List of Artists and their Works (B)

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Bacciarelli, Marcello"Napoleon Proclaims the Constitution of the Duchy of Warsaw"
"Portrait of a Noble Woman"
"Portrait of Apolonia Poniatowska née Ustrzycka with Her Son Stanislaw"
"Portrait of Izabella Lubomirska"
"Portrait of King Stanislaus Augustus"
"Portrait of King Stanislaus Augustus in a Coronation Costume"
"Portrait of King Stanislaus Augustus in a Plumed Hat"
"Portrait of King Stanislaus Augustus Poniatowski with an Hourglass"
"Prussian Tribute"
"Stanislaus Augustus Poniatowski"
"Stanislaus Augustus, King of Poland"
Badowski, Adam"Flight into Egypt, The"
"Meeting at the Fountain"
"Portrait of a Lady in a Black Dress"
"Roman Idyll"
Badowski, Zygmunt"Semi-Nude"
Baginski, Stanislaw"Battle Scene"
"Cavalry Patrol"
"Disarming of German Soldiers, The"
"Uhlan and Girl"
"Watering the Horses"
Baj, Stanislaw"Bug River"
"Bug River, The"
"Bug River, The"
"Bug River, The"
"Evening over the Lake"
"Silence over the Lake"
"Stasiek III"
Bak, Karol"Angel I"
"Angel II"
"Birth of the Star"
"Blue Bird"
"Blue of Fire"
"Chaos Star"
"Closeness of Shadow"
"Dancing with Lost Star"
"East, The"
"Esoteric Portrait"
"Étude R."
"Fire of the Sky"
"Galactic Girl IV"
"Golden Dawn"
"Golden Girl"
"Hot Heaven"
"Jacob Wrestling with the Angel"
"Labyrinth of Blueness"
"Light of Dawn, The"
"Metamorphosis of Europe"
"Necessity II"
"Night Butterfly"
"Nocturne No. 13"
"Nocturne No. 20"
"Nocturne No. 4"
"Nocturne No. 6"
"Nocturne No. 7"
"North, The"
"Novice II"
"Prima Mobilia XL"
"Prima Mobilia XLI"
"Prima Mobilia XLII"
"Prima Mobilia XLIII"
"Prima Mobilia XLVIII"
"Prima Mobilia XX"
"Prima Mobilia XXI"
"Prima Mobilia XXII"
"Prima Mobilia XXIII"
"Prima Mobilia XXIV"
"Prima Mobilia XXXI"
"Prima Mobilia XXXIII"
"Prima Mobilia XXXVI"
"Red Pearl Diver"
"Sailing Ship XX"
"Sailing Ship XXI"
"South, The"
"Square One"
"Sweet Day"
"Time Gold"
"Time IV"
"Time XIII"
"Trace of Uncertainty"
"Tree of Knowledge"
"Under Cover"
"West, The"
"White Flower"
"White Song"
"With No Return"
Bakalowicz, Ladislaus"At French Court"
"Badminton Game"
"Ball at the Court of Henry of Valois"
"Blue Dress, The"
"Bridal Party, The"
"Cardinal Richelieu"
"Court of Valois"
"Court scene"
"Dance in the Inn, The"
"Elegant Dames with a Cage"
"Elegant Lady in a White Damask Dress"
"Going out from Church"
"Going out from Church"
"Inviting to Dance"
"Joan of Arc at the Coronation of Charles VII in Reims Cathedral"
"Lady with a Greyhound"
"Leaving for the Ball"
"Lecture on a Sonnet"
"New Acquisition (La nouvelle aquisition)"
"On the Country Road"
"Portrait of a Lady in a Red Dress"
"Portrait of a Man"
"Pose, The"
"Recital, The"
"Reclining Nude"
"Suitor, The"
"Young Woman (Jeune femme à l'éventail)"
"Young Woman (Jeune femme debout)"
"Young Woman Before the Ball"
Bakalowicz, Stefan"Arabs by the Mosque"
"Arch of Titus"
"Arranging Flowers"
"Carpet Merchand, The"
"Companionable Silence"
"Feeding the Doves"
"Girl Reading"
"Girl with a Flute"
"Gizeh - Cairo"
"Lady Reading in a Pompeian Interior"
"Little Luxury"
"Lovers, The"
"Portrait of Albert Radziwill"
"Rock Scene"
"Roman Beauties"
"Seated Woman in a Red Dress"
"Terrace with pergola"
"Toilet, The"
"Women by Well"
Balk, Zygmunt"In the Garden"
Baranowski, Tadeusz"Space I"
"Space II"
"Space III"
"Space IX"
"Space V"
Barbacki, Boleslaw"Nina Szafranowna"
"Portrait of a Boy"
"Zosia Swirska"
Barski, Leonard"Genre Scene with Jews"
Bartlomiejczyk, Edmund"Ex Libris"
Bartoszewicz, Wlodzimierz"Girl with a Mask"
Baszkowski, Jacek"Convolvulus"
Baurski, Jerzy"Still Life with Flowers"
Bednarski, Jan"Rozew"
Behrmann, Adolf (Abraham)"Bouquet of Roses and Carnations"
Beksinski, Zdzislaw"Composition"
"OW (Head)"
"Reclining model"
"Surrealistic Landscape"
"T 7"
"Untitled (1992 BR)"
Bellotto (Canaletto), Bernardo"Capriccio of the Capitol"
"Capriccio with the Colosseum"
"Colonel Piotr Königsfels Teaching Prince Józef Poniatowski How to Ride a Horse"
"Facade of the Church"
"Grand Canal, Looking North from the Palazzo Contarini Dagli Scrigni to the Palazzo Rezzonico"
"Miodowa Street in Warsaw"
"New Market Square in Dresden"
"Panoramic View of a River Valley"
"Piazza San Marco, Venice, The"
"Ruins of the Old Kreuzkirche in Dresden, The"
"Venice, a View of the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore"
"Venice, a View of the Entrance to the Grand Canal with the Church of Santa Maria della Salute"
"View of Dresden"
"View of the Gazzada"
"View of Ujazdow and Lazienki Palace"
"View of Verona and the River Adige from the Ponte Nuovo"
"View of Warsaw"
"View of Warsaw from the Terrace of the Royal Castle in Warsaw"
"View with the Villa Melzi d'Eril"
"Zwinger Waterway"
Benedyktowicz, Ludomir Ludwik Dominik"Farm Near Cracow"
"Forest Landscape"
"Picking Violets"
"Portrait of an Old Man (Model)"
Benedyktowicz, Wanda"Portrait of Ludomir Benedyktowicz"
Benn, (Bencion Rabinowicz)"Cherries"
"Psalm 108-3"
"Still Life"
"Still Life with a Candy Box"
"Woman Reading in Living Room"
"Woman with a Dove"
"Woman with a Necklace"
Bereznicki, Kiejstut"Self-Portrait"
"Still Life with a Palette III"
"Still Life with a Skull"
"Still Life with Bread"
"Still Life with Glasses"
Bergman, Stanislaw"Mandolinist"
Berlewi, Henryk"Capsicum"
"Circle and Square in Space"
"Cypresses and Clouds"
"Girl with a Cigarette"
"Portrait of the Artist's Mother"
"Woman with Red Lips"
Berman, Mieczyslaw"Broadway"
Beski, Jerzy"Caprices"
Beyer, Henryka"Flower Bouquet in a Vase"
Bianka (Dorota Kucembianka), Dora"Bar du Cap"
"Profile of a Woman with Flowers"
"Woman in Floral Veil"
Biegas, Boleslas"Chopin"
"Confirmation of Love"
"Eve, Torment of Thought"
"Face (Visage)"
"Glances in the Distance (Regards dans le lointain)"
"Hindu Woman"
"Portrait of a Man"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Sanctuary of Love"
"Spherical Portrait"
"Spring (Printemps)"
Bielska-Tworkowska, Leokadia"Portrait of Adam Wazyk"
Bielski, Sariusz Henryk"Studying Man"
Bienkowski, Andrzej"Melancholy"
"Three Observers in Green"
Bierkowska, Leona"In a Room"
Bieszczad, Seweryn"At the Market"
"Cracovian Couple"
"Polish Cavalry Officer on Horseback"
"Rural Landscape"
"Summer Landscape"
Bilinska-Bohdanowiczowa, Anna"Breton Woman on the Threshold"
"Joseph Sold by His Brothers"
"Male Nude Standing"
"Male Semi-Nude"
"Old Man with a Book"
"Portrait of a Lady with Binoculars"
"Portrait of a Woman in Red Dress"
"Portrait of a Young Woman with a Rose"
"Sail Boats in Pourville"
"Saska Kepa (neighbourhood in Warsaw) in Winter"
"Unter den Linden Street in Berlin"
Bizanski, Jan Nepomucen"Mother of God under the Cross, The"
Blicharski, Jozef"Self-Portrait"
Blocke, Izaak van den"Allegory of Gdansk Trade"
"Nuptials of Neptune and Ceres"
Blocki, Wlodzimierz"Musician"
"Sick Girl"
"Still Life with Fruit and a Jug"
"Thoughtful Old Man"
Blond (Maurice Blumenkrantz), Maurycy"Au Gros Bonnet"
"Bouquet of Flowers"
"Composition with Cello"
"Interior with a Table"
"Parisian Houses"
"Self-Portrait in Green"
"Still Life"
"Still Life"
"Still Life with Violin"
Blonder, Sasza (Szaje)"Composition with Figures"
"Flowers in a Vase"
"Helenka (Artist's Daughter) with a Doll"
"Landscape of the Orb"
"Orb Valley"
"Port of Sète"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Poste de Sceaux"
"Seated Woman"
"Small Harbour"
"Still Life"
"Woman with a Necklace"
Blyskosz, Jan"Portrait of Helena Radziszewska"
Bogusz, Marian"5 Minutes to 12 in Nankin"
"Helena Weigel as Brecht's Mutter Courage and Gorky's Mother"
Boguszewski, Krzysztof"St. Martin of Tours"
Bohusz-Siestrzencewicz, Stanislaw"At the Market"
"In a Small Town"
"In Front of an Inn"
"Market Flirting"
"Return from the Hunt"
Bohuszewicz, Jan"Cypresses"
"Sylvia's Red Suit"
"White Caps"
Boloz, Tadeusz"Bialystok"
Boncza-Rutkowski, Wladyslaw"Before the Storm"
"Cottage with Beehives"
"Cottage with Storks"
"Country Scene"
"Evening Silence"
"Girl with a Basket"
"Hay Cart"
"In Front of a Cottage"
"In front of a Water Mill"
"Moonlit Night"
"Nocturne with a Water Mill"
"Peasant in Winter Landscape"
"Return from Church"
"Return from Church in Winter"
"Rural Landscape"
"Rural Landscape at Night"
"Scene in front of a Manor House"
"Summer - Going Back Home"
"Talking Peasants"
"Winter - Going Home"
Boncza-Tomaszewski, Julian"Rabbi praying"
"Reading Lesson, The"
"Under the Unbrella"
Borowicz, Maja"Alone"
"End of the Future"
"Eva Leaves"
"From the Ashes"
"Golden Dragon"
"In the Middle of Emptiness"
"Just I"
"Numbered Time"
"Tenderness of Destiny"
Borowski, Waclaw"Diana"
"Diana's Hunting"
"In front of a House"
"On a Balcony"
"Return from the Walk, The"
Borvine Frenkel, Boris"Water Carrier"
Borysowski, Stanislaw"At the Market"
Boznanska, Olga"Amazon. Portrait of Iza Boznanska"
"Beared Man"
"Cathedral in Pisa"
"Composition with Nasturtium"
"Flowers II"
"Flowers in the Window"
"Girl with a Basket of Vegetables in a Garden"
"Girl with Chrysanthemums"
"Grandma's Name Day"
"Gypsy Woman"
"In the Artist's Studio"
"In the Orangery"
"Interior of the Artist's Studio"
"Interior of the Artist's Studio in Cracow"
"Italian Girl"
"Jadwiga Sapieha, née Sanguszko"
"Lady in a Hat with Flowers"
"Lady in an Armchair"
"On Good Friday"
"Parisian Motif"
"Portrait of a Lady in a Brown Dress"
"Portrait of a Lady in a White Dress"
"Portrait of a Lady in Blue Dress"
"Portrait of a Little Lady"
"Portrait of a Man"
"Portrait of a Man"
"Portrait of a Parisian Woman"
"Portrait of a School Boy"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman in a Red Hat"
"Portrait of a Woman in a Red Shawl"
"Portrait of a Woman in a Shawl"
"Portrait of a Woman in a White Dress"
"Portrait of a Woman in a White Hat"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Woman in White"
"Portrait of Children"
"Portrait of Elza Kraus"
"Portrait of Gabriela Reval"
"Portrait of Georges Danysz"
"Portrait of Gertruda Dziewicka"
"Portrait of Helena Chmielarczykowa"
"Portrait of Helena Morsztyn"
"Portrait of Henryka Maria Kurnatowska"
"Portrait of Irena Serda-Zbigniewiczowa"
"Portrait of Iza Boznanska, the Artist's Sister"
"Portrait of Maria Siedlecka"
"Portrait of Mrs. Z"
"Portrait of Painter Paul Nauen"
"Portrait of Professor Jan Danysz"
"Portrait of Teodor Zgoda-Baranowski"
"Portrait of the Artist's Sister"
"Portrait of the Painter Antoni Kamienski"
"Portrait of the Pianist August Radwan"
"Portrait of Two Children on Steps"
"Portrait of Two Girls"
"Portrait of Two Girls - Helena and Wladyslawa Chmielarczyk"
"Portrait of Xawery Puslowski"
"Portrait of Zofia"
"Portrait of Zofia Kirkor"
"Portrait of Zygmunt Puslowski"
"Portrait Study of a Woman"
"Portrait with a Japanese Umbrella"
"Silver Shining Girl"
"Still Life"
"Still Life"
"Still Life with a Green Jug"
"Still Life with a Japanese Doll"
"Still Life with a Japanese Figurine"
"Still Life with an Alarm Clock"
"Still Life with Flowers"
"Still Life with Roses"
"Still Life with Roses"
"Studio Interior"
"Town Buildings I"
"Town Buildings II"
"Vase of Roses"
"White Roses"
"Woman with a Dog on her Lap"
"Young Girl"
Brandel, Konstanty"Doubt"
"Ex Libris of Prof. Stefan Czarnowski"
"Provencal Landscape - Smell of Lavender"
Brandt, Jozef"Attack of the Cavalry, The"
"Batalistic Scene"
"Battle against Tatars"
"Battle of Vienna, The"
"Battle Over the Turkish Banner"
"Camp of the Zaporozhian Cossacks"
"Capture of a Caucasian Chief, The"
"Capture of a Horse with a Lariat"
"Capture with a Lariat"
"Caravan, The"
"Cossack and Girl"
"Cossack Patrol by a Bonfire"
"Cossack Rider"
"Cossack's Patrol"
"Cossack's Wedding"
"Cossacks on Patrol"
"Czarniecki at the battle of Koldynga"
"Departing from Wilanow"
"Gloomy Day in Oronsk"
"Going Hunting"
"Greeting of the Steppe"
"Halt in a Small Town"
"Horses Went Wild"
"In Pursuit"
"Inspection of War Prisoners"
"John III Sobieski Departing from Wilanow"
"Levée en masse at a Ford"
"March of Swedes to Kiejdany, The"
"Market in Balta"
"Market in Podolie"
"Meeting on a Bridge"
"Oronsko (near Radom)"
"Polish Army Marching"
"Polish Riders - Archery Contest"
"Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Forces Singing the Bogurodzica (Mother of God) Hymn Before the Battle"
"Portrait of Zenon Leski"
"Prayer on the Steppe"
"Return from the Battle of Vienna"
"Return of the Cossacks"
"Skirmish with the Swedes"
"Snow Storm"
"Song of the Cossak Victors"
"Speeding Carriage"
"Speeding Carriage"
"Start to the Hunt"
"Steppe Stud"
"Study of a Horse"
"Study of a Polish Horseman"
"Talking with Young Laundresses"
"Travelling Caravan"
"Upon Dniestr"
"Watch, The"
"Wild Fields, The"
"Wild Fields, The"
Bratkowski, Roman"Figure in the Snow"
"House in Capri"
"On Capri"
"Poppies in the Garden"
"Street in San Remo"
"Summer Day on Capri"
"Winter near Lviv"
Breslauer, Christian"Church near the Lake"
"Landscape from Norway"
"Mountain landscape"
"Mountain landscape"
"Northern Landscape with a Lake and a Castle"
"Painting from the North"
"Palace in Natolin"
Brochocki, Walery"Landscape with a Boat"
"Landscape with an Inn"
"Winter Landscape"
Brodowski, Antoni"Oedipus and Antigone"
"Paris in a Phrygian Hat"
"Portrait of Aleksander Batowski"
"Portrait of Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz"
"Portrait of Karol Brodowski, the Artist's Brother"
Brodowski, Józef"Napoleon Crosses the Elbe"
"On the Battlefield"
"Soldiers and Horses in a Stable"
Brun, Peter Le"During the Retreat from Moscow"
"Portrait of a Young Man"
Brygierski, Antoni"Portrait of Bishop Kajetan Soltyk"
Brykalski, Przemyslaw"Nude"
Brzeski, Janusz Maria"Paris - In a Café"
Brzozowski, Feliks"Forest Landscape"
"Landscape with Harvesters"
"Road to the Forest"
Brzozowski, Tadeusz"After Washing Squeaks"
"Blanche and Rouge"
"Ekwipaz chyzo pomyka"
"Face of Christ, The"
"Funeral of the Shark"
"Madonna with a Child"
"Messiah I"
"Piszczka dech"
"Property Room"
"Steam Hammer"
"szach-mach star-mach"
"Treser (II)"
"Trop w trop"
"zaluzyji zazdrostka"
"Zerberus III"
"Zerberus VIII"
Buchbinder, Szymon"Astronomer, The"
"Chess Game"
"Man in Brocade Attire"
"Portrait of a Bearded Man"
"Portrait of a Gentleman Wearing a Hat"
Budkowski, Gustaw Daniel"Wooden Stairs"
Bugzester, Maxim"A Day in the Park"
Bujakiewicz, Franciszek Ksawery"At a Well"
Bujnowski, Rafal"Brick, The"
"How to Paint VHS Tape"
"Untitled (Boat Bridge)"
Bujnowski, Zygmunt (Zych)"Bernardine Church in Grodno, The"
"High Tatras in Winter, The"
"Old Barns"
"Old Synagogue in Tykocin, The"
Bulas, Jan"Girl"
"Thistle. From the series National Flower"
Bulewski, Tadeusz"Victims"
Bunsch, Adam"Girl Feeding Turkeys"
Buyko (Bujko), Boleslaw"Interior of the Pantheon"