List of Artists and their Works (G)

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Gadomski, Tadeusz"Portrait of a Highlander"
Galczynski, Wladyslaw"Untitled"
Galek, Stanislaw"Blossoming Apple Tree"
"Fog over Czarny Staw (Black Lake in Tatra Mountains)"
"Forest in Fog"
"Morskie Oko"
"Morskie Oko Lake"
"Mountain Meadow"
"Mountainous Landscape"
"Mountainous Landscape"
"Mountainous Landscape (Czarny Staw)"
"Tatra Mountains"
"Tatra Mountains"
"Tatra Mountains Landscape"
Galimski, Wladyslaw"Krzemieniec"
"Landscape with a Windmill"
Galinski, Pawel Tadeusz"Contrasts"
"In a Park"
"In Silence and Shadow"
"Mask I"
"Peninsulas of Silence III"
"Shaman or Sweet Bitter Fate of the Artist"
"Still Life"
"Still Life"
Galus, Angelika"3CI"
"Awakening. Yellow"
"Dream. Blue, The"
"In the Space"
"On an Island"
"Plays. Vicious Circle"
"Talk. Red"
"Waiting. Green"
Gardzielewski, Paulin"Golgotha"
Garwol, Pawel"Acid"
"Alfa Romeo"
"Alfa Romeo"
"Black Dog"
"Cartoon God"
"Cet obscur objet du désir"
"Decision ..."
"Earth is Flat, The"
"Historical Riddle"
"Holly Summit"
"Home Is Where the Heart Is, The"
"Like a Lion"
"One step"
"They Killed a Dog"
"This is India, Man"
"Wake up"
"Yoga Fever"
Gasienica-Setlak, Emilia"Dusk II"
"Dusk III"
"Dusk IV"
"Perspective of Dusk"
"Space II"
Gassowski, Arthur"Last Rite, The"
Gawdzik-Brzozowska, Barbara"Jowita"
Gawinski, Antoni"Pilgrim Woman"
Gawlikowski, Ryszard"Barn in Autumn Landscape"
Gedlek, Ludwik"Accident on Road"
"At the River Crossing"
"Broken Wheel"
"Carpet Dealer on a Journey across the Country"
"Cavalry Charge"
"Children's Delight (Kindervergnügen)"
"Cossack Encampment"
"Cossacks, The"
"Cossacks, The"
"Cossacks, The"
"Cossacks Resting"
"Cossacks Stopping at a Draw Well (Kosaken beim Halt an einem Ziehbrunnen)"
"Evening in the Puszta"
"Fire in a Distance"
"Horse Market in Poland"
"Horses on the Puszta"
"Hunting with Greyhounds"
"In a Steppe"
"In Pursuit"
"Merry Sleigh Ride"
"Mounted Charge"
"Mounted Cossacks"
"On the Country Road"
"Patrol Group"
"Patrol of Cossacks"
"Preparing for the Hunt"
"Reconnaissance Patrol"
"Reconnaissance Patrol, The"
"Resting by the Road"
"Return from the Hunt"
"Riders Before a Deep River (Reiter bei der rast vor tiefer)"
"Riders Resting"
"Troops on the Move"
Geppert, Eugeniusz"Bridge over a River"
"On the Bridge"
"Polish Light Cavalry"
"Self-Portrait on Horseback"
"Sitting Nude"
"Uhlan of Polish Legions"
Gerson, Wojciech"Admiration - Raftsmen"
"All Souls' Day"
"Allegory of Fine Arts"
"Barbara Radziwillowna's Ghost"
"Casimir the Restorer Returning to Poland"
"Cemetery in the Mountains"
"Church in Ptkanow"
"Cottage Interior"
"Country Kids"
"Cracovian Scholars Leaving Cracow"
"Death of Przemyslaw"
"Drawings from St. Cross Church in Bodzentyn"
"Dry Stream in Tatra Mountains"
"Historical Monuments in Kazimierz and Czersk"
"Hut near Czarny Staw in Tatra Mountains"
"In the Tatra Mountains"
"King Lokietek near Ojcow"
"Mary Magdalene Meets the Risen Christ"
"Meeting on a Way from Troki to Vilnius"
"Morning Mist"
"Musical Instrument Suka"
"On the Country Road"
"Parish Church in Tylicz"
"Peasants of Sandomierz"
"Porter of The Russian Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg"
"Portrait of Aniela Tiede"
"Portrait of Irena Poswikowna-Solska"
"Portrait of Jadwiga Strachocka"
"Portrait of Zygmunt Kislanski and Marcin Olszynski"
"Queen Elisabeth Richenza of Poland"
"Queen Jadwiga of Poland and Dymitr of Goraj"
"Rest, The"
"Resting in a Tatra Shed (Enchanted Sounds, In a Highlander's Cottage)"
"Road near the Stream"
"Rocks of White Water Valley in Tatra Mountains"
"Ruins of Castle Tower in Ojcow"
"Ruins of the Palace in Podzamcze Piekoszowskie"
"Ruins of Trocki Castle near Vilnius"
"Sigismund the Old with Stanczyk in the Wawel castle"
"St. Hedwig of Andechs Giving Alms"
"Steam Mill on Fire"
"Storm in the Tatra Mountains"
"Summer Rain"
"Veit Stoss on His Way to Nuremberg"
Get-Stankiewicz, Eugeniusz"do it yourself"
Gibinski, Stanislaw"Fishermen"
"Mist over a Lake"
Gielniak, Jozef"Ex Libris of Jerzy Panek"
"Improvisation for Grazynka I"
Gierdziejewski, Ignacy"Night after the Battle of Legnica"
Gierowski, Stefan"Composition CC"
"Composition CXXIX"
"Painting CCC"
"Painting CCLXXXI"
"Painting CLV (Strike)"
"Painting DCX"
"Painting DXLVII"
"Painting LXXX"
Gierymski, Aleksander"Angelus (Angelus Domini), The"
"Backyard in Munich"
"Bank of the Vistula"
"Boy Carrying a Sheaf"
"Bread Seller"
"Bridge in Munich"
"Cathedral of Amalfi, The"
"Court scene from Shakespeares Merchant of Venice"
"Evening on the Seine"
"Evening on the Seine"
"Feast of Trumpets, The"
"Feast of Trumpets, The"
"Interior of Gierymskis' Flat in Munich"
"Interior of Saint Mark's Basilica in Venice"
"Italian Garden (Italian Park)"
"Italian siesta"
"Jardin du Luxembourg, The"
"Jewess with Lemons"
"Kufstein Castle"
"Landscape with Cypresses"
"Landscape with River"
"Lane with the Coppersmith (Die Gasse beim Kupferschmied), The"
"Louvre at Night"
"Man in a Red Coat"
"Maximilianplatz in Munich at Night"
"Old Town Gate"
"Parisian Opera House at Night"
"Parisian Street"
"Peasant's Coffin"
"Piazza del Popolo in Rome"
"Playing Morra"
"Pont Neuf, The"
"Road in Bronowice (Inn in Bronowice)"
"Rococo Dame"
"Rural Landscape"
"Saxon Garden in Warsaw, The"
"Solec Harbour"
"Stone Pine Trees in the Villa Borghese Gardens in Rome"
"Street in Cervara"
"Street in Rome at Night"
"Study to the Gazebo"
"Tivoli Gardens, The"
"Wittelsbach Square in Munich at Night"
Gierymski, Maksymilian"1863 Insurgent"
"Apple-Tree over the Stream"
"Charge of Russian Horse Artillery"
"Departure for the Hunt"
"Departure for the Hunt I"
"Gipsy Camp I"
"Horse Cavalcade"
"Hunting Palace in Bavaria"
"In front of the Cemetery"
"Insurgents Marching out of a Village"
"Insurrectionary Patrol"
"Insurrectionary Patrol around a Bonfire"
"Landscape at Sunrise"
"Landscape with a Lake"
"Landscape with a Lake"
"March of Polish Uhlans in 1830"
"Night (The Road at Night)"
"Polish Patrol in 1830"
"Polish Patrol in 1830"
"Prayer of Jews on Sabbath"
"Reconnaissance of Austrian Hussars"
"Rest During Hunting"
"Return from the Hunt"
"Return without its Master"
"Riding Lesson"
"Rifle Range in a Grove"
"Skirmish with Tatars"
"Spring in a Small Town - sketch II"
"Spring Landscape"
"Staff Adjutant"
"Sunday Stroll"
"Two Riders"
"Winter in a Small Town"
Gladysz, Jan Krystian"Portrait of the Misses Pechwell at the Clavichord"
Glasner, Jakub"Winter Forest"
Glebocki, Adrian"Heaven"
"Travelling Salesman"
Glowacki, Jan Nepomucen"Koscieliska Valley in Tatra Mountains, The"
"Lake Morskie Oko in the Tatra Mountains"
"Landscape near Ojcow"
"Morskie Oko Lake in Tatra Mountains"
"Mountain Stream"
"Palace in Zarzecze"
"View of Wawel Castle"
Gniatkowski, Jozef"On the Stage"
Goldhuber-Czaj, Ignacy Izydor"Street"
Golebiowski, Baltazar"Portrait of Jozefa Kochanowska"
Gorecki, Wojciech"Haystack at Dawn"
Gorska, Maria Pia"By a Lamp - Self-Portrait"
Gorski, Konstanty"Prussian Deportations, The"
Gorski, Stanislaw"Girl with a Rose"
"Highland Girl"
"Highland Girl"
"Highland Girl"
"Highland Girl"
"Highland Girl"
"Old and Young, The"
"Portrait of a Peasant Girl"
"Road, The"
"Young Highland Girl"
"Young Highland Girl"
Gorynska, Wiktoria"Dappled Angora V"
"Self-Portrait with Phone"
Goscimski, Wladyslaw"Santa Maria della Salute, Venice"
Gotard, Jan"Drunkard"
Gotlib, Henryk"Fantastic Landscape"
"Fisherman with Nets"
"Head Portrait"
"Landscape with a Meadow"
"Landscape with Herd of Sheep"
"Lane in Cornwall"
"Nude on a sofa"
"On the Beach"
"Picnicking beside Maidenhead Bridge"
"Portrait of a Lady in a Hat"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait Study of a Woman"
"Still Life with Fruit"
"Still Life with Fruit and a Red Flower"
"Surrey Landscape"
"Two Children"
"Two Girls in Landscape"
"Workers Drinking Beer"
"Young Woman"
"Young Woman with Cup and Saucer"
Gottlieb, Leopold"At a Table"
"At the Table"
"At the Toilet"
"Café Interior"
"Flowers at the Window"
"Harvest, The"
"Nude Woman Leaning Back Against the Mantelpiece"
"Portrait of a Man"
"Portrait of Dr. Kupczyk"
"Portrait of Georges Bohn"
"Portrait of Lena"
"Return from the Fields"
"Three Women"
"White Women"
"Woman at Her Toilet"
"Woman at the Table"
"Woman in a Kitchen"
"Women and Tulip"
"Wounded, The"
Gottlieb, Maurycy"Ahasverus"
"Artist's Sister, The"
"Portrait of a Man"
"Portrait of a Man with a Turkish Hat"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Sigismund Augustus"
"Watch, The"
Grabinski, Henryk"Alpine Landscape"
"Near Ojcow"
"Rocks near Ojcow"
Grabowski, Andrzej"Peasant Girl"
Grabowski, Stanislaw"Boats in a Port"
"Face Profile - Surrealistic Composition"
"Olive Grove"
Grabowski, Wojciech"Portrait of a Girl"
Graczynski, Jozef"Return from the Field"
"Rural Landscape"
Gramatyka, Antoni"Gooseherd"
"Monastery Kitchen"
"Mountainous Landscape"
"Ruins of a Castle in Lubowla"
Grassi (Grassy), Jozef"Portrait of Mary Cecilia Duchêne"
"Prince Jozef Poniatowski"
Grocholski, Stanislaw"Death of an Orphant"
"Praying Jew"
Grocholski, Tadeusz"Maryjka Harbarowa"
Grott, Teodor"Cloister"
"Flowers in a Window"
"Girl with a Parrot"
"Marsh Marigolds"
"Port at Sunset. St. Tropez"
Grottger, Artur"Attack of Swedes on a German Village"
"Escape of the King of Poland (Flucht des Polenkönigs)"
"Evening Prayer of a Farmer"
"Farewell of an Insurrectionist"
"Father and Daughter in the Siberian Mine"
"Father's Admonition"
"First Exercices"
"Flight of King Henry de Valois from Poland"
"Girl with Fruit"
"Horse Ride"
"In a Stable"
"In the Saxon Garden"
"Last Admonition"
"Meeting of King John III Sobieski with Emperor Leopold I near Schwechat"
"Portrait of a Bearded Man"
"Portrait of a Girl"
"Portrait of a Girl with a Medallion"
"Portrait of Jerzy Lubomirski"
"Portrait of Maria Sawiczewska, Artist's Sister"
"Portrait of Rosalie Matylda Glaser"
"Portrait of Unknown Man"
"Settling Accounts"
"Sigismund III Square"
"Visitor in the Studio"
"Wurde der Frauen"
Grubinski, Jan"Fog"
"Landscape at Sunset"
"Winter Forest at Sunset"
Grunsweigh, Nathan"In the Corner"
Gryglewski, Aleksander"Interior of the Church"
"Interior of the Church of the St. Mary in Cracow"
Grzyb, Ryszard"Last Exhibition"
"Witkacy Converses with a Woman about Pure Form"
Gumowski, Jan Kanty"Cloth Hall and St. Mary's Church in Cracow, The"
Güntner, Anna Alina"Architect's Dream"
"Gothic Inspiration"
"Montgolfier Brothers' Dream"
Guranowski, Jozef"Stand Alone Pine Tree"
"Village. Nocturne"
Gwozdecki, Gustaw"Alice Prin or Kiki de Montparnasse"
"Evening Melancholy (Paris at Night)"
"Flowers in a Vase"
"Portrait of a Woman in a Black Dress"
"Portrait of a Woman with a Hat"
"Portrait of Kazimiera Felix"
"Still Life with a Japanese Doll"
"Woman in Profile"