List of Artists and their Works (A)

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Aberdam, Alfred"Atelier"
"Mother and Child in an Interior"
"Still Life"
"Still Life with an Egg Cup"
Abramowicz, Bronislaw"Congress of Cracow, The"
Acker, Julia"Colours of Flowers"
Adamczyk, Piotr"Adoration of Cash Cow"
"Age of Steam"
"Armada of Love"
"Armand Louis de Gontaut"
"Ball of the Roses"
"Bird's Town"
"Birth of Pallas Athena, The"
"Carousel Woman"
"Chasing a Fox"
"Church Fair"
"Circus Arrived, The"
"Circus Deriglasoff"
"Commedia dell´arte"
"Cow Grazes and Birds Cannot Fly Away"
"Demon of War"
"Dust You Are and to Dust You shall Return"
"Equestrian Portrait"
"Fall of Angels"
"Farinelli in the Garden of Palacio Real de la Granja"
"Fish Tamer"
"Gustav Klimt’s Black and White Cat"
"Horse Riding with Dogs"
"Last Judgment, The"
"Mademoiselle Machine"
"Maze, The"
"Merci beaucoup monsieur Delvaux"
"Merci beaucoup monsieur Escher"
"Merci beaucoup monsieur Magritte"
"Mona Lisa Drinking Energy Drink"
"Monsieur Chauffeur"
"On a Swing"
"Polish Circus"
"Polish Proverbs"
"Polish Stories 16"
"Polish Story"
"Polish Story"
"Polish Story 11"
"Polish Story 12"
"Polish Story 4"
"Polish Story 5"
"Polish Story 6"
"Polish Story 7"
"Polish Story 8"
"Polish Story 9"
"Portrait of Agnieszka"
"Portrait of John K."
"Prince of Lowicz"
"Princess of Lowicz"
"Rape of Europa, The"
"Requiem for Death of Beksinski"
"Sad Dream of Adelaide Springett"
"Sleepiness according to Gustav Klimt"
"Spanish Equestrian"
"St. George Legend"
"Steam Circus"
"Steam Violin"
"Temple of Caresses"
"Toa Ball"
"Walk in the Chinese Garden"
Adler, Jankel"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
"Bouquet of Flowers in a Jug"
"Bouquet of Flowers in an Earthen Jug"
"Dream, The"
"Flowers and Fruit on a Chest of Drawers"
"Head Study"
"Head Study"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman "
"Reclining Nude"
"Seated Woman"
"Seated Woman"
"Standing Figure"
"Standing figure"
"Still Life"
"Still Life"
"Still Life with Apples"
"Still Life with Pears"
"Vase of Flowers"
"Woman in a Chair"
"Young Girl"
"Young Woman "
Adwentowicz, Lucjan"Woman Reading a Book"
Ajdukiewicz, Sigismund"Bear's Cub"
"Blazing Steppe"
"Charity Soup"
"Escaping the Storm"
"Figures from the Bukowina"
"Historic Scene"
"Horses and Cart in Winter"
"Hunt with Greyhounds"
"Hunt with Hounds"
"On the Trail"
"Pleasant Conversation"
"Portrait of a Man"
"Portrait of Adolf Weisenberg"
"Portrait of an Old Man"
"Rider on Horseback with a Dog in Winter"
"Shepherd Girl Resting"
"Sledge Ride"
"Sleigh Ride"
"To the Market with Geese"
Ajdukiewicz, Thaddaus von"Archduke Charles Stephen of Austria-Teschen"
"Asking for Directions in a Steppe"
"Boy Playing a Flute"
"Camel Caravan at the Desert"
"Emperor of Austria Franz Joseph I during army maneuvers"
"First Mercedes in Poland, The"
"General Prince Leopold von Croy"
"Grazing Horses"
"Horse Market"
"Horse Market - On the Steppe"
"Horses Near the Forest's Edge"
"Horses on the Racecourse"
"Insurgents' Camp in the Forest"
"Meeting on the Desert"
"Midday Rest"
"Nubian Women"
"Portrait of a Caucasian Man"
"Portrait of a Society Lady (probably soprano Jozefine Reszke)"
"Portrait of Albrecht Archduke of Austria (1817-1895), Commander-in-Chief of the Austrian Army on Horseback (Albrecht Erzherzog von Österreich (1817-1895), Oberbefehlshaber des österreichischen Heeres zu Pferd)"
"Portrait of an Oriental Woman Holding a Branch"
"Portrait of Helena Modrzejewska"
"Rider in a Red Jacket"
"Rider on the Steppe"
"Road to Bizerte, Tunisia, The"
"Scene from the 1863 Insurrection"
"Young Horseman Leading a Pack Horse"
Alchimowicz, Hiacynt"Old Bridge in the Pyrenees (near Perignan)"
Alchimowicz, Kazimierz"Booz and Ruth Collecting Barley Ears"
"Clearing (Waldlichtung)"
"Halting Place"
"Landscape with a Stork"
"Shrine on Biruta Hill"
Andrusiewicz, Kazimierz"In the Café"
"Old Town in Tarnow"
Andrychiewicz, Zygmunt"At a Café Table"
Anthony, Justyna"A Cat"
"Angel with Purple Wings"
"Autumn in the Woods"
"Ballerina with a Red Glove"
"Big Feet"
"Black Swan"
"Blue Ballerina"
"Blue Eyes"
"Blue Shirt"
"Dancing Woman"
"Deep Sleep"
"Evil in Me, The"
"Guardian Angel"
"Have a Look at Me"
"I Have Enough"
"I See You"
"Ice Princess"
"Kobieta w czerwonym gorsecie"
"Lady in a Red Robe"
"Lady with a Cameleon"
"Lady with a Cat"
"Lady with a Cat"
"Lady with a Poodle"
"Lady with a White Cat"
"Lady with Flowers"
"Lady with German Shepherd"
"Lady with Long Lashes"
"Lady with Red Hair"
"Love Me"
"Moment for Me"
"On a Gray day"
"Pretty Woman"
"Red Carpet"
"Red Haired Nude"
"Romantic Woman"
"She is all in Colours"
"Sleeping Girl"
"Smoking Woman"
"Sunday Breakfast"
"Suspended Angel"
"White Pearl"
"Woman with a Sparrow"
Apfelbaum, Maurycy"Jerusalem"
"Walls of Jerusalem"
Araszkiewicz, Wladyslaw"Asters"
Arct, Eugeniusz"Boy with Fishes"
"Garden in the Town of Kazimierz"
"Kazimierz - View of the Town from the Hill of Three Crosses"
"Winter Landscape"
Ascher, Georges"Self-Portrait"
Atteslander, Zofia"Portrait of a Lady"
Augustynowicz, Aleksander"Girl in a Folk Costume"
"Mountainous Landscape"
"Young Highlander"
Axentowicz, Teodor"Alone in the Town. Parisian Woman"
"Blessing of the Waters"
"Blessing of the Waters"
"Blessing of the Waters"
"Blessing of the Waters"
"Blessing of the Waters"
"Blessing of the Waters"
"Carpathian Highlander"
"Easter Food Blessing"
"Easter Food Blessing"
"Feast of Jordan"
"Girl and Old Man"
"Girl and Roses"
"Girl with a Basket"
"Girl with a Basket"
"Girl with a Fringe"
"Girl with a Pitcher"
"Girl with a Pitcher"
"Going to Candlemas"
"Hucul Funeral"
"Hucul Funeral"
"Hutzul Dance"
"Hutzul Girl"
"Hutzul Girl with a Pitcher"
"Lady in a Park"
"Lady in a Window"
"Lady with a Dog"
"Lady with Amor"
"Market Day"
"Old and Young"
"Old and Young"
"Old and Young"
"Old and Young"
"Old Man and a Girl"
"Old Man and a Girl"
"On Candlemas"
"On Candlemas"
"On Candlemas"
"On Candlemas"
"On Candlemas"
"Peasant Girl"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman in a Red Dress"
"Portrait of a Woman in a Turban"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Portrait of an Old Man"
"Portrait of Frieda Moltzer"
"Portrait of Henrietta Fouquier"
"Red-Haired Girl"
"Return from the Church"
"Self-Portrait with the Red-Haired Girl"
"Susanna and the Elder"
"Trusty Old Soldier"
"Two Women"
"Village Girl"
"Winter in the Carpathians: Procession of Hutsuls"
"Woman Reading"
"Yellow Roses"
"Young and Old"
"Young and Old"
"Zofia Brzeska"
Andrzej Ansgary"By a Fireplace"
"Children in the Garden"
"Chopin's Funeral March"
"Forest Glade"
"Forest in Fontainebleau"
"In a Garden (In a Park)"
"Landscape from Sobotka"
"Landscape with Trees"
"Lane in Paris, The"
"Lupine in Sunlight"
"Mirages (Symbolic Composition)"
"Mokra Wies (Wet Village)"
"Nowy Swiat Street in Warsaw in Summer Day"
"Nowy Swiat Street in Warsaw in Winter Day"
"Path in the Woods"
"Path in the Woods (Chemin dans un sous-bois)"
"Portrait of a Girl in a White Blouse"
"Portrait of Wincentyna Karska"
"Road in Forest"
Aneri"Autumn Flowers"
"Dunajec Passing Through Szaflary"
"Elder in a Vase"
"Flowers and Apples"
"Flowers in a Teapot"
"Green Fields"
"Hanusia with Apple"
"Kalwarian Landscape with a View of the Monastery"
"Kalwarian Landscape with Sheaves"
"Landscape with Willows"
"Peonies and Wild Flowers"
"Playful Children"
"Portrait of Zdzislaw Drobner"
"Roses and Zinnias"
"Satanic Composition"
"Still Life with Flowers"
"Study of Venice"
"Study of Venice"
"View of a House over a Hedge"
"Vistula's Meander with a view of Skalka Church"
"Withering Roses"
"Wojciech Weiss at an Easel with Aneri"
"Woman in a Black Dress"