List of Artists and their Works (O)

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Obilman, Mikolaj"Gethsemane"
Oborski, Aleksander"Head of Cossack"
Oborski, Maksymilian"Angara River"
Obrzydowski, Wieslaw"Untitled"
Obst, Seweryn Leopold"Carpathian Mountains, The"
Oczko, Bertold Piotr"Girl Reading a Book"
Okninski, Ryszard"After the Hunt"
"Cavalry During the Uprising of 1863"
"Insurgents of 1863"
"Market in a Small Town"
"Motif from a Small Town"
"Sending into Exile"
Okon, Tadeusz"Girl"
Okun, Edward"Aniene River, The"
"Autumn Leaves"
"Bells (Les cloches)"
"Breadfruit. Amalfi, The"
"Cave in Sorrento"
"Country Woman from Campania"
"Dryad - Tree Nymph"
"Gulf of Naples, The"
"In a Citrus Garden"
"In a Lemon Orchard"
"In Smoke of Fire"
"In the Garden of Villa Borghese"
"Italian Landscape"
"Italian Landscape"
"Knight and the Nymph, The"
"Lady with a Muff"
"Landscape of Kazimierz"
"Landscape with Cypresses"
"Landscape with Waterfall and Castle"
"Legend, The"
"Mediterranean Landscape"
"Oranges and Lemons"
"Paganini's Dream"
"Per Aspera ad Astra"
"Portrait of Baroness Frewert"
"Portrait of Mrs Herse"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife with an Umbrella"
"Portrait of Zofia. the Artist's Wife"
"Ruins on the Sea Coast"
"Salome's Dance"
"Sea Bell Tower"
"Snowy Christ"
"View from a Window"
"War and We"
Olbinski, Rafal"Angel"
"Apollo and Daphne"
"Art of Camouflage, The"
"Beauty of Solitude"
"Between a Night and a Day"
"Calla Lilies"
"Christmas Carol"
"Circumstantial Happiness II"
"Colour of Shade II, The"
"Conventional Sentiment"
"Criterium of Self Relevance"
"Daughter of Christopher Columbus, The"
"Don Giovanni III"
"End of Gods, The"
"First Day of Autumn, The"
"Full Moon"
"Germany Divided"
"Judgement of Paris, The"
"La Belle Dame sans Merci"
"La Donna del Lago III"
"La Traviata"
"Leda after the Sin"
"Life is a Candle Light"
"Logic of Desire"
"Manon Lescaut"
"Manuscript Found in Saragossa, The"
"Ms. B Birthday"
"New Dress of Io"
"Paris - Third Dimention of Time"
"Peace of the Tropics"
"Peaceful Retirement"
"Postcard from Holidays"
"Retrospection of Identity"
"Rhetorical Hyperbole"
"Room with a View"
"Secret Life of a Shooting Star, The"
"Sentiments Attentiveness"
"Smell of Decadence, The"
"Substitution of Appearances"
"Tempest, The"
"Temporary Appreciation II"
"To Have or to Have Not"
"Unearthly Look"
"Whispers of the Spring"
"Winter Jazz"
"Work in Progress"
Oles, Andrzej"Market in Cracow"
Oleszkiewicz, Jozef (Joseph)"Antiochos and Stratonica"
"Chodkiewicz Saying Goodbye to His Wife before Battle of Chocim"
"Compassion of the Empress Elizabeth"
"Portrait of a Young Lady"
"Portrait of a Young Woman and her Daughter"
"Portrait of Mikhail Kutuzov (Golenishchev-Kutuzov, Prince of Smolensk)"
Olexinski (Oleksinski), Franciszek Ksawery"Portrait of the Painter Henryk Zabiello"
Olowska, Paulina"Untitled (Chopin)"
"Untitled (Dustin Hoffman)"
Olpinski, Jan Kazimierz"Nun, The"
"Portrait of a Girl"
"Portrait of a Woman"
Opalinski, Jan"B"
"Girl with a Scarf"
Opalka, Roman"Halszka"
Orda, Napoleon Mateusz Tadeusz"Ruins of the castle in Kazimierz"
Orlowski, Aleksander"Bandit"
"Batalistic Scene"
"Battle between Georgians and Mountainers, The"
"Battle of Cossaks with Kirgizes"
"Convicts under Escort"
"Cossack Fighting off a Tiger"
"Cossack in a Hooded Greatcoat"
"Cossack on Horseback"
"Cossack Patrol"
"Cossacks in a Bivouac"
"Cossacks Resting their Horses"
"Country Boy"
"Dancing Lesson"
"Drunk Russian Peasants"
"Eastern Commander"
"Eastern Rider"
"Eastern Rider"
"Eastern Warrior"
"Farm Steward"
"Hay Market, St. Petersburg, The"
"Head of a Cat"
"Head of a Horse"
"Head of a Horse"
"Head of an Elder in a Fur Hat"
"Hunter Resting"
"In an Inn in Czestochowa"
"In the Suburbs of St. Petersburg"
"Landscape with Water in Moonlight"
"Massacre of Praga"
"Mounted Cossack Escorting a Peasant"
"Nobleman with a Glass of Wine"
"Peasant in a Cart"
"Peasant Woman"
"Peasants by the Carriage"
"Persian Dignitary"
"Polish Insurgents in the Forrest at Night"
"Polish Rider"
"Portrait of a Ballet Dancer Luis-Antoin Duport"
"Portrait of a Cabman"
"Portrait of a Girl"
"Portrait of a Lady"
"Portrait of a Negro, Orlowski's Servant"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of A. M. Lanskaya"
"Portrait of A. P. Lanskoy"
"Portrait of an Italian Composer Muzio Clementi"
"Portrait of Artamon Denisov"
"Portrait of Denis Davydov"
"Portrait of Ivan Krylov"
"Portrait of K. I. Seidel"
"Portrait of Petr Shalikov"
"Portrait of the Architect Giacomo Quarenghi"
"Prince Jozef Antoni Poniatowski"
"Project of the monument to Prince Jozef Poniatowski"
"Reiter in a Black Hat with a White Feather"
"Reiter on Horseback"
"Rolling Stallion"
"Russian Peasant"
"Scene in an Inn"
"Scythe-Man, The"
"Seascape. At Night"
"Self-Portrait in a Suit of a Caucasian Warrior"
"Self-Portrait with a Pipe"
"Soldier of the Kosciuszko's Army"
"Tadeusz Kosciuszko"
"Tatar on Horseback"
"Town Carriage (Droshky)"
"Traveler in a Kibitka (Hooded Cart or Sledge)"
"Two Cossacks on Horsebacks"
"Two Jews Quarrelling"
"Two Kalmyk Riders"
"Uhlan on Horseback"
"Well, The"
"Wounded Cuirassier"
Osak, Agnieszka"Creativity"
"Dancing Light"
"Dark Night"
"Deep Breathe"
"Inner Peace"
Osostowicz, Stanislaw"At the Market"
"Winter Landscape with Trees"
Ostoja-Kotkowski, Joseph Stanislaus"Abstract"
"Moon Pendant"
"Untitled 12"
Orsza"Cat, The"