List of Artists and their Works (K)

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Kaczmarski, Karol"Lazienki Palace"
Kaczor-Batowski, Stanislaw"Allegory Composition with Wernyhora..."
"Arrival of the Expected Guest, The"
"Artist's House in Lviv"
"Attack of the Hussars"
"Attack of the Hussars. Khotyn"
"Attack of the Hussars. Kirchholm"
"Battle of Grunwald, The"
"Battle of Zadworze"
"Charge at Rokitna, The"
"Charge of the Polish Hussars, The"
"Charge of the Polish Hussars, The"
"Garden in Horyniec"
"Grenade Explosion"
"Horse Cart in Front of a Manor House"
"In front of a Manor House"
"In Lviv Park"
"Jozef Pilsudski's Polish Legions Entering Kielce on 12 August 1914"
"Lviv Garden"
"Portrait of a Young Woman in a White Dress"
"Pulaski at Savannach"
"Queen of Angels"
"Scene from the 1920 War"
"Summer Day"
"Uhlan with Horses"
Kaleta, Dariusz"Acquiring Knowledge"
"After the Battle"
"Amber Lady"
"Battle with an Orc"
"Blue Angel"
"Boy and a Lizard"
"David and Bathsheba"
"Fairy Tale"
"Gate of the Angel"
"Head of the Elder"
"Hunting the Beast"
"I Love Vouge"
"Lady of Dragons"
"Lady of Eagles"
"Lady of Eagles"
"Last Note"
"Mask - Pride"
"Meeting Panthera Chimera"
"Monster Slayer"
"Muse and Pegasus"
"My Sarmatia - Episode 4"
"Orc and Hussar"
"Red Nude"
"Resting Angel"
"Sin Woman"
"Socrates and Cicuta"
"Touch of the Angel"
"Venus and Mars"
"Whisper of the Raven"
Kalkowski, Kazimierz"Untitled"
Kalucki, Jerzy"Perforation"
Kamienski, Antoni"Jokers (At the Cemetery)"
Kaminski, Pawel Jan"Desire"
"My Piece of Sky"
"Rainy Morning"
Kamocki, Stanislaw"Autumn"
"Blossoming Apple Tree"
"Castle in Wisnicz"
"Church in Modlnica (The Cemetery)"
"Church in Radziszow"
"Czarny Staw Gasienicowy - Lake in the Tatra Mountains"
"Early Spring in Zakopane"
"Ears (from Sandomierz)"
"Field Poppies"
"Fisherman's Backyard"
"Flowering Meadow"
"Garden in Winter"
"Grey Day"
"Hala Gasienicowa"
"Indian Summer"
"Jaworzynka Valley"
"Landscape of Wola Radziszowska"
"Manor House"
"Manor in Autumn"
"Mountain Cottages"
"Portrait of a Girl"
"Potato Lifting"
"Presbytery in Sandomierz, The"
"Saint Mary’s Basilica in Cracow"
"Still Life with a Window"
"Two towers of St. Mary's Church in Cracow"
"Venice - Monument to Bartolomeo Colleoni"
"White Elder"
"Winter Landscape with a Church"
"Wola Radziszowska"
Kanarek, Eliasz"Fisherman and Woman. Idyll"
"Girl with a Doll"
Kanelba (Kanelbaum), Rajmund"Arab Girl"
"Boy with a Drum"
"Boy with a Lantern"
"Boy with a Persian Cat"
"Boy with Violin"
"Captain of Home Guards"
"Couple at the River's Edge (Couple au bord de la rivière)"
"Girl in a White Shirt"
"Girl in Blue"
"Girl with a Lantern"
"In a Port"
"Lady with Pearls"
"Little Boy"
"Man with a mask (L'homme et son masque), The"
"Playing Soldier"
"Port in Brittany (Port en Bretagne)"
"Portrait of a Child"
"Portrait of Lisa Hoffman"
"Portrait of Suzanne"
"Punch & Judy"
"Punch and Judy show, The"
"Still Life with a Window"
"Veilled Woman"
Kanigowska, Alfonsa"Girl in a Green Top"
Kantor, Tadeusz"A"
"Black Emballage (diptych)"
"Chexbres 5"
"Composition with a Ladder"
"Composition with a Ladder"
"Composition XI"
"Composition XI 1959"
"Emballage I"
"Emballage of the Prussian Tribute according to Jan Matejko"
"Laundress, The"
"Painting (Peinture)"
"Penture C"
"Pigeon Breeders"
"Rebuilding and Peace"
"Red Envelope (Enveloppe rouge)"
Kaplinski, Leon"Historical Scene"
"Portrait of Jan Dzialynski"
"Portrait of Karol Chodkiewicz"
Karasek, Klaudia"Consensus / Discordia"
"Great Game"
"Green Bodies Zone"
"In the World of Old Trees and Kingfishers, Time is a Concept of Absurdity"
"Lady Dandelion"
"Sky Residence of the Microcosmos Army"
"Spiritual Messengers"
Karat, Robert"Composition of the Circle"
"Landscape from Rzeszow"
Karczmar, Simon Natan"Wagon"
Karlowska, Stanislawa de"Autumn Flowers"
"Still Life with Jug"
Karmanski, Jan"Reformatory Monastery in Kazimierz"
Karniej, Edward"Nude"
"Nude with a Red Ribbon"
Karniewski, Stanislaw"Lanckorona"
Karolak, Anna"Atomic Life"
"Pastiche of a fragment of The Altar of St Barbara from 1447"
Karpinski, Alfons"Anemones"
"At a Well"
"At the Kermesse"
"At the Market"
"Autumn Roses"
"Beach at Lido"
"Bouquet of Poppies"
"Bouquet of Poppies"
"Café Concert"
"Family Arround the Well"
"Floral Still Life"
"Flowering Rhododendron"
"Flowers in a Vase"
"Garden at Dark"
"Girl in a Red Headscarf"
"Interior with Flowers"
"Marsh Marigolds"
"Portrait of a Girl in White Dress"
"Portrait of a Lady in Hat"
"Portrait of a Woman in a Green Dress"
"Portrait of a Woman in Red Dress"
"Portrait of Elzbieta Kossak"
"Portrait with Asters"
"Red Roses"
"Roses in a Vase"
"Roses in a Vase"
"Roses in a Vase"
"Roses in a White Vase"
"Roses in a White Vase"
"Still Life"
"Still Life with a Bouquet of Roses"
"Still Life with Flowers"
"Still Life with Fruit"
"Still Life with Roses"
"White Flowers"
"Withering Roses"
"Yellow Roses"
"Yellow Roses"
"Yellow Roses"
"Yellow Roses"
"Yellow Roses"
"Yellow Roses"
Karszniewicz, Jerzy"Blue Manor House"
"Winter Landscape"
Kasiewicz, Marcin"Kosciuszko on Horseback"
Kasprowicz, Jan Maksymilian"Driving a Sleigh at Night, Pursued by Wolves"
"Gentlemen on a Sleigh Ride"
"Sleigh Ride"
Kasprzycki, Wincenty"Fine Arts Exhibition in Warsaw in 1828"
"Mill in Strawberry near the River Thames, The"
"View of Natolin Palace"
"View of Wilanow Palace"
Kaufmann (Kamir), Leon"Landscape in the Twilight (Paysage au crépuscule)"
"Night Owl"
"Night Owl"
"Tree in the Field (Arbre dans le champ)"
Kauzik (Kausik), Jan"Portrait of a Girl"
Kazimirowski, Eugeniusz"Garden"
"Gedymin's Tower in Vilnius"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Russian Prisoners of War"
Kedzierski, Apoloniusz"Alone in a Park"
"Forest Clearing"
"Horse Cart"
"In a Forest"
"In the field"
"Jews in Front of an Inn"
"Stream Among Trees"
"War of Tug"
"Woman with Brushwood"
Kibel, Wolf"Creation, The"
"Garden of Eden"
"Interior Scene with Figures"
"Interior with Purple Doors"
"Portrait of a Bearded Man"
"Portrait of Lippy Lipschitz"
"Still Life of Apples"
Kierzkowski, Bronislaw"Collage"
"Composition No. 1"
Kietlicz-Rayski, Konstanty"Winter Landscape"
Kijno, Wladyslaw"Bust of a Man"
Kirszenbaum, Jesekiel David"Farewell to the World"
Kisling, Moïse"Bay"
"Boats in the Marseille Port (Bateaux dans le port de Marseille)"
"Bouquet of Anemones"
"Bouquet of Anemones in a Vase"
"Bouquet of Cornflowers"
"Bouquet of Flowers"
"Bouquet of Flowers"
"Bouquet of Flowers"
"Bouquet of Flowers"
"Bouquet of Flowers"
"Bouquet of Flowers"
"Bowl of Fruit"
"Brown Woman (Femme brune assise)"
"Buste nu"
"Chrysanthemums (Chrysanthèmes)"
"Dahlias and Mimosa (Dahlias at mimosas)"
"Factory between Le Brusc and Sanary-sur-Mer"
"Fishing Boats in Port"
"Flower Seller (Girl / Little Flower Girl)"
"Flowers (Fleurs)"
"Girl with Plaits"
"Girl with the Naked Bust (Jeune fille au buste nu)"
"Gypsy Girl (La Bohémienne), The"
"Landscape of Provence"
"Landscape of Provence"
"Landscape of Provence"
"Landscape of Provence"
"Landscape of Provence (Paysage de Provence"
"Landscape of Provence (Paysage de Provence)"
"Landscape of Sanary (Paysage de Sanary)"
"Landscape of Sanary (Paysage de Sanary)"
"Large Bunch of Tulips (Grand bouquet de tulipes)"
"Lilies of the Valley (Le vase de muguet)"
"Man with a Beard"
"Mme B. Dunn"
"Model (Le modèle en buste), The"
"Mona Luisa"
"Naked girl in grass (Nue allongée dans l' herbe)"
"Nude on the Couch (Nu sur le divan)"
"Poetic Bouquet"
"Poppies (Coquelicots)"
"Port de Saint-Tropez"
"Portrait of a Man in Red with a Pipe (M. Rapoport)"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Boy"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Woman with a Scarf"
"Portrait of Arthur Rubinstein"
"Portrait of Baltus"
"Portrait of Camille Rouvier"
"Portrait of Father Galli"
"Portrait of Jean Cocteau"
"Portrait of Jone Allison-Barnes"
"Portrait of Renee Kisling"
"Provençal Woman (the mother of Renée Kisling)"
"Red Haired Woman"
"Red Rocks in Sanary (Rochers rouges à Sanary)"
"Red-Haired Girl with Blue Eyes (Rousse aux yeux bleus)"
"Redhead Girl"
"Reflection in the Garden"
"Renee Kisling"
"Still Life"
"Still Life (Nature morte)"
"Still Life with Roses in a Vase "
"Still Life with Tulip in a Vase (Nature morte avec tulipe dans un vase)"
"Vase of Lilies"
"Vase of Orchids"
"Vase with Flowers"
"White Lilies"
"Young Dutchwoman (La jeune hollandaise)"
"Young Girl in a Red Blouse (Jeune fille au corsage rouge)"
"Young Girl with Long Hair"
"Young Woman"
Kitz, Marcin"Hackneys in the Rain"
Kiwerski, Krzysztof"Castle I"
"Castle II"
"City 2"
"Crows I"
"Crows II"
"Crows III"
"Crows IV"
"Crows V"
"Crows VI"
"Crows VII"
"Moth Bound II"
"Moth Bound III"
"Moth Bound IV"
"Moth Bound IX"
"Moth Bound V"
"Moth Bound VI"
"Moth Bound VII"
"Moth Bound X"
"Moth Bound XI"
"Moth Bound XIII"
"Moth Bound XIV"
"Moth Bound XV"
"Moth Bound XVIII"
"On the Way I"
"On the Way II"
"On the Way III"
"On the Way IV"
"On the Way V"
"On the Way VI"
"Outsider I"
"Outsider II"
"Sage V, The"
"Sage VI, The"
"Sage VII, The"
"Sage VIII, The"
"Seven Sages I, The"
"Seven Sages II, The"
"Seven Sages III, The"
"Seven Sages IV, The"
"Seven Sages V, The"
"Seven Sages VI, The"
"Seven Sages VII, The"
"Small Talk"
"Small Talk I"
"Small Talk II"
"Small Talk III"
"Small Talk IX"
"Small Talk V"
"Small Talk VI"
"Small Talk VII"
"Small Talk VIII"
"Small Talk X"
"Small Talk XI"
"Small Talk XII"
"Still Life - C1"
"Still Life - C2"
"Still Life - C3"
"Still Life - H1"
"Still Life - H2"
"Still Life - H3"
"Still Life - H4"
"Still Life - S1"
"Still Life - S2"
"Still Life - S3"
"Still Life - W1"
"Still Life - W2"
"Still Life - W3"
"Toys of Grown Up Men I"
"Toys of Grown Up Men II"
"Toys of Grown Up Men III"
"Toys of Grown Up Men IV"
"Toys of Grown Up Men IX"
"Toys of Grown Up Men V"
"Toys of Grown Up Men VI"
"Toys of Grown Up Men VII"
"Toys of Grown Up Men VIII"
"Toys of Grown Up Men X"
"Toys of Grown Up Men XI"
"Toys Of Grown Up Men XII"
"Toys Of Grown Up Men XIII"
"Toys of Grown Up Men XIV"
"Vermeer in New York"
"Vermeer in New York"
"Vermeer in New York"
"Vermeer in New York"
"Vermeer in New York"
"Vermeer in New York"
"Vermeer in New York"
"Vermeer in New York"
Klaklik, Marian"Tatra Mountains in Winter"
Klar, Artur"Eastern Carpathians"
Klass-Kazanowska, Maria"Kamieniec Podolski"
Kleczynski, Bohdan"On the Move"
"Rescue, The"
"Resting Cossaks"
"Return from the Hunt"
"Sledge Attacked by Wolves"
Kleinman, Fryderyk"In a Small Town"
Klepinski, Jan"Hide-and-Seek"
"River Landscape"
Klimek, Ludwik"Bouquet"
"Two Bathers"
"Two Friends"
Kober, Marcin"Portrait of King Stephen Bathory"
"Portrait of the Queen Anna Jagiellon"
Kobzdej, Aleksander"Birth"
"Birthday I"
"Birthday II"
"Fissure in Orange"
"Green Guard, The"
"Pass a Brick"
"Polczarno Szary"
"Wide Fissure between Violets"
Kochanowski, Roman"At Dusk"
"At Dusk"
"At the Farm"
"Autumn Forest"
"Autumn Forest"
"Autumn Landscape"
"Autumn Landscape"
"Autumn Landscape"
"Autumn Landscape"
"Autumn Landscape at Sunset"
"Autumn Landscape on the Riverside"
"Autumn Landscape with a Stream"
"By a Fence"
"By the Dirt Road"
"Collecting Dry Twigs"
"Country Girl"
"Country Landscape"
"Crows in Winter"
"Early Spring"
"Evening Landscape at the River"
"Farm in a Landscape"
"Farmstead at the Forest Edge"
"Forest in Autumn"
"Gathering Wood"
"Gathering Wood"
"Geese at the River"
"Geese at the Riverside"
"Geese near a Stream"
"Grazing Cows"
"Grey Landscape"
"In Autumn"
"In the Forest at Sunset"
"Lake in a Forest"
"Landscape - Flood Waters"
"Landscape at Sunset"
"Landscape at Sunset"
"Landscape near Cracow"
"Landscape near Cracow"
"Landscape with a Figure"
"Landscape with a River"
"Landscape with a Wet Meadow"
"Landscape with Geese"
"Landscape with Poplars"
"Laughing Peasant Woman"
"Mazovian Flood Waters"
"Midday Break"
"Near a Pond"
"Near the Forest"
"Near the Stream"
"Near the Stream"
"Near the Water"
"On a Pasture"
"On a Pasture"
"On the Bank of the River"
"On the Grass"
"On the Skirt of a Forest"
"On the Skirt of a Forest"
"Pasture by the Forest Skirt"
"Pen with Geese"
"Picking of Cabbage"
"Portrait of a Girl"
"Potato Lifting"
"Potatoes Baking"
"Quiet River in Summer"
"Riverside Farm, The"
"Riverside Landscape with a Stork"
"Rural Landscape"
"Street at Dusk"
"Street in a Little Town"
"Summer landscape"
"Wanderer in the Forest"
"Willows near a Stream"
"Winter Landscape"
"Winter Landscape"
"Winter Landscape"
"Winter Landscape"
"Winter Landscape"
"Winter Landscape with Crows"
Kokular, Aleksander"Interior of the Artist's Salon"
Kolberg, Antoni Karol"Accident"
Kolnik, Arthur"Boats"
"Bouquet of Thistles"
"Hassid and goat"
"Pensive Man"
"Purim Spiel"
"Purim Spiel"
"Still Life of Flowers on a Table"
"Still Life with Apples and Pears"
Kolpanowicz, Marcin"Arachnopolis"
"Atlantis III"
"Castle of Wind"
"City on Poles"
"Don Quixote"
"Dwelling of Feral Steam Locomotives"
"Factory of Soap Bubbles"
"Fifth Avenue"
"Four Elements"
"Gate of the Heaven, The"
"Gate of the Heaven, The"
"Gate of the Hell, The"
"Genetically Modified Skyscraper"
"Hunter of Clouds"
"Indian Summer"
"Jellyfish Place"
"Lady of the Landscape"
"Last Evening in Atlantis"
"Miss Robinson"
"Music Room"
"New Jerusalem"
"New Jerusalem"
"Rainy Prelude"
"Sail from Antipodes"
"Skyscrapers on Mount Everest"
"Sunken Cathedral"
"Traveller's Room"
"Two Towns"
"Venice Fantasy"
Koltan, Katarzyna"Algor"
"Caput mortuum"
Konarski, J."Before the Hunt"
"Coach Ride"
"Coach Ride"
"Couple on a Cart"
"Foursome in Winter"
"Glance Behind"
"Horse Bottom Plate (Pferdegespann)"
"Joyful Ride"
"On the Way Back Home"
"On their Way"
"Returning Home"
"Saddling the Horse"
"Sledge Ride"
"Sledge Ride"
"Sleigh, The"
"Sleigh Ride"
"Through the Snow"
"Through the Snow"
"Tired Dogs"
"Two of Them"
"Wolves Attack"
Koniczek, Krzysztof"Autumn"
"Biebrza River"
"Biebrza River in Winter"
"Birches - Autumn"
"Birches - Summer"
"Birds Talking"
"Blue Expression"
"Blue Forest"
"Blue Venus"
"City I, The"
"City II, The"
"Computer Dream"
"Cyan Abstraction"
"Eternal Blues"
"Florida. Impression"
"Frenzy of bodies"
"Frigate of Lost Poets"
"Frigate of Unfaithful Painters"
"Golden Abstraction"
"Green Abstraction"
"Gulf of Mexico"
"Gulf of Mexico"
"Identity Crisis"
"Let's Talk"
"Light in a Forest"
"Light in a Tunnel"
"Marsh Marigolds"
"Music of the Sea"
"My Flotilla"
"Mysteries of the Tower of Babel"
"Mysteries of the Tower of Babel"
"Mystery of the Tower of Babel"
"Mystery of the Violin"
"New York Abstraction"
"New York Abstraction"
"New York Abstraction"
"Nike in a Red Dress"
"Organic Composition"
"Passion for Music"
"Pink Abstraction"
"Poppy Flowers"
"Poppy Flowers"
"Red Abstraction"
"Red Abstraction"
"Red Expression"
"Red Marshes"
"Running II"
"Running III"
"Smoke on the Water"
"Such a Landscape. Summer"
"Three Windows"
"Towards Infinity"
"Towards Infinity"
"Towards Knowledge"
"Tsunami 2"
"Winter Nocturne"
Koniuszko, Waclaw"Shoemaker"
Kopania, Zbigniew"Before the Storm"
"I Want a Balloon"
"Indian Ocean"
"Journey through Life"
"Lost Gardens of Atlantis"
"Monet’s Pond - Spring"
"Peonies in the Garden"
"Peonies with Mysterious Mask"
"Reminiscence of Igor Mitoraj"
"Romantic Landscape"
Korczowski, Bogdan"Ashes of the Angel"
Korecki, Wiktor"After Sunset"
"Autumn Forest"
"Birches and Heather"
"Cottage in Snow"
"Cottages in Snow"
"Cottages in Snow"
"Cottages in Snow"
"Country Road in Winter"
"Forest in Winter"
"Forest in Winter"
"Forest Landscape"
"Forest Path in Winter"
"Forst Landscape"
"Heather in the Forest"
"Hot Day"
"In an Autumn Forest"
"In an Autumn Forest"
"In Winter Sunshine"
"In Winter Sunshine"
"Lanscape with a footbridge"
"Little Bridge in Autumn Forest"
"Mallows in front of a Cottage"
"Marsh Marigolds"
"Marsh Marigolds"
"Mountains Covered in Snow"
"Old Mill"
"Pine Trees in Sunshine"
"Poppy Field"
"Road through a Forest"
"Snowy Landscape at Sunset"
"Snowy Landscape at Sunset"
"Spring. Marsh Marigolds"
"Spruce Pines in Snow"
"Stream in Snow"
"Stream in Snow"
"Sunset in the Polish Countryside"
"Sunset over a Pond"
"Sunset over Water"
"Water-Mill at Sunset"
"Winter - Cottages"
"Winter - Road"
"Winter Day"
"Winter in a Forest"
"Winter in a Forest"
"Winter in a Forest"
"Winter Landscape"
"Winter Landscape with a River"
"Winter Landscape with a River and Cottages"
"Winter Landscape with a Stream"
"Winter Landscape with Cottages"
"Winter Morning"
"Winter Road"
"Winter's Night"
"Wintry scene in the twilight"
Korolkiewicz, Lukasz"Ceremony"
"Secret Game"
Korwin Piotrowski, Mieczyslaw"Autumn"
"Trees near the Stream"
Korzeniewski, Stanislaw"Pietà"
Kosinski, Jozef"Portrait of a Man"
Kosinski, Kajetan"Cracovian"
"Horse Drawn Carriage on a Field Path"
"Horse Drawn Sleigh at the Edge of a Wwood"
"Night Sleigh Ride"
Kossak, Jerzy"At the Well"
"Battle of Somosierra, 30 November 1808"
"Belina's Uhlan Pursuing the Bolshevik"
"Cavalry Artillery"
"Cavalry Marching Through the Snowy Woods"
"Charge, The"
"Charge of the Polish Light Horse at Somosierra, The"
"Cracovian Wedding"
"Crossing of the River Niemen"
"Desert Prayer, The"
"Forester's Hut, The"
"Fox Hunt, The"
"French Soldier Retreating from Moscow"
"Galloping through the Snowy Village"
"Head of a Horse"
"Hunting Par Force"
"Hunting with Hounds"
"Hussar with a Horse in a Winter Landscape"
"In Pursuit"
"In Pursuit"
"In Spain. Soldier Watering a Horse"
"Just Married"
"Napoleon and His Military Staff"
"Napoleon’s Vision"
"Napoleon's Retreat from the Russian Campaign with Memories of the Egyptian Expedition"
"Napoleonic Wars, The"
"Nice Encounter"
"On Patrol"
"On the Prairie"
"Patrol on Horseback"
"Prisoner of War"
"Pursuit of the Bolshevik, The"
"Pursuit, an Episode in 1920 War"
"Retreat from Moscow, The"
"Retreat from Moscow, The"
"Retreat from Moscow, The"
"Retreat from Moscow, The"
"Retreat of the Great Army from Moscow, The"
"Retreat of the Great Army from Moscow, The"
"Riding Soldier"
"River Crossing by Napoleon"
"Running Away Through the Desert"
"Scene from 1920 War"
"Soldier and Girl"
"Soldier and Girl"
"Soldier on Horseback"
"Soldier Watering His Horse"
"Soldiers of the Great Army"
"Soldiers Resting (Soldaten bei der Rast)"
"Soliders at Rest"
"St. Hubert"
"St. Hubert Hunting"
"Uhlan Dressing a Horse"
"Uhlan on Watch"
"Uhlan Watering His Horse"
"Uhlan with Two Horses"
"Uhlan's Meal"
"Uhlans in Pursuit"
"Uhlans in Pursuit of Cossacks"
"Uhlans Patrol"
Kossak, Juliusz"After the Hunt"
"Austrian Officer"
"Battle, The"
"Battle at Parkany (Stúrovo)"
"Battle of Ignacewo"
"Battle of Ostroleka"
"Battle of Vienna"
"Battle Scene"
"Battle Scene"
"Before Racing"
"Best Man, The"
"Bustards Hunting with Greyhounds"
"Casimir Pulaski in the Battle of Czestochowa"
"Chestnut Horse"
"Coal Miners"
"Cossack and a Girl"
"Cossack and a Girl at the Well"
"Cossak with Two Horses"
"Cracovian Foursome"
"Cracovian Man"
"Don Cossacks"
"Election of King John Casimir"
"Equestrian Portrait of Aleksander Tykiel"
"Equestrian Portrait of Dunin-Borkowski"
"Equestrian Portrait of Lubienskis"
"from the cycle Old Clothes and Armours in X - XVI century"
"Galician Uhlans Trumpeter"
"General Jan Henryk Dabrowski in Front of the Polish Legions"
"General Poniatowski"
"Horse Market near Wawel Royal Castle, Cracow"
"Huculs on their Way to Market"
"Hunting with a Hawk"
"Hutsuls on the Mountain Road"
"In a Stable"
"In Front of the Palace in Krzeszowice"
"Insurgents' Camp at Night"
"Jan Chryzostom Pasek in Batttle of Lachowicze"
"Journey in a Carriage"
"Konstanty Branicki and Cohen on Horsebacks"
"Lesson of Hunting with a Falcon"
"Loyal Companion, The"
"Man Riding on Horseback through the Mountains"
"March, March Dabrowski ..."
"Polish Cavalryman"
"Polish Chevauleger"
"Polish Rider"
"Portrai of Count Adam Potocki"
"Portrait of a Boy on Horseback"
"Portrait of a Man on Horseback"
"Portrait of Prince Jozef on Horseback"
"Prince Jozef Poniatowski on Horseback"
"Princess on Horseback"
"Relief of Smolensk"
"Ride in Four-Horse Carriage"
"Rider with a Pickaxe"
"Rittmeister - Cavalry Officer"
"Rodakowski at The Battle of Custoza"
"St. George Killing the Dragon"
"Stefan Czarniecki"
"Stud on Podole"
"Stud on the Grass"
"Study of a Horse"
"Szymon Mohort Presenting the Stud Farm to Prince Joseph Poniatowski"
"Tatars Dance"
"Uhlan of Lviv National Guard"
"Voivode Matczynski Welcomes the King John III Sobieski on the Strusowy Steppe"
"Warsaw Driver"
"Woman Riding on Horseback through the Mountains"
Kossak, Karol"Coastal Scene"
"Man and Woman in Horse-Drawn Cart"
"Man in a Horse Drawn Rig"
"Plowing Scene"
"Polish Legion Uhlan"
"Sleigh Ride"
"Snowy Landscape and Sledders"
"Wood Carting"
Kossak, Wojciech"After the Battle of Zielence"
"Amazon - Miss Irena Luca"
"Amazon - Portrait of Maria Zandbang"
"Amazon on Horseback"
"Arabian Horse"
"Arabian Horses"
"Austrian Uhlan"
"Austrian Uhlan of Savona"
"Battle at Stoczek, Warsaw, The"
"Battle of Raszyn"
"Battle of the Pyramids"
"Before the Charge at Somosierra"
"Bloody Sunday in St. Petersburg"
"Breakfast Together"
"Cavalry Patrol"
"Cavalry Reconnaissance"
"Cavalrymen (Uhlans)"
"Charge of the Winged Hussars at the Battle of Kircholm"
"Common Breakfast"
"Cossack on Horseback"
"Cracovian Wedding"
"Crossing the Berezina River by Napoleon's Army"
"Cuirassier on Horseback with Young Girl"
"Cuirassier on the Snow"
"Departing for the Hunt"
"Episode of 1812"
"Escape From Wolves"
"Escorting Prisoners of War"
"Fight between a Uhlan and a Foot Soldier"
"French Cuirassier"
"General Josef Sowiñski in Battle"
"Girl and Soldier at a Well"
"Girl with a Dog"
"Gunner and Girl"
"Head of a Horse"
"Hunt, The"
"Hunting in Gödöllõ"
"Hunting Par Force"
"Hunting with Hounds"
"Hunting Wolves"
"Hussar of the Great Army"
"In Front of the Invalides"
"Laundress - study, The"
"Lviv Eaglet"
"Lviv Eaglet"
"Marine Signals"
"Marshal Josef Pilsudski"
"Meeting at the Windmill"
"Military Rhapsody"
"Napoleon on the banks of Neman River"
"Napoleon's Soldiers around Bonfire"
"On the Scent"
"On the ship's deck"
"Pilsudski on Horseback"
"Portrait of a Man"
"Portrait of Captain Antoni Dudzinski"
"Portrait of Marshall Jozef Pilsudski"
"Portrait of Mrs. Moszczenska"
"Portrait of Mrs. U."
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife"
"Prince Joseph Poniatowski in 1812"
"Raid, The"
"Rest, The"
"Return from the Hunt"
"Rider in Red"
"Self-Portrait with a Horse"
"Soldier Galloping"
"Soldier of the Great Army"
"Soldier on Patrol"
"Soldier with a Horse"
"Soldiers in a Village"
"Study of a Rider"
"Uhlan and a Girl"
"Uhlan and a Girl. Asking for Directions"
"Uhlan and Girl"
"Uhlan and Girl"
"Uhlan and Girl"
"Uhlan and Sister of White Cross"
"Uhlan Escorting Russian Prisoners of War"
"Uhlan Lighting a Cigarette"
"Uhlan of the 1st Galician Uhlan Regiment"
"Uhlan on Horseback"
"Uhlan with a Horse"
"Uhlan with a Horse"
"Uhlans on Patrol"
"Uhlans' Patrol"
"Watch, The"
"Watering of a Horse"
"White Arab"
"Woman's Head"
"Wounded Soldier"
"Wounded Soldier with a Girl"
"Year 1812 - Snowstorm"
Kostrzewski, Franciszek"Circus at Saska Kepa"
"Country Wedding near Warsaw"
"Fire Victims"
"First Cigarette"
"Kupala Night"
"Milk Drinkers"
"Mushroom Picking"
"Quarrel with Jewish Merchant"
"Rural Genre Scene"
"Rural Kermesse"
"Village on Fire"
Kotarbinski, Janusz"Portrait of a Girl"
"Portrait of a Mountainer"
Kotarbinski, Wilhelm"Arcadia"
"Egyptian Woman"
"Eveneing at the Terrace"
"Evening Silence. Lost in Thoughts"
"Girl Between Hollyhocks"
"Girl with Angel"
"Grave of a Suicide, The"
"Jesus Raises a Widow's Son at Naim"
"Musical Entertainment"
"On the Terrace"
"Playing Dice in Ancient Rome"
"Resting by the Shore"
"Serenede on the Terrace"
"Sermon at Capernaum"
"Star in the Night, The"
"Two Beauties"
"Two Girls in Yellow and Pink"
"Water Nymph"
"Young Carpenter, The"
Kotowicz, Apolinary Stanislaw"Portrait"
"Portrait of a Young Girl"
Kotowski, Damazy"Portrait of Jan Kasprowicz"
"Rural Landscape with a River"
Kotowski, Jan"Greeting"
"Horse Market"
"In front of an Inn"
Kotsis, Aleksander"Children in a Forest"
"Country Salesman"
"Giewont II"
"Gypsies with a Bear"
"Highlander and Children"
"In a Kitchen"
"Kitchen Interior - sketch"
"Last Possession, The"
"Mother Died"
"Old Mountainer"
"On the Assumption Day"
"Portrait of a Man - Insurgent"
"Portrait of a Young Lady"
"Portrait of the Painter Jozefina Geppert"
"Quarreling Gypsies"
"Rest in the Mountains"
"Sleeping Model"
"Spring Song"
"Tatra Mountains - View of Giewont"
Kowalewski, Bronislaw"Pine Tree near a Lake"
Kowalski, Leon"Côte d'Azur, The"
"Girl in a Folk Costume"
"Two Girls"
Kowarski, Felicjan Szczesny"Electra"
"Portrait of a Jewess"
"Portrait of Artist's Wife"
"St. John"
Kozakiewicz, Antoni"Bagpipe Concert"
"Before the Fight (Vor dem Kampfe)"
"Genre Scene with an Organ Grinder"
"Gipsy Family"
"Girl with a Handkerchief"
"Gypsy Girl"
"History Lesson"
"In Front of a Fireplace"
"In the Gypsy Camp"
"Market in Galician Town"
"Mobile Theatre"
"On the Street"
"Portrait od a Man"
"Praying Jews"
"Return from a Walk"
"Summer Landscape with a Photographer"
Koziebrodzki, Jakub"Barges on the River"
Kozlowski, Wladyslaw"Flowers"
"Harbour in Ustka"
"Portrait of the Artist’s Wife"
Krafft the Elder, Per"Portrait of Ignacy Krasicki"
"Portrait of the King Stanislaus Augustus"
Kramsztyk, Roman"La Rochelle"
"Lady with a Squirrel"
"Landscape from Southern France"
"Little Town"
"Man Eating Crayfishes (Portrait of Karol Szustr)"
"Music Teacher"
"Nude (On the beach)"
"Portrait of a Man with a Moustache"
"Portrait of Adolph Basler"
"Portrait of Aleksander Zyw"
"Portrait of Janina Karlenska"
"Portrait of Jozef Reinfeld"
"Portrait of Moise Kisling"
"Portrait of the Actress Maria Stronska"
"Portrait of the Poet Jan Lechon"
"Provençal Landscape with Goats"
"Self-Portrait with a Pipe"
"Sketch for a Portrait of Jan Lechon"
"Sketch for the painting Venus of Lesbos"
"Study of a Nude for the Painting Idyll"
Krasinski, Edward"Interwention"
Krasnowolski, Jozef"Landscape"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife in Cracovian Costume"
Kraszewska, Otolia"Beginning of the Life, The"
"Child Among Flowers"
"Elegant Lady Sitting on a Sofa (Elegante Dame auf Sofa sitzend)"
"Roses in a Garden"
"Stories around a campfire"
Kraszewski, Jozef Ignacy"Eastern Portrait"
Kraszewski, Lucjan"Rural Customs"
Kraupe-Swiderska, Janina"Sheaves"
"Wings of Thanatos"
Krawiec, Walter"Winter Landscape with Horses"
Krcha, Emil"Christmas Tree"
"Fishes on a Plate"
"Flowers in a Vase"
"In a Park"
"Spring Landscape (Frühlingslandschaft)"
"Still Life"
"Still Life"
"Still Life with a Duck"
"White Roses"
Kretz, Leopold"Portrait"
Krieg, Jan"Panorama of Gdansk from Biskupia Gorka"
Krotochwila, Adam"Winter Day"
Kruszewski, Jozef Wincenty"In the Court"
Kruszynski, Jan Pomian"Girl with a Slice of Bread and an Apple"
Krynicki, Nikifor"At the Tailor Shop"
"Bishop and Two Men Behind the Altar"
"Booth, The"
"Church at Sunset, The"
"Concert Hall"
"Cracovian Painter"
"Elegant Man and Two Ladies"
"Factory of Dollars"
"Fantastic Architecture"
"Figure of Saint"
"Figure of Saint"
"Flight into Egypt, The"
"House in Krynica"
"House in Krynica"
"House with Animals"
"House with Towers"
"Houses and Church on a Hill"
"In a Hospital"
"In a Kitchen"
"In the Church"
"In the Street"
"Kitchen in a Guest House"
"Kitchen in a Guest House"
"Landscape with a Town and a Railway Station"
"Mass, The"
"Mineral Baths"
"Mineral Baths in Krynica"
"Painter Going to Work, The"
"Palace with an Eagle on its Tower"
"Portrait of a Man"
"Portrait of a Man"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of Andrzej Banach"
"Portrait of Ella and Andrzej Banach"
"Portrait of Ella Banach"
"Railway Station"
"Railway Station"
"Railway Station"
"Railway Station"
"Railway Station in Vienna"
"Railway to the Mount Park"
"Restaurant Quiet Corner"
"Saint, The"
"Saint on the Road"
"Scene in the Military Office, The"
"Scene in the Military Office, The"
"Self-Portrait in Three Forms"
"Self-Portrait Under an Umbrella"
"St. Anne"
"Statue of Liberty, The"
"Synagogue in Tarnow"
"Tower of Babel, The"
"Town Market"
"Urban Architecture"
"View on Tatra Mountains"
Krzyszkowski, Jan"Near Myslenice"
Krzyzanowska, Michalina"Landscape with a Church"
Krzyzanowski, Konrad"At a Piano"
"By the Light of the Candle"
"Girl under an Umbrella"
"Portrait of a Lady"
"Portrait of a Woman with a Cigarette"
"Portrait of Bronislawa Ostrowska"
"Portrait of Jozef Pilsudski"
"Portrait of Matylda Szednicka"
"Portrait of Pelagia Witoslawska"
"Portrait of Roman Laskowski"
"Portrait of the Sergeant"
"Study for Portrait of Artist's Wife"
"Woman in Red..."
Krzyzanowski, Wladyslaw"Still Life with Fruit"
Ksiazek, Jan"Landscape with Trees"
Kubicki, Jeremi"In a Port"
Kubicki, Stanislaw"Tower of Babel, The"
Kuczborski, Stanislaw"Funeral"
Kugler, Wlodzimierz"Lightning"
Kujawski, Jerzy"Composition"
Kukowski, Jaroslaw"Angel"
"Angel of May"
"Aurelia's Dream"
"Elements of Unfaithfulness"
"Seven Trumpets"
"Window of Longing"
Kulesza, Marian Stefan"Interior"
"Still Life"
Kulisiewicz, Tadeusz"Highlander's Family"
Kulon, Franciszek C."After Verdict"
"American Requiem"
"Assumption of the Virgin, The"
"Broken Gavel, The"
"Civic Platform, The"
"Democracy in Fallujah"
"Friendship, The"
"Friendship, The"
"Girls on the Boat"
"In Synagogue Where Is the Torah Read"
"In the Catskill"
"In the Catskill II"
"Katyn - 1940, CCCP"
"Last Supper"
"Last Supper, The"
"Lawsuit against Sullivan County, NY"
"Let Me Fix It"
"Life and Death of an Immigrant"
"Little Chapel"
"Lunch in D.A. Office"
"Mostly Cloudy"
"Mostly Cloudy"
"Operation Iraqi Freedom"
"Quo Vadis?"
"Searching for the Messiah"
"Smolensk Catastrophe"
"Smolensk Monument"
"Sunrise in the Catskills"
"Sunset over the Catskill"
"Themis - the Lady of Justice"
"They Are Flying"
"Victim of Discrimination and Legal Aid Attorney, The"
"What Else to Spoil"
"World Trade Center III"
Kuntze-Konicz, Tadeusz"Art"
"Miracle by St. John of Kanty"
Kupczynski, Zbigniew"Abstraction"
Kurella, Ludwik"Haulage of Barges"
Kuryatto, Czeslaw"Skiing"
Kusmidrowicz, Jan Kazimierz"Snow-Covered Roofs"
Kutew, Christo"Girl"
Kwiatkowski, Kazimierz"Portrait of Karol Wyrwicz with Masks"
Kwiatkowski, Ludwik"Landscape"
Kwiatkowski, Teofil"Ball Scene"
"Chopin at his Death Bed"
"Chopin's Polonaise - a Ball in Hotel Lambert in Paris"
"Chopin's Polonaise - a Ball in Hôtel Lambert in Paris"
"Cousin Valley near Avallon"
"Cousin Valley near Avallon"
"On the Battlefield"
"Portrait of a Man"
"Road Among Rocks in Burgundy"
"View of the Cousin Valley near Avallon"
"Young Mother with Her Son"
"Young Mother with Three Children"