Alfred Aberdam
(Lviv 1894 - 1963 Paris)

Alfred Aberdam was brought up in a wealthy family of Lwow (Lemberg), Ukraine. In 1913 he left for Munich where he attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. When World War I broke out, his studies found premature end as he was mobilized to serve in the Austrian army on the Eastern Front. Wounded in the beginning of the war, Aberdam was captured by the Russian Army and was deported in Irkutsk, Siberia. In 1917, he was appointed as People's Commissar of the Department of Fine Arts and was tasked to reform its educational program. A year later, in Moscow, he met the poet Vladimir Maïakowski. After living in Leningrad and Vienna, Aberdam returned to his hometown, Lwow. Between 1920 and 1922, he obtained his first art prize while studying at the Fine Arts Academy in Krakow under Josef Pankiewicz's supervision. His career as painter began in April 1922, when he participated in the 4th Exposition of Painting and Sculpture hosted by the Jewish Community Center, followed in October in Lwow by the collective exposition of the Circle of Jewish Art Lovers. From that date on, he contributed articles and reports to artistic reviews in Lwow, notably to Chwila and Nasz Przeglad. In 1923, he was staying in Berlin and met Menkès and Weingart in the studio of the sculptor Alexander Archipenko. In 1924, he settled in Paris in the Montparnasse district. Until 1937, thanks to his friend Marcel Slodki, Aberdam enjoyed commissions from Swiss collectors. Under the German occupation, he found refuge in Paris at pianist Anna Radlinska's home. After the war, Alfred Aberdam returned to his home in Paris, visited the south of France, Switzerland, and later Israel, where several exhibitions were devoted to his art.

Self-Portrait Atelier Still Life

"Self-Portrait", oil on canvas, 81.5 x 61.5 cm, Signum Foundation’s collection
"Atelier", c. 1925, oil on canvas, 64.7 x 54 cm, private collection
"Still Life", 1935, oil on canvas, 89 x 116 cm, private collection

Still Life with an Egg Cup Mother and Child in an Interior  

"Still Life with an Egg Cup", oil on canvas on cardboard, 45.5 x 46 cm, private collection
"Mother and Child in an Interior", oil on canvas, 64.5 x 46 cm, private collection

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