List of Artists and their Works (F)

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Fabijanski, Stanislaw Ignacy Poraj"Army Officers Riding Through the Snow"
"Cossack on Horseback"
"Cossack Withdrawing his Shashka"
"Cracow Market Square. Nocturne, The"
"Jesus Chapel at the St. Barbara Church in Ccracow"
"Pigeons in the St Mary's Square in Cracow"
"St. Barbara Church in Cracow at Night"
"St. Barbara's Church"
"St. Barbara's Church"
"St. Mary's Church in Cracow"
"Wawel Castle"
"Wawel Castle in Cracow"
Faczynski, Jerzy"Abstract Animals"
"Abstract Nude"
"Abstract Reclining Nude"
"Abstract Woman"
"Ballerina, The"
"Bird, The"
"Castle Interior"
"Composition in Blue"
"Defence Wall"
"Design of Costume"
"Gen. Teofil Maresz"
"Girl Friends"
"Girl with Cat at the Window"
"Head of a Woman"
"Interior with Armchair"
"Landscape with a Church"
"Man with a Cigarette"
"Manor House"
"Mother with Child"
"Nude with a Flower"
"Nude with Half Face"
"Palace Park"
"Pink Ballerina"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of My Mother in Her Music Room"
"Reclining female nude"
"Reclining Nude"
"Reclining Nude"
"Reclining Woman"
"Road Shrine"
"She and He"
"Sleeping Woman"
"Stage Design"
"Surrealistic Nude"
"View on Festival Garden - Cat Before a Window"
"Vision of an Architect, The"
"War, The"
"Willow Tree"
"Winter in Sefton Park, January 1963"
"Woman at the Piano"
"Woman by a Chair"
"Woman with a Flower"
Falat, Julian"After Bear Hunting in Nieswieze"
"After Hunting Moose"
"After the Hunt in Nieswieze"
"Ash Wednesday"
"Autumn in Bystra"
"Autumn in Bystra"
"Autumn Landscape with Moose"
"Autumn Landscape with Rowan"
"Bear Hunting"
"Before a Shrine"
"Beskid Mountains near Bystra"
"Blossoming Shrub"
"Boats on Banks of Vistula River"
"Boy with an Elderberry Branch"
"Bystra in Autumn"
"Bystra Landscape"
"Church in Osiek"
"City Walls with the Basilica of the Virgin Mary in the Background, Cracow"
"Cottage in Przeginia"
"Cracow in fog"
"Cracow in the Morning"
"Duck Hunting"
"Field Early Spring"
"Flood in Bystra"
"Flooding River"
"Forest Fairy Tale - Winter"
"Forest in Winter"
"Forester's Lodge in Sunshine"
"Girl in an Orange Scarf"
"Girl with a Statuette"
"Girl with Dolls"
"Hop Harvest"
"Hunt in Hubertusstock"
"Hunters' Rest in Forest"
"Hunting for Ducks"
"Hunting in Nieswiez"
"Hunting in Nieswieze"
"Hunting in Nieswieze"
"Hunting in Nieswieze"
"Hunting Scene"
"Ice Floes on the Vistula River"
"In Front of a Church. War Episode"
"In Front of the Church"
"In the Park"
"Kocierska Pass"
"Lake Switez"
"Man with a Guitar"
"Migrating Geese"
"Moose in Polesie"
"Moose in the Swamps"
"My Garden in Bystra"
"Near Babia Gora"
"Niedzica Castle, The"
"Old Man Praying"
"On a Deck of the Ship (Colombo, Ceylon)"
"On the Deck of a Ship"
"On the Way to Nieswiez"
"Pensive Moment"
"Pine Forest"
"Pine Forest"
"Polesie. Winter"
"Portrait of Antoni Wodzicki"
"Portrait of Gabriela Zapolska"
"Portrait of the Painter Franciszek Ejsmond"
"Presbytery Garden"
"Return from Bear Hunting, The"
"River in Snow"
"River in Snow"
"Royal Hill, Cracow"
"Self-Portrait at the Desk"
"Self-Portrait in the Studio"
"Self-Portrait with a Palette"
"Spring in Bystra"
"St. Ann's Church"
"Summer Landscape with a River"
"Tatra Mountains"
"Two Worlds"
"Tyrolean Man"
"Venetian Lagoon, The"
"Venice - Santa Maria Maggiore"
"Village in Polesie"
"Winter in Beskid Mountains"
"Winter in Bystra"
"Winter in Nieswiez"
"Winter in Osiek"
"Winter in Polesia"
"Winter in Polesie"
"Winter Landscape"
"Winter Landscape"
"Winter Landscape near Bystra"
"Winter Landscape of Bystra"
"Winter Landscape of Bystra"
"Winter Landscape of Nieswiez"
"Winter Landscape with a Cottage"
"Winter Landscape with a River"
"Winter Landscape with Pink Clouds"
"Winter Landscape with River"
"Winter Landscape. Bystra"
"Women Working"
False, John"A Dangerous Sleigh Ride"
"Approaching Storm"
"Autumn Sunrise"
"Carriage Ride"
"Carriage Ride"
"Cossack galloping on the steppe"
"Cossacks Fording"
"Cottage at Twilight"
"Desert Flirtation"
"Fight in the Mountains"
"Four Horses Ride"
"Horse's Head"
"Knights on Horses"
"Lovers, The"
"Lovers, The"
"Old Man and a Girl"
"Polish Village"
"Portrait of a Girl with Brown Curly Hair"
"Portrait of Lady in Hat"
"Riding Cossacks"
"Road Home"
"Sea, The"
"Shepherd Riding a Horse"
"Viaduct Over the River"
"Village House"
"Winter scene with hunters"
"Winter Scenery with Trojka"
"Woodland Stream"
"Woodland Stream"
"Work on the meadow"
"Young Girl in Yellow and Green"
Fa≥at, Antoni"Two Children with a Dog"
Fangor, Wojciech"B 101"
"E 10"
"E 30"
"Korean Mother"
"M 56"
"M 62"
"Town Construction"
Faworski, Jozef"Portrait of Wiktoria Madalinska"
Fedkowicz, Jerzy"Anemones"
"Landscape of Myslenice"
"Landscape with Trees and a Red House"
"Mikolajki - View of the Town"
"Sitting Nude"
"Still Life with a Pheasant"
"Still Life with Marguerites"
"Vase with Flowers"
Fijalkowski, Stanislaw"Composition - Akaka"
"Delicate Conscience Becomes a Reason for its Examination"
"Highway VI"
"Pyramid for a Tired Man"
"Seven Forgotten Good Deeds in Perfect Geometric Form"
Filipkiewicz, Mieczyslaw"Baltic Sea, The"
"Flower Bouquet in a Vase"
"Mountainous Landscape"
"Mountainous Landscape"
"Nude - the Artist's Wife"
"Tatra Mountains"
"Tatra Mountains"
"Winter Landscape"
"Winter Landscape in Poronin"
Filipkiewicz, Stefan"Anemones"
"Asters and Gladioluses"
"Autumn Clouds"
"Autumn Landscape"
"Blossoming Apple Tree"
"Blossoming Chestnut Trees with Lilacs"
"Blossoming Orchard"
"Cottages in Winter"
"Flowers and Japanese Dolls"
"Flowers with a Vase"
"Forest Landscape"
"Forest Stream"
"Frozen Pond"
"Hut in Podhale"
"Krynica in Winter"
"Landscape with a River"
"Lime-Trees in Autumn"
"Mallows in a Garden"
"Melting Snow"
"Morning in Zakopane"
"Mountain Landscape"
"Mountain Landscape"
"Mountain Landscape with a Church"
"Mountain Stream in Winter"
"Mountainous Landscape"
"Mountains in Winter"
"Peonies in a Yellow Vase"
"Roses in a Vase"
"Roses in a Vase"
"Royal Lazienki Park in Warsaw, The"
"Sea after Sunset, The"
"Skawianka in Autumn"
"Still Life with a Chinese Figurine"
"Still Life with Flowers and a Bottle"
"Still Life with Roses"
"Still Life with Roses"
"Still Life with Roses and a Figurine"
"Still Life with Roses and a Porcelain Figurine"
"Stream in Snow"
"Stream in Winter"
"Stream in Winter"
"Summer House of the Artist (Sommerhaus des KŁnstlers)"
"Summer in Podhale"
"Summer Landscape"
"Summer Landscape with Cottages"
"Tatra Mountains"
"Tatra Mountains"
"Tatra Mountains"
"Tatra Mountains in Winter"
"Tea Roses in a Vase"
"View from Cyrla"
"View from the Park in Jastrzebia Gora"
"View of Jurczyce"
"View of Tatra Mountains from Antalowka"
"White Roses in a Vase"
"Winter in Podhale"
"Winter in Podhale"
"Winter in Tatra Mountains"
"Winter in the Mountains"
"Winter Landscape"
"Winter Landscape"
"Winter Landscape"
"Winter Landscape"
"Winter Landscape"
"Winter Landscape"
"Winter Landscape"
"Winter Landscape"
"Winter Landscape with Mountains"
"Yellow Roses"
"Zakopane in Snow"
Flek, Wojciech"Autumn Landscape"
Fogtt, Andrzej"Marina"
"Tree of Life"
Fortunski, Leon"Oriental Man with Turban"
"Portrait of a Farmer Girl"
Francis of Sieradz, "Assumption of the Holy Virgin Mary"
Franic, Felix"Austrian Dragoon on Horseback"
"Polish Uhlan"
Frydrysiak, Bernard"Old Woman with a Mortar"