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FRANCISZEK C. KULON - a passionate, forceful painter, Kulon is influencing art through his striking ability to capture emotionalism on canvas.
His artwork uniquely captures the spirit and soul of the subject painted. Kulon's brush strokes, through communication of color, balance and technique, make his paintings extraordinarily remarkable.
While often controversial, his work ranges in style from "modern realism with surreal elements, " to impressionism, to abstract.
Even his abstracts stay within the bonds of visual credibility no matter how much he modifies the appearances of persons or things. In all his paintings, Kulon holds to the conviction that the direct connection between the artist and the subject is the vitalizing element of painting.
Kulon was born in Sanok, Poland, and developed his skills in the traditional manner, studying with masters such as Bronislaw Naczas, Edward Kiferling, Marian Kruczek, and Michal Bylina. Today, Kulon lives in the Catskills, not far from New York City, and paints subject matter that moves his sensitive nature. This can result in sublimely executed portraits and landscapes.
However, his art often deals with the poverty, cruelty and pathos of human existence which, according to Kulon, has been degraded through social forces beyond individual human control. His paintings have become part of museum, gallery, and private collections in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

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In the Catskill II In the Catskill Last Supper

"In the Catskill II", 2013, oil on canvas, 99 x 96 cm, private collection
"In the Catskill", 2013, oil on canvas, 102 x 91 cm, private collection
"The Last Supper", 2010, oil on canvas, 191 x 165 cm, private collection

Democracy in Fallujah Lawsuit against Sullivan County, NY American Requiem

"Democracy in Fallujah", 2013, oil on canvas, 122 x 216 cm, private collection
"Lawsuit against Sullivan County, NY", 2003, oil on canvas, 102 x 122 cm (40 x 48 in), private collection
"American Requiem", 2003, oil on canvas, 120 x 102 cm (48 x 40 in), private collection

Life and Death of an Immigrant Homework Little Chapel

"Life and Death of an Immigrant", 1998, oil on canvas, 120 x 203 cm (48 x 80 in), private collection
"Homework", 2002, oil on canvas, 120 x 102 cm (48 x 40 in), private collection
"Little Chapel", 2009, oil on canvas, 61 x 91 cm (24 x 36 in), private collection
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