List of Artists and their Works (E)

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Eibisch, Eugeniusz"Boats"
"Border Guard"
"Girl in a Green Dress"
"Girl with a Red Umbrella"
"Hackneys at Night"
"In the Café"
"Landscape of Kudova with Wickets"
"Landscape of Southern France"
"Landscape with a Bridge"
"Lying Nude"
"Portrait of a Man"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Provencal Landscape"
"Provencal Landscape"
"Reclining Girl"
"Roses in a Vase"
"Sitting Nude"
"Sleeping Girl"
"Still Life"
"Still Life with a Hare"
"Still Life with a Pheasant"
"Still Life with Apples and a Jug"
"Still Life with Grapes"
Eidrigevičius, Stasys"Ex Libris of Wieslawa Wierzchowska"
"Face from Poggio"
"It is Enough to Be"
"New Year Presents"
"Tears of a Dog"
Eisman-Semenowsky, Emile"Beauty in Pink"
"Eastern Beauty"
"Girl by an Apple Tree"
"Girl Holding a Dove"
"Girl with Fruit"
"Gypsy Girl"
"Gypsy Girl, The"
"Gypsy Girl"
"Harem Beauty"
"Harvest Festival"
"Lady Dressed as a Shepherdess"
"Languid Beauty"
"Languid Harem Beauty"
"Maiden of Spring, The"
"Oriental Beauty"
"Oriental Beauty"
"Oriental Woman"
"Portrait of a Lady in Green"
"Portrait of a Spanish Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Beauty"
"Portrait of a Young Lady in a Black Dress with a Sunflower"
"Rose Beauty"
"Stepping Stones"
"Tea Time"
"Tea Time"
"Young Beauty, The"
"Young Beauty"
"Young Beauty "
Ejsmond, Franciszek"Family"
"First Lesson, The"
"Girl in Colours"
"Girl Peeling Potatos"
"Quiet Happiness"
"Reading for the First Time"
"Return from the Field"
Ejsmond, Stanislaw"Chrysanthemums"
"Pink Rhododendron"
"Pink Roses"
"White Roses"
Eleszkiewicz, Stanislaw"Circus Parade"
"Couple in Love"
"Guitar Player - Self-Portrait with a Guitar"
"Husband and Wife Quarreling"
"Husband and Wife Quarreling"
"In the Rain"
"Landscape of Southern France"
"Man at a Table"
"Man Pacing"
"Man with a Book"
"Portrait of a Man"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Man"
"Three Men"
"Town Street"
"Two Figures and a Horse"
"Two Men at the Table with a Carafe"
"Two Women on the Terrace"
"Woman with Arms Crossed"
Eljasz-Radzikowski, Jan Kanty Walery"Death of Stanislav Zolkiewski in the battle of Cecora"
"In Front of the Norbertine Church"
"Jan Dlugosz"
"John III Sobieski at the Battle of Vienna"
"Landscape with Ruins"
"Ruins of a Shrine on Babia Gora, The"
"Tyszowce Confederation, 1655, The"
Epstein, Henryk"Barge"
"Bouquet of Flowers (Bouquet de fleurs)"
"Bouquet of Flowers in a Crystal Vase"
"Cattle Market"
"Country Road"
"Flowers in a Vase"
"Landscape in Green"
"Landscape with Wayside Trees"
"Mediterranean Landscape with Figures"
"On a Beach"
"Sailboats in a Harbour"
"Sitting Nude"
"Southern Landscape"
"Still Life"
"Still Life with Flowers"
"Still Life with Flowers"
"Street Women of Marseille"
"Summer Landscape"
"Village Road"
"Winter at Clamart"
"Winter Landsacpe of Southern France"
Erb, Erno"Autumn"
"Huts in Mountains"
"Lviv Tradeswomen"
"Lviv Tradeswomen"
"Market Day"
"Market Day"
"Market Day in Lviv"
"Market in Cracow"
"Market in Lviv"
"Portrait of an Old Man"
"Selling a Cow to a Jew"
"Stall at a Market"
"Tradeswomen in a Market"
"View of Lviv"
"Winter in Lviv"
"Women at a Stall"
"Women at the Market"
"Women in a Market"
Ernest-Kosmowski, Edmund Apolinary"On the Beach"
"View of Honfleur"