List of Artists and their Works (R)

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Raczynski, Aleksander"Cows"
"Zouave Fighting"
Raczynski, Anastazy"Romantic Landscape"
Radnicki, Zygmunt"Houses in Green Landscape"
"Landscape with Houses"
"Still Life with a Bottle of Cognac"
"Still Life with a Bowl, Carafe and Fruit"
"Still Life with Banana"
Radziejowski, Stanislaw"Escape"
Radziszewski, Waclaw"Red Scarf, The"
Rajecka, Anna"Girl with a Dove"
Rakowski, Mieczyslaw de"St. Mary's Church in Cracow"
"View of Planty Park"
Ralicka, Justyna"Bird's Town"
"Colourful Town"
"Fish Town"
"Fish Town II"
"Forest Town"
"Old House"
"Paradise Town"
"Red House"
"Spanish Town"
"Strange Town"
"With a Fish"
"Yellow Still Life"
Rapacki, Jozef"At Dusk"
"At the Bonfire"
"Autumn - Flight of the Cranes"
"Before the Rain"
"Bell Tower"
"Birch on Heathland"
"Dawn over the Pond"
"Edge of a Forest"
"Evening in Warsaw"
"Evening Star. Mist"
"Field of Heather"
"Forest Lake"
"Forest Landscape"
"Heather and Birches"
"In Front of a Bell Tower"
"In Front of an Inn"
"Italian Landscape"
"Landscape with a Boat"
"Landscape with Nenuphars"
"Marsh Marigolds"
"Mazovian Landscape"
"Nocturnal Marshland"
"Old Mill"
"Portrait of a Young Lady"
"Road among Birches"
"Rural Morning"
"Shrine on an Old Willow"
"Stream at Spring"
"Street in Kazimierz"
Rapsa, Krzysztof"Composition"
"Dream by the Sea"
"Horizon III"
"Print 001"
"Print 01"
"Print 25"
"Wounded City"
Rauchinger, Heinrich"Portrait of a Man"
"Portrait of a Young Girl"
Rawicz, Jan"Town in Winter"
"Winter Mood in the City"
Reichan, Alojzy"Portrait of a Girl"
"Portrait of Helena Matzel née Wroczyner"
Rej, Aleksandra"Beyond"
"Early Spring"
"Forsythia II"
"Grandfather’s Roses"
"Lelystad Bay"
"On the Dune"
"Pavement Plants"
"Pink Bush"
"Poppy Flowers"
"Seaside Forest"
"Silent Night"
"Yalta III, The"
Rejchan, Stanislaw"Three Figures in Discussion"
Rembowski, Jan"Two Girls"
Reyzner, Mieczyslaw"Bench under an Oak Tree"
"Phloxes in a Vase"
"Red Haired Woman"
Robb-Narbutt, Krystiana"Two Figures and a Lobster"
Rodakowski, Henryk"Ambassadors of Pope Innocent XI and Emperor Leopold Beg King John III Sobieski to Help Vienna"
"Chicken War"
"Dniester River"
"Forester Gregorcio"
"French Landscape"
"Groom Ivan with a Horse Dickyt"
"Helen of Troy Apotheosizing of Odysseus"
"Hetman Koniecpolski Liberates Prisoners from the Turks at Halych"
"Inn Tenant"
"Innkeeper Jasio"
"Nude Study of a Prisoner"
"Overseer Iwan Brzus"
"Peasant Sculptor"
"Peasant Woman"
"Pony Myszka"
"Portrait of Adam Mickiewicz"
"Portrait of General Henryk Dembinski"
"Portrait of Jules Holtzapffl"
"Portrait of Leon Sapieha"
"Portrait of the Artist's Aunt"
"Portrait of the Artist's Aunt Babetta Singer"
"Portrait of the Artist's Brother Maksymilian"
"Portrait of the Artist's Daughter, Maria Wozniakowska"
"Portrait of the Artist's Father"
"Portrait of the Artist's Mother"
"Portrait of the Artist's Sister Wanda"
"Portrait of the Artist's Stepdaughter, Leonia Blühdorn"
"Portrait of Wiktor Rodakowski"
"Portrait of Zofia Dzieduszycka"
"Portrait of Zofia Kossak"
"Self-Portrait at the Easel"
"Siege of Troy, The"
"Sleeping Girl"
"Stable Boy Josio"
"Study of the Wounded Turk"
"Telegram Deliverer"
"Turk Carrying the Wounded, The"
"Turk Holding the Wounded, The"
"Vogt Nykola"
"Wlodzimierz Dzieduszycki"
Rodzinski, Stanislaw"Crucifixion"
Rogalski, Zbigniew"Tereshkova"
Roguski, Wladyslaw"Girl with Roe Deers"
"Madonna with a Child"
Romer, Edward Mateusz"Two Riders"
Rosen, Jan"Allegory"
"Hunting Par Force"
"Hussars at a Well"
"Night Watch"
"Polish Ulans"
"Rider in a Red Coat"
"Rider on a White Horse"
"Swans in a Pond"
"Uhlans on Patrol"
Rosenstein, Erna"In the Artist's Studio"
"Swimming Pool"
Rossowski, Wladyslaw"In the Park"
Rostworowski, Stanislaw"Portrait of a Man"
Roszkowska, Teresa"Café"
"Street in Naples"
Rouba, Michal"Landscape with a Willow Tree"
"Romantic Landscape"
"View of Vilnius"
"Wawel Cathedral in Cracow"
Rozwadowski, Zygmunt"Adjutant"
"Asking for Directions"
"At the Blacksmith's"
"Before the Hunt"
"Circus Life"
"Departure for Hunting"
"Entering the Town"
"Girl Picking Up Flowers"
"Horse-Drawn Cart"
"Hunting Par Force"
"Hussar and a Girl"
"In Pursuit of Cossack"
"Napoleon's Chasseurs of the Guard"
"Napoleon's Soldier"
"On the Patrol"
"Return from the Hunt"
"Soldier on Horseback"
"Uhlan on Horseback"
"Uhlans' Patrol in Front of a Cottage"
Rubczak, Jan"Barbakan in Cracow"
"Boats in a Bay, The"
"Boats in a Port"
"Boats on the French Riviera"
"Fishing Boats in Martigues"
"Fragment of Wawel Royal Castle"
"In the Port"
"In the Port"
"In the Port"
"John III Sobieski Monument in the Royal Baths Park"
"Luxembourg Garden"
"Port in Marseille"
"Railway Station"
"Southern France"
"Southern Landscape"
"Summer Landscape"
"Two Churches"
"Wooden Church in Wozniki near Wadowice"
Rudowicz, Teresa"59/99"
Rudzka-Cybisowa, Hanna"Backyard"
"Bridge over the Seine"
"Farm in Podhale, The"
"Little Town - Skoki"
"Still Life with Game (Nature morte au gibier)"
"Still Life with Pink Cloth"
Ruminkiewicz, Krystyna"Angel"
"Artist and His Muse"
"Ballet Dancer"
"BBW 2"
"Blushing Woman"
"Cave Paintings of Bulls"
"Cave Paintings of Cats"
"Cave Paintings of Horses"
"Clay Figures"
"Frida Kahlo"
"Going to the Ball"
"In a Broken Mirror"
"In a Hat"
"In the Morning"
"Lacy III"
"Landscape with Birds"
"Lilies II"
"Lilies III"
"Magic of Underwater World II"
"Mannequins VI"
"Meadow II"
"Meadow Of Dreams"
"Meadow Of Dreams II"
"Mother's Angel"
"Notes of a Housewife"
"On a Chair"
"Parisian Inspirations"
"Poppy Flowers"
"Reclining Nude"
"Reclining Nude"
"Red-Haired Woman"
"Red-Haired Woman II"
"Sitting Nude"
"Small Advertisements"
"Stained Glass Meadow"
"Still Life"
"They Emerged from the Mist"
"Tulips 2"
"Tulips 3"
"Two Women"
"Two Women"
"Woman in a Cyan Dress"
"Woman in a Hat"
"Woman in a Shawl"
"Woman in a Suit"
"Woman in Flowers"
"Woman in Red Gloves"
"Woman in Turquoise Dress"
"Woman Wearing Earrings"
"Woman with a Cat"
"Woman with Daffodils"
"Woman with Flowers"
"Woman with Irises"
"Woman with Pelargonium"
"Woman with Tulips"
Rusiecki, Kanuty"Harvester, The"
Ruskiewicz, Franciszek"Lanscape with a Boat"
Rustem, Jan"Jan Sniadecki"
"Portrait of Krystyna Frank née Gerhard"
"Portrait of Maria Mirska, Barbara Szumska and Adam Napoleon Mirski"
Ruszczyc, Ferdynand"Apple Trees in an Orchard"
"Barn in Bohdanow"
"Castle Ruins"
"Cottage on Pillars"
"Cross in the Snow"
"Emptiness - Old Nest"
"First Holy Communion"
"Forest Stream"
"Indian Summer"
"Into the World"
"Landscape (Study for Earth)"
"Landscape Study"
"Landscape with Clouds"
"Lilac in Front of a Porch"
"Mill in Winter"
"Moonlight Night"
"Nec Mergitur"
"Old Apple-Trees"
"Old House"
"Old House (Manor in Bohdanow)"
"On the Banks of the Wilejka"
"Park in Spring"
"River's Bend"
"Rock in the Sea"
"Sea Coast"
"Study of Clouds"
"Thistles on the Seashore. Rugia"
"Timber Boat, The"
"Trees and Shadows"
"Trees near Stream"
"Watermill in Winter"
"Winter Fairy Tale, The"
Ruszkowski, Zdzislaw"Azalea"
"Bouquet of Flowers"
"Coastal Scene with Rocks"
"Dusk in a Greek Courtyard"
"Kita in the Studio Doorway"
"Lilac in a Jug"
"Spotted Dress"
"Still Life"
"Still Life with Jug of Flowers"
"Tree Trunks"
"Two Girls"
Rybi, Stefan"Christ Feeding the Multitude"
"Christ the King"
"Isaiah's Prophecies"
"Paul Before the Areopagus in Athens"
Rybkowski, Tadeusz"After Kermesse near Cracow"
"Christmas Eve 1914, Lviv"
"Folk Wedding"
"From the Town"
"Horses and Carts in a Polish Village"
"Market before Easter..."
"Market in Czarny Ostrow"
"Market in Przemysl"
"Montenegrin Horsewoman"
"On the Country Road"
"On the Road"
"On the Way to the Market"
"On the Way to the Market"
"Pause for a Smoke"
"Return from a Market"
"Rural Landscape with a Shrine"
"Small Fox"
"Stud in Sniatynka"
"Two Soldiers on a Sled"
"Wolves Attack"
"Year 1914"
Rychter-Janowska, Bronislawa"Adoration"
"By a Window"
"Entrance Gate"
"In front of a Manor House"
"In front of Manor"
"In front of Manor House"
"Manor House at Sunset"
"Manor House in Autumn"
"Manor House in Autumn"
"Manor House in Autumn"
"Manor House in Autumn"
"Manor House in Autumn Landscape"
"Manor House with the Vine"
"Mediterranean landscape with religious statue"
"Portrait of a Child"
"Portrait of a Woman in a Hat"
"Portrait of Matylda Janowska (the Artist's Daughter)"
"Reading for Grandmother"
"Rose Bushes in front of a Manor House"
"Tivoli Gardens"
"Winter Landscape with Cottages"
Ryszkiewicz, Jozef"After the Battle"
"Before Hunting"
"Polish Scythe-Men"
"Return at Night"
"Winter Evening"
Rzepinski, Czeslaw"Cabaret"
"Landscape with Kosciuszko Mound in Cracow"
"On a Balcony"
"Portrait of a Girl"
"Portrait of a Girl"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Red Horse"
"Spring near Cracow"
"Still Life"
"Still Life"
"Woman in a Pink Dress"