List of Artists and their Works (P)

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Pacanowska, Felicja"Abstract Composition"
Paciorek, Stanislaw"Farm"
"Flowers in a Vase"
"Landscape of Czerna"
"Shrine at the Florianska Gate in Cracow"
"View from Planty Park in Cracow"
Pagowska, Teresa"Armchair in a Landscape"
Pajak, Waclaw Kajetan"Part of a Park"
Palloni, Michelangelo"Stygian Dream of Psyche"
Panek, Jerzy"Head"
Pankiewicz, Jozef"A Jew with a Basket"
"All Souls' Day at Pow±zki Cemetery in Warsaw"
"At the Lamp"
"Boats in Saint-Tropez Port"
"Bouquet of Flowers"
"Bruges Landscape"
"Concarneau Harbour"
"Cup of Tea (the Visit)"
"Flower Market Outside the Madeleine Church"
"Flowers on the Meadow"
"Girl in a Red Dress (Portrait of Jozefa Oderfeld)"
"Girl in a Red Dress II (Portrait of Jozefa Oderfeld)"
"Hackney at Night"
"In Green"
"Japanese Woman"
"Kazimierz on the Vistula"
"Landscape of Normandy"
"Landscape of Southern France"
"Landscape with a Hay Cart"
"Market at Kleparski Square in Cracow"
"Mediterranean Landscape"
"Melons and Watermelons"
"Mimosa and Oleander"
"Mountainous Landscape of Spain"
"Near Kazimierz Lubelski"
"Nocturne - Swans in the Saski Garden at Night"
"Park in Duboj"
"Peasants in Front of a Church"
"Portrait of a Boy"
"Portrait of Adam Maksymilian Oderfeld"
"Portrait of Feliks Jasienski"
"Portrait of Henryk Jasienski as a Child"
"Portrait of Madame Marthe Bonnard"
"Portrait of Maria Prochaska"
"Portrait of Mrs Oderfeld with her Daughter"
"Portrait of the Artist's Mother"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife in a Green Sweater"
"Portrait of Wanda Kulakowska"
"Portrait of Wojciech Biesiadecki"
"Provencal Landscape"
"Red Carnations"
"Saint-Tropez Landscape"
"Saint-Tropez Landscape"
"Self-Portrait in a Hat"
"Self-Portrait in a Sweater"
"Standing Male Nude"
"Still Life"
"Still Life"
"Still Life with a Blue Vase"
"Still Life with a Green Jar"
"Still Life with a Knife"
"Still Life with a Tin Jar"
"Still Life with Anemonies and a Red Jewellery Box"
"Still Life with Apples"
"Still Life with Bananas"
"Still Life with Ceramics"
"Still Life with Eggplant"
"Still Life. Buddha with a Branch of Mimosa, The"
"Still Life. Carp"
"Stone Pines in Saint-Tropez"
"Street in Madrid"
"Tulips in a Glass Vase"
"Tulips in a Vase"
"Vegetable Market in the Iron Gate Square in Warsaw"
"Warsaw's Old Town Market Place at Night"
"Woman Combing Her Hair"
Papier, Zofia"Noe"
Paulska, Graszka"Again"
"And my Thoughts Want to Sail Away"
"Are You not an Angel?"
"Bird Flew by Whispering, The"
"Blue Bird"
"Colourful Dizziness"
"I am in Pink"
"I am in Pink II"
"I'm in the Shadow of You"
"In Some Time"
"So Close"
"This Moment"
Pautsch, Fryderyk"At the Market"
"Autumn in Carpathian Mountains"
"Autumn in Carpathian Mountains"
"Hucul Funeral"
"Hutzul on Horseback"
"Portrait of a Woman with Child"
"Portrait of Karol Frycz"
"Street Scene"
"Under the Cross"
"View from a Window of the Artist's Studio"
"Young Girl with Flowers"
"Young Mountainer"
Pawlak, Wlodzimierz"How to Paint a Socrealistic Painting"
"Poles Forming a National Flag"
Pawliszak, Waclaw"Cossacks Gift"
"Eastern Beauty"
"Playing Dice"
"Rest in Travelling"
"Street in Alushta"
"Winterscene with Soldiers"
Pekalski, Leonard"Composition - sketch"
"Still Life"
Pelczynski, Adam"Andromeda"
"Forest Road"
"In a Park"
"Reclining Nude"
Pelczynski, Czeslaw"Cemetery at Dusk"
Pennards-Sycz, Justyna"An Optimist´s Dream"
"Dark Forest"
"Dark Forest"
"Golden Door"
"In the Distance"
"Light will Guide You"
"Light will Guide You"
"Night Air Fills my Soul with Kindness"
"Night Swimming Requires a Quiet Night"
"No Light"
"NY Rain"
"Preparing to Escape"
"Preparing to Escape 2"
"Second Night at the Lake"
"Urban Solitude"
"What Remains"
"Where did I Put it?"
Perle, Edmund"Shemesh"
Peske, Jan Miroslaw"Autumn"
"Autumn Trees"
"Bouquet of Wild Flowers"
"French Riviera, The"
"Girl with a Baby"
"Landscape with Windmill"
"Near L'Estaque"
"On the Village Road"
"Place Dauphine in Paris"
"Pont Neuf"
"Portrait of a Girl"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Provencal Landscape"
"River in Collioure"
"Rural Landscape"
"Seaside in Southern France"
"St Marcouf"
"Sweet Chestnut Trees in Port-Blanc, Morbihan"
"Woman with Baby under a Big Tree"
Peszka, Jozef"Portrait of Franciszek Smuglewicz"
"Portrait of Stanislaw Kublicki"
Piasecki, Leszek"Battle"
"Busy Market"
"Carpet Seller, The"
"Carpet Seller in a Polish Village"
"Colourful Market Scene"
"Hunting Scene"
"Liberation from the Turkish Siege 1683"
"Liberation of Vienna on 12 September 1683, The"
"Market Day"
"Oriental Market Scene"
"Oriental Market Scene"
"Oriental Scene"
"Polish Dragoons"
"Soldier on Horseback"
Piatkowski, Henryk"Landscape with a Stream"
"Pond at Night"
"Winter Walk"
"Woman in Red"
Pichor, Stanislaw"Portrait of a Girl"
Piechowski, Wojciech"Girl at a Desk"
Pielucha, Daniel"Awaiting"
"Centaurus Fight"
"Crane Dance, The"
"Fall of Centaurus, The"
"Fight of the Angels, The"
"Hop Grower"
"In a Steppe"
"Lady with a Dog"
"Little Fauns"
"Miss Mullein"
"Miss Mullein"
"Morning Melody"
"Our Daily Bread"
"Peasant Wagon"
"Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus, The"
"St. Christopher"
"Thistle Divination"
"Three Graces"
"Three Graces"
"Three Horses"
"Una Furtiva Lagrima"
"Viribus Unitis"
"Viva Polonia"
"Water Nymphs"
Pieniazek, Jozef"Landscape with Cottages"
Pienkowski, Ignacy"Azalea"
"Cottage among Trees"
"Jockey (Jockey på væddelobshest)"
"On the Bug"
"Park Alley"
Pierzynski, E."Wolves Attack"
Pietkiewicz, Karol"Harvest"
Pilarski, Paul"Portrait of a Woman"
Pilichowski, Leopold"Conjurer"
"Portrait of a Lady"
"Rachel's Tomb"
"Yom Kippur"
Pillati, Henryk"Death of Berek Joselewicz in Kock"
"Kozietulski at the Battle of Somosierra"
Pink (Ludwika Pinkusiewicz), Lutka"Composition"
"Summer Landscape of Southern France"
Pinkas, Ignacy"Wawel Castle in Cracow"
Piotrowski, Antoni"At the Market"
"Balkans, The"
"Cracked Ice, The"
"Departure, The"
"Escape from the Rain"
"Farewell, The"
"Girl with a Horse"
"Guard in the Fog"
"In an Inn"
"In the Garden"
"January Insurgents` Patrol"
"Meeting in Front of the Farm"
"Morning on the Danube"
"Morning Patrol"
"Polish Cavalry"
"Prince Alexander of Battenberg (1857–1893) in the Battle on the River Slivnitsa, 17.11.1885"
"Russian Lancers"
"Storm Sea near the Hel Peninsula"
Piotrowski, Maksymilian Antoni"King Ladislaus Jagiello before the Battle of Grunwald"
"Travelling Salesman"
Piotrowski, Mieczyslaw Korwin"Winter Landscape"
Pitschmann, Joseph"Portrait of Jozef Komorowski"
"Portrait of the King Stanislaus Augustus"
Piwarski, Jan Feliks"Inn - Last Cent, The"
"Market in Opatow"
Plaskocinski, Jan"Lion, Zebra and Tiger"
Plersch, Jan Bogumil"Departure of Catherine the Second from Kaniow in 1787"
"Theatre Box with Spectators in Polish Costume"
"Visitation, The"
Plonczynski, Aleksander"Stone Bridge"
Plonowska, Maria"Portrait of Maria Legowiak"
Pochwalski, Kasper"Afresh"
"Allegory of Painting (Venus)"
"Ancient Theatre"
"Artists' Moving"
"At the Figure"
"Barbican in Cracow"
"Bed of Art"
"Bell Tower"
"Christ Stretched on a Window"
"Church in Rabka"
"Church of God's Body in Cracow"
"Dream of the Monarch, The"
"Flowers in a Vase"
"Genre Scene, The"
"Giewont Mountain"
"Girl in a Blue Dress"
"Girl in a Green Blouse"
"Girl Sitting in an Armchair"
"Good and Evil"
"Gypsy Women Telling Fortunes by Cards"
"In a Theatre"
"In the Artist's Room"
"In the Artist's Studio"
"IX.1939 - Polish History"
"Lady with a Fan"
"Landscape of Droblin"
"Landscape with a Church Tower on the Background"
"Landscape with a Cottage"
"Landscape with a Cottage"
"Landscape with a Fallen Tree"
"Landscape with a Garden"
"Landscape with Architecture"
"Landscape with Logs"
"Mountain Forest"
"Mountainous Landscape"
"My Cart"
"New Don Quixote"
"Obdurate Time"
"On a Cart"
"On a Cart"
"On a Confessional"
"Painting and Poetry"
"Portrait of a Mother with Her Daughter"
"Portrait of a Woman with a Child"
"Portrait of Barbara Pochwalska"
"Portrait of Katarzyna Wroblewska née Fuglewicz, the Artist's Niece"
"Portrait of the Artist's Mother"
"Portrait of the Artist's Mother with a Cat"
"Range in a Theatre"
"Renovation of the Painting"
"Rest, The"
"Rural Landscape"
"Rural Landscape"
"Sins of Dreams"
"Solomon's Wisdom"
"Still Life"
"Still Life with a Holy Water Sprinkler"
"Street Tradeswoman"
"The Seine in Paris"
"Tower (Cracow)"
"Urbanscape with a Gate"
"Village Glogoczow"
"Wawel Castle"
"Winter in Bieszczady Mountains"
"Woman Sitting in a Window"
Pochwalski, Kazimierz"Girl with a Puppet"
"Henryk Sienkiewicz and Kazimierz Pochwalski on the Ship"
"Hunter Resting"
"Hunting Still Life with Capercaillie, Shotgun and Hunter’s Hat"
"In an Inn"
"Lyrist, The"
"Peasant Woman"
"Portrait of a Blonde Child"
"Portrait of a Man in Glasses"
"Portrait of Pawel Popiel"
"Portrait of Theodor Herzl"
Pociecha, Michal"Country Landscape"
Podgorski, Edward"Self-Portrait"
Podgorski, Stanislaw"Flowers in front of a Manor"
Podkowinski, Wladyslaw"By a Fireplace"
"Children in the Garden"
"Chopin's Funeral March"
"Forest Glade"
"Forest in Fontainebleau"
"In a Garden (In a Park)"
"Landscape from Sobotka"
"Landscape with Trees"
"Lane in Paris, The"
"Lupine in Sunlight"
"Mirages (Symbolic Composition)"
"Mokra Wies (Wet Village)"
"Nowy Swiat Street in Warsaw in Summer Day"
"Nowy Swiat Street in Warsaw in Winter Day"
"Path in the Woods"
"Path in the Woods (Chemin dans un sous-bois)"
"Portrait of Wincentyna Karska"
"Road in Forest"
Podsadecki, Kazimierz"Autumn Leaves"
"Venus A"
Pogorzelski, Jerzy"Gazebo in an Autumn Park"
Pol, Juliusz"Summer Sky, The"
Polack, Jan"Death of St. Corbinian, The"
"Portrait of a Benedictine Abbot"
"St. Corbinian"
Politynski, Karol Gustaw"Tree"
Polkowski, Jozef"Homeworks"
Popiel, Thaddaus"After the Storm"
"After the Storm"
"At the Morskie Oko Lake (The Eye of the Sea Lake)"
"Capri, rocks of Faraglioni"
"First Star"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Tatra Landscape"
Popowski, Stefan"Moonlit Night"
"Moonlit Night at the Lake"
"Moony Night"
Potrzebowski, Jerzy"After the Dance"
"After the Hunt"
"Cracovian Men"
"Droshky Driver Reading a Newspaper"
"Horse and Cart"
"Kmicic with Tatars"
"Rural Landscape"
"Town Carriage"
Potworowski, Piotr"Abstract Composition"
"Ametla del Mar"
"Blue Room"
"Bridge over a River"
"Corner of the Artist's Studio, Cornwall"
"Figures in a Landscape"
"Inside Forest, Cornwall"
"Landscape - Cornish Wood"
"Portrait of Two Women (Artist's Wife Doreen Heaton-Potworowska and Teresa Pagowska)"
"Still Life"
"Street in Spain"
"Sunset with Black Trees"
"Warsaw Ghetto"
"Window, The"
Procajlowicz, Antoni"Design of a Stained Glass Window"
"Design of a Stained Glass Window"
"Landscape with Sheaves"
"Manor House"
"Manor House"
Pronaszko, Andrzej"Monk"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife"
"Still Life"
"Symbolic Scene"
Pronaszko, Zbigniew"Artist's Wife at a Piano"
"Artist's Wife with a Boy at a Table"
"Family Portrait"
"Formist Nude"
"Guitar Player"
"Guitar Player"
"In Front of a Mirror"
"Kid, The"
"Landscape from Strzyzow"
"Landscape from Strzyzow"
"Lobzowska Street in Cracow"
"On a Country Road"
"Over a Book"
"Painted Leaves"
"Portrait of a Man with a Top Hat"
"Portrait of Ludwik Serwin"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife with a Puppet"
"Portrait of the Sculptor Leopold Wasilkowski (Portrait of an Architect)"
"Portrait of Two Children"
"Still Life With A Jug and Apples"
"Still Life with Apples"
"Still Life with Apples"
"Still Life with Flowers in a Vase"
"Still Life with Fruit"
"Summer Flowers in a Coloured Glass Vase"
"Two Nudes"
"Woman Reading"
"Woman Reading"
Pruszkowski, Tadeusz"Melancholy"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife"
"Self-Portrait with a Pipe"
Pruszkowski, Witold"All Souls' Day"
"Artist's Son with a Dog"
"Barrows at Night"
"Confession of Madej, The"
"Death of Anhelli"
"Falling Star"
"Going into Exile"
"Insurrection Scene"
"Kupala Night"
"Moonlit Landscape"
"Portrait of Kazimierz Bartoszewicz"
"Study of a Boy"
"Water Nymphs"
"When Morning Dawn is Breaking"
Przadka, Lukasz"14"
"Collector of Planets"
"Deep Hidden Secret"
"Galactic Mother, The"
"Last Journey, The"
"Meeting of Travellers"
"Road to the Oracle, The"
"We Failed"
Przebindowski, Artur"Megalopolis XXV"
"Megalopolis XXX"
"Megalopolis XXXIII"
Przebindowski, Zdzislaw"Botanical Garden in Cracow"
Przepiorski, Lucjan"Lust"
"Still Life"
Przybyla, Marek"Babilu"
"He Xiangu"
Przybylski, Janusz"Vicious Circle 13 - a Letter to Goya"
Przylucka, Danuta"Marsh Marigolds"
Pulaski, Kazimierz"Black Grouse"