List of Artists and their Works (Z)

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Zygmuntowicz, Ignacy"After Hunting in Winter"
"After the Moose Hunt"
"After the Wild Boar Hunt"
"At Dawn. Going to Work"
"Back Home"
"Black Grouses"
"Bouquet of Roses"
"Cavalry Charge, The"
"Dawn over the Lake"
"Dutch Still Life"
"Dutch Still Life"
"Escape From Wolves"
"Family of Wild Boars"
"Going to the Market"
"Halt by Cottage"
"Horse-Drawn Carts"
"Horse-Drawn Carts"
"Horse-Drawns in Winter"
"Hunters Resting"
"In a Small Town"
"In a Steppe - Hunting with Greyhounds"
"In Travel"
"In Travel"
"Into the Winter Storm"
"Journey at Night"
"Merry Sleigh Ride"
"Moose in a Winter Forest"
"Narrow Path"
"On the Way to the Market"
"Patrol in Winter"
"Polish Cavalry on Patrol"
"Poppy Flowers"
"Return from the Hunt"
"Sleigh in Winter"
"Sleigh Racing"
"Sleigh Ride"
"Sleigh Ride, The"
"Sleigh Ride, The"
"Sleigh Ride"
"Sleigh Ride, Return from the Hunt"
"Small Town"
"Speeding Carriage"
"Street in a Small Town"
"Through a Town"
"Through the Snowy Fields"
"Troika in Winter"
"Troika Ride"
"Two Carts"
"Uhlans - Asking for Direction"
"Wild Boars in a Winter Forest"
"Wild Boars in Winter Forest"
"Wild Ride"
"Wild Sleigh Ride"
"Winter Evening"
"Winter in a Small Town"
"Wolfs Attack"
"Wolfs Attack"
"Wood-Grouse Courting"
Zablocki, Jerzy"Boats at Dock"
"Still Life"
Zaborowski, Andrzej"Roads will Be New"
Zacharewicz, Witold"Don Quixote de la Mancha"
"In Pursuit"
"Still Life"
Zajac, Ryszard"Composition with Fruits"
"Music Composition in Blue"
Zajchowski, Franciszek"Cavalcade"
Zak, Eugène"Atelier Gerome aux Beaux-Arts"
"Bathing Woman (Idyll)"
"Beggar (Vagrant)"
"Boy Sitting under a Tree"
"Boy Smoking a Pipe"
"Boy with a Violin"
"Breton Girl"
"Bust of a Young Girl"
"Child with a Doll"
"Couple in Landscape"
"Dancer and Guitar Player"
"Dancing Woman"
"Drinking Boy"
"Drinking Woman"
"Figures Study"
"Girl in Pink Shawl"
"Girl with a Blue Ribbon"
"Girl with a Butterfly"
"Gypsy Woman with a Guitar"
"Happy Family"
"Head of a Girl"
"Head of a Girl in Profile"
"Head of a Man (Self-Portrait)"
"Head of a Nun, The"
"Head of a Woman"
"Head of a Woman"
"Head of a Woman"
"Head of a Woman"
"Head of a Woman"
"Head of a Woman"
"Head of a Young Man"
"Head of a Young Man"
"Head of a Young Man in a Spiky Hat"
"Head of an Elder"
"House on the Hill"
"Idyll (By the Lake)"
"Idyll (Couple by the Lake)"
"Idyll (Old Castle)"
"Idyll - Landscape with a Reclining Man"
"Idyll - Landscape with a Reclining Young Man"
"Idyllic Landscape with Sheep"
"Idyllic Scene"
"Idyllic Scene"
"In the Boat"
"In the Church (Brittany)"
"Landscape from the South Coast"
"Landscape with Human Figure"
"Landscape with Sailors"
"Landscape with Wanderer"
"Landscape with Wanderer"
"Lute Player (Mandolin Player)"
"Man in a Cap"
"Man with a Pipe"
"Maternity (Maternité)"
"Mother with an Infant"
"Mother with Child"
"Nun, The"
"Nun, The"
"Parisian Boulevard"
"Pensiveness (Miller; Souvenir d'Italie)"
"Portrait of a Breton Woman"
"Portrait of a Man"
"Portrait of a Woman in Profile"
"Portrait of a Young Man"
"Portrait of a Young Woman in a Hat (Jadwiga Zak)"
"Portrait of Georges Artemoff"
"Portrait of Roman Kramsztyk"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife"
"Resting Boy"
"Southern Landscape"
"Still Life with China"
"Woman in a Blue Shawl"
"Woman in a Shawl"
"Woman with a Rabbit"
"Woman with Child"
"Woman with Jumping Jack"
"Woman Writing a Letter"
"Woman's Head"
"Wounded Man - After Wrestling"
"Young Man with Pipe"
"Young Woman in Profile"
Zakrzewski, Wlodzimierz"Birch Grove"
"Communist propaganda poster"
"Forest Path"
"Holy Cross Mountains"
"House in a Park"
"Krakowskie Przedmiescie"
"Old Town"
"Olive Grove in Calabria"
"Paris. Boulevards Along the Seine"
"Street in Warka"
"Warsaw's Castle Square"
"Warsaw's Krakowskie Przedmiescie"
"Winter Landscape"
Zaleski, Marcin"Dominican Church in Cracow, The"
"Guests Arrival"
"Interior of the Dominican Church in Cracow"
"Interior of the School of Fine Arts in Warsaw"
"Krasinski Square with the Piarist Church in Warsaw, The"
"Lazienki Palace in Summer"
"Myslewicki Palace in Lazienki"
"Return of the Polish Army from Wierzbno"
"Seizure of the Arsenal"
"St. John's Cathedral in Warsaw"
"Town Hall in Vilnius"
"Weekly Market (Wochenmarkt)"
Zaleski, Teofil"Rural Landscape"
Zalewski, Stanislaw"Still Life with a Doll"
"Still Life with Letters"
Zamoyski, Jan"Girl with a Rooster"
"Madonna Bathing Child"
"Portrait of a Woman Wearing a Red Sweater"
Zarow, Diana"Dreams II"
"Poisonous Words like Beautiful Flowers Entwine me..."
"Water of Life, The"
Zarzecki, Marcin"Portrait of a Woman with a Child"
Zawadowski (Zawado), Jan Wac³aw"Oranges"
"Platanus in a Park"
"Platanus in a Park"
Zawadzinski, Czeslaw"Bouquet of Flowers"
"Bouquet of Flowers"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Women and Black Cats"
Zawadzki, Stanislaw"Evening at Marienplatz in Munich"
Zegalski, Leszek Michal"Johnny Marlboro and a Woman"
Zejmo, Dariusz"Amalfi"
"Basilica San Marco Venice"
"Beauty and the Beast"
"Before the Storm in Cefalu"
"Boca do Inferno. Portugal"
"Butterfly Woman"
"Cafe Romana"
"Caffe San Giulliano"
"Canale Grande"
"Casinò di Venezia"
"Castellammare del Golfo 2"
"Certaldo Alto"
"Clouds over Como"
"Deep Purple"
"Dreaming on the Beach"
"Dusk in Salerno"
"Gondolier and Ponte Rialto"
"Grande Balcone"
"Gulf of Naples, The"
"Hidden Desires"
"Impression of Gondolier"
"Klimt Woman"
"Late Afternoon"
"Leda and the Swan"
"Lisbon Night"
"Morning in a Port"
"My Greece Vacation"
"Notturno Veneziano"
"Pietrasanta Bar"
"Ponte colori"
"Ponte Del Diavolo"
"Ponte Rialto"
"Ponte Vecchio"
"Primavera con Ombrello"
"Primavera con Ombrello"
"Red Gloves"
"Red Wall"
"Riomaggiore 2"
"Santa Margherita Ligure"
"Secret Garden"
"Siena 2"
"Spring in Corfu"
"Stone Pine"
"Venetian Impression"
"Venetian Sketchbook"
"Venetian Sketchbook 19.0"
"Venetian Woman"
"Venice 29"
Zelechowski, Kacper"Expropriation"
"Highland Girl"
Zeromska, Monika"Bouquet of Flowers"
"Portrait of Julek"
"Portrait of Tadeusz Przypkowski"
"Still Life"
"Still Life with Garlic"
Zieleniewski, Kazimierz"Exotic Flowers"
"Nude with a Pitcher"
Zielinski, Jerzy Ryszard (Jurry)"S.O.S. - Save Our Souls"
Ziemski, Jan"Untitled"
Ziemski, Rajmund"Composition"
"Landscape 1/60"
"Landscape 3/68"
Zietara, Robert"Battle of Trafalgar, The"
"Bubble Dreams"
"End of Time"
"Event Horizon"
"Red Thin Line"
"Tree of Life"
Zimmermann, Jozef"Branicki Park in Bialystok"
Zinkow, Jerzy"Kazimierz Plein Air"
Ziomek, Teodor"Evening"
"Forest Clearing"
"In Winter Sunshine"
"River in Snow"
"River Meander"
Zmigrodzki, Ludwik"Recollections"
Zmuda, Alfred"Polish Sea"
Zmurko, Franciszek"Dream"
"Evening Song"
"Head of a Blonde Woman (Portrait of the Artist's Wife?), The"
"In the Sleep"
"Lady in a Hat"
"Lady on the Background of Rocks"
"Lady with a Fan"
"Morning Star"
"Nubian Man"
"On the Orders of the Padishah"
"Past of a Sinner, The"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman in a Hat"
"Portrait of a Woman with a Fan and a Cigarette"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Red Girl"
"Self-Portrait as Stanczyk"
"Sleeping Lazarus"
"Sleeping Woman"
"Study for Laudamus Feminam"
"Three Children's Heads"
"Woman Dressed in Eastern Cloth"
"Woman with a Fan"
"Zygmunt August i Barbara Radziwillowna"
Znamierowski, Czeslaw"Summer Landscape with a Windmill"
Zuber, Juliusz"Courtship"
"Inside a Cottage"
Zukowski (Станислав Юлианович ЖУКОВСКИЙ), Stanislaw"After the Rain"
"At the Sea Shore"
"Autumn in Naidionov Park, Moscow"
"Autumnal Forest Track"
"Church Cupolas Bathed in Moonlight"
"Country House at Dusk in Winter"
"Elegant Interior"
"Evening Shadows"
"Forest in the Springtime"
"Forest Interior"
"Forest Path, Winter"
"Forest Spring"
"House Door at Night, The"
"Interior of a King's Office"
"Interior of a Salon"
"Landscape of Polesie"
"Landscape with a Lake"
"Landscape with a River"
"Lilac Campanulas"
"Manor House"
"Meadow View"
"Niemen River"
"Red Room"
"Snow Clearing"
"Spring Day by a Woodland’s Edge"
"Spring Landscape"
"Spring To Come, The"
"Summer Day"
"Summer Landscape"
"Summer Lanscape"
"Summer's Day"
"Tatra Mountains, The"
"Trees in Blossom"
"Under Trees during Winter"
"View of a Village at Night"
"View on the Garden"
"Winter Landscape"
"Winter Landscape"
"Winter Landscape"
"Winter Rays"
"Winter Road at Night"
Zulawski, Marek"Autumn Still Life"
"Boy at the Sea"
"Lilacs and Roses"
"People on the Street"
"Portrait of Claire Bloom"
"Red Room"
"Spanish Woman"
"Standing Nude in a Bedrooom Interior"
"Still Life with Nude"
"Street Scene"
"Three Figures"
Zurawski, Stanislaw"Autumn in Wisla"
"Mountainous Landscape"
"Red Headscarf"
"Three Graces, The"
"Winter in Tatra Mountains"
Zwan, Kazimierz"Idyllic Scene"
"Romantic Landscape"
Zyngiel, Krzysztof"Architectural Luna"
"Bloody Monday"
"Chamber Concert"
"Conversation with an Angel"
"Dormant Chamber"
"Enchanted Musical"
"Enchanted Studio"
"Evolution of Sound"
"Exodus of the Metropolis"
"Fantom Freedom"
"Flow of Dreaming"
"Gate to the World of Music"
"History of Unknown Expedition"
"In Defence of Freedom - Joan of Arc"
"In the Unknown Land"
"Incredible Story of the Man from La Mancha"
"Interesting Meeting"
"Light and Darkness"
"Lonely Journey"
"Madness of the Voyage"
"Magic Moment"
"Magic Operetta"
"Malicious Blast"
"Man with a Magic Box"
"Matron Period"
"Melodic Luggage"
"Melodic Polyphony"
"Moonlight Sonata"
"Murmurs of the Night, The"
"Odyssey of Memories"
"On the End of the World"
"Railway of Parallel Worlds"
"Reminiscence of the Rocky Empire"
"Romantic Ballad"
"Sea Accompaniment"
"Secret Dreams"
"Silent Sound"
"Spontaneous Time Lapse"
"Spring of Eternal Youth"
"Stage Oratorio"
"Starry Night Music"
"Stony Gorgon"
"Summer Symphony"
"Temptation of Eve, The"
"To Save from Oblivion"
"Travels with Music"
"Vehicle of Time"
"Voices of the Past"
Zywolewski, Stanislaw"Abortion"
"Adam and Eve"
"Assumption of father Rydzyk"
"Communism is Me"
"Hush-A-Bye Little Jesus"
"L. Walesa"
"L. Walesa"
"Martial Law Carollers"
"Red Icon"
"Reds Have Changed Their Face"
"Save Us Our Lady"
"Tyrant's Palace"
"Tyrant's Palace II"
Zyznowski, Jan"Song"