List of Artists and their Works (H)

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Haar, Jan Jozef"Water-Mill in Moonlight"
Haberschrack, Mikolaj (Micklasch)"Christ Driving the Money Changers from the Temple"
Hadziewicz, Rafal"Death of General Henryk Kamienski"
"Entrance of the Virgin Mary into the Temple, The"
"Portrait of Artist's Wife in a Wedding Dress"
"Portrait of Michal Wiszniewski"
Halicka, Alice"Cubist Still Life"
"Dancers, The"
"Elephant, Cow and Woman in Front of a Temple"
"Louis de Gonzague Frick"
"Portrait of Fernand Fleuret Dessin"
"Small Girl in an Armchair"
"Still Life"
"Still Life with Peeled Apple"
"Taj Mahal, The"
"Village of Southern France"
Han, Herman"Coronation of the Virgin Mary"
Hannytkiewicz, Adam"Flowers in a Vase"
"Girl with an Umbrella"
Hanusz, Feliks"Portrait of a Girl in Pink Dress"
Harasimowicz, Marceli"Dunajec River in the Pieniny Range, The"
"Old Church"
"Prey of Ravens"
"River Landscape (Eine Flußlandschaft)"
"Sunset over a Lake"
Hasior, Wladyslaw"Bread of Life, The"
"Composition with a Plane"
"Crucifix, The"
"God’s Bread"
"Last Bird"
"Singer with Silver Lips"
"Social Worker"
"Suburban Pietà"
Hassenberg (Reno), Irena"Colourful Square"
Hausnerowa, Maria"Portrait of a Girl"
Hayden, Henri"Bottle and Pipe"
"Bouquet of Gladiolus"
"Cakes on a Green Background (Les Gateaux Fond Vert)"
"Harbour Bar"
"Landscape (Paysage)"
"Landscape of Southern France"
"Landscape of Southern France"
"Landscape with a Chapel"
"Marne River in Green"
"Musician in Interior"
"Pink Flowers"
"Provencal Landscape"
"Rest in the Countryside"
"Road to Jaignes (Route de Jaignes)"
"Round Dish (Le Plat Rond), The"
"Still Life"
"Still Life"
"Still Life"
"Still Life with a Bottle"
"Still Life with a Bottle of Marc (Nature morte à la bouteille de Marc)"
"Still life with a Candle (Nature Morte avec Chandelle)"
"Still Life with a Mandolin"
"Still Life with a Yellow Pot (Nature Morte au Pot Jaune)"
"Still Life with Ace of Clubs and Chess Pieces"
"Still Life with Port"
"Still Life with Trumpet and Guitar"
"Untitled Landscape"
"View of Beauval"
"View of Beauval, France (Vue sur Beauval, France)"
"Village Scene"
Hayder, Fryderyk Antoni"Still Life with a Teapot"
Heksel, Krzysztof"Thinker"
Herman, Josef"Woman in a Yellow Turban"
Hiller, Karol"Composition 214 A"
"Composition O"
"Monastery in Kazimierz, The"
Hinc, Zbigniew"Borderline"
"Comfortable Cruise"
"Dark Silence"
"Exploring Expedition"
"Grand and Elegant Cracow-Vienna Railway"
"Guardians of the Earth"
"Last Stop"
"Little Port Towns"
"Lost City"
"Mauve High Tide"
"Mediterranean Dawn"
"Music that will Never be Made"
"Port Authority"
"Port in Gdansk"
"Quiet Day"
"Rozchodniaczek II"
"Secret Astronomical Observatory"
"Smell of Dawn"
"Sunset at the Countryside"
"Tourist Cruise"
"Train to Sopot"
"Transatlantic Cruise"
"Trap of Time"
"Travelling Musician"
"Waiting for a Concert"
"Waiting for the Husband"
Hirszenberg, Leon"Breton Backyard"
Hirszenberg, Samuel"Jew Wearing a Fox Hat"
Hirszfang, Ignacy"Nicea"
Hofman, Vlastimil"Allegory"
"Angel and Old Man"
"Art and the Furies"
"Artist's House and Studio in Cracow"
"Blue Boy"
"Boy before the Figure of Christ"
"Boy with the Jackdaw"
"Children with the Jackdaw"
"Coming Back from the Forest"
"Country Boy"
"End of the Summer"
"Fauns with a Bird"
"First Song - Spring"
"Girl Going to the Market"
"Girl with a Book"
"Girl with a Bunny"
"Girl with a Dog"
"Girl with a Red Ribbon"
"Girl with the Plait"
"Girls Playing"
"Girls with a Bird"
"God Gave, God Took"
"Grandmother with Grandchild"
"Guardian Angel"
"Guardian Angel with Two Children"
"Harvest Girls"
"Human Fate"
"In Sunbath"
"Kingdom of God"
"Lady in Blue Blouse"
"Little Faun"
"Little Wanderer"
"Madonna with Child"
"Madonna with Child"
"Man in a Hat"
"Musical Trio"
"Nativity Play"
"Old and Young"
"Old Man"
"Old Man"
"Old Man and a Boy with a Forsythia Flower"
"Old Man and a Girl"
"Old Man and an Angel"
"Old Man and an Angel"
"Old Man and Angels"
"Old Man And The Angel, The"
"On the Way to Hades"
"Poetry and Nature"
"Portrait of a Boy"
"Portrait of a Girl in a Red Hat"
"Portrait of a Girl with Asters"
"Portrait of a Man with a Rabbit"
"Portrait of Ada, the Artist's Wife"
"Portrait of an Old Man"
"Portrait of Jozef Adamek"
"Portrait of Kamil Hubert Roztworowski"
"Portrait of the Artist"
"Return, The"
"Returning from Town"
"Saint Christopher"
"Self-Portrait on Green Background"
"Self-Portrait with a Flower"
"Self-Portrait with a Girl"
"Shrine at the Footstep of Kosciuszko Mound"
"Skylark's Song, The"
"Sleeping Child"
"Soap Bubbles, Allegory of Vanitas"
"Spring - Girl and Faun"
"Spring - Skylark"
"Study of a Bearded Man"
"Symbolic Scene"
"Taking to a Girl"
"Three Children"
"Under the Wings of an Angel"
"View on Wawel Royal Castle in Cracow"
"Violinist and an Angel"
"Voice: Christopher, Christopher..."
"Wanderer, The"
"Winter Melody"
"Wounded Soldier, The"
"Young Faun and a Girl"
Hohermann, Alice"Girl with a Doll"
Holewinski, Kazimierz"Still Life"
Holzmüller, Juliusz"Amazon"
"Deer in Clearing"
"Horse and Dog"
"Horse and Dog"
"Horse and Dogs"
"Landscape with a Cottage"
"Watch, The"
"White Shrine"
Hrynkowski, Jan"Flowers"
"Lady in a Hat (Portrait of Zofia Stremecka)"
"Lady with a Cigarette"
Hulewicz, Jerzy"Cross, The"
"Dancer and Playing Fauns"
"Leda and the Swan"