partisans Fleeing"
"Polish Uhlans"
"Polish Uhlans' Bivouac near Wagram"
"Resting Uhlans"
"Retreat from Moscow, The"
"Retreat from Moscow in 1812, The"
"Siege of Ochakiv, 1788"
"Uhlan and Girl"
"War Victims"
Suchodolski, Mieczyslaw"On the Way to the Market"
Suchodolski, Zdzislaw"Portrait of a Woman"
Susid, Pawel"Churches"
"Ratio of Beautiful Girls to Other"
Swiderski, Jan"Landscape of Bulgaria"
"Landscape with Trees"
"Still Life"
Swidwinski, Aleksander"In a Café"
Swierzynski, Saturnin"View of Tyniec near Cracow"
Swieszewski, Aleksander"Alpine Landscape"
"Alpine Landscape near Brunnen"
"Alpine Landscape with a Lake"
"Alpine Landscape with a Lake"
"At a Mountain Lake"
"Boaters at Sunset"
"Hikers in the Alps"
"Italian Landscape"
"Landscape with a Lake"
"Landscape with a Tall Pine Tree"
"Nocturne - Landscape with a Lake"
"Road to a Village"
"Rural Landscape with a Windmill"
"Rural Scene"
"Summer Landscape"
"View on the Alps"
"Village Maslowice"
Szadkowski, Henryk"Portrait of a Woman"
Szancenbach, Jan"Autumn Ride"
"Carol Singers"
"Interrupted Solitaire"
"Landscape of Harenda"
"Mountain Lake"
"Pont Neuf, Pone des Arts"
"Rising Mist III"
"Square du Vert-Galant V"
"Still Life"
"Still Life"
"Still Life with a Bouquet of Irises"
"Still Life with Fruit"
Szancer, Jan Marcin"Dance, The"
Szankowski, Boleslaw"Black Haired Beauty"
"Blue Shawl"
"Butterfly - Portrait of the Artist's Daughter"
"Girl with a Basket"
"Girl with a Rose"
"Girl with Flowers"
"Portrait of a Lady with a Flower"
"Portrait of a Lady with Tulle Shawl"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of Jozef Brandt"
"Portrait of the Artist's Daughter"
"Portrait of Two Ladies"
"Spanish Woman"
Szczepanski, Stanislaw"Bathing in a River"
"Reclining Nude Reading"
"White Roses"
Szczuka, Mieczyslaw"Poster Study"
"Self-Portrait with a Palette"
Szczyglinski, Henryk"Frosted Bush"
"Lazienki Park at Night"
"Nocturne with a Shrine"
"Winter Landscape"
Szczyrbula, Marian"Mill in Stryj"
"Wawel Castle, The"
Szermentowski, Jozef"Country Baptism"
"Country Road"
"Country Woman with a Child"
"Courtyard of Szydlowiec Castle"
"In Front of the Church"
"Iron Foundry near Kielce"
"Lake in a Forest"
"Landscape with Bird Hunters"
"Monastery of the Holy Cross"
"Morning Star"
"Peasant's Funeral"
"Peasant's Funeral"
"Pieniny Mountains, The"
"Pyrenees, The"
"Rest of the Ploughman, The"
"Study of a Polish Village"
"Town Hall in Sandomierz"
"Veteran and Child in a Park"
"View of Checiny"
"View of Sandomierz from the Vistula River"
Szerner, Wladyslaw"At a Well"
"At the Market"
"Collecting Spikes of Grain"
"Front Patrol"
"Going to Wedding"
"Gooseherd Braiding a Wreath"
"In Front of an Inn"
"In Front of the Cracovian Inn"
"Market in a Small Town"
"Market in a Town near Cracow"
"Meeting by the Stream"
"Polish Riders"
"Polish Riders"
"Resting Cossacks"
"Riders Before a Cottage"
"Stoping for a Conversation"
"Waiting for a Wreath"
Szerner, Wladyslaw Karol"Attack"
"Resting by a Farmhouse Garden"
"Riding the Horse"
"Setting off for the Hunt"
"Soldier on the Horse"
Szewczenko, Konstanty"Three Rabbis in a Synagogue"
Szewczyk, Andrzej"Tristan and Iseult"
Szlegel, Korneli"Polonaise under the Sky"
Szmaj, Stefan"Ex Libris of Irena Jakimowicz"
"Self-Portrait II"
Szpingier, Zygmunt"Portrait of a Woman"
Szpondrowski, Karol"Giewont"
Szpyt, Janusz"Uncaught Beauty of a Woman's Body"
Sztencel, Maurycy"King Lear and Cordelia"
Szukalski, Stanislaw"Ex Libris of John Paul Welling"
Szulc, Wladyslaw"Market in Kazimierz"
Szwedkowski, Jan Kanty"Portrait of a Woman"
Szyk, Arthur"Homeless Boy"
"Just Playing on the Beach..."
"Knight, The"
Szykier (Siekierz), Stanislaw Ksawery"Cossack and Girl"
"Journey in the Snow"
"Trader in a Horse-Drawn Cart in the Snow"
Szymaniuk, Antoni"Forest Cemetery"
"Icon of the Forest"
"On the Forest Path"
Szymanowski, Waclaw"Blooming Apple-Tree"
"Chopin Statue, Warsaw's Royal Baths Park"
"Evening Melody"
Szyndler, Pantaleon"Eve (Temptation)"
"Girl in a Blue Dress"
"Portrait of Cyprian Kamil Norwid"
"Slave Girl, The"
Szynkarczuk, Jacek"Architecture of Time"
"Arena Mundi"
"Axis of Earth"
"Heavenly Suburbs"
"On Other Side"
"Other World"
"Perseids, The"
"Port Earth"
"Road to Rome, The"
"Sea of Galilee, The"
"Souvenir Shop"
Starykon"Beginning of Spring, The"
"In a Small Town"