List of Artists and their Works (J)

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Jablonski, Marcin"Girl with Breakfast on a Tray"
"Portrait of a Girl with a Book"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Portrait of Leon Jablonski, the Son of the Artist"
"Tadeusz Kosciuszko"
Jaesche, Marian"Girl"
Jahl, Wladyslaw"Battle"
"Don Ramon's Garden in Sigüenza"
"Fields of Voiron"
"Four Crows"
"French Landscape"
"Horses in the Stable"
"In a Garden in Sigüenza"
"Knight of the Moon"
"Landscape of Faviéres"
"Landscape of Limon"
"Ogród kwiatowy"
"Parc de Sceaux"
"Sitting Nude"
"Voiron in Winter"
Jamontt, Bronislaw"House"
Janisch, Jerzy"Mona Lisa in Sleeping"
Jankowski, Czeslaw"Landscape with Trees"
Jankowski, Stanislaw"Field Landscape with Sunflowers"
Janowski, Stanislaw"Portrait of the Writer Gabriela Zapolska"
"Spring in Florence"
Januszewski, Witold"Composition"
"Head of a Child"
Jarema, Maria"Filters"
"Filters XIII"
"Filters XV"
"Penetazione 6"
"Woman on a Bar Stool"
Jarocki, Stanislaw"Vilnius - a View of Antokol"
Jarocki, Wladyslaw"Cottages"
"Highland Girl"
"Highland Woman from the Carpathians"
"Hucul Funeral"
"Hunter in Winter"
"Hutzul Landscape"
"Portrait of an Old Highlander"
"Self-Portrait on Ski"
"View from the Artist's Studio"
"Winter Sun"
"Winter Sun in Carpathian Mountains"
Jaromski, Marek"Burning Bush, The"
Jarosz, Roman"Nude"
"Still Life with Fruit"
Jaroszynski, Joseph"Driving to the Fire"
"In the Tatra Valley"
"Return from a Market"
"Return from Wild Boar Hunting"
"Riders Returning Home"
"Winter Hunt"
Jasienski, Stanislaw"Hunter"
"Panoramic Landscape with Birch Trees and Three Travellers at Rest"
Jasinski, Emilian"Landscape at Sunset, The"
Jasinski, Feliks Stanislaw"Love among the Ruins (L’Amour parmi les ruines)"
"Paolo and Francesca"
Jasinski, Zdzislaw Piotr"Ballerina"
"Children and Flowers"
"Inside the Hut"
"Palm Sunday"
"Peasant Woman"
Jasnikowski, Jaroslaw"Above the Clouds by Train"
"Aged Vehicle of Time"
"Air Balloon"
"Armada of Horacy The Conqueror"
"Baikal Express"
"Beginning of the Sinful Dream, The"
"Blue Torpedo"
"Captive Butterfly, The"
"Children of Afghanistan"
"Clock on the Seed of the Pea"
"Closeness of Breath, Closeness of Look"
"Construction Created during a Conversation with an Old Ant"
"Cyclop Lover"
"Desert Cruiser"
"Deserted Town"
"Disappearing of Time"
"Doubts of a Young Watchmaker"
"End of the XX Century, The"
"Escape from Atlantis"
"Evening Fishing"
"Explorers of the Old Civilization"
"Fallen Butterflies"
"Flight Over the City of Clouds"
"Forgotten Bastion"
"Forgotten Space, The"
"Fortress Among Clouds"
"Gate to the Parallel Worlds, The"
"Golgotha – the Birth of the First Butterfly"
"Green Dreams of Old Watch"
"Guardians of the Middle Desert Time"
"Hell of Sisyphuses"
"In Search of the New Worlds"
"In search of the Second Earth"
"Just Before the Departure"
"Landscape with Fallen Time but without a Cat"
"Later Honey, I'm Having a Headache Right Now"
"Martian Clock"
"Martian Traces"
"Masters of the Desert"
"Meeting. Good Morning Mr. Jasnikowski"
"Moon Tower"
"Nigrum Cathedrali"
"Old Automobile"
"Old, Abandoned Steam Engine"
"On the Way to the End of the World"
"Over the Plateau of Gold Winds"
"Palace of a Chess Grandmaster"
"Photographic Plein Air"
"Picnic for Two"
"Pope’s Emissary"
"Power of Experience, The"
"Quantum Mechanic"
"Rain Clock"
"Red Aeroplanes Are Very Rare"
"Return Home"
"Revelation in the Desert"
"River of Quest, River of Knowledge"
"Second Cruise of Titanic"
"Singing of the Whales, The"
"Sphaericum aer vehiculum"
"Steam Engine"
"Strength of Our Time"
"Surrealistic Psychodelic Vision of a Deer in the Rut"
"Tears of the Sphinx"
"Thirst for Water"
"Valley of Silence"
"Valley of Useless Atoms"
"Woman in a White Hat"
"Zeppelin Amenhotepa XXVI"
Jastrzebowski, Wojciech"Blossoming Orchard"
Jawiecki, Franciszek"Nude"
Jaworska, Renata"Untitled (Bird)"
Jaxa-Malachowski, Soter"Barrels on a Beach"
"Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, Venice, The"
"Beach and Fishermen Boats"
"Fishermen at Work"
"Fishermen's Boats at Hel Beach"
"Fishing Boats"
"Morning in Ghent"
"Pine Tree Alley"
"Polish Sea"
"Seagulls on the Beach"
"Seascape with a Boat"
"Seascape. Nocturne"
"Tatra Mountains, The"
"View of Hel"
Jazwiecki, Franciszek"Landscape"
Jedrzejewski, Aleksander"Bleaching of Linen, The"
Jonscher, Barbara"Landscape"
"Still Life - Apples"
Jozefczyk, Zygmunt"Causeway"
"Country Road"
"Horse-Drawn Cart in front of a Manor House"
"Tooting-Grounds of Black Grouse"
Jurkiewicz, Zdzislaw"26.6 Meters of Blue and Red"