List of Artists and their Works (L)

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Labanowski, Jerzy"Genre Scene"
"Mythology Scene"
"Spring Landscape II"
Lach Lachowicz, Natalia"Art of Consumption"
Lachnicki, Cyprian"Venice"
Lachur, Zdzis³aw"Christ"
Lakomski, Tadeusz"Beskid Mountains"
"Dairy Woman"
Lam, Wladyslaw"Dream, The"
"Forest Landscape"
Lambert-Rucki, Jean"Composition with Faces"
"Couple, The"
"Two Figures in the City (Personnages dans la Ville)"
Lampi, Franciszek Ksawery"Girl with a Book (Mädchen mit Buch)"
"Mountainous Landscape with Waterfall (The Sunset)"
"Portrait of Magdalena Luszczewska"
"Rescue of Shipwreck Victims"
"Romantic Landscape"
"Scene in the Carthusian Convent"
Lampi the Elder, Johann-Baptist"Alois Wenzel von Kaunitz-Rietberg"
"Painter Studying his Work"
"Portrait of a Lady with Music"
"Portrait of a Man"
"Portrait of Catherine II"
"Portrait of Catherine II"
"Portrait of Jakow Efimowicz Sivers"
"Portrait of King Stanislaus Augustus Poniatowski"
"Portrait of Prince Bezborodko A.A."
"Portrait of Prince G. A. Potyomkin-Tavrichesky"
"Portrait of Vasilii Stepanovich Popov"
"Portrait of Yekaterina Samoilova"
"Wladyslaw Gurowski"
"Zarin Maria Fjodorowna"
Lampi the Younger, Johann Baptist von"Portrait of Jerzy Szczesny Potocki"
Landau, Zygmunt"Harvest near Saint-Tropez"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Woman at the Toilet"
"Woman with a Goat"
Lange, Antoni"Landscape"
"View of Ojcow - Pieskowa Skala Castle"
Larisch, Karol"Still Life with a Roll"
"View of Kosciuszko Mound as seen from the Artist's Studio"
Lasocki, Ignacy"Portrait of a Doctor"
Lasocki, Kazimierz"Field Of Flowers"
"Rural Landscape"
Laszczynski, Boleslaw"Whipping of the Nobleman, The"
Laveaux, Ludwik de"Forest"
"Girl from Bronowice"
"Girl with Catkins"
"In Sunset"
"Marysia (Portrait of Maria Mikolajczyk, the Artist's Fiancee)"
"On the Way to Morskie Oko"
"Parisian Cafe at Night"
"Parisian Opera House by Night"
"Parisian Street at Night"
"Parisian Street Lit by a Street Lamp"
"Sea (Sunset over the Sea)"
"Self-Portrait with a Palette"
"Summer in Bronowice (Cottage in Bronowice)"
"To Town Market"
Lebenstein, Jan"Abraham meets Sarah"
"Axial Figure"
"Axial Figure"
"Axial Figure"
"Axial Figure"
"Axial Figure No. 89"
"Blue Figure"
"Current Events (Actualites)"
"Dead Beast (Bete Morte)"
"Drawing Room Beasts (Betes de selon)"
"Figure in a Mask (Figure masque)"
"Figure of a Woman"
"Golden Figure"
"Horned Monster"
"Lady of the House (Maitresse de Maison), The"
"Playing Theatre"
"Point of View - Diptych (Poits de vue)"
"Rape of Europa, The"
"Salon Scene"
"Small Figure in a Blue Frame"
"Stretched Figure III"
"Summer Afternoon"
"Window (Woman in Window)"
"Woman in a Window"
Lech, Ryszard"Architecture"
"At Sunset"
"Four Triangles"
Lekszycki, Franciszek"Teaching of the Virgin Mary"
Lempicka, Tamara de"Abstract Composition in Orange"
"At the Café, Man with a Cigarette (Au café, homme à la cigarette)"
"Blue Drapery"
"Blue Hour II (l'Heure Bleue II), The"
"Blue Woman with a Guitar (Femme bleu a la guitare)"
"Buste de femme"
"Fashion Illustration (Illustration de mode)"
"Female Nude Turning Back"
"Figure of a Young Woman"
"Girl with a Pot"
"Girl with Gloves"
"High Summer"
"Hotel Room"
"Kizette on the Balcony"
"Mask, The"
"Nu au livre"
"Nude (Nu adossé II)"
"Nude without Arm (Nu au bras coupe)"
"Painting with a Botticelli"
"Perspective Study"
"Polish Girl (La Polonaise)"
"Portrait de La Duchesse de la Salle"
"Portrait of Louisanne"
"Portrait of Madame M."
"Portrait of Mrs. M."
"Portrait of Prince Eristoff"
"Pot of Fuchsias (Le pot de fuschias)"
"Pressure (Étreinte)"
"Saint Anthony"
"Self-Portrait in the Green Bugatti"
"Slavic Woman (Tête de femme Slave)"
"Standing Nude (Nu debout)"
"Still Life"
"Still Life with a Rubber Plant"
"Still Life with Grapes"
"Still Life with Lemons"
"Still Life with Tangerines"
"Study According to Botticelli (Etude d'apres Botticelli)"
"Study for the Portrait of the Grand Duke (IIEtude pour le Portrait du Grand Duc II)"
"Surrealist Landscape"
"Suzanna in the Bath (Suzanne au bain)"
"Tulips (Tulipes)"
"Untitled (Reclining Nude)"
"Vase of Flowers (Vase de fleurs)"
"Vase with Arums (Vase avec des fleurs d'ARUMS"
"Woman on a Chair. Lassitude"
"Young Ladies, The"
Lenica, Alfred"Abstract Composition"
"Bound of Suspension"
"Chile, Chile ..."
"Composition (Komposition i blåt, rødbrunt og sort)"
"Flowers of Evil"
"Head of an Elder"
"In a Red Circle"
"Learning Group"
"No Entry"
"On Building Site"
"Road to Freedom"
"Surrealist Gouache (Gouache surréaliste)"
"Untitled (Ohne Titel)"
"Young Bierut among Workes"
Lentz, Stanislaw"Fanfare - Serenade"
"Portrait of Konstanty Radkiewicz"
"Portrait of Mrs. G."
Leopolski, Wilhelm"Death of Acernus"
"Sunday in the Belvedere Garden (Ein Sonotag im Belvederegarten)"
"Terrible News"
Lepszy, Edward Ignacy Jan"Landscape from the Area of Riga"
Lesser, Aleksander"Casimir the Great and Esterka"
Lesseur, Wincenty de"Countesses Thun von Hohenstein"
"King Stanislaus Augustus"
"Prince Henryk Lubomirski as Cupid"
"Prince Jozef Poniatowski"
"Tekla Czaplic Princess Jablonowska"
Leszko, Ludwik"Landscape"
"Winter Landscape"
Lewandowski, Janusz"Birds"
"Ferry Woman, The"
"Gust of Wind"
"Nocturne II"
Lewandowski, Ludwik"Clown Musician"
Lewicki, Leopold"Figural Composition"
Lewkowicz, Leon"Gypsies"
"Jewish Boy"
"Little Musician"
"Portrait of a Boy"
"Portrait of a Girl with Braids"
Librowicz, Catherine"Bouquet of Flowers"
"Boy with Red Collar"
Lille, Ludwik"Self-Portrait"
Lindeman, Emil"By a Pond"
"Giewont at Sunset"
"Girl with a Wreath"
"Italian Landscape"
"Italian Terrace, The"
"Landscape with Mountaineers’ Houses"
"Motif of Ozorkow with a Windmill"
"Riverside Landscape"
"Tradeswomen in the Market"
"Village Dance"
"Wawel Castle in Cracow"
"Wheat Field with Peasant"
"White and Red Roses"
"Women in a Garden"
Linke, Bronislaw Wojciech"Bus"
"Head with Blue Hair"
"Red Head"
Lipinski, Hipolit"Back Home after Harvest"
"Farmer with Pipe"
"Gypsy with a Bear in a Small Town"
"Polish Rural Folk - Girl in Sunday Dress"
"Story About Insurrection, The"
Lipowczan, Jacek"After the Show"
"And how to live, how to live Mr. Prime Minister.....?"
"Battle between Lent and Carnival, The"
"Bavarian Idyll - Oktoberfest 2018"
"Bavarian Idyll - or Seven Deadly Sins..."
"Be Happy, You´ve Just Married"
"Between Scylla and Charybdis"
"Bunga-Bunga, Silvio! Silvio only.....?"
"Business Lunch"
"Checkpoint Westbahnhof"
"Countes Anastasia U. and her Lovers"
"Crazy Corner"
"Crazy World"
"Dangerous Games"
"Day After..., The"
"European Madonnas - Britannia"
"European Madonnas - Helvetia"
"European Madonnas - Marianne"
"European Madonnas - Rossiya"
"Excursion to Smolensk"
"For Charity..."
"Good Bye Our Dear Boy"
"Heart Breaker"
"High Society or the Luncheon on the Grass, The"
"I Love your Sense of Humour... Adi!"
"Interrupted Snooze"
"Iron Pig"
"Landscape after the Battle"
"Last Judgement, The"
"Last Judgement, The"
"Last Stop to Heaven"
"Let the Music Play - Kindergeld is on the Way"
"Let's Dance Again"
"Life & Adventures of Vicar Sz."
"Marriage of Convenience"
"Merry Widow"
"Merry Xmas - very patriotic carp..."
"Midnight Talks"
"Migrants '81 - Lolita Waiting for a Happy Day"
"Migrants - It should have been like in Paradise"
"Moulin Rouge - Time to Remember...."
"National Patriotic Portrait - Polish Mother of the Five Hundred"
"No GENDER - Blessed House Retreat"
"Oh, What a Wedding...!"
"On the Way to a Better World..."
"One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest"
"Orient Express"
"Our Leader Lead us, Lead us!"
"Patriotic Corner of a Football Fan..."
"Patriots, The"
"Penny Line"
"Poor, Old Europe..."
"Queen of Time"
"Rejtan 2019 - No pasarán"
"Riders of the Apocalypse"
"Right Choice - Better Sort, The"
"Roads to the Paradise"
"Seeing along into the Bright Future"
"Ship Full of Fools, The"
"Siesta - after the Patriotic Demonstration…"
"Silesian Family Picture"
"Small Talk"
"Sovereign Enters the European Staterooms"
"Strong, Prepared, Ready... - Knight Errant"
"Sunday School"
"Tempus Fugit..."
"Three Graces"
"To Europe, to Europe!"
"Tsar is Tired"
"Unexpected pilgrimage or surprise visit"
"Veteran´s Dream"
"Voters - Waiting for a Miracle"
"Waiting for the Inspiration"
"Waiting for the News at the Wunderplatz"
"We Were Going, Going and Finally Arrived!"
"We will Manage it, we will Manage it! We.....?"
"Welcome Home from the Big Bad World My Dear Boy"
"With a Friendly Help for Brussels..."
"Woman in Red or... Polish Bucolica"
Lipowska, Marta"Return Home"
Lisek, Kamil"Dots"
"Keeping On"
"My Ambiguity"
"Playing with Time"
"Red Kite"
"Tea for Two"
Loeffler, Leopold"Anna Dorota Chrzanowska in the Castle at Trembowla"
"Attendance of the Minister (Besuch des Pastors)"
"Forgotten Speech"
"Girl with a Dog"
"Glass of Wine for Refreshment"
"In Front of a Shop"
"Letter, The"
"Portrait of Maria Sawiczewska"
"Punishment, The"
"Return from Turkish Captivity"
"With a Fortune-Teller (Bei der Wahrsagerin)"
Loevy, Edward"Drummer"
"On the Bicycles (Tout le monde à Bicyclette)"
Lopienski, Ignacy"Hand Study"
Lopuszniak, Wladyslaw"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
"Composition with the Crosses of Lorraine"
Los, Wlodzimierz"At a Ferry Crossing"
"On the Way"
"Riding in the Rain"
"Waiting for a Ferry"
Lotocka-Huelle, Ida"Alley of Shadow"
"Animal Among Us"
"Cross Sisters"
"Curtain II"
"Feeding Time"
"Moon Garden"
"Valley of Death"
"Witch in the Garden I"
"Witch in the Garden III"
"Witch in the Garden V"
Lotocki, Kazimierz"After the Storm"
"Landscape with a Church"
"Mountain Shrine"
"River Rocks"
Lotowski, Jozef"Ciechanowiec"
"Cross, The"
"Wooden Church"
Lubanski, Jerzy"Still Life"
Lubieniecki, Christoffel"Doctor Working in his Study with an Assistant Preparing Medicine"
"Food Lovers"
"Game Salesman"
"Moses Bringing Forth Water from the Rock"
"Portrait of a Man"
"Portrait of a Man with a Book"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of Daniel Willinck"
"Schoolmaster Chastening Two Boys"
"Travelling Seller"
Lubieniecki, Theodor"Allegory of Art with Three Figures and a Statue"
"Classic Landscape"
"Family Portrait"
"Portrait of a Man of Science"
"Waterfront Landscape with a Boat and Figures"
Lubienska, Adela"Bouquet"
Lukaszewicz, Jozefat Ignacy"Count Piotr Szembek"
Lukaszewicz, Tadeusz"Portrait of a Dark Haired Girl"
"Portrait of a Young Man"
Lukomska-Wielowieyska, Bronislawa"Still Life with Fruit"
Lunkiewicz-Rogoyska, Maria Ewa"Composition"
"Still Life"
Lurczynski, Mieczyslaw"Bouquet of Flowers"
"Busy Street in an Eastern Town"
"Île de la Cité"
Luskina, Wlodzimierz"Good Time"
Luszczkiewicz, Wladyslaw"Casimir the Great Arriving to the House of his Mistress Esterka"