List of Artists and their Works (U)

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Ubeleski, Alexandre"Aeneas and Anchises in Hades"
Uklanski, Piotr"Untitled"
Uleyski, Stefan"Nude"
Unierzyski, Jozef"Before an Inn"
"Woman Taken in Adultery, The"
Unknown Painter, "Accusation of a Patrician of Stealing Church Property"
"Adoration of the Magi, The"
"Battle of Orsza, The"
"Battle of Orsza, The"
"Benedict of Kozmin"
"Capture of Jesus, The"
"Christ before Pilate"
"Christ Embraces St. Bernard of Clairvaux"
"Coffin Portrait of a Woman"
"Coffin Portrait of Domicella Barbara"
"Coffin Portrait of Jan Gniewosz (d. c. 1700)"
"Coffin Portrait of Nobleman from the Region of Gostyn"
"Coffin Portrait of Sabina Hasa Radlic"
"Coffin Portrait of Stanislaw Woysza"
"Coffin Portrait of Unknown Woman"
"Coffin Portrait of Zofia Walicka"
"Coronation of the Virgin Mary"
"Crucifixion with Our Lady of Sorrows and St. John"
"Danse Macabre"
"Deposition from the Cross"
"Deposition from the Cross"
"Dormition of the Virgin Mary"
"Enthronement of a Polish King"
"Epitaph of Jan of Ujazd"
"Epitaph of Jan Sakran"
"Epitaph of Wierzbieta of Branice"
"Epitaph Portrait of Father Jan Luczkiewicz"
"Figures of Saints"
"Flagellation of Christ, The"
"Flight into Egypt, The"
"General view of the painted interior of the church in Debno Podhalanskie"
"Greeting of St. Ursula, The"
"Herod's Feast"
"Holy Martyrs"
"Holy Trinity (Pietas Domini)"
"Jesus Carrying the Cross"
"Jesus' Entry into Jerusalem"
"Kurp Helping to Carry the Cross of Jesus"
"Madonna and Child and the Face of Christ"
"Madonna Enthroned with Child"
"Madonna with Child"
"Madonna with Child"
"Madonna with Child Clothed in Sunlight"
"Mary with the Child and the Man Of Sorrow"
"Misericordia Domini"
"Mockery of Jesus, The Flagellation of Jesus, Pietà, The"
"Mystical Wine-Press"
"Our Lady of Czestochowa"
"Our Lady of Sorrows"
"Our Lady of Sorrows"
"Our Lady of Sorrows"
"Our Lady of Sorrows"
"Passion Painting"
"Pensive Christ, The"
"Portrait of a Nobleman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of an Officer Going Hunting"
"Portrait of Anna Lubomirska née Branicka"
"Portrait of Anna Radziwill née Kettler"
"Portrait of Bona Sforza, the Queen of Poland and the Great Princess of Lithuania"
"Portrait of Boreyko, Castellan of Zawichost"
"Portrait of Catherina and Gregory Przybylo"
"Portrait of Catherina Ostrogska née Lubomirska"
"Portrait of Catherina Radziwill née Teczynska"
"Portrait of Elzbieta Lubomirska née Denhoff"
"Portrait of Jadwiga Mniszech née Tarlo"
"Portrait of Janusz Radziwill"
"Portrait of Janusz Radziwill"
"Portrait of King Sigismund I the Old"
"Portrait of King Stanislaus Leszczynski"
"Portrait of Krzysztof Zbaraski"
"Portrait of Ludwika Karolina Radziwil"
"Portrait of Lukasz Opalinski"
"Portrait of Michal Korybut Wisniowiecki"
"Portrait of Queen Catherine Leszczyñska née Opalinska"
"Portrait of Sebastian Lubomirski"
"Portrait of Sebastian Lubomirski"
"Portrait of Sobieski Family"
"Portrait of the Daughter of Sebastian Lubomirski"
"Portrait of Tomasz Zamojski"
"Portrait of Weglinski, Sub-Treasurer of Chelm"
"Portrait of Zbigniew Ossolinski and his Sons"
"Punishment of the Unfaithful Wives"
"Quinitas (Five Persons of the Holy Trinity)"
"Regina Virginum"
"Sacra Conversazione"
"Sending out the Apostles"
"Slashing the Body of St. Stanislaw"
"Slaying of St. Stanislaus"
"St. Catherine and Margaret"
"St. Catherine and St. Agnes"
"St. Catherine of Siena Besieged by Demons"
"St. Eustache on the Hunt"
"St. Jadwiga of Silesia"
"St. John the Baptist"
"St. Martha, Agnes and Clara"
"Stigmatization of St. Francis, The"
"Table of the Ten Commandments"
"View of Gniezno Cathedral"
"Virgin Mary, Shield of Sinners"
"Women at the Christ Sepulchre"
"Workshop of a Painter"
Uziemblo, Henryk"Autumn Tilia Tree"
"Church Limes"
"Going to the Market"
"Landscape near Cracow"
"Portrait of a Girl"
"Wawel Castle in Cracow"
"Willows over the Pond"
"Winter Day"