Women in Polish Paintings

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Aberdam, Alfred"Mother and Child in an Interior"
Adamczyk, Piotr"Armada of Love"
"Ball of the Roses"
"Bird's Town"
"Carousel Woman"
"Commedia dell´arte"
"Farinelli in the Garden of Palacio Real de la Granja"
"Horse Riding with Dogs"
"Portrait of Agnieszka"
"Steam Circus"
"Steam Violin"
"Toa Ball"
Adler, Jankel"Bride"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman "
"Seated Woman"
"Seated Woman"
"Woman in a Chair"
"Young Girl"
"Young Woman "
Adwentowicz, Lucjan"Woman Reading a Book"
Ajdukiewicz, Thaddaus von"Nubian Women"
"Portrait of a Society Lady (probably soprano Jozefine Reszke)"
"Portrait of an Oriental Woman Holding a Branch"
"Portrait of Helena Modrzejewska"
Ajdukiewicz, Sigismund"Courtship"
"Figures from the Bukowina"
"Horses and Cart in Winter"
"Pleasant Conversation"
"Shepherd Girl Resting"
"To the Market with Geese"
Alchimowicz, Kazimierz"Booz and Ruth Collecting Barley Ears"
"Halting Place"
Andrusiewicz, Kazimierz"In the Café"
Andrychiewicz, Zygmunt"At a Café Table"
Anthony, Justyna"Ballerina"
"Ballerina with a Red Glove"
"Big Feet"
"Black Swan"
"Blue Ballerina"
"Blue Eyes"
"I Have Enough"
"Ice Princess"
"Kobieta w czerwonym gorsecie"
"Lady in a Red Robe"
"Lady with a Cat"
"Lady with a Cat"
"Lady with a Poodle"
"Lady with a White Cat"
"Lady with German Shepherd"
"Moment for Me"
"Pretty Woman"
"Romantic Woman"
"Sunday Breakfast"
"White Pearl"
"Woman with a Sparrow"
Atteslander, Zofia"Portrait of a Lady"
Augustynowicz, Aleksander"Girl in a Folk Costume"
Axentowicz, Teodor"Alone in the Town. Parisian Woman"
"Blessing of the Waters"
"Blessing of the Waters"
"Feast of Jordan"
"Girl and Roses"
"Girl with a Basket"
"Girl with a Basket"
"Girl with a Fringe"
"Girl with a Pitcher"
"Girl with a Pitcher"
"Hucul Funeral"
"Hutzul Dance"
"Hutzul Girl"
"Hutzul Girl with a Pitcher"
"Lady in a Park"
"Lady in a Window"
"Lady with a Dog"
"Lady with Amor"
"Old and Young"
"Old and Young"
"Old Man and a Girl"
"Old Man and a Girl"
"On Candlemas"
"On Candlemas"
"On Candlemas"
"On Candlemas"
"Peasant Girl"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman in a Red Dress"
"Portrait of a Woman in a Turban"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Portrait of Frieda Moltzer"
"Portrait of Henrietta Fouquier"
"Red-Haired Girl"
"Self-Portrait with the Red-Haired Girl"
"Susanna and the Elder"
"Two Women"
"Woman Reading"
"Yellow Roses"
Andrzej Ansgary"By a Fireplace"
"In a Garden (In a Park)"
"Portrait of Wincentyna Karska"
Bacciarelli, Marcello"Portrait of Apolonia Poniatowska née Ustrzycka with Her Son Stanislaw"
"Portrait of Izabella Lubomirska"
Badowski, Adam"Meeting at the Fountain"
"Portrait of a Lady in a Black Dress"
"Roman Idyll"
Badowski, Zygmunt"Semi-Nude"
Baginski, Stanislaw"Uhlan and Girl"
"Watering the Horses"
Bak, Karol"Angel's Dream"
"Blue Bird"
"Blue of Fire"
"Closeness of Shadow"
"Dancing with Lost Star"
"Esoteric Portrait"
"Étude R."
"Fire of the Sky"
"Golden Dawn"
"Golden Girl"
"Labyrinth of Blueness"
"Light of Dawn, The"
"Necessity II"
"Night Butterfly"
"Nocturne No. 13"
"Nocturne No. 20"
"Nocturne No. 4"
"Nocturne No. 6"
"Nocturne No. 7"
"Novice II"
"Prima Mobilia XL"
"Prima Mobilia XLI"
"Prima Mobilia XLII"
"Prima Mobilia XLIII"
"Prima Mobilia XX"
"Prima Mobilia XXI"
"Prima Mobilia XXII"
"Prima Mobilia XXIII"
"Prima Mobilia XXIV"
"Prima Mobilia XXXI"
"Prima Mobilia XXXVI"
"Red Pearl Diver"
"Square One"
"Time XIII"
"Trace of Uncertainty"
"Tree of Knowledge"
"Under Cover"
"White Flower"
"White Song"
"With No Return"
Bakalowicz, Ladislaus"At French Court"
"Court of Valois"
"Court scene"
"Dance in the Inn, The"
"Elegant Dames with a Cage"
"Elegant Lady in a White Damask Dress"
"Going out from Church"
"Going out from Church"
"Inviting to Dance"
"Joan of Arc at the Coronation of Charles VII in Reims Cathedral"
"Leaving for the Ball"
"Lecture on a Sonnet"
"New Acquisition (La nouvelle aquisition)"
"On the Country Road"
"Portrait of a Lady in a Red Dress"
"Recital, The"
"Suitor, The"
"Young Woman (Jeune femme à l'éventail)"
"Young Woman (Jeune femme debout)"
"Young Woman Before the Ball"
Bakalowicz, Stefan"Arranging Flowers"
"Companionable Silence"
"Girl Reading"
"Lady Reading in a Pompeian Interior"
"Little Luxury"
"Roman Beauties"
"Seated Woman in a Red Dress"
"Women by Well"
Barbacki, Boleslaw"Nina Szafranowna"
"Zosia Swirska"
Bartoszewicz, Wlodzimierz"Girl with a Mask"
Behrmann, Adolf (Abraham)"Carnival"
Benedyktowicz, Ludomir Ludwik Dominik"Picking Violets"
Benn, (Bencion Rabinowicz)"Woman Reading in Living Room"
"Woman with a Dove"
"Woman with a Necklace"
Bergman, Stanislaw Wojciech"Florists"
Berlewi, Henryk"Girl with a Cigarette"
"Portrait of the Artist's Mother"
"Woman with Red Lips"
Bianka (Dorota Kucembianka), Dora"Profile of a Woman with Flowers"
Biegas, Boleslas"Hindu Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Spring (Printemps)"
Bierkowska, Leona"In a Room"
Bieszczad, Seweryn"Cracovian Couple"
Bilinska-Bohdanowiczowa, Anna"Breton Woman on the Threshold"
"Portrait of a Lady with Binoculars"
"Portrait of a Woman in Red Dress"
Blonder, Sasza (Szaje)"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Seated Woman"
Blyskosz, Jan"Portrait of Helena Radziszewska"
Bohusz-Siestrzencewicz, Stanislaw"Market Flirting"
"Return from the Hunt"
Bohuszewicz, Jan"Sylvia's Red Suit"
"White Caps"
Boncza-Rutkowski, Wladyslaw"Country Scene"
"Evening Silence"
"Girl with a Basket"
"In front of a Water Mill"
Boncza-Tomaszewski, Julian"Reading Lesson, The"
Borowicz, Maja"Eva Leaves"
"Just I"
"Numbered Time"
Borowski, Waclaw"Diana's Hunting"
"On a Balcony"
"Return from the Walk, The"
Borysowski, Stanislaw"At the Market"
Boznanska, Olga"Amazon. Portrait of Iza Boznanska"
"Girl with a Basket of Vegetables in a Garden"
"Grandma's Name Day"
"Gypsy Woman"
"In the Artist's Studio"
"In the Orangery"
"Jadwiga Sapieha, née Sanguszko"
"Lady in a Hat with Flowers"
"Lady in an Armchair"
"Portrait of a Lady in a Brown Dress"
"Portrait of a Lady in a White Dress"
"Portrait of a Little Lady"
"Portrait of a Parisian Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman in a Red Hat"
"Portrait of a Woman in a Red Shawl"
"Portrait of a Woman in a Shawl"
"Portrait of a Woman in a White Dress"
"Portrait of a Woman in a White Hat"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Woman in White"
"Portrait of Elza Kraus"
"Portrait of Gabriela Reval"
"Portrait of Gertruda Dziewicka"
"Portrait of Helena Chmielarczykowa"
"Portrait of Helena Morsztyn"
"Portrait of Henryka Maria Kurnatowska"
"Portrait of Irena Serda-Zbigniewiczowa"
"Portrait of Iza Boznanska, the Artist's Sister"
"Portrait of Maria Siedlecka"
"Portrait of Mrs. Z"
"Portrait of the Artist's Sister"
"Portrait of Zofia"
"Portrait of Zofia Kirkor"
"Portrait of Zygmunt Puslowski"
"Portrait Study of a Woman"
"Portrait with a Japanese Umbrella"
"Woman with a Dog on her Lap"
Brandt, Jozef"Cossack and Girl"
"Cossack's Wedding"
"John III Sobieski Departing from Wilanow"
"Talking with Young Laundresses"
Bratkowski, Roman"Figure in the Snow"
"Street in San Remo"
Brochocki, Walery"Winter Landscape"
Brodowski, Antoni"Oedipus and Antigone"
Brzozowski, Feliks"Landscape"
Budkowski, Gustaw Daniel"Wooden Stairs"
Bulas, Jan"Girl"
Bunsch, Adam"Portrait of a Young Woman"
Carp, Esther"Pianist, The"
Chelminski, Jan van"Cuirassier"
"Family on Horseback"
"Horseback Riding"
"Riders in the Park"
Chelmonski, Jozef"Dance - oberek"
"Evening in Polesie"
"In the Garden"
"On a Farm"
"Saturday's Payday on the Farm"
"Smigus-Dyngus (Wet Monday, Dyngus Day)"
Chlebowski, Stanislaus von"Turkish Ladies on the Promenade by the Bosphorus"
"Turkish Lady Praying in the Green Mosque, Bursa"
Chmielinski, Wladyslaw"Country Scene"
Chmielowski, Adam"Abandoned Presbytery"
"Dame with a Letter"
"Street in a Town of Podole"
Chojnicki, Jozef"Portrait of Tekla Bielska"
Chwistek, Leon"Portrait of the Artist's Wife"
Cieczkiewicz, Edmund"Road"
Cyankiewicz (Cyan), Zdzislaw"Princess and a Bird"
Cybis, Boleslaw"Portrait of a Young Lady with a Cigarette"
Cybis, Jan"Resting on the Grass"
Czachorski, Wladyslaw"At the Clavichord - Love Song"
"Blossom of Youth, The"
"Fan leaf – Young Beauty Set against a Landscape"
"Finishing Touch , The"
"First Roses"
"Girl with a Fan"
"In Front of a Mirror"
"Lady in a Purple Dress with Flowers"
"Lady with Flowers"
"Lady with Jewelery"
"Little Treasure Chest, The"
"Pink Rose"
"Portrait of a Woman in a Dress with Lacy Collar"
"Study for the painting Wedding Wreath"
"Wedding Wreath"
"Woman in a Black Hat"
Czacka, Beata"Portrait of Zofia Komorowska"
Czajkowski, Jozef"Summer Day"
Czapski, Joseph"Coach with a Woman in Red (Wagon avec Femme en Rose)"
"Vase and Woman"
"Woman in Red"
Czechowicz, Szymon"St. Apollonia"
Czedekowski, Boleslaw Jan"Family Portrait"
"Nude before Mirror"
Czyzewski, Tytus"Portrait of a Young Girl"
"Portrait of Magdalena Potworowska"
"Spanish Woman"
Dabrowski, Eugeniusz"Woman in Town at Night"
Dabrowski, Krzysztof"Untitled"
Daczynski, Stanislaw"Huculszczyzna"
Debicki, Stanislaw"Japanese Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman Reading a Newspaper"
Dmochowski, Wincenty"At the Ferry - View of Pinsk"
Dominik, Tadeusz"Explosion. Garden II"
Duda, Miron"Rest, The"
Duda-Gracz, Jerzy"Old Age"
Dukszynska-Dukszta, Emilia"Portrait of Bavarian Woman"
Dunikowski, Xawery"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
Dwurnik, Edward"Two 18 Years Old"
Dyrdon, Henryk"Tradesman's Story"
Dzielawski, Arkadiusz"Ariel II"
Eibisch, Eugeniusz"Girl in a Green Dress"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Sleeping Girl"
Eisman-Semenowsky, Emile"Beauty in Pink"
"Eastern Beauty"
"Girl by an Apple Tree"
"Girl Holding a Dove"
"Girl with Fruit"
"Gypsy Girl, The"
"Gypsy Girl"
"Gypsy Girl"
"Harem Beauty"
"Harvest Festival"
"Lady Dressed as a Shepherdess"
"Languid Beauty"
"Languid Harem Beauty"
"Oriental Beauty"
"Oriental Woman"
"Portrait of a Lady in Green"
"Portrait of a Spanish Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Beauty"
"Portrait of a Young Lady in a Black Dress with a Sunflower"
"Rose Beauty"
"Stepping Stones"
"Tea Time"
"Tea Time"
"Young Beauty "
"Young Beauty, The"
"Young Beauty"
Ejsmond, Franciszek"Family"
"First Lesson, The"
"Girl Peeling Potatos"
"Quiet Happiness"
"Return from the Field"
Eleszkiewicz, Stanislaw"Husband and Wife Quarreling"
"Husband and Wife Quarreling"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Two Women on the Terrace"
"Woman with Arms Crossed"
Epstein, Henryk"Market"
"Street Women of Marseille"
Erb, Erno"Lviv Tradeswomen"
"Lviv Tradeswomen"
"Market Day"
"Market Day"
"Market Day in Lviv"
"Market in Cracow"
"Market in Lviv"
"Selling a Cow to a Jew"
"Stall at a Market"
"Tradeswomen in a Market"
"Two Vegetable Sellers at a Market Stall"
"Women at a Stall"
"Women at the Market"
"Women in a Market"
Ernest-Kosmowski, Edmund Apolinary"On the Beach"
Faczynski, Jerzy"Abstract Woman"
"Ballerina, The"
"Girl with Cat at the Window"
"Head of a Woman"
"Mother with Child"
"Pink Ballerina"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of My Mother in Her Music Room"
"Reclining Woman"
"She and He"
"Sleeping Woman"
"Winter in Sefton Park, January 1963"
"Woman at the Piano"
"Woman by a Chair"
"Woman with a Flower"
Falat, Julian"Before a Shrine"
"Girl in an Orange Scarf"
"Girl with a Statuette"
"Hop Harvest"
"In Front of the Church"
"On a Deck of the Ship (Colombo, Ceylon)"
"Pensive Moment"
"Portrait of Gabriela Zapolska"
"Women Working"
Faworski, Jozef"Portrait of Wiktoria Madalinska"
Fogtt, Andrzej"Meeting"
Garfinkiel, David"Newlyweds"
Garwol, Pawel"Body"
Gawdzik-Brzozowska, Barbara"Jowita"
Gawinski, Antoni"Pilgrim Woman"
Gedlek, Ludwik"Merry Sleigh Ride"
Gerson, Wojciech"Admiration - Raftsmen"
"Allegory of Fine Arts"
"Barbara Radziwillowna's Ghost"
"Cemetery in the Mountains"
"Meeting on a Way from Troki to Vilnius"
"Morning Mist"
"Portrait of Aniela Tiede"
"Portrait of Irena Poswikowna-Solska"
"Portrait of Jadwiga Strachocka"
"Queen Elisabeth Richenza of Poland"
"Queen Jadwiga of Poland and Dymitr of Goraj"
"St. Hedwig of Andechs Giving Alms"
"Veit Stoss on His Way to Nuremberg"
Gierymski, Maksymilian"Return without its Master"
"Sunday Stroll"
Gierymski, Aleksander"Angelus (Angelus Domini), The"
"Italian siesta"
"Jardin du Luxembourg, The"
"Jewess with Lemons"
"Louvre at Night"
"Old Town Gate"
"Rococo Dame"
"Rural Landscape"
"Saxon Garden in Warsaw, The"
"Street in Cervara"
Glebocki, Adrian"Heaven"
"Travelling Salesman"
Glowacki, Jan Nepomucen"Landscape near Ojcow"
Gniatkowski, Jozef"On the Stage"
Golebiowski, Baltazar"Portrait of Jozefa Kochanowska"
Gorska, Maria Pia"By a Lamp - Self-Portrait"
Gorski, Stanislaw"Girl with a Rose"
"Highland Girl"
"Highland Girl"
"Highland Girl"
"Highland Girl"
"Highland Girl"
"Old and Young, The"
"Road, The"
"Young Highland Girl"
"Young Highland Girl"
Gorski, Konstanty"Prussian Deportations, The"
Gorynska, Wiktoria"Self-Portrait with Phone"
Gotlib, Henryk"Portrait of a Lady in a Hat"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait Study of a Woman"
"Two Girls in Landscape"
"Young Woman"
"Young Woman with Cup and Saucer"
Gottlieb, Leopold"At the Toilet"
"Café Interior"
"Portrait of Lena"
"Three Women"
"Three Women"
"White Women"
"Woman at the Table"
"Woman in a Kitchen"
"Women and Tulip"
Gottlieb, Maurycy"Artist's Sister, The"
"Portrait of a Young Jewish Woman"
Grabowski, Stanislaw"Grasse"
Grabowski, Andrzej"Peasant Girl"
Grabowski, Wojciech"Portrait of a Girl"
Graczynski, Jozef"Return from the Field"
Grassi (Grassy), Jozef"Portrait of Mary Cecilia Duchêne"
Grocholski, Tadeusz"Maryjka Harbarowa"
Grott, Teodor"Landscape"
Grottger, Artur"Crossing the Border"
"Farewell of an Insurrectionist"
"Horse Ride"
"In the Saxon Garden"
"Portrait of Helena Kochanowska"
"Portrait of Ludwika"
"Portrait of Maria Sawiczewska, Artist's Sister"
Grunsweigh, Nathan"Street"
Gwozdecki, Gustaw"Alice Prin or Kiki de Montparnasse"
"Portrait of a Woman in a Black Dress"
"Portrait of a Woman with a Hat"
"Portrait of Kazimiera Felix"
"Woman in Profile"
Hadziewicz, Rafal"Portrait of Artist's Wife in a Wedding Dress"
Halicka, Alice"Dancers, The"
"Elephant, Cow and Woman in Front of a Temple"
"Jewish Scene"
Hayden, Henri"Mother and Her Child"
"Rest in the Countryside"
Herman, Josef"Woman in a Yellow Turban"
Hiller, Karol"Spring"
Hofman, Vlastimil"Concert"
"End of the Summer"
"Girl with a Book"
"Girl with a Dog"
"Girl with the Plait"
"Grandmother with Grandchild"
"Harvest Girls"
"Kingdom of God"
"Lady in Blue Blouse"
"Madonna with Child"
"Old and Young"
"Old Man and a Girl"
"Portrait of a Girl with Asters"
"Portrait of Ada, the Artist's Wife"
"Symbolic Scene"
"Under the Wings of an Angel"
"Young Faun and a Girl"
Hohermann, Alice"Young Woman with a Fan"
Holzmüller, Juliusz"Amazon"
Hrynkowski, Jan"Lady in a Hat (Portrait of Zofia Stremecka)"
"Lady with a Cigarette"
Hulewicz, Jerzy"Leda and the Swan"
Ichnowski, Michal"Woman with a Bat"
Izdebski-Cruz, Krzysztof"6th Street"
"Fantasy No 1 (Mint)"
"Fantasy Nr 2 (with Flowers)"
"Gorgon's Daughter"
"Horrible Boredom I"
"Horrible Boredom II"
"Horrible Boredom III"
"Mermaid, The"
"Mystery II"
"Mystery II"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of Some Girl"
"Story, The"
"Woman in White or Sheep"
"Woman with a Rose"
Jablonski, Marcin"Girl with Breakfast on a Tray"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
Jahl, Wladyslaw"Four Crows"
Janowski, Stanislaw"Portrait of the Writer Gabriela Zapolska"
Jarema, Maria"Umbrellas"
"Woman on a Bar Stool"
Jarocki, Wladyslaw"Highland Girl"
"Highland Woman from the Carpathians"
"Winter Sun"
Jaroszynski, Joseph"Hutzuls"
"Return from a Market"
"Riders Returning Home"
Jasinski, Zdzislaw Piotr"Ballerina"
"Peasant Woman"
Jasinski, Feliks Stanislaw"Love among the Ruins (L’Amour parmi les ruines)"
"Paolo and Francesca"
Jasnikowski, Jaroslaw"Photographic Plein Air"
Jaxa-Malachowski, Soter"Pine Tree Alley"
Kaczor-Batowski, Stanislaw"Arrival of the Expected Guest, The"
"Garden in Horyniec"
"Jozef Pilsudski's Polish Legions Entering Kielce on 12 August 1914"
"Portrait of a Young Woman in a White Dress"
Kaleta, Dariusz"Amber Lady"
"Blue Angel"
"David and Bathsheba"
"I Love Vouge"
"Lady of Eagles"
"Lady of Eagles"
"Muse and Pegasus"
"Resting Angel"
"Touch of the Angel"
"Venus and Mars"
Kamocki, Stanislaw"Potato Lifting"
Kanelba (Kanelbaum), Rajmund"Couple at the River's Edge (Couple au bord de la rivière)"
"Girl in a White Shirt"
"Lady with Pearls"
"Portrait of a Young Girl"
"Portrait of Suzanne"
Kanigowska, Alfonsa"Girl in a Green Top"
Kantor, Tadeusz"Composition"
"Laundress, The"
Karasek, Klaudia"Illumination"
"Light Disperses Darkness"
Karlowska, Stanislawa de"Singer"
Karnicka Morstinowa, Sabina"Self-Portrait"
Karolak, Anna"Temptation"
Karpinski, Alfons"At a Well"
"At the Kermesse"
"At the Market"
"Portrait of a Lady in Hat"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman in a Green Dress"
"Portrait of a Woman in Red Dress"
"Portrait of Elzbieta Kossak"
"Portrait with Asters"
Kaufmann (Kamir), Leon"Night Owl"
"Night Owl"
Kazimirowski, Eugeniusz"Portrait of a Woman"
Kedzierski, Apoloniusz"Girl"
"Woman with Brushwood"
Kisling, Moïse"Brown Woman (Femme brune assise)"
"Buste nu"
"Flower Seller (Girl / Little Flower Girl)"
"Girl with Plaits"
"Gypsy Girl (La Bohémienne), The"
"Mme B. Dunn"
"Mona Luisa"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Woman with a Scarf"
"Portrait of Jone Allison-Barnes"
"Portrait of Renee Kisling"
"Provençal Woman (the mother of Renée Kisling)"
"Red Haired Woman"
"Red-Haired Girl with Blue Eyes (Rousse aux yeux bleus)"
"Redhead Girl"
"Renee Kisling"
"Young Dutchwoman (La jeune hollandaise)"
"Young Girl in a Red Blouse (Jeune fille au corsage rouge)"
"Young Girl with Long Hair"
"Young Woman"
Kiwerski, Krzysztof"On the Way I"
"On the Way II"
"On the Way III"
"On the Way IV"
"On the Way V"
"On the Way VI"
"Small Talk"
"Small Talk I"
"Small Talk II"
"Small Talk IX"
"Small Talk V"
"Small Talk VII"
"Small Talk VIII"
"Small Talk X"
"Small Talk XI"
"Small Talk XII"
"Vermeer in New York"
"Vermeer in New York"
"Vermeer in New York"
"Vermeer in New York"
"Vermeer in New York"
"Vermeer in New York"
"Vermeer in New York"
Klepinski, Jan"Hide-and-Seek"
Kober, Marcin"Portrait of the Queen Anna Jagiellon"
Kochanowski, Roman"Autumn"
"Country Girl"
"Gathering Wood"
"In the Forest at Sunset"
"Landscape near Cracow"
"Laughing Peasant Woman"
"Near the Forest"
"Near the Stream"
"On a Pasture"
"On the Bank of the River"
"Potato Lifting"
Kokular, Aleksander"Interior of the Artist's Salon"
Kolnik, Arthur"Family"
Kolpanowicz, Marcin"Four Elements"
"Lady of the Landscape"
"Miss Robinson"
"Music Room"
"Rainy Prelude"
Koltan, Katarzyna"Algor"
"Caput mortuum"
Konarski, J."Coach Ride"
"Couple on a Cart"
"Two of Them"
Koniczek, Krzysztof"Nike in a Red Dress"
Kopania, Zbigniew"Before the Storm"
Korecki, Wiktor"Poppy Field"
"Spring. Marsh Marigolds"
Korolkiewicz, Lukasz"Secret Game"
Kossak, Juliusz"Amazon"
"Cossack and a Girl"
"Cossack and a Girl at the Well"
"Hutsuls on the Mountain Road"
"Journey in a Carriage"
"Szymon Mohort Presenting the Stud Farm to Prince Joseph Poniatowski"
"Woman Riding on Horseback through the Mountains"
Kossak, Jerzy"Lovebirds"
"Nice Encounter"
"Soldier and Girl"
"Soldier and Girl"
"Uhlan on Watch"
Kossak, Wojciech"Amazon - Miss Irena Luca"
"Amazon - Portrait of Maria Zandbang"
"Amazon on Horseback"
"Cavalry Patrol"
"Cuirassier on Horseback with Young Girl"
"Girl and Soldier at a Well"
"Gunner and Girl"
"In Front of the Invalides"
"Laundress - study, The"
"Meeting at the Windmill"
"On the ship's deck"
"Portrait of Mrs. Moszczenska"
"Portrait of Mrs. U."
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife"
"Uhlan and a Girl"
"Uhlan and a Girl. Asking for Directions"
"Uhlan and Girl"
"Uhlan and Girl"
"Uhlan and Sister of White Cross"
"Woman's Head"
"Wounded Soldier"
"Wounded Soldier with a Girl"
Kossak, Karol"Man and Woman in Horse-Drawn Cart"
"Sleigh Ride"
Kostrzewski, Franciszek"Circus at Saska Kepa"
"Country Wedding near Warsaw"
"Mushroom Picking"
"Quarrel with Jewish Merchant"
"Rural Genre Scene"
Kotarbinski, Wilhelm"Arcadia"
"Egyptian Woman"
"Evening Silence. Lost in Thoughts"
"Girl Between Hollyhocks"
"Girl with Angel"
"Musical Entertainment"
"Two Beauties"
"Two Girls in Yellow and Pink"
Kotowicz, Apolinary Stanislaw"Portrait of a Young Girl"
Kotowski, Jan"Greeting"
Kotsis, Aleksander"Farm"
"Gypsies with a Bear"
"In a Kitchen"
"Last Possession, The"
"Portrait of a Young Lady"
"Portrait of the Painter Jozefina Geppert"
"Quarreling Gypsies"
"Rest in the Mountains"
"Sleeping Model"
"Spring Song"
Kowalski, Leon"Girl in a Folk Costume"
Kowarski, Felicjan Szczesny"Electra"
"Portrait of a Jewess"
"Portrait of Artist's Wife"
Kozakiewicz, Antoni"Alone"
"Genre Scene with an Organ Grinder"
"Gypsy Girl"
"In Front of a Fireplace"
"In the Gypsy Camp"
"Mobile Theatre"
"Summer Landscape with a Photographer"
Kozlowski, Wladyslaw"Portrait of the Artist’s Wife"
Kramsztyk, Roman"Lady with a Squirrel"
"Music Teacher"
"Portrait of Janina Karlenska"
"Portrait of the Actress Maria Stronska"
Krasnowolski, Jozef"Portrait of the Artist's Wife in Cracovian Costume"
Kraszewska, Otolia"Beginning of the Life, The"
"Elegant Lady Sitting on a Sofa (Elegante Dame auf Sofa sitzend)"
Kraszewski, Jozef Ignacy"Eastern Portrait"
Kraszewski, Lucjan"Rural Customs"
Krcha, Emil"In a Park"
Kruszewski, Jozef Wincenty"In the Court"
Krynicki, Nikifor"Couple"
"Elegant Man and Two Ladies"
"In a Kitchen"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of Ella Banach"
Krzyzanowski, Konrad"At a Piano"
"By the Light of the Candle"
"Portrait of a Lady"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman with a Cigarette"
"Portrait of Bronislawa Ostrowska"
"Portrait of Matylda Szednicka"
"Portrait of Mrs B."
"Portrait of Pelagia Witoslawska"
"Study for Portrait of Artist's Wife"
"Woman in Red..."
Kuczborski, Stanislaw"Funeral"
Kukowski, Jaroslaw"Untitled"
Kulisiewicz, Tadeusz"Highlander's Family"
Kulon, Franciszek C."Beach"
Kuntze-Konicz, Tadeusz"Art"
Kutew, Christo"Girl"
Kwiatkowski, Teofil"Chopin's Polonaise - a Ball in Hôtel Lambert in Paris"
"On the Battlefield"
"Young Mother with Her Son"
"Young Mother with Three Children"
Lach Lachowicz, Natalia"Art of Consumption"
Lakomski, Tadeusz"Dairy Woman"
Lampi, Franciszek Ksawery"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of Magdalena Luszczewska"
Lampi the Elder, Johann-Baptist"Portrait of a Lady with Music"
"Portrait of Catherine II"
"Portrait of Catherine II"
"Portrait of El¿bieta Grabowska"
"Portrait of Yekaterina Samoilova"
"Zarin Maria Fjodorowna"
Landau, Zygmunt"Portrait of a Woman"
"Woman with a Goat"
Laveaux, Ludwik de"Girl from Bronowice"
"Marysia (Portrait of Maria Mikolajczyk, the Artist's Fiancee)"
"Parisian Cafe at Night"
"To Town Market"
Lebenstein, Jan"Figure of a Woman"
"Window (Woman in Window)"
"Woman in a Window"
Lempicka, Tamara de"Blue Woman with a Guitar (Femme bleu a la guitare)"
"Fashion Illustration (Illustration de mode)"
"Figure of a Young Woman"
"Girl with Gloves"
"Girl with White Shawl"
"High Summer"
"Polish Girl (La Polonaise)"
"Portrait of Louisanne"
"Portrait of Madame M."
"Self-Portrait in the Green Bugatti"
"Slavic Woman (Tête de femme Slave)"
"Woman on a Chair. Lassitude"
"Young Ladies, The"
Lenica, Alfred"On Building Site"
Lentz, Stanislaw"Misunderstanding"
"Portrait of Mrs. G."
Leopolski, Wilhelm"Resting"
Lesser, Aleksander"Casimir the Great and Esterka"
Lesseur, Wincenty de"Tekla Czaplic Princess Jablonowska"
Lewandowski, Janusz"Gust of Wind"
Lindeman, Emil"Girl with a Wreath"
"Wheat Field with Peasant"
"Women in a Garden"
Lipinski, Hipolit"Polish Rural Folk - Girl in Sunday Dress"
Lipowczan, Jacek"Merry Widow"
"Queen of Time"
"Three Graces"
Lisek, Kamil"Dots"
"My Ambiguity"
"Playing with Time"
"Red Kite"
Loeffler, Leopold"Anna Dorota Chrzanowska in the Castle at Trembowla"
"Attendance of the Minister (Besuch des Pastors)"
"Portrait of Maria Sawiczewska"
"With a Fortune-Teller (Bei der Wahrsagerin)"
Lotocka-Huelle, Ida"Alley of Shadow"
"Cross Sisters"
"Curtain II"
"Feeding Time"
"Moon Garden"
"Witch in the Garden I"
"Witch in the Garden III"
"Witch in the Garden V"
Lubieniecki, Christoffel"Food Lovers"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Travelling Seller"
Lubieniecki, Theodor"Family Portrait"
Lukasiewicz, Michal"Untitled 22"
"Untitled 25"
"Untitled 27"
"Untitled 28"
"Untitled 33"
Lurczynski, Mieczyslaw"Busy Street in an Eastern Town"
Makarewicz, Juliusz"Going to Candlemas"
Makowski, Tadeusz"At The Shoemaker's"
"Little Family - La petite famille"
Malczewski, Rafal"Dance"
"Portrait of a Woman"
Malczewski, Jacek"Alley in Autumn, The"
"At the Well"
"Christ and the Samaritan Woman"
"Head of the Saint"
"History Lesson"
"In a Jewish shop"
"In Front of the Model"
"In the Garden"
"In the Garden"
"Lady in a Blue Blouse"
"Melody of Return"
"Model in a Studio"
"Orpheus and Eurydice"
"Polonia (I)"
"Portrait in Autumn Sunshine"
"Portrait of a Lady Against a Background of Reeds"
"Portrait of a Lady in a Hat"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman as Salome"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Portrait of Actress P. Marcello"
"Portrait of Adam Asnyk with Muse"
"Portrait of Artist's Daughter Julia Meyzner"
"Portrait of Helena Karczewska, the Artist's Sister"
"Portrait of Karol and Malgorzata Lanckoronski"
"Portrait of Leontyna Gogulska"
"Portrait of Marchese Guilia Asinari Di Bernezzo, wife of Witold Hausner"
"Portrait of Matylda Modesta Wolfarth"
"Portrait of Michalina Wierusz Kowalska-Grabowska"
"Portrait of Mieczyslaw Gasecki with Harvest Woman"
"Portrait of the Artist's Mother"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife with Two Fauns"
"Red Girl"
"Self-Portrait with a Woman"
"Sketch for the Portrait of a Girl"
"Study of a Female Nude"
"Thirst / Desire - Poisoned Well"
"Three Women Raking"
"Ukrainian Woman"
"Woman and Satyr"
"Woman at the Window"
"Woman Carrying a Child"
"Woman in a Grove"
"Woman Sitting"
Maler, Eryk"Earring"
"Women's Moods"
Maleszewski, Tytus"Portrait of a Woman with a Rose in Her Hair"
"Portrait of Adelina Patti"
Malewska, Antonina"Girl Drawing Water by the Jug"
"Girl with a Bird"
Markiel, Jakub"Portrait of a Woman on the Green Background"
Marszalkiewicz, Stanislaw"Portrait of Jozefa Dobrzanska"
"Portrait of Pelagia Skarbek née Rutkowska"
Maslowski, Stanislaw"Jarema"
Maszkowski, Jan"At the Pawn Broker"
"In an Inn"
Maszkowski, Marceli"Portrait of Artist's Mother"
Matejko, Jan"King Sigismund II Augustus and Barbara Radziwill"
"Night Adventure of Jan Olbracht"
"Portrait of Artist's Wife in a Wedding Dress"
"Portrait of Katarzyna Potocka"
"Portrait of Marcelina Czartoryska"
"Portrait of Maria Matejko"
"Portrait of Maria Puslowska"
"Portrait of Miss Dybowska"
Mazurowski, Wiktor"Street in Tangier"
Medrzycki, Maurycy"Desolation of the Family"
"Girl Sitting"
"Portrait of a Sitting Woman"
"Young Woman and a Child"
"Young Woman Sewing"
Mehoffer, Jozef"Black Mary"
"Dance - Les Ingénues, The"
"Europa jubilans"
"Farewell, The"
"Florentine Portrait of the Artist's Wife, The"
"Head of Medusa, The"
"La Gorge d'Areuse"
"Lost in Thought"
"May Sun, The"
"Muse, The"
"Portrait of Artist's Wife"
"Portrait of Celina Sarowa"
"Portrait of Helena d'Abancourt de Franqueville"
"Portrait of Irena Solska"
"Portrait of Iza Axentwicz"
"Portrait of Maria Puslowska née Moszynska"
"Portrait of Roza Raczynska née Potocka"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife en pied"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife on Yellow Background"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife with Pegasus"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife with Pegasus"
"Red parasol"
"Rose of Sharon, The"
"Sketch for the painting The Conversation"
"Strange Garden"
"Study of female figure for the painting the Strange Garden"
"Wanda Janakowska"
Menkes, Sigmund Joseph"Bride"
"Circus Performers - Pierrot and Colombina"
"Concert, The"
"Concert in a Studio"
"Fruit Picking"
"Girl with a Mandolin"
"Girl with Flower in Hair"
"Girl with Poppies"
"Girl with Red Jacket"
"Girl with Sunflowers"
"Girl with Sunflowers"
"Odalisque with a Tambourine"
"Portrait of a Girl"
"Portrait of a Girl with Flowers"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Reclining Woman in Studio"
"Sleeping Woman"
"Summer Afternoon"
"Two Sisters"
"Woman in a Red Hat"
"Woman in an Interior"
"Woman in Front of a Mirror"
"Woman with a Fan"
"Woman with Flowers"
Merwart, Paul"Ms. Dévèra des Bouffes"
Michalowski, Piotr"Amazon"
"Amazon (Artist's Daughter Celina Michalowska)"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of Maria Michalowska"
"Portrait of the Artist's Daughter Celina on Horseback"
Mielnicki, Franciszek"Krystyna Knedler née Fiszer"
Mierzejewski, Jacek"Portrait of the Artist's Wife with Pusia"
Mikulski, Kazimierz"Girl with a Parasol"
"Portrait Watched by a Cat"
Minkowski, Maurycy"After the Pogrom"
Mlodozeniec, Stanislaw"Dali and Gala"
"Golden Age"
"Monica Bellucci"
"Three Nymphs"
Mniszech, Andrzej Jerzy de"Portrait of Geisha"
Modzelewski, Stefan"Winter Urbanscape"
Mondzain (Szamaj Mondszajn), Simon"Girl with a Necklace"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
Moniuszko, Jan Czeslaw"Who's there?"
Mozyro, Elzbieta"A Little Bit of Sunshine"
"Anxiety of Heart"
"Beginning and the End, The"
"Between Night and Day"
"Between Sounds"
"Book of Life"
"Cat Nature"
"Déjà vu"
"Fontana di Trevi"
"Frida Kahlo"
"Harmony of Senses"
"I See You"
"In Our Heaven"
"Key to the Imagination, The"
"Key to the Past, The"
"Lilac Lady"
"Ocean of Desires"
"On Your Call"
"One Look"
"One Moment"
"Sweet Thoughts"
"Temptation of Taste"
"Trustfulness of Heart"
"Verba volant..."
"World at Her Feet, The"
Mroczkowski, Aleksander"Pensive Moment"
Muller, Szymon"Handcrafting"
Musial, Krzysztof"Website J"
Muter (Maria Melania Mutermilch), Mela"Alley"
"Girl in a Red Blouse"
"Girl in Black"
"Mother and her Baby Son (Mère et son enfant)"
"Old Breton Woman"
"Portrait of a Blonde Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Sleeping Girl"
"Two Ages"
"Woman in an Apron"
"Woman with Fur Collar"
Myslowski, Tadeusz"New York Faces"
Nacht Samborski, Artur"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Woman in a Green Dress"
Najbor, Wiktor"Adelabela has Dogs"
"At a Crossroads"
"Billiards at Bill´s"
"Bowler Hat"
"Chest Full of Secrets"
"Compulsory Landing of Uncle Tadeusz"
"End of Summer"
"He Stopped a Car"
"Health Resort"
"House of Broken Hearts"
"Husband of Hairdresser"
"Last Fly"
"Leaning OPRA in PuCO"
"Let Her Go and don't Hold Her"
"On the Top Roof"
"Passion Woman Flies"
"Passionaria. Woman..."
"Rape of the Sabine Women, The"
"Resort on the Volcanic Island"
"Show of Uncle Tadeusz"
"Steps at Night"
"Stop Over"
"Where is the Seventh Day of the Holiday"
Naliwajko, Piotr"Angel in a Bathtub"
"Black Light"
"Creole Woman"
"Goodbye to the Artist's Studio"
"Grapefruit Woman"
"Indian Summer"
"Lady Macbeth"
"Listening to a Message"
"Nicest, The"
"On the Roof"
Niedzielska, Maria"Spring"
Niesiolowski, Tymon"Fictious Portrait"
"Girl with a Flower"
"Over a Book"
Nocon, Cyprian"Crazy Soloist"
Norblin de la Gourdaine, Jean Pierre"Minuet in the Garden"
"Society on Excursion to a Lake"
Nowosielski, Jerzy"Double Portrait"
"Figure Woman Sitting"
"In the Artist's Studio"
"Portrait of a Girl with Sunglasses"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Woman and Town"
"Woman in a White Dress"
"Woman Sitting on a Bed"
Nowsicka-Kwiatkowska, Michalina"Ecstasy"
Oczko, Bertold Piotr"Girl Reading a Book"
Okon, Tadeusz"Girl"
Okun, Edward"Country Woman from Campania"
"In a Lemon Orchard"
"Portrait of Baroness Frewert"
"Portrait of Mrs Herse"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife with an Umbrella"
"Portrait of Zofia. the Artist's Wife"
"Salome's Dance"
"War and We"
Olbinski, Rafal"Angel"
"Art of Camouflage, The"
"Calla Lilies"
"Conventional Sentiment"
"Daughter of Christopher Columbus, The"
"First Day of Autumn, The"
"La Belle Dame sans Merci"
"La Donna del Lago III"
"Retrospection of Identity"
"Smell of Decadence, The"
Oles, Andrzej"Market in Cracow"
Oleszkiewicz, Jozef (Joseph)"Chodkiewicz Saying Goodbye to His Wife before Battle of Chocim"
"Compassion of the Empress Elizabeth"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Lady"
"Portrait of a Young Woman and her Daughter"
Olpinski, Jan Kazimierz"Nun, The"
"Portrait of a Woman"
Opalka, Roman"Halszka"
Orlowski, Aleksander"Massacre of Praga"
"Peasant Woman"
"Portrait of a Lady"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of A. M. Lanskaya"
"Scene in an Inn"
Orlowski, Lukasz"Portrait of Urszula née Potocka Wielopolska"
Osak, Agnieszka"Lotus"
"Song of the Meadow"
"Taste of Life"
Paciorek, Stanislaw"Farm"
"Shrine at the Florianska Gate in Cracow"
Pankiewicz, Jozef"All Souls' Day at Pow±zki Cemetery in Warsaw"
"At the Lamp"
"Cup of Tea (the Visit)"
"Flower Market Outside the Madeleine Church"
"Japanese Woman"
"Market at Kleparski Square in Cracow"
"Peasants in Front of a Church"
"Portrait of Madame Marthe Bonnard"
"Portrait of Maria Prochaska"
"Portrait of Mrs Oderfeld with her Daughter"
"Portrait of the Artist's Mother"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife in a Green Sweater"
"Portrait of Wanda Kulakowska"
"Vegetable Market in the Iron Gate Square in Warsaw"
"Woman Combing Her Hair"
Papieski, Zygmunt"Turkish Woman"
Paulska, Graszka"A_2013"
Pautsch, Fryderyk"Maternity"
"Portrait of a Woman with Child"
Pawlak, Leon"Family"
Pawliszak, Waclaw"Eastern Beauty"
"Rest in Travelling"
Peske, Jan Miroslaw"Girl with a Baby"
"Portrait of a Girl"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Woman with Baby under a Big Tree"
Peszka, Jozef"Portrait of the Borch Family"
Piasecki, Leszek"Carpet Seller in a Polish Village"
Piatkowski, Henryk"Winter Walk"
Piechowski, Wojciech"Sunday in the Country"
Pielucha, Daniel"Lady with a Dog"
"Morning Melody"
"Thistle Divination"
"Three Graces"
"Water Nymphs"
Pienkowski, Ignacy"Park Alley"
Pietkiewicz, Karol"Harvest"
Pikelny, Robert"Dressing Room"
Pilarski, Paul"Portrait of a Woman"
Pilichowski, Leopold"Jewish Girl"
"On a Railway Station"
"Portrait of a Lady"
Piotrowski, Antoni"Balkans, The"
"Departure, The"
"Escape from the Rain"
"Farewell, The"
"In an Inn"
"In the Garden"
"Meeting in Front of the Farm"
Piotrowski, Maksymilian Antoni"Travelling Salesman"
Piwarski, Jan Feliks"Inn - Last Cent, The"
"Market in Opatow"
Plonowska, Maria"Portrait of Maria Legowiak"
Pochwalski, Kazimierz"In an Inn"
"Peasant Woman"
Pochwalski, Kasper"Allegory of Painting (Venus)"
"Ancient Theatre"
"At the Figure"
"Genre Scene, The"
"Girl in a Green Blouse"
"Girl Sitting in an Armchair"
"Gypsy Women Telling Fortunes by Cards"
"In a Theatre"
"Lady with a Fan"
"My Cart"
"Obdurate Time"
"Portrait of a Mother with Her Daughter"
"Portrait of a Woman with a Child"
"Portrait of Katarzyna Wroblewska née Fuglewicz, the Artist's Niece"
"Portrait of the Artist's Mother"
"Portrait of the Artist's Mother with a Cat"
"Renovation of the Painting"
"Rest, The"
"Street Tradeswoman"
Podkowinski, Wladyslaw"By a Fireplace"
"In a Garden (In a Park)"
"Portrait of Wincentyna Karska"
Polkowski, Jozef"Homeworks"
Popiel, Thaddaus"After the Storm"
"After the Storm"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
Potworowski, Piotr"Evening"
"Portrait of Two Women (Artist's Wife Doreen Heaton-Potworowska and Teresa Pagowska)"
"Street in Spain"
Pronaszko, Andrzej"Portrait of the Artist's Wife"
Pronaszko, Zbigniew"Artist's Wife at a Piano"
"Artist's Wife with a Boy at a Table"
"Family Portrait"
"Guitar Player"
"In Front of a Mirror"
"On a Country Road"
"Over a Book"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife with a Puppet"
"Woman Reading"
"Woman Reading"
Pruszkowski, Tadeusz"Melancholy"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife"
Pruszkowski, Witold"Water Nymphs"
Przadka, Lukasz"42"
"Collector of Planets"
Przybyla, Marek"Alchemy of Body, The"
"He Xiangu"
"Music Lesson"
"Portrait of a Woman"
Radziszewski, Waclaw"Red Scarf, The"
Rajecka, Anna"Girl with a Dove"
Rapacki, Jozef"In Front of a Bell Tower"
"In Front of an Inn"
"Portrait of a Young Lady"
Rawicz, Jan"Winter Mood in the City"
Reichan, Alojzy"Portrait of a Girl"
"Portrait of Helena Matzel née Wroczyner"
Rejchan, Stanislaw"Three Figures in Discussion"
Reyzner, Mieczyslaw"Red Haired Woman"
Rodakowski, Henryk"Chicken War"
"Peasant Woman"
"Portrait of the Artist's Aunt"
"Portrait of the Artist's Aunt Babetta Singer"
"Portrait of the Artist's Mother"
"Portrait of the Artist's Sister Wanda"
"Portrait of the Artist's Stepdaughter, Leonia Blühdorn"
"Portrait of Zofia Dzieduszycka"
"Portrait of Zofia Kossak"
Roguski, Wladyslaw"Girl with Roe Deers"
Romer, Edward Mateusz"Two Riders"
Rosen, Jan"Hussars at a Well"
Rosenstein, Erna"Swimming Pool"
Rossowski, Wladyslaw"In the Park"
Roszkowska, Teresa"Autumn"
Rozwadowski, Zygmunt"Girl Picking Up Flowers"
"Hussar and a Girl"
"Uhlans' Patrol in Front of a Cottage"
Ruminkiewicz, Krystyna"Angel"
"Artist and His Muse"
"Ballet Dancer"
"Blushing Woman"
"Frida Kahlo"
"In a Broken Mirror"
"Lacy III"
"Mannequins VI"
"Mother's Angel"
"Notes of a Housewife"
"Parisian Inspirations"
"Red-Haired Woman"
"Red-Haired Woman II"
"Two Women"
"Woman in a Hat"
"Woman in a Suit"
"Woman in Flowers"
"Woman in Red Gloves"
"Woman with Pelargonium"
Rusiecki, Kanuty"Harvester, The"
Rustem, Jan"Portrait of Krystyna Frank née Gerhard"
"Portrait of Maria Mirska, Barbara Szumska and Adam Napoleon Mirski"
Ruszkowski, Zdzislaw"Spotted Dress"
"Two Girls"
Rybkowski, Tadeusz"Cottage"
"Montenegrin Horsewoman"
"On the Road"
"Rural Landscape with a Shrine"
Rychter-Janowska, Bronislawa"In front of a Manor House"
"In front of Manor"
"In front of Manor House"
"Manor House in Autumn Landscape"
"Portrait of a Woman in a Hat"
"Portrait of Matylda Janowska (the Artist's Daughter)"
"Reading for Grandmother"
Rzepinski, Czeslaw"Portrait of a Girl"
"Portrait of a Girl"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Woman in a Pink Dress"
Sadowski, Pawel"Filtering Bubble"
"No-Mother is a Pole also"
"Per aspera ad astra"
"Unbearable Lightness of Being, The"
"Young Poland"
Sajewski, Andrzej Andrea"Nothing Compares to You"
Schnarbach (Sznarbach), Sylwester Antoni"Difficult Piece"
"Girl with a Basket"
Schreter (Szreter), Zygmunt"Seated Woman"
"Woman in a Coat"
Schultz, Daniel"Portrait of Konstancja von Holten Schumann"
"Portrait of the Queen of Poland Marie Louise Gonzaga de Nevers"
Schulz, Bruno"Adoration of a Slipper (Three Women and a Man)"
"Infante and her Dwarfs, The"
"Queen (Snow White)"
"Self-Portrait and Passers-By"
"Undula at Night"
"Undula at the Artists"
"Undula Goes Into the Night"
"Woman and a Bowing Old Man"
"Woman and Two Men"
"Woman With a Riding Crop and a Kneeling Man"
Segal, Simon"Blacksmith and His Wife"
Seifert, David"Woman in Profile"
Setkowicz, Adam"Rural Scene"
"Sledge Ride"
"Sleigh in front of Cottage"
"Sleigh Ride to Church"
Sibera, Alina"Autumn"
"Girl in Black"
"Pretty Woman"
Sichulski, Kazimierz"Blessing of the Waters"
Sidorowicz, Zygmunt"Portrait of a Woman in a Blue Shawl"
Siemiginowski-Eleuter (Szymonowicz), Jerzy"Portrait of Queen Maria Kazimiera with Children"
Siemiradzki, Henryk"Arcadian Afternoon"
"At the Well"
"Bringing Comfort and Help"
"By a Temple (Idyll)"
"By the Fountain"
"Christ and the Samaritan Woman"
"Christian Dirce"
"Dance Amongst Daggers"
"Following the Example of the Gods"
"Girl at a Well"
"Girl at the Spring"
"Gypsy Woman"
"Imitating the Gods"
"Leisure Hours by the Water"
"Near Water Spring"
"Night in Pompeii"
"Portrait of a Roman Woman"
"Portrait of a Roman Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Italian Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Portrait of the Artist's Mother"
"Princess Marie Lubomirska"
"Roman Idyll"
"Roman Idyll - Fishing"
"Song of a Slave-Girl"
"Southern Beauty"
"Study for a Portrait - Head of a Girl"
"Study for the painting Phryne at the Festival of Poseidon in Eleusis"
"Vase Salesman"
"Woman in front of a Palace at Dusk"
Simmler, Jozef"Farewell of Waclaw and Maria"
"Portrait of Emilia Wlodkowska"
"Portrait of Julia Simmler"
"Queen Jadwiga's Oath"
Sitak, Kamila"At the Beach"
"Ballet Dancer"
"Break VI"
"Fly II"
"Golfer Girl I"
"Step Back"
Skoczylas, Wladyslaw"Girl with a Basket"
Slendzinski, Aleksander"Portrait of Karolina Slendzinska"
Slendzinski, Ludomir"Head of an Old Woman"
"Last Page, The"
"Portrait of a Lady with a Necklace"
"Portrait of a Lady with Music (Bronislawa Rymkiewiczowna)"
"Portrait of Artist's Mother"
"Portrait of Artist's Wife on the Background of Vilnius"
"Portrait of Irena, the Artist's Wife"
"Portrait of Jadwiga Grobicka"
"Portrait of Janina Grobicka"
"Portrait of Lucyna Grobicka"
"Portrait of My Daughter Julitta. Queen of Clubs"
"Portrait of the Artist's Daughter"
"Portrait of the Artist's Daughter in Spanish Shawl"
"Portrait of the Artist's Daughter with a Powder-Box"
"Portrait of the Artist's Daughter, Julitta"
"Portrait of the Artist's Daughter, Julitta"
"Portrait of the Artist's Daughter, Julitta"
"Portrait of the Woman (Jadwiga Kontkiewiczowa)"
"Portrait of the Woman (Jadwiga Kontkiewiczowa)"
"Portrait of Wife with a Wedding Ring"
"Tennis Player"
"Young Woman"
Slendzinski, Wincenty"Portrait of Roza Wereszczynska Misiewiczowa"
Slewinski, Wladyslaw"Old Breton Woman"
"Study of a Woman Sitting"
"Two Breton Women"
"Two Breton Women with a Basket of Apples"
"Woman Brushing her Hair"
Slusarsky, Dariusz"Coexistence"
"Elusive Moments"
"Fighting Thoughts"
"Fighting Thoughts"
"Forgive Me Darling"
"Like a Flower in the Sun"
"Moment of Joy"
"Night and Day"
"Paper Bird"
"Queen of Hearts, The"
"Woman of Peace"
Smuglewicz, Franciszek"Queen Esther"
Sosnowski, Kajetan"Good Night"
Sroka, Jacek"Red Floor"
Stabrowski, Kazimierz"Against a Background of Stained Glass Window. Peacock"
"Golden Autumn Fairy Tale"
"Portrait of Julia, the Artist's Wife"
"Portrait of the Artist's Fiancée"
Stachiewicz, Piotr"Beautiful Sophia"
"Girl and Amor"
"Girl in a Cracovian Folk Costume"
"Girl in a Cracovian Folk Costume"
"Girl in a Folk Costume"
"Portrait of a Woman in a Red Dress, The"
"Portrait of Sarah Bernhardt"
"Portrait of Young Woman"
"Venetian Lace"
Stattler, Wojciech Korneli"Peasant Girl with Tambourine"
Stazewski, Henryk"Figural Composition"
Stefanowicz, Kajetan"Two Women"
Steynovitz, Zamy"By the Seaside"
Straszynski, Leonard"Messenger Of Love"
Streitt, Franciszek"At the Well"
"Catherine Jagiellon of Poland"
"Feeding Pigeons"
"Gypsies On the Road"
"Heart Question"
"Musical Serenade"
"On the Road in Autumn"
"Village Musicans"
"Wandering Gypsies"
Stryjenska, Zofia"Apple Picking"
"At the Bonfire"
"Christmas Carolling"
"Dousing Womenfolk on Easter Monday"
"Highland Dance"
"Highlander Musicians Drinking Wine"
"Kujawiak Dance"
"Kupala Night"
Studnicki, Juliusz"Gertruda Wysocka - Udarnik"
Styka, Tadé"Girl with a Guitar"
"Girl with Harp"
"Golden Haired Girl"
"La Polonaise"
"Portrait of a Girl"
"Portrait of a Lady"
"Portrait of a Lady"
"Portrait of a Lady with a Black Dog"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman (Portrait de Femme)"
"Portrait of a Young Lady"
"Portrait of Beatrice Hahn Troy "
"Portrait of Clara C. Gabrilovisch"
"Portrait of Pola Negri"
"Portrait of Woman with Green Eyes"
Styka, Jan"Drawing"
"Peter the Apostle in the Great Gircus"
"Young Woman Bathing"
Styka, Adam"Arab Pair Smoking"
"Banks of the Nile, The"
"Eastern Beauty"
"Fatima in Front of Her Door"
"Favourite, The"
"Girl from Algeria"
"Happy Couple, The"
"Laughing Couple"
"Sweet Moments"
Suchodolski, January"General Jan Henryk Dabrowski entering Poznan"
"In the Salon of Senator Franciszek Skibicki"
"Partisans Fleeing"
"Uhlan and Girl"
"War Victims"
Suchodolski, Mieczyslaw"On the Way to the Market"
Suchodolski, Zdzislaw"Portrait of a Woman"
Swieszewski, Aleksander"Italian Landscape"
"Rural Scene"
Szadkowski, Henryk"Portrait of a Woman"
Szancer, Jan Marcin"Dance, The"
Szankowski, Boleslaw"Black Haired Beauty"
"Blue Shawl"
"Girl with a Basket"
"Girl with a Rose"
"Girl with Flowers"
"Portrait of a Lady with a Flower"
"Portrait of a Lady with Tulle Shawl"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of Two Ladies"
"Spanish Woman"
Szczepanski, Stanislaw"Bathing in a River"
Szczyglinski, Henryk"Park"
Szermentowski, Jozef"Country Woman with a Child"
"In a Park"
Szerner, Wladyslaw"At a Well"
"At the Market"
"Collecting Spikes of Grain"
"Going to Wedding"
"Gooseherd Braiding a Wreath"
"Market in a Small Town"
"Market in a Town near Cracow"
"Meeting by the Stream"
"Waiting for a Wreath"
Szerner, Wladyslaw Karol"Meeting"
Szlegel, Korneli"Polonaise under the Sky"
Szpingier, Zygmunt"Portrait of a Woman"
Szulc, Wladyslaw"Market in Kazimierz"
Szwedkowski, Jan Kanty"Portrait of a Woman"
Szykier (Siekierz), Stanislaw Ksawery"Cossack and Girl"
Szyndler, Pantaleon"Girl in a Blue Dress"
"Slave Girl, The"
Tarnowska, Waleria"Portrait of Zofia Zamoyska née Czartoryska"
Terlikowski, Wlodzimierz"Arab Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
Tetmajer, Wlodzimierz"Achievements (the Artist's Family)"
"Blessing of the Easter Baskets in Bronowice, The"
"Cottage in Bronowice"
"Country Road"
"Cracovian Wedding"
"Easter in Bronowice"
"Genre Scene - Bronowice"
"Hot Day"
"Hot Day - Scarecrow"
"House in Bronowice"
"In a Field"
"In Bronowice"
"In the Wheat Field"
"King and the Peasant, The"
"Musicians in Bronowice"
"Ploughing, Spring"
"Pond in Bronowice"
"Procession in Bronowice"
"Resting From Haymaking"
"Rural Scene"
"Talking on a Country Road"
"Wedding in Bronowice"
Themerson, Stefan"Composition"
Trebacz, Maurycy"Cimbalom Player"
"Young Woman with Washing Basket"
Trzaska, Krzysztof"Capricorn"
"Seventh Billiard Ball"
"Unplayed Chess Game"
Trzcinski, Mieczyslaw"Florianska Gate in Cracow"
Unierzyski, Jozef"Before an Inn"
Unknown Painter, "Coffin Portrait of a Woman"
"Coffin Portrait of Domicella Barbara"
"Coffin Portrait of Sabina Hasa Radlic"
"Coffin Portrait of Unknown Woman"
"Coffin Portrait of Zofia Walicka"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of Anna Lubomirska née Branicka"
"Portrait of Anna Radziwill née Kettler"
"Portrait of Anna Soltykowa née Debinska"
"Portrait of Bona Sforza, the Queen of Poland and the Great Princess of Lithuania"
"Portrait of Catherina and Gregory Przybylo"
"Portrait of Catherina Ostrogska née Lubomirska"
"Portrait of Catherina Radziwill née Teczynska"
"Portrait of Elzbieta Lubomirska née Denhoff"
"Portrait of Franciszka So³tykowa née Mycielska"
"Portrait of Jadwiga Mniszech née Tarlo"
"Portrait of Jozefa Soltyk née Makowiecka"
"Portrait of Konstancja Krystyna Wielopolska"
"Portrait of Queen Catherine Leszczyñska née Opalinska"
Uziemblo, Henryk"Going to the Market"
"Portrait of a Girl"
Wach, Anna"Aurora and the Snowy Owl"
"Beautiful Land, The"
"Bella Provence"
"Bella Venice"
"Bird of Luck"
"Call of Nature, The"
"Charm of Paris, The"
"Colours of Thoughts"
"Dandelion Diva"
"Elvish Fiancée"
"Flute Player"
"French Breakfast"
"Frida Kahlo"
"Gentleness of Nature"
"Harper, The"
"Hour of a Red Rose"
"Jane Eyre"
"Just Before the Abduction of Persephone"
"Love, Evening and Samovar"
"Magic of Venice, The"
"March Walking"
"Melody of the Forest"
"Miss with a Mask and a Cat"
"Morning in a Studio"
"Music of the Night"
"New Year´s Wishes"
"Queen of Diamonds, Queen of Hearts"
"Rainy Morning"
"Red Umbrella"
"Red Umbrella"
"Secret Garden"
"Secret Message"
"Secrets of Bosphorus"
"Siesta in Mykonos"
"Song of Silence"
"Time for Lovers - Evening in Venetia"
"Time of Magic"
"Town of Dream"
"Venetian Whispers"
"Woman with a Parrot"
Wachtel, Wilhelm"On the Shore of the Wörther See, Pörtschach, Austria"
"Pensive Moment"
"Portrait of a Girl"
Walach, Jan"Inside Peasants House"
Waliszewski, Zygmunt"Diana on the Hunt"
"In the Artist's Studio"
"In the Hammock"
Wankie, Wladyslaw"Breton Fisherwoman"
"During the Executive Directory"
"In the Mountains"
"Lonely Woman in a Park"
"On the Terrace"
"Potatoes Picking"
Wasikiewicz, Anna"Woman"
"Woman the Mask"
Wasilewski, Czeslaw"Horse-Drawn Carts"
"Merry Sleigh Ride"
"Uhlans - Asking for Direction"
Wasowicz, Waclaw"Portrait of the Artist's Wife"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife - Zofia Wasowicz"
"Three Women"
Wawrzeniecki, Marian"Farewell at the Cemetery"
Wdowiszewski, Czeslaw"Diana"
Weber, Max"Cyclist in the Park"
Wedrychowski, Lucjan"Medicine Man"
Weinbaum, Abraham"Woman with Flowers"
Weingart, Joachim"At a Table"
"Breton Woman with Roses"
"Woman in a Red Dress"
"Woman in a Yellow Dress"
"Woman in Flowers"
"Women Knitting"
"Young Woman"
Weiss, Wojciech"Aneri at the Door"
"Aneri in a Deck Chair"
"Aneri in a Garden"
"Aneri in an Armchair"
"Aneri in the Morning"
"Aneri in White"
"Aneri Lying in a Deck Chair in Front of the House in Kalwaria"
"Aneri Lying on a Bench"
"Aneri on a Bench on the Background of Roses"
"Aneri Reading"
"Aneri Resting in an Orchard"
"Aneri Sleeping on the Grass"
"Aneri with a Palette"
"Aneri with Easels"
"Aneri with Stas Drawing"
"Aneri Writing a Letter"
"Artist's Wife in the Garden"
"In the Garden"
"Model Reading a Newspaper"
"Painter, The"
"Portrait of Aneri"
"Self-Portrait with Wife at the Window"
"Sleeping Girl"
Weiss, Irena"Self-Portrait"
Wejman, Mieczys³aw"Among Fields"
Wessel, Jacob"Portrait of Magdalena Radziwill"
Wierusz-Kowalski, Alfred"Attack of Wolves"
"Cheerful Coach Journey,"
"Coach Journey"
"Country Wedding"
"Cracovian Wedding"
"Dozynki - Harvest Festival"
"Fast Ride"
"Frosty Afternoon"
"Girl in a Folk Costume"
"Going to the Market"
"Going to the Market"
"In a Shadow"
"Joyful Ride"
"Merry Ride"
"Peasant Wedding"
"Polish Postman, The"
"Shepherd's Tune"
"Sledge Ride"
"Sleigh Party"
"Sleigh Ride"
"Sleigh Ride, The"
"Sleigh Ride"
"Sleigh Ride on a Sunny Day"
"Sunday Morning"
"Uhlans Resting"
"Wedding, The"
"Welcoming Party, The"
"Winter Evening"
Wiesiolowski, Ludwik"Island of Happiness"
Wilczynski, Roman"Russian Officer and His Daughters"
Winkler, Konrad"Portrait of the Artist's Wife"
Wintorowski (Winterowski), Leonard"Portrait of a Lady in Profile"
Wiszniewski, Eugeniusz"Beatrice"
Witkiewicz (Witkacy), Stanislaw Ignacy"Composition"
"Composition with Five Figures"
"Composition with Swans"
"Deception of Woman (Maryla Grossmanowa and Self-portrait)"
"Double Portrait - Halina Judt and Michal Choromanski"
"Double Portrait - Helena Bialynicka-Birula and Stefan Glass"
"Double Portrait of Helena and Teodor Bialynicki-Birula"
"Double Portrait of Helena Lisinska and Jan Gadomski"
"Double Portrait of Maria and Wlodzimierz Nawrocki"
"Figural Composition"
"Furia Adormentata"
"Irena Wiedyskiewicz-Polniakowa"
"Maria i Wlodzimierz Nawrocki"
"Marysia and Burek in Sri Lanka"
"Meeting Unicorn in the Rocky Mountains"
"Mrs. Akne is Difficult to Digest"
"Portrait of a Man"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Portrait of Albina Rondomanska"
"Portrait of Albina Rondomanska"
"Portrait of Aleksandra Totwenowa"
"Portrait of Anna and Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz"
"Portrait of Anna Nawrocka"
"Portrait of Anna Nawrocka"
"Portrait of Anna Nawrocka"
"Portrait of Anna Rydel"
"Portrait of Czeslawa Okninska"
"Portrait of Edwarda Szmuglarowska"
"Portrait of Edwarda Szmuglarowska"
"Portrait of Eugenia Dunin-Borkowska"
"Portrait of H. Spirzewska"
"Portrait of Halina Bylczynska"
"Portrait of Halina Bylczynska"
"Portrait of Halina Krajewska"
"Portrait of Halina Reynel"
"Portrait of Hanna Moesowna"
"Portrait of Helena Bialynicka-Birula"
"Portrait of Helena Bialynicka-Birula"
"Portrait of Helena Bialynicka-Birula"
"Portrait of Helena Bialynicka-Birula"
"Portrait of Helena Bialynicka-Birula"
"Portrait of Helena Bialynicka-Birula"
"Portrait of Helena Bialynicka-Birula"
"Portrait of Helena Bialynicka-Birula"
"Portrait of Helena Bialynicka-Birula"
"Portrait of Helena Bialynicka-Birula"
"Portrait of Helena Bialynicka-Birula"
"Portrait of Helena Bialynicka-Birula"
"Portrait of Helena Bialynicka-Birula"
"Portrait of Helena Bialynicka-Birula"
"Portrait of Helena Bialynicka-Birula"
"Portrait of Helena Stachurska"
"Portrait of Irena Domaniewska"
"Portrait of Irena Domaniewska"
"Portrait of Irena Fedorowicz"
"Portrait of Irena Fedorowicz"
"Portrait of Irena Krzywicka"
"Portrait of Irena Krzywicka"
"Portrait of Irena Krzywicka"
"Portrait of Irena Krzywicka"
"Portrait of Irena Landesman"
"Portrait of Irena Raciborska"
"Portrait of Irena Solska and a Man"
"Portrait of Irena Wiedyskiewicz-Polniakowa"
"Portrait of Irmina Bajer-Nowowiejska"
"Portrait of Jadwiga Pulich"
"Portrait of Jadwiga Pulich"
"Portrait of Jadwiga Sobolewska"
"Portrait of Jadwiga Turowska-Leszczynska"
"Portrait of Jadwiga Witkiewicz"
"Portrait of Janina Bastgen"
"Portrait of Janina Filipowska"
"Portrait of Janina Filipowska"
"Portrait of Janina Skibinska"
"Portrait of Janina Turowska-Leszczynska"
"Portrait of Janina Turowska-Leszczynska"
"Portrait of Joanna Czaplicka-Rzepka"
"Portrait of Jozefina Koninska"
"Portrait of Kazimiera Zulawska"
"Portrait of Lena Izycka"
"Portrait of Malgorzata Wanda Zukotynska"
"Portrait of Maria Kaminska"
"Portrait of Maria Kaminska"
"Portrait of Maria Nawrocka"
"Portrait of Maria Nawrocka"
"Portrait of Maria Nawrocka"
"Portrait of Maria Nawrocka"
"Portrait of Maria Nawrocka"
"Portrait of Maria Nawrocka"
"Portrait of Maria Nawrocka"
"Portrait of Maria Suchon"
"Portrait of Modesta Zwolinska"
"Portrait of Mrs. Borowiecka"
"Portrait of Nena Stachurska"
"Portrait of Nena Stachurska"
"Portrait of Nena Stachurska"
"Portrait of Nena Stachurska"
"Portrait of Nena Stachurska"
"Portrait of Nena Stachurska"
"Portrait of Nena Stachurska"
"Portrait of Nena Stachurska"
"Portrait of Teresa Glod"
"Portrait of Waleria Maria Glogowska"
"Portrait of Zofia Jagodowska"
"Portrait of Zofia Jagodowska"
"Portrait of Zofia Jagodowska"
"Portrait of Zofia Krzeptowska"
"Portrait of Zofia Krzeptowska"
"Portrait of Zofia Mohuczyna"
"Portrait of Zofia Schroeder"
"Temptation of Saint Anthony I"
Wnukowa, Jozefa"Milk Bar"
Wodzinowski, Wincenty"After Harvest"
"Blossoming Orchard"
"Cracovian Women"
"Girl with a Blue Pitcher"
"On the Way to a Market"
"Portrait of a Girl with Flowers"
"Portrait of a Soldier"
"Traditional Custom"
"Woman with a Child"
"Woman with a Sleeping Child"
Wodzinski, Jozef"House Concert"
"Lady with Greyhound"
Wojniakowski, Kazimierz"Portrait of Jozefa Chrzanowska"
"Portrait of Kazimiera Wilzyna née Potocka"
"Society Gathering in a Park"
Wojtkiewicz, Witold"Actors in a Play"
"Fallen Woman"
"In the Loge"
"Leader of the Dance"
"Pentecost Holiday Fair near Cracow"
"Portrait of Eliza"
"Portrait of Liza Parenska"
"Portrait of Maria Raczynska née Parenska"
"Portrait of the Musician Boleslaw Raczynski"
Wolski, Jan"Resting Peasants"
Wolski, Stanislaw Pomian"In Front of an Inn in Podole"
Wozniak, Ryszard"Terminally Ill Home - In Memory of Katarzyna Kobro"
Wozniak, Dominik"Melancholy"
Wroblewski, Andrzej"Chair Form"
"End of the Day's Work in Nowa Huta"
"Line Never Ends, The"
"On the Beach"
Wrzeszcz, Eugeniusz"Two Women in a Forest"
Wyczolkowski, Leon"Girl in a Folk Costume"
"Girl in a Green Hat"
"I Saw Once"
"In the Setting Sun"
"Picking Beetroots"
"Picking Beetroots I"
"Woman in a Cracovian Folk Costume"
"Woman Praying in Church in Bochnia"
Wydra, Jan"Abduction"
Wygrzywalski, Felix Michael"Abyssinian Woman"
"Arab and Girl"
"Arab with a Girl"
"Arab Woman Mending Carpet"
"Carpets Sellers"
"Corrida in Seville"
"La fioraia"
"Master of the Harem"
Wyspianski, Stanislaw"Artist's Wife and Daughter, The"
"Artist's Wife with their Son Stas"
"Portrait of Artist's Wife"
"Portrait of Dagna Przybyszewska"
"Portrait of Eliza Parenska"
"Portrait of Helena Propper-Bornet"
"Portrait of Honorata Leszczynska as Katharina in Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew"
"Portrait of Irena Solska"
"Portrait of Jozefa Krzysztalowicz"
"Portrait of Klementyna"
"Portrait of Leonowa Sternbachowa"
"Portrait of Maria Waskowska"
"Portrait of Salomea Hankiewiczowa and Her Daughter"
"Portrait of the Actress Wanda Siemaszkowa"
"Portrait of the Actress Wladyslawa Ordon-Sosnowska"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife with Pelargoniums"
"Self-Portrait with His Wife"
"Solitaire by the Candle Light"
"Study of a Woman"
Wywiorski-Gorstkin, Michal"In the Caucasus Mountains"
"Park in Autumn"
Zygmuntowicz, Ignacy"Horse-Drawn Carts"
"Merry Sleigh Ride"
"Uhlans - Asking for Direction"
Zajchowski, Franciszek"Joyride"
Zak, Eugène"Bathing Woman (Idyll)"
"Breton Woman"
"Bust of a Young Girl"
"Dancer and Guitar Player"
"Dancing Woman"
"Drinking Woman"
"Girl in Pink Shawl"
"Girl with a Blue Ribbon"
"Girl with a Butterfly"
"Gypsy Woman with a Guitar"
"Happy Family"
"Head of a Girl"
"Head of a Girl in Profile"
"Head of a Nun, The"
"Head of a Woman"
"Head of a Woman"
"Head of a Woman"
"Head of a Woman"
"Head of a Woman"
"Head of a Woman"
"Idyll (Couple by the Lake)"
"Idyllic Scene"
"Idyllic Scene"
"In the Boat"
"In the Church (Brittany)"
"Maternity (Maternité)"
"Mother with an Infant"
"Mother with Child"
"Portrait of a Breton Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman in Profile"
"Portrait of a Young Woman in a Hat (Jadwiga Zak)"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife"
"Woman in a Blue Shawl"
"Woman in a Shawl"
"Woman with a Rabbit"
"Woman with Child"
"Woman with Jumping Jack"
"Woman Writing a Letter"
"Woman's Head"
"Young Woman in Profile"
Zaleski, Teofil"Rural Landscape"
Zarow, Diana"Dreams II"
"Dreams III"
"Poisonous Words like Beautiful Flowers Entwine me..."
"Without Fear"
Zarzecki, Marcin"Portrait of a Woman with a Child"
Zawadzinski, Czeslaw"Portrait of a Woman"
"Women and Black Cats"
Zawadzki, Stanislaw"Evening at Marienplatz in Munich"
Zegalski, Leszek Michal"Johnny Marlboro and a Woman"
Zejmo, Dariusz"Antico"
"Beauty and the Beast"
"Butterfly Woman"
"Deep Purple"
"Dreaming on the Beach"
"Garden Impression"
"In Blue"
"Klimt Woman"
"Primavera con Ombrello"
"Red Gloves"
"Secret Garden"
"Venetian Woman"
Zelechowski, Kacper"Highland Girl"
Zmigrodzki, Ludwik"Recollections"
Zmurko, Franciszek"Dream"
"Evening Song"
"Head of a Blonde Woman (Portrait of the Artist's Wife?), The"
"In the Sleep"
"Lady in a Hat"
"Lady on the Background of Rocks"
"Lady with a Fan"
"Morning Star"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Portrait of a Woman in a Hat"
"Portrait of a Woman with a Fan and a Cigarette"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"
"Portrait of the Model"
"Red Girl"
"Sleeping Woman"
"Study for Laudamus Feminam"
"Woman Dressed in Eastern Cloth"
"Woman with a Fan"
"Zygmunt August i Barbara Radziwillowna"
Zuber, Juliusz"Courtship"
"Inside a Cottage"
Zulawski, Marek"Portrait of Claire Bloom"
"Spanish Woman"
"Street Scene"
Zyngiel, Krzysztof"Autumn"
"Chamber Concert"
"Enchanted Musical"
"Flow of Dreaming"
"Gate to the World of Music"
"In Defence of Freedom - Joan of Arc"
"Interesting Meeting"
"Magic Operetta"
"Matron Period"
"Melodic Luggage"
"Melodic Polyphony"
"Moonlight Sonata"
"Odyssey of Memories"
"On the End of the World"
"Romantic Ballad"
"Sea Accompaniment"
"Starry Night Music"
"Temptation of Eve, The"
"Travels with Music"
Zywolewski, Stanislaw"Heaven"