List of Artists and their Works (C)

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Charyton, Jozef"Behind the Barns"
"Old Street"
Charzynski, Stanislaw"Landscape with a Horse-Cart"
Chelminski, Jan van"Advance Guard"
"Advance Patrol, The"
"After the Hunt"
"Asking for Direction"
"Asking for Direction"
"At Austerlitz"
"Chasing a Hare"
"Cossacks in the Steppe"
"Family on Horseback"
"Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig"
"General John Pershing"
"Going to a Horse Market"
"Horse Market"
"Horse Racing"
"Horseback Riding"
"Marshal Foch"
"Marshal Joffre"
"Meeting at Road"
"Morning Ride along the Bluffs"
"Napoleon Leading His Troops Through the Sierra de Guadarrama"
"Napoleon Retreating from Moscow"
"Napoleon´s campaign in Spain"
"Napoleonic Soldiers on Patrol"
"Officer on Horseback"
"Par Force Hunt for a Deer"
"Patrol of Napoleonic Hussars"
"Retreat from Moscow, The"
"Retreat from Moscow, The"
"Retreat from Moscow, The"
"Retreat from Moscow, Russia, October 1812 (La Retraite de Moscou, Russie, Octobre 1812)"
"Rider with Greyhounds"
"Riders in the Park"
"Sledge Ride"
"Soldier on the Horse"
"Village Race, The"
Chelmonski, Jozef"Army at Prayer Before the Battle of Raclawice"
"At Sunset"
"At the Market"
"At the Market"
"Attack of Wolves"
"Before an Inn"
"Before an Inn - Autumn Landscape"
"Before the Rain"
"Before the Statue"
"Before the Storm"
"Before the Sunrise. Venus"
"Big Carduus"
"Borders of Poland"
"Concert of Frogs"
"Cossacks before an Inn"
"Country Market"
"Country Road"
"Cranes at Dawn"
"Cross, The"
"Cross in Blizzard"
"Dance - oberek"
"Dawn after the Folk Dance"
"Dawn. The Kingdom of Birds"
"Decoy Ducks on the Lake"
"Departure for Hunting"
"Dniester at Night"
"Episode of the 1863 Insurrection"
"Eurasian Jay. White Frost"
"Evening (From Polesie)"
"Evening in Polesie"
"Flight of the Cranes"
"Flooded Meadow"
"Ford. Market"
"Foursome in Front of a Manor House"
"Foursome in Snow Drifts"
"Gathering to Go Hunting"
"Geese Over the Water"
"Golden Oriole and European Roller"
"Goshawk. Weather"
"Greeting of the Sun. Cranes, The"
"Hanging Ducks"
"Haystack in Pinszczyzna"
"Horse Market in Balta"
"Horses Resting"
"In a Stable"
"In a Wagon of 3rd Class in Russia"
"In the Forest at Dawn"
"In the Garden"
"Indian Summer"
"Insurgents at Night's Rest"
"Lake - Morning"
"Landscape of Podolia"
"Landscape Study - Herons"
"Landscape with a Church"
"Landscape with a Lake"
"Landscape with a Village"
"Landscape. Forest"
"Little Shepherds by the Bonfire"
"Marching Cossacks"
"Market in a Provincial Town"
"Market. Selling of the Horse"
"Matter before the Vogt, The"
"Mazovian Landscape"
"Meadow at Sunset"
"Meadow with Marsh-Marigolds"
"Moonlit Night"
"Moonlit Night"
"Moorhen, The"
"Morning Haze. Styr River"
"Morning in Front of an Inn"
"Muddy Road"
"On a Farm"
"On a Hunt"
"Park in Radziejowice"
"Path in a Forest"
"Path Through a Field"
"Peasant Girl with a Jug"
"Pond in a Forest"
"Pond in Radziejowice"
"Portrait of a Man"
"Pulaski at Czestochowa"
"Rider. Messenger"
"Road Through the Forest"
"Saturday's Payday on the Farm"
"Scythe-Man, The"
"Shepherd, The"
"Sleigh Ride"
"Smigus-Dyngus (Wet Monday, Dyngus Day)"
"Smoke. Autumn"
"Spring. Marsh Marigolds"
"Spring. Stream"
"Study for the Wood-Grouse"
"Sunset. Lake Switez"
"Testing of Foursome"
"Thaw in Ukraine. Before an Inn"
"Town in Wolyn"
"Troika in Snow"
"Ukrainian Night in Winter"
"Vistula River"
"Winter in Poland"
"Winter Landscape"
"Winter. Manor at Dusk"
"Wood-Grouse Hunting"
"Zaporozhian Cossack"
Chlebowski, Stanislaus von"At the City Gate"
"Bashi-Bazouk with Hookah"
"Chess players"
"Child's Carriage"
"Harbour in the Bosphorus"
"Interior of a Mosque"
"Italian Landscape"
"Italian Landscape with Cypresses"
"Musician playing before a Mosque in Constantinople"
"Prayer, The"
"Seated Bashi-Bazouk with a Rifle"
"Sultan Abdülaziz"
"Sultan Beyazid as a Prisoner of Tamerlane (Timur)"
"Turkish Guard, The"
"Turkish Ladies on the Promenade by the Bosphorus"
"Turkish Lady Praying in the Green Mosque, Bursa"
Chlebus, Jozef"Beskids in Winter, The"
"Forest in Winter"
"French Coast"
Chmielinski, Wladyslaw"Castle Square in Warsaw"
"Castle Square in Warsaw"
"City Scene"
"City Scene"
"Country Scene"
"Going Hunting"
"Interior of Wilanow Palace"
"Krakowskie Przedmiescie in Summer"
"Krakowskie Przedmiescie in Winter"
"Krakowskie Przedmiescie Street in Warsaw"
"Krakowskie Przedmiescie Street in Winter"
"Market Day in Winter"
"Market Square in Warsaw in Winter"
"Motif of Copenhagen in Winter"
"Old Town in Warsaw, The"
"Old Town in Winter, The"
"Old Town Scene"
"Royal Castle Square in Winter"
"Scene in Krakow in Winter"
"Scene in Warsaw"
"Scene in Warsaw"
"Scene of Cracow in Winter"
"Scene of Warsaw in Winter"
"Sled driven at full speed through Warsaw streets"
"Sleigh Departing from a Village"
"Sleigh Ride Through the Streets of Warsaw"
"Town in Winter"
"Town Square in Warsaw"
"Troika Rushing through a Village"
"Urban Scene"
"View of a Church in Cracow"
"View on Saint Anna Church in Warsaw in Winter"
"Village in Winter"
"Warsaw in winter"
"Warsaw in Winter"
"Warsaw in winter"
"Warsaw Street Scene"
"Warsaw's Castle Square in Winter"
"Wild Sleigh Ride"
"Wild Sleigh Ride"
"Winter City Scene"
"Winter in Cracow"
"Winter in Warsaw"
"Winter in Warsaw"
"Winter in Warsaw"
"Winter Street Scene"
"Winter’s Day in Cracow"
Chmielowski, Adam"Abandoned Presbytery"
"After the Dual"
"Autumn Ravine in Podole"
"By the River"
"Country Landscape"
"Crows above a Cliff"
"Dame with a Letter"
"Departure for Hunting"
"Early Morning Mass - the Roraty"
"Ecce Homo"
"Evening Ambience"
"Garden of Love"
"Girl with a Dog - Portrait of Wanda Chojecka"
"Girl with a Hat- Portrait of Janina Chojecka"
"Horse Ride"
"Immaculate Virgin Mary"
"In a Byre"
"Insurgents' Camp in the Forest"
"Italian Cemetery"
"Landscape with a Ghost"
"Madonna and Child"
"Man with a Pipe. Portrait of Stanislaw Chmielowski"
"Portrait of Halina Chojecka"
"Return from a Ride"
"Return from Golgotha"
"Sheep in a Ravine"
"Sledging to Czarnokozinice"
"Slope of Ravine"
"St. Francis of Assisi"
"Street in a Town of Podole"
"Study for the Funeral of a Suicide"
"Village at Night"
"Vision of St Margaret, The"
Chojnicki, Jozef"Portrait of Antoni Bielski"
"Portrait of Tekla Bielska"
Chorembalski, Wawrzyniec"Forest"
"River with Yellow Water Lilies"
"Year 1944 - St. Alexander's Church in Warsaw"
Choynowski, Mieczyslaw"America"
Chrostowska, Halina"Blue Figure IV"
Chudzik, Slawomir"Interior with a Pink Floor"
Chwat, Molli"Landscape with a Church"
"Landscape with Red Roofs"
Chwistek, Leon"Boat"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife"
"Portrait of Tytus Czyzewski"
"Working Town"
Ciaglinski, Jan"Corfu - Pontikonisi"
"Piazza San Marco"
Cichocki, Feliks"Jew"
Ciecierski, Tomasz"Garden Nymphs"
"Indian Summer"
Cieczkiewicz, Edmund"Forest Landscape"
"In a Forest"
Ciemniewski, Adam Kazimierz"Ploughing"
Cieszkowski, Henryk"Near the Colosseum"
"Ruins on the Roman Campagna"
"Stone Pines"
"Stone Pines"
Cwenarski, Waldemar"Pietà"
Cwiklinski, Zefiryn"Blossoming Apple Tree"
"Czarny Staw"
"Meadow in Mountains"
"Tatra Mountains View"
Cyankiewicz (Cyan), Zdzislaw"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
"Christ and a Penny"
"Nude with a Book"
"Nude with a Towel"
"Princess and a Bird"
"Reclining Nude"
"Reclining Nude"
"Sacrifice, The"
"Sleeping Woman"
"St. George Killing the Dragon"
"Two Women"
"Yellow Tree"
Cybis, Boleslaw"Portrait of a Young Lady with a Cigarette"
Cybis, Jan"Basket and Apples"
"Catalan Still Life"
"Composition - Dance"
"Fisherman Boat"
"Fishing Boats on a Beach"
"Floral Still Life"
"Flowers in a Cup"
"Flowers in a Vase"
"Gladioli in White Teapot"
"Kazimierz - Monastery Gate"
"Landscape with a Cottage"
"Landscape with a Meadow and Red Houses"
"Landscape with Poplars"
"Little Bouquets"
"On the Meadow"
"Park in Nieborow"
"Resting on the Grass"
"Seaside Near Orlowo"
"Still Life"
"Still Life"
"Still Life"
"Still Life (Nature morte)"
"Still Life with a Bottle"
"Still Life with a Butterfly"
"Still Life with a Cup"
"Still Life with a Hat"
"Still Life with Navy Blue Drapery, Bottle and Lemons"
"Wheat Field"
Cybulski, Tadeusz"Interior of a Chapel"
"Still Life with a Bottle"
Czachorski, Wladyslaw"At the Clavichord - Love Song"
"Bear Handler / Gypsy"
"Before the Storm"
"Blossom of Youth, The"
"Cemetery in Venice"
"Fan leaf – Young Beauty Set against a Landscape"
"Finishing Touch , The"
"Girl with a Fan"
"Head of a Girl"
"In Front of a Mirror"
"Interior of a Sacristy - Silentium"
"Lady in a Purple Dress with Flowers"
"Lady with Flowers"
"Lady with Jewelery"
"Little Treasure Chest, The"
"Palette with Motives from Eduard von Grützner 1848-1925; Franz von Defregger 1835-1925; Josef Wopfner 1843-1927; Georgios Jakobides 1853-1932; Robert Schleich 1845-1934; August Joh. Holmberg 1851-1911; Hermann G. Kricheldorf 1867-1949"
"Pink Rose"
"Portrait of a Woman in a Dress with Lacy Collar"
"Smell of Spring, The"
"Still Life with Egret"
"Study for the painting Wedding Wreath"
"Wedding Wreath"
"Woman in a Black Hat"
Czacka, Beata"Portrait of Zofia Komorowska"
Czajkowski, Jozef"Jewish Cemetery"
"Landscape with a Path"
"Summer Day"
"Village near Cracow"
"Winter. Peacock in a Garden"
Czajkowski, Stanislaw"Before the Tunder"
"Church in Kazimierz"
"Grey Day"
"Landscape with a Shrine"
"Near a Pond"
"Old Manor House"
"Orchard in Lachwa"
"Pond - Landscape of Holland"
"Thistles in Sunshine"
"Ukrainian Cottage"
"Village by the Forest Edge"
"Yom Kippur"
Czapski, Joseph"Alley in a Park"
"Apples on a Chair"
"Carafe et orange"
"Chateaux la Roussille"
"Coach with a Woman in Red (Wagon avec Femme en Rose)"
"Coastline with a Beach"
"Forest Opera in Sopot, The"
"In a Slaughterhouse"
"Jacques Callot Street (Rue Jacques Callot)"
"Landscape near the Seine"
"Man at Exhibition"
"Metro Pasteur"
"On a Beach"
"Place de la Concorde, Paris"
"Portrait of Witold Malcuzynski"
"Red Fruit on a Table"
"Red Tulips and Fruit"
"Slone. Landscape with a Dog"
"Vase and Woman"
"Vase with Flowers and Red Drapery"
"Walking through the Forest"
"Woman in Red"
"Yellow Cloud"
Czarkowski, Boleslaw"Landscape"
Czarnecki, Henryk"Portrait of Artist's Daughter Wanda"
Czarny, Marcin"Dormition of the Virgin Mary"
Czaykowski, Ludwik"Guitarist"
"Landscape of Southern France"
Czechowicz, Szymon"Adoration of the Magi"
"Assumption of the Holy Virgin Mary"
"Birth of the Virgin Mary, The"
"Christ Carrying the Cross Appearing to St Ignatius of Loyola"
"Holy Family"
"Holy Trinity"
"Martyrdom of St. John Nepomucen"
"Martyrdom of St. Lawrence"
"Miracle of St. Ulrich"
"Pope Saint Clement I"
"Portrait of Jakub Florian Narzymski"
"Portrait of Jan Czapski"
"Portrait of Michal Jozef Massalski"
"St. Anne with Mary and Joachim"
"St. Antoni"
"St. Antoni"
"St. Apollonia"
"St. Casimir"
"St. Elizabeth"
"St. Francis"
"St. Francis"
"St. Francis de Sales"
"St. John of Nepomuk"
"St. Joseph"
"St. Roch's Vision"
"St. Simon and St. Thomas"
"Transfiguration of Jesus, The"
Czedekowski, Boleslaw Jan"Family Portrait"
"Nude before Mirror"
Czepita, Michal Wiktor"Colourful Roses"
"On a Meadow"
"Still Life"
Czerwenka, Erwin"Spruces"
Czyzewski, Tytus"Brigand"
"Flowers in a Vase"
"Madonna and Child"
"Nude with a Cat"
"Portrait of a Young Girl"
"Portrait of Magdalena Potworowska"
"Spanish Woman"
"Still Life"
"Still Life with a Horse"
"Still Life with a Violin"
"Still Life with Apricots"