List of Artists and their Works (M)

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Machalski, Ludwik"Portrait of a Boy"
"View of Paris"
Machniewicz, Franciszek Jan"Odalisque"
Maciejewski, Zbyslaw Marek"Celebration of the Mother"
"Man with a Bird's Head"
Mackiewicz, Konstanty"Flowers and Fruit"
"Forest in Winter"
"Genre Scene"
"Lodz Backyard"
"Park in Spring"
"Rest in a Shadow"
"Summer Landscape"
"Summer Landscape"
"Winter in a Forest"
"Winter in Forest"
Madeyska, Arika"Landscape"
Majeranowski, Wladyslaw"Konrad Wallenrod"
Majewski, Wladyslaw"Chrysanthemums"
Majrowski (Meyro), Zdzislaw Constantin"A Long Time Ago"
"After the Rain"
"At the Dawn"
"Beginning of the Red"
"Best Wishes"
"Castle 2"
"Composition 1"
"Composition 19"
"Composition 22"
"Composition 25"
"Composition 26"
"Composition 40"
"Composition 41"
"Composition 42"
"Composition 52"
"Composition 53"
"Composition 54"
"Composition 55"
"Composition 56"
"Composition 61"
"Composition 62"
"Composition 64"
"Composition 66"
"Composition 68"
"Dawn at the Lake"
"Dawn on the Wuthering Heights"
"First Day of Spring, The"
"Flowers 11"
"Flowers 13"
"Foggy Day"
"House over the Stream"
"Lost World"
"Night Journey"
"Noon Light"
"Oasis of Peace"
"On the Tour"
"Ordinary Day"
"Over a Bay"
"Power of Calm"
"Sun Valley"
"Untitled, The"
"Welsh Landscape"
"White Rose"
"Wide Horizon"
Makarewicz, Juliusz"Going to Candlemas"
Makowski, Tadeusz"Apples in a Basket"
"At The Shoemaker's"
"Basket with Fruit"
"Birds (Les oiseaux), The"
"Breton Landscape with a Well"
"Children and Swallows"
"Children with a Basket of Fruit"
"Children's Orchestra, The"
"Children's Theatre"
"Children's Zoo"
"Church in Normandy"
"Country Town in Normandy (village normand)"
"Farm in Keranquernat"
"Five Children with a Dog"
"Flight of the Swallows"
"Flowery Window"
"Four Children with a Trumpet"
"Girl in a Beret"
"Girl in a White Hat"
"Girl Reaching a Nest"
"Girl with a Fringe"
"Girl with Pears"
"Head of the Boy in a Red Hat"
"Houses in Breuilpont"
"In an Inn"
"In the Studio"
"Little Boy on a Bed"
"Little Family - La petite famille"
"Little Gioconda"
"Little Hunter"
"Little Parisian Girl"
"Little Pierrots"
"Musical Seance"
"Old farmhouses in a French village"
"On the Beach"
"Portrait of a Little Boy"
"Portrait of a Man with Pipes"
"Ray of Sunlight"
"Return from a Walk"
"Return from School"
"Self-Portrait with a Palette and a Bird"
"Sitting Nude"
"Still Life"
"Still Life with a Green Bowl and Fruit"
"Still Life with Melons"
"Still Life with Onions"
"Three Children"
"Three Children"
"Three Children Near a Road Sign"
"Three Children Under the Flags (Trois enfants sous les petits drapeaux)"
"Tulip Offering"
"Two Children"
"Two Children with a Dog"
"Two Little Friends"
"Village Church"
"Walk (La promenade), The"
"Woodcutter's Cottage"
Makowski, Zbigniew"Border of Elegy"
"Composition (Komposition)"
"Composition with a nude woman, hands, birds and text. "Diffugere nives""
"Horizon of Consciousness"
"Intro Vocat"
"Landscape with a Mirror"
"Maria Sub Monte Erat"
"Old Garden"
"Tall Tree - Deep Darkness"
"Things Fall Apart"
Malczewski, Jacek"Adalia"
"Allegoric Scene"
"Alley in Autumn, The"
"Angel and Little Shepherd"
"Angel and Shepherd Boy"
"Angel, I will Follow You"
"Angel, I will Follow You"
"Art in Country"
"Artist and Chimera"
"Artist's Atelier"
"At the Well"
"At the Well"
"At the Well"
"Blind Faun Guided by Children"
"Boy and Chimera"
"Boy by the Window"
"Boy in a Garden"
"Boy in a Window"
"Boys' Heads"
"By the Well"
"Childhood of a Painter"
"Christ and the Samaritan Woman"
"Christ and the Samaritan Woman"
"Christ before Pilate"
"Christ in Emmaus"
"Christ with the Crown of Thorn"
"Churchyard gate"
"Coming of Winter, The"
"Corpus Christi (feast)"
"Cove on the Coast near Adalia"
"Death, The"
"Death of Ellenai"
"Death of Ellenai"
"Don Quixote de la Mancha"
"Dryads' Fantasy"
"Edward Raczynski"
"Eloe with Ellenai"
"Empty Manor"
"Follow the Stream"
"Garden in Summer"
"Halting Place"
"Head of the Old Faun, The"
"Head of the Saint"
"History Lesson"
"History of the Song. Portrait of Adam Asnyk, The"
"In a Jewish shop"
"In Front of an Inn"
"In Front of the Model"
"In the Artist's Studio"
"In the Dust Storm"
"In the Garden"
"In the Garden"
"In the Tatra Mountains"
"Insurgents in Combat"
"Journey to the East"
"Knight, The"
"Knight and His Muse, The"
"Lady in a Blue Blouse"
"Landscape with Tobias. Spring"
"Little Gardener - Portrait of Rudolf Dobrzanski, son of Piotr, The"
"Little Painter and a Muse"
"Little Shepherd"
"Man Reading"
"Man with Horns"
"Melody of Return"
"Model in a Studio"
"My Mother, the Soldier Was Here..."
"My Portrait"
"Nike Tying Her Sandal"
"Nude Male Study"
"On a Pasture"
"One Song"
"Orpheus and Eurydice"
"Park Alley in Charzewice"
"Path of Life, The"
"Poisoned Well, The"
"Poisoned Well, The"
"Polish Hamlet. Portrait of Aleksander Wielopolski"
"Polonia (I)"
"Portrait in Autumn Sunshine"
"Portrait of a Lady Against a Background of Reeds"
"Portrait of a Lady in a Hat"
"Portrait of a Man"
"Portrait of a Man"
"Portrait of a Man"
"Portrait of a Man Reading"
"Portrait of a Man with a Cello"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman as Salome"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Portrait of Actress P. Marcello"
"Portrait of Adam Asnyk with Muse"
"Portrait of an Officer"
"Portrait of Artist's Daughter Julia Meyzner"
"Portrait of Artist's Son Rafal"
"Portrait of Franciszek Siedlecki"
"Portrait of Helena Karczewska, the Artist's Sister"
"Portrait of His Son Rafal in a Cycling Cap"
"Portrait of Ignacy Bobrowski"
"Portrait of Jan Franciszek Konopka"
"Portrait of Jozef Krupinski"
"Portrait of Karol and Malgorzata Lanckoronski"
"Portrait of Karolina and Adelajda Lanckoronska"
"Portrait of Kazimierz Pochwalski"
"Portrait of Kazimierz Pochwalski"
"Portrait of Leon Pininski"
"Portrait of Leon Pininski"
"Portrait of Leon Pininski"
"Portrait of Leontyna Gogulska"
"Portrait of Ludwik Zelenski"
"Portrait of Marchese Guilia Asinari Di Bernezzo, wife of Witold Hausner"
"Portrait of Matylda Modesta Wolfarth"
"Portrait of Michal Sozanski"
"Portrait of Michalina Wierusz Kowalska-Grabowska"
"Portrait of Mieczyslaw Gasecki with Harvest Woman"
"Portrait of Piotr Dobrzanski"
"Portrait of Piotr Dobrzanski in the Garden"
"Portrait of Piotr Dobrzanski with the Artist's Self-Caricature"
"Portrait of Rafal, the Artist's Son"
"Portrait of Stanislaw Bryniarski"
"Portrait of Stanislaw Witkiewicz"
"Portrait of Tadeusz Boracz"
"Portrait of the Artist's Mother"
"Portrait of the Artist's Son Rafal"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife with Two Fauns"
"Portrait of the Painter Heinrich von Angeli"
"Portrait of the Painter Jozef Karmanski"
"Portrait of Two Young Men"
"Portrait of Waclaw Karczewski"
"Portrait of Witold Hausner"
"Portrait of Wojciech Kossak with Bellona"
"Portrait of Wojciech Kossak with Bellona"
"Portrait study for Our Lady"
"Pythia, The"
"Red Girl"
"Returning Home"
"Saint John the Baptist"
"Scene from the 1863 Insurrection"
"Self-Portrait in a Studio"
"Self-Portrait in Armour"
"Self-Portrait in Armour"
"Self-Portrait in White Attire"
"Self-Portrait with a Dance Pageant"
"Self-Portrait with a Hyacinth"
"Self-Portrait with a Palette"
"Self-Portrait with a Woman"
"Self-Portrait with an Apple-Tree Flower"
"Self-Portrait with an Easter Egg"
"Self-Portrait with Death"
"Self-Portrait with Erynia"
"Self-Portrait with Fauns. Triptych"
"Self-Portrait with Gorgons"
"Self-Portrait with Mieczyslaw Gasecki"
"Self-Portrait with Muse"
"Self-Portrait with Muse"
"Self-Portrait with Muse Holding Sceptre and Orb"
"Self-Portrait with Thanatos"
"Self-Portrait with Thistle Flower"
"Self-Portrait. Vision"
"Shepherd and Chimera"
"Siberian Deportee"
"Siberian Deportee"
"Sketch for the Portrait of a Girl"
"Sketch for the Portrait of a Man"
"Sleeping in the Grass"
"Study for Our Lady"
"Study for The Dancing Lesson"
"Study for the Portrait of Piotr Dobrzanski"
"Study of a Female Nude"
"Study of an Old Man"
"Study of Three Young Boys"
"Swineherd, The"
"Symbolic Scene"
"Talking About Art"
"Tempting Melody - Self-Portrait with Musicians"
"Thanatos II"
"Thirst / Desire - Poisoned Well"
"Three Angels with Tobias"
"Three Women Raking"
"Tobias - Portrait of Ligeza"
"Tobias and the Angels"
"Tobias and Three Angels"
"Towards Fame"
"Tryptych with Self-Portrait"
"Ukrainian Woman"
"Vicious Circle"
"Woman and Satyr"
"Woman at the Window"
"Woman Carrying a Child"
"Woman in a Grove"
"Woman Sitting"
Malczewski, Rafal"Autumn"
"Beach in Rio de Janeiro"
"Brazilian Landscape"
"Cottage in the Mountains"
"Landscape with a Blossoming Tree"
"Landscape with a Cottage"
"Landscape with a Sledge"
"Landscape with Heather"
"Landscape. Midday"
"Marketplace in Kroscienko"
"Mountainous Landscape"
"Mountainous Landscape"
"Mountainous Landscape"
"Mountainous Landscape"
"Mountainous Landscape"
"Mountainous Landscape"
"Mountainous Landscape"
"Paraná (Brazil)"
"Placid Life"
"Placid Life - Harvest"
"Pond in Winter"
"Portrait of a Man in a Hat (Portrait of the Artist's Father)"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of Jacek Malczewski"
"Portrait of Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz"
"Portrait of the Artist's Father"
"Red Blossoming Tree"
"Rock Climbing"
"Rocky Mountains, The"
"Rocky Mountains with a Green River, The"
"Salão Imperial Café in Curitiba"
"Skiers in the Mountains"
"Skyscrapers in New York"
"Southern France Landscape"
"Stone Quarry"
"Stream Shrouded in Snow"
"Tatra Landscape"
"Tatra Race, The"
"War Invalid"
"Western Tatra Mountains, The"
"Winter in Laurentians - Canada"
"Winter Landscape"
"Winter Landscape"
Malecki, Wladyslaw Aleksander"Alpine Lake"
"Alpine Landscape"
"Army March Past"
"Autumn Landscape"
"Bernardine Monastery in Kolo"
"Carting of Hay"
"Forest Meadow"
"Forward Patrol"
"In the Forest"
"Insurgents Marching"
"Landscape of Chiemsee"
"Landscape with a Chapel"
"Landscape with a Church"
"Landscape with a Stream"
"Marsh Landscape with Water Fowl"
"Park Alley"
"Storks' Seym"
"Studio Interior"
"Summer Landscape"
"Summer Landscape with Harvesters"
"View of the Wawel Castle"
"View of the Wawel Castle"
"Village Bialogon near Kielce"
"Village near Kielce"
Maler, Eryk"Antarctica"
"At the Sea"
"Bouquet at Dusk"
"By the Water"
"Dreaming Irises"
"Faun and a Magpie"
"Faun and Flowers"
"Five Beehives"
"Flower Behaviorism"
"Flowers and Butterflies"
"Flowers and Fruit"
"Flowers and Things"
"Flowers in Sunshine"
"Flowers in Sunshine"
"I Love You"
"Idioms of Impressionism"
"In the Garden"
"My Friends"
"On a Deck"
"Pansies under a Tree"
"Roasted Crucians"
"Rock Garden"
"Spring in Tatra Mountains"
"Two Irises"
"Willows - Paint"
"Willows, my Muses"
"Wine, Fish and Fruit"
Maleszewski, Tytus"Portrait of a Woman with a Rose in Her Hair"
"Portrait of Adelina Patti"
"Violin Player, The"
Malewska, Antonina"Girl Drawing Water by the Jug"
"Girl with a Bird"
Malicki, Adam"Still Life"
Malina, Marian"Still Life"
Malinowski, Adam Wiktor"Landscape with a River"
"Rocky Coast. Nocturne"
"Rural Landscape"
"Village on Fire - Episode of the 1863 Insurrection"
Malkowski, Bronislaw"Highlander"
Mandelbaum, Efraim"Still Life with Red Flowers"
Marcoussis (Ludwik Markus), Louis"Blue Fish (Poisson bleu)"
"Bottle of Whisky and the Pack of Scaferlati, The"
"Composition with the Face and the Shell (Composition au visage et au coquillage)"
"Musician in an Interior (Musicien dans un interieur)"
"Personnage écrivant et personnage"
"Portrait of Max Jacob"
"Sad Butterfly (Le papillon triste)"
"Still Life with a Violin and Bow (Nature morte au violon et archet)"
"Without title (Sans titre)"
Marczynski, Adam"Charzykowskie Lake"
"Fruits on a Table"
"Still Life"
Markiel, Jakub"Mountain Road"
"Still Life"
Markowicz, Artur"Back Stage"
"Beth Din"
"Chess Game"
"Chess Game"
"Fish Market near the Podgorski Bridge in Cracow"
"Jew on the Road"
"Rabbi Discussion"
"Rain in Paris"
"Scripture Copyist in his Chamber"
"Street in Cracow"
"Torah Scribe"
"Winter Street Scene, Cracow"
Markowski, Jan S."Jew with an Apple"
Marszalkiewicz, Stanislaw"Portrait of General Fiodor Nesselrode"
"Portrait of Jozefa Dobrzanska"
"Portrait of Pelagia Skarbek née Rutkowska"
"Portrait of Princess Golitsyna"
Marszewski, Jozef"Fisherman"
"Italian Coast"
"Landscape near Vilnius"
"Mediterranean View'"
"Nocturnal Landscape and Windmills"
"View of Vilnius"
Maslowski, Stanislaw"Autumn"
"Departure for the Hunt"
"Ducks over the Pond"
"Horse Market"
"In Travel"
"March Day"
"Mending of Nets"
"Morskie Oko and Czarny Staw"
"Pond in Radziejowice"
"Spring Day"
"Spring of 1905"
Maszkowski, Jan"At the Pawn Broker"
"In an Inn"
"Portrait of Jozef Maksymilian Ossolinski"
"Portrait of Marceli Maszkowski"
Maszkowski, Marceli"Portrait of Artist's Mother"
Matejko, Jan"Alchemist Sedziwoj"
"Artist's Children"
"Ascension of Christ, The"
"Battle of Grunwald, The"
"Blind Wit Stwosz with His Granddaughter"
"Bohdan Chmielnicki and Tuhaj-Bej at Lviv"
"Christianisation of Poland in 965"
"Death of Sigismund Augustus in Knyszyn"
"Departure of Henry the Pious from Legnica"
"First Seym in Leczyca, AD 1182"
"Gamrat and Stanczyk"
"Horse Study"
"Horse Study"
"Horse Study"
"Horse Study"
"Horse Study"
"Jan Zamoyski at Byczyna"
"King Jan Sobieski Takes the Banner at the Battle of Vienna"
"King John Casimir's Oath"
"King John Casimir's Oath"
"King John III Sobieski Presenting Canon Denhoff with a Letter to the Pope"
"King Sigismund II Augustus and Barbara Radziwill"
"Kosciuszko at the Battle of Raclawice"
"Kosciuszko at the Battle of Raclawice"
"Ladislaus the White in Dijon"
"Madonna and Child with St. Leonard and St. Joan"
"Male Figure (study)"
"Meeting of Jagiellonians with Emperor Maximilian at Vienna Conference of Kings 1515"
"Night Adventure of Jan Olbracht"
"Poland at the Zenith of Power - Golden Liberty - 1573 Election"
"Portrait of Alfred Potocki"
"Portrait of Artist's Children"
"Portrait of Artist's Wife in a Wedding Dress"
"Portrait of Artur Potocki"
"Portrait of Carol Gilewski"
"Portrait of Franciszek Matejko"
"Portrait of Hetman Ostafij Daszkiewicz"
"Portrait of Jozef Ciechonski"
"Portrait of Jozef Szujski"
"Portrait of Katarzyna Potocka"
"Portrait of Leonard Serafinski"
"Portrait of Leonard Serafinski"
"Portrait of Marcelina Czartoryska"
"Portrait of Maria Matejko"
"Portrait of Maria Puslowska"
"Portrait of Mikolaj Zyblikiewicz"
"Portrait of Miss Dybowska"
"Portrait of Piotr Moszynski"
"Portrait of Stanislaw Tarnowski"
"Portrait of the Artist's Daughter Beata with a Canary"
"Portrait of the Artist's Son on Horseback"
"Priest of Fire"
"Prussian Tribute, The"
"Resurrection of Lazarus, The"
"Sentencing Matejko to Death"
"Seym in Gasawa"
"Shuiskys at the Warsaw Seym, The"
"Skarga's Sermon"
"Slaying of Leszek the White in Gasawa"
"Slaying of St. Stanislaus"
"St. Cyril and St. Methodius"
"St. Cyril and St. Methodius"
"St. Florian"
"Stanczyk during a Ball at the Court of Queen Bona after the Loss of Smolensk"
"Stanczyk Faking a Toothache"
"Stefan Batory at Pskov"
"Stephen Bathory's Armour"
"Storming of the Guardhouse, The"
"Study of Fighting Men"
"Towers of Munich, The"
"View of Bebek near Constantinople"
"View of the St. Mary's Church from the Town Hall Tower in Cracow"
"Virgin of Orleans"
"Year 1863 - Polonia"
Matejko, Stefan Witold"Fireflies"
Matuszczak, Edward"Composition"
"Old Houses on Seine"
Maziarska, Jadwiga"XXX"
Mazurkiewicz, Alfons"Duo - Composition"
Mazurowski, Wiktor"Military Patrol"
"School Boys Outside the Circus"
"Street in Tangier"
Mecina-Krzesz, Jozef Feliks"Flowers in a Vase"
Medrzycki, Maurycy"Desolation of the Family"
"French Riviera, The"
"Girl Sitting"
"Park with Tulips"
"Provencal Landscape"
"Walkers in the Park"
"Young Woman Sewing"
Mehoffer, Jozef"Angel"
"Angels and Stars"
"Angels with Stars"
"Archangel Gabriel, The"
"Archangel Michael, The"
"Armed Angels"
"Birds of Paradise"
"Black Mary"
"Bright St. Mary Magdalene, The"
"Church, The"
"Cloister of the Cistercian Abbey in Szczyrk"
"Country Girl"
"Dance - Les Ingénues, The"
"Decoration Design for Armenian Cathedral in Lviv"
"Dormition of the Virgin Mary"
"Europa jubilans"
"Farewell, The"
"Florentine Portrait of the Artist's Wife, The"
"Flower Garden"
"Garden in Sunshine"
"Garden of a Villa in Beaulieu"
"Girl Braiding Her Hair"
"Harbingers of Spring"
"Head of Jesus"
"Head of Medusa, The"
"Highland Girl"
"History of the Holy Cross"
"Holy Family, The"
"In a Church"
"In Front of a School"
"Interior of the Church in Turek"
"Italian Landscape"
"La Gorge d'Areuse"
"Little Things on a Fireplace"
"Lost in Thought"
"Manor House in Jankowka"
"May Sun, The"
"Muse, The"
"Native Land (Helvetia), The"
"Planty Park in Cracow"
"Portrait of a Man"
"Portrait of Alexandre Dejean"
"Portrait of Artist's Wife"
"Portrait of Celina Sarowa"
"Portrait of Dr Adam Rydel"
"Portrait of Feliks Jasienski"
"Portrait of Helena d'Abancourt de Franqueville"
"Portrait of Irena Solska"
"Portrait of Iza Axentwicz"
"Portrait of Jan Hoplinski"
"Portrait of Jozef Sare, Deputy Mayor of Cracow"
"Portrait of Karol Hubert Rostworowski"
"Portrait of Lieutenant Kazimierz Mlodzianowski"
"Portrait of Maksymilian Ehrenpreis"
"Portrait of Maria Puslowska née Moszynska"
"Portrait of Marshall Jozef Pilsudski"
"Portrait of Roza Raczynska née Potocka"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife en pied"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife on Yellow Background"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife with Pegasus"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife with Pegasus"
"Red parasol"
"Rose of Sharon, The"
"Serpents amid Roses"
"Sketch for the painting The Conversation"
"Smiling Madonna"
"St. Anne and St. Mary Magdalene"
"St. Barbara"
"St. Catherine and St. Barbara"
"St. George and and St. Michael"
"St. James the Greater and St. Andrew"
"St. Peter and St. Andrew"
"St. Peter and St. John"
"St. Sebastian and St. Maurice"
"Stained Glass Window Design"
"Stations of the Cross, Station I, Jesus Is Condemned to Death"
"Stations of the Cross, Station II, Jesus Carries His Cross"
"Stations of the Cross, Station III, Jesus Falls the First Time"
"Stations of the Cross, Station IV, Jesus Meets His Mother"
"Stations of the Cross, Station IX, Jesus Falls a Third Time"
"Stations of the Cross, Station V, Simon of Cyrene Helps Jesus to Carry His Cross"
"Stations of the Cross, Station VI, Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus"
"Stations of the Cross, Station VII, Jesus Falls the Second Time"
"Stations of the Cross, Station VIII, Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem"
"Stations of the Cross, Station X, Jesus Clothes Are Taken Away"
"Stations of the Cross, Station XI, Jesus Is Nailed To the Cross"
"Stations of the Cross, Station XII, Jesus Dies On the Cross"
"Stations of the Cross, Station XIII, The Body of Jesus is Taken Down From the Cross"
"Stations of the Cross, Station XIV, Jesus is Laid in the Tomb"
"Strange Garden"
"Studies of a Head and Hands for the figure of Satan"
"Study of female figure for the painting the Strange Garden"
"Three Kings, The"
"Tragic St. Mary Magdalene, The"
"Tranced Garden"
"Vases with Flowers"
"View from the Window of Mehoffer and Wyspianski's Paris Studio"
"Vistula River near Niepolomice"
"Wanda Janakowska"
"Warriors, The"
"Way of the Cross - the Crucifixion, The"
"Wyspianski in the Paris Studio"
Menkes, Sigmund Joseph"Anemonies in a Green Vase"
"Berry Branches in a Green Pitcher"
"Birthday Party, The"
"Black Vase with Roses"
"Bouquet of Red Flowers"
"Boy Playing a Harmonica"
"Circus Man"
"Circus Performers - Pierrot and Colombina"
"Colourful Flowers"
"Composition with Tulips "
"Concert, The"
"Concert in a Studio"
"Dark Haired"
"Doves of Peace"
"Father and Son"
"Floral Still Life "
"Floral Still Life in an Artist's Studio"
"Flowers in a Vase"
"Flowers in a Vase"
"Flowers in a Vase"
"Fruit Picking"
"Girl with a Mandolin"
"Girl with Flower in Hair"
"Girl with Poppies"
"Girl with Red Jacket"
"Girl with Sunflowers"
"Girl with Sunflowers"
"Hutzul on Horseback"
"Jew with Torah"
"Landscape with Human Figures"
"Man with Birds"
"Model in the Artist's Studio"
"Painter and Model"
"Paris Street Scene, the Sorbonne and the Panthéon"
"Path to the Playground"
"Portrait of a Girl"
"Portrait of a Girl with Flowers"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of Erich Cohn"
"Reclining Nude"
"Reclining Woman in Studio"
"Red Anemonies in a Blue and White Vase "
"Releasing the Doves"
"Roses in a Vase"
"Seated Nude"
"Self-Portrait as a Mountaineer"
"Sleeping Woman"
"Southern Landscape"
"Spring Daffodils"
"Still Life"
"Still Life"
"Still Life"
"Still Life"
"Still Life by a Window"
"Still Life of Flowers in a Green Vase "
"Still Life of Summer Fruit and Flower"
"Still Life with a Guitar"
"Still Life with a Lamp"
"Still Life with a Portrait and Accordion"
"Still Life with Chinese Lanterns, Table Fruits and Mandolin"
"Still Life with Flowers and Fruit"
"Still Life with Flowers, Green Pitcher and Books"
"Still Life with Flowers, Peaches and a Pineapple "
"Still Life with Green Flowers"
"Still Life with Tulips"
"Still with Fruit and a Bottle"
"Summer Afternoon"
"Summer on the Porch"
"Tropical Still Life "
"Two Sisters"
"Woman in a Red Hat"
"Woman in an Interior"
"Woman in Front of a Mirror"
"Woman on a Beach"
"Woman with a Fan"
"Woman with Flowers"
"Young Hutzuls"
Mertens, Jakob"Annunciation"
Merwart, Paul"Daydreaming"
"Ms. Dévèra des Bouffes"
"Portrait de Mlle L.C."
"Portrait of Ralph Modjeski, Dressed as a Polish Mountaineer"
Michael of Dzialdow, "Christ Before Pilate"
Michalak, Antoni"Portrait of Wanda Hoffman"
"Still Life with Flowers and a Nutcracker"
Michalik, Borys"Adventures in Hangars"
"Alaska Station"
"Conquest of Colca Canyon"
"Desert Exchange of Thoughts"
"Desert Voyages"
"Gust of Wind"
"Land of Five Miracles"
"Levitating Fortress"
"Milky Way"
"Multi Dimension"
"Reminiscence II"
"Third Dimension of Columbus's Journey"
"Third Dimension of Reality, The"
"Train of Magic Spells"
"Van Troff's Cylinder"
"Voyage of Yesterday's Desires"
Michalowski, Piotr"Amazon"
"Amazon (Artist's Daughter Celina Michalowska)"
"Artist's Children on Horsebacks"
"Artist's Son on a Donkey, The"
"Artist's Son on a Pony, The"
"Artist's Son on a Pony, The"
"Battle betwen Polish hussars and Austrian infantry, The"
"Battle of Light Cavalrymen and a Study of a Horse"
"Battle of Somosierra"
"Battle of Somosierra"
"Blue Boy"
"Blue Hussar"
"Blue Hussars"
"Blue Hussars (Austrian Dragoons)"
"Carter with a Horse"
"Cavalry Officer on Horseback"
"Charge of the Polish Light Horse at Somosierra, The"
"Cracovian Man Armed with a Lance"
"Cuirassier on Horseback"
"Falling off a Horse"
"Fight between French and Arabs"
"French Cuirassiers"
"General Dwernicki"
"Groom with a Horse"
"Grooms with Horses and a Dog"
"Gypsum Factory"
"Harnessing of the Horse"
"Horse Cart Loaded with Gypsum"
"Horse Ride"
"Horse-Team Pulling a Cart"
"Horses in a Barn"
"In a Coach"
"In a Stable"
"In a Stable"
"King Boleslaus the Brave Entering Kiev"
"Knight on a White Horse"
"Krakus on Horseback"
"Man Wearing a Beret (Cardinal)"
"Napoleon on Horseback"
"Napoleon on Horseback"
"Napoleon on Horseback"
"Napoleon on Horseback"
"Officer on Horseback"
"Parade in front of Napoleon"
"Polish Rider, The"
"Portrait of a Man"
"Portrait of a Peasant in a Hat"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of Maksymilian Oborski"
"Portrait of Maria Michalowska"
"Portrait of the Artist's Daughter Celina on Horseback"
"Portrait of the Artist's Son with a Dog"
"Postman on Horseback"
"Reiter on Horseback"
"Rider on a Grey Horse"
"Rural Boy"
"Rural Elder"
"Sketches of Horses"
"Soldier on Horseback"
"Soldiers in Cracovian Costume"
"Stableman and Horses"
"Stefan Czarnecki on Horseback"
"Stefan Czarniecki on Horseback"
"Study of a Rearing Bay Horse"
"Study of Horse Head"
"Three Peasant Heads"
"Two Officers"
"Wounded Cuirassier"
Mielnicki, Franciszek"Krystyna Knedler née Fiszer"
Mierzejewski, Andrzej"Composition"
Mierzejewski, Jacek"Andrew and Apples"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife with Pusia"
"Still Life"
Miklasiewicz, Jaroslaw"Afternoon of a Blue Tapir, The"
"Blind People, The"
"Bride of Pierrot"
"Small Marquis de Sade"
"St. George"
"Unexpected Fall of Icarus, The"
Mikulski, Kazimierz"Composition"
"Day Starts Beautifully, The"
"Family Tragedy (Fish Seller)"
"Girl with a Parasol"
"Holiday Afternoon of the Cricket over the Town"
"Night Rehearsal"
"Portrait Watched by a Cat"
"Sparrow and Rose"
Milich, Adolphe"Ciotat"
"Landscape of Southern France"
"Palms in Gafsa"
"Still Life"
Milinski, Dariusz"After Melting Authority"
"Alchemist of Plawna"
"At the End of the River"
"Moon, The"
"Musicians from Plawna"
"My Favourite Book"
"My Kites"
"Picking up Stars"
"Playing Horse"
"Rich Maid and Poor Divorcee"
"Ugly Duckling, The"
Milwitz, Bartolomeus"Coronation Portrait of Ladislaus IV Vasa"
Minciel, Eugeniusz"Best Berlin, The"
"Four X"
"Market Halls"
"Moons 45"
"Water Lilies and Faces"
Minkowski, Maurycy"Cheder in the Shtetl"
Mirys, Augustyn"Portrait of a Poet Kajetan Wegierski"
Misiowski, Antoni Jozef"Portrait of Aleksander Maczynski"
"Portrait of Alexander Jan Jablonowski"
Misky, Ludwik"Fishing Boats"
Mlodozeniec, Jan"Untitled"
Mlodozeniec, Piotr"Two Figures"
Mlodozeniec, Stanislaw"Aborigine 3"
"Beach, The"
"Blue Composition"
"Christ and Cecilia"
"Composition in Green"
"Dali and Gala"
"Don Quichotte"
"Eiffel Tower, The"
"Frida Kahlo"
"Grey Landscape"
"Leonardo and Mona Lisa"
"London from above"
"Louis Armstrong"
"Miles Davis"
"Monica Bellucci"
"New York - Time Square at Night"
"NYC at Night"
"Paris at Night"
"Rape of Europa, The"
"Red and Black"
"Red Composition"
"Romance of Psyche"
"Three Nymphs"
Mniszech, Andrzej Jerzy de"Portrait of Geisha"
"Portrait of Samurai"
"Still Life"
Modzelewski, Jaroslaw"Guarding of the Exhibition"
"Pedalling under the Lamp"
"Please Sit Down"
"Strzeminski Lamenting over Malevich"
Modzelewski, Stefan"Winter Urbanscape"
Mokwa, Marian"Cliffs"
"Coastal Landscape"
"Construction of the Seaport at the Gdynia Village"
"Fisherman's Cottage"
"In a Shipyard"
"Kashubian Landscape"
"Sailboat in the Sea"
"Sea, The"
"Street in Gdansk"
"Tatra Mountains"
"Wielewskie Lake"
"Zuraw Gdanski (the ancient gate crane in Gdansk)"
Möller, Anton"Construction of a Temple"
"Model of the World and Gdansk Society"
Mondzain (Szamaj Mondszajn), Simon"City View"
"Flowers No 7"
"Girl with a Necklace"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Road To Vence"
"Sailboat in a Bay"
"Still Life"
"Vase of Flowers"
"Village at the Big Tree"
Moniuszko, Jan Czeslaw"Conversation with Wine"
"In Bacciarelli's studio"
"Knock knock!"
"Revelry in the Tavern"
"Who's there?"
Moszkowicz, Symcho"Portrait of a Man"
Mozyro, Elzbieta"A Little Bit of Sunshine"
"A Moment is a Moment"
"Angel - Until the Last Glare"
"Anxiety of Heart"
"At the Sea"
"Beginning and the End, The"
"Between Night and Day"
"Between Sounds"
"Blue Sigh"
"Book of Life"
"Cat Nature"
"Creation of the Angel, The"
"Déjà vu"
"Don Diablo"
"Dreamy Breath"
"Every Life is in Others Hands"
"Everyone waits for Someone"
"Everything is in Your Hands"
"Fallen Angel"
"Fontana di Trevi"
"Frida Kahlo"
"Guardian of the Universe"
"Harmony of Senses"
"Hot Air"
"I See You"
"In Our Heaven"
"Intelligence of Obliviousness"
"James Grieve"
"Key to the Imagination, The"
"Key to the Past, The"
"Lilac Lady"
"Marina in Gizycko"
"Matt Pokora"
"Mister Cat"
"Neverending Longing"
"Ocean of Desires"
"On Your Call"
"One Look"
"One Moment"
"Sentimental Moment"
"Spring Morning"
"Sweet Thoughts"
"Temptation of Taste"
"Train to the Stars"
"Trustfulness of Heart"
"Verba volant..."
"What Words Can't Express"
"White Night"
"World at Her Feet, The"
"You Give Me Wings"
"Your Light"
Mroczkowski, Aleksander"Birch Tree"
"Black Lake below Mount Rysy"
"Landscape with Cottages"
"Morskie Oko"
"Morskie Oko Lake"
"Pensive Moment"
"Tatra Mountains"
Mroz, Daniel"Cats on the Roof"
Mroz, Tadeusz"Vegetable Seller"
Mrozewski, Stefan"St. John's Church in Poznan"
Mularczyk, Jozef"Birch"
"Chocholowski Stream"
"Crocuses in Chocholowska Valley"
"Czarny Staw (Black Lake)"
"Czorsztyn Castle, The"
"G±sienicowa Valley"
"Green Lake"
"Koscieliska Valley, The"
"Mountain View"
"Mountainous Landscape"
"Polish Highlands at Sunset"
"Port Moods"
"Przyslop Valley"
"Rest in a Port"
"Shelter in Five Lakes"
"Summer in the Gasienicowa Valley"
"Winter in Tatra Mountains"
Muller, Szymon"Handcrafting"
Murzynowski, Antoni"In the Atelier of Wojciech Gerson"
Musial, Krzysztof"About Him - Fragments III"
"About Him - Fragments V"
"At the Bus Stop"
"At the Table"
"Bus Stop"
"Fragments - Bar"
"Fragments - Beach"
"Fragments - Bridge"
"Fragments - Chair"
"Fragments - Forward"
"Fragments - Platform"
"Fragments - Playground"
"Fragments I"
"Fragments X"
"I Fly - What About You?"
"I Hold On"
"I Look, You See"
"I Start Formatting"
"In Hiding"
"Line V"
"Line VII - Tree"
"On a Carpet"
"On Stairs"
"On the Way"
"Room I"
"Room II"
"Wall, The"
"Website F"
"Website I"
"Website J"
"Website K"
Musialowicz, Henryk"Animalistic Landscape"
Muszanka–Lakomska, Janina"Path through the Trees, The"
Muszynski, Leszek Tadeusz"Still Life of Roses"
"Yellow Rose"
Muter (Maria Melania Mutermilch), Mela"Alley"
"Bank of the Seine, The"
"Barge on the Rhone"
"Couple on a Bench in a Park"
"Fishermen in a River"
"Fishing Port"
"Girl in a Red Blouse"
"Girl in Black"
"Hrabor Scenery"
"Landscape of Brittany"
"Landscape with a Bridge"
"Landscape with a Bridge "
"Landscape, Southern France"
"Mother and her Baby Son (Mère et son enfant)"
"Old Breton Woman"
"Old Man with Pipe "
"Old Trees"
"Port in Marseille"
"Portrait of a Blonde Woman"
"Portrait of a Man"
"Portrait of a Man in Glasses"
"Portrait of a Man in Glasses"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Provencal Landscape"
"River landscape"
"Rue de la Miséricorde in Saint Tropez"
"Scene from a Harbour"
"Seated Girl"
"Sleeping Girl"
"Still Life"
"Still Life with a Jug and Cherries"
"Still Life with Begonia"
"Still Life with Onions"
"Still Life with Oysters and Crabs"
"Town on the River"
"Town Square, Southern France"
"Two Ages"
"Two Children"
"Urban Landscape"
"Urbanscape - France"
"View Over a Village, Southern France"
"Woman in an Apron"
"Woman with Fur Collar"
"Writer Georg Polti, The"
"Young Girl with Braids (Jeune fille aux tresses)"
Myslowski, Tadeusz"New York Faces"
Mystkowski, Czes³aw"Reclining Nude"