Nocturnes in Polish Paintings

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Ajdukiewicz, Thaddaus von"Asking for Directions in a Steppe"
Ajdukiewicz, Sigismund"Escaping the Storm"
Alchimowicz, Kazimierz"Landscape with a Stork"
Anthony, Justyna"Sadness"
Andrzej Ansgary"Chopin's Funeral March"
Badowski, Adam"Meeting at the Fountain"
Baj, Stanislaw"Bug River"
"Evening over the Lake"
Beksinski, Zdzislaw"Untitled"
Biegas, Boleslas"Chopin"
"Confirmation of Love"
"Sanctuary of Love"
Bilinska-Bohdanowiczowa, Anna"Unter den Linden Street in Berlin"
Boncza-Rutkowski, Wladyslaw"Evening Silence"
"In Front of a Cottage"
"Moonlit Night"
"Nocturne with a Water Mill"
"Rural Landscape at Night"
Brandt, Jozef"Cossack Patrol by a Bonfire"
"Halt in a Small Town"
"Prayer on the Steppe"
"Snow Storm"
Bratkowski, Roman"Winter near Lviv"
Brochocki, Walery"Landscape with a Boat"
"Winter Landscape"
Chelminski, Jan van"Asking for Direction"
"Cossacks in the Steppe"
"Going to a Horse Market"
Chelmonski, Jozef"At Sunset"
"Before an Inn"
"Before the Sunrise. Venus"
"Concert of Frogs"
"Cossacks before an Inn"
"Cranes at Dawn"
"Dance - oberek"
"Dawn after the Folk Dance"
"Dawn. The Kingdom of Birds"
"Evening (From Polesie)"
"Evening in Polesie"
"Flight of the Cranes"
"Gathering to Go Hunting"
"Geese Over the Water"
"Greeting of the Sun. Cranes, The"
"In the Forest at Dawn"
"Insurgents at Night's Rest"
"Lake - Morning"
"Meadow at Sunset"
"Moonlit Night"
"Moonlit Night"
"Moorhen, The"
"Pond in Radziejowice"
"Study for the Wood-Grouse"
"Sunset. Lake Switez"
"Ukrainian Night in Winter"
"Winter. Manor at Dusk"
"Wood-Grouse Hunting"
Chlebowski, Stanislaus von"Harbour in the Bosphorus"
"Turkish Ladies on the Promenade by the Bosphorus"
Chmielowski, Adam"Village at Night"
Czajkowski, Stanislaw"Yom Kippur"
Czajkowski, Jozef"Jewish Cemetery"
Dabrowski, Eugeniusz"Woman in Town at Night"
Doregowski, Edward"Nocturne"
Duda-Gracz, Jerzy"Painting 2699"
Dunin Borkowski, Alfons"Cossack in the Steppe"
Eibisch, Eugeniusz"Hackneys at Night"
Eleszkiewicz, Stanislaw"In the Rain"
Fabijanski, Stanislaw Ignacy Poraj"Cracow Market Square. Nocturne, The"
"St. Barbara Church in Cracow at Night"
"St. Mary's Church in Cracow"
"Wawel Castle in Cracow"
Faczynski, Jerzy"Fear"
"Man with a Cigarette"
"View on Festival Garden - Cat Before a Window"
Falat, Julian"After Hunting Moose"
"Cracow in the Morning"
"Moose in the Swamps"
Galinski, Pawel Tadeusz"Nocturne"
Gerson, Wojciech"Ruins of the Palace in Podzamcze Piekoszowskie"
Gierymski, Aleksander"Angelus (Angelus Domini), The"
"Bridge in Munich"
"Evening on the Seine"
"Evening on the Seine"
"Feast of Trumpets, The"
"Feast of Trumpets, The"
"Louvre at Night"
"Maximilianplatz in Munich at Night"
"Parisian Opera House at Night"
"Street in Rome at Night"
"Wittelsbach Square in Munich at Night"
Gierymski, Maksymilian"1863 Insurgent"
"Gipsy Camp I"
"Insurrectionary Patrol around a Bonfire"
"Landscape at Sunrise"
"Night (The Road at Night)"
"Prayer of Jews on Sabbath"
Grottger, Artur"Conciliation"
"Evening Prayer of a Farmer"
Grubinski, Jan"Landscape at Sunset"
"Winter Forest at Sunset"
Guranowski, Jozef"Village. Nocturne"
Gwozdecki, Gustaw"Moon"
Haar, Jan Jozef"Water-Mill in Moonlight"
Harasimowicz, Marceli"Landscape"
"Sunset over a Lake"
Hayden, Henri"Marne River in Green"
Hinc, Zbigniew"Grand and Elegant Cracow-Vienna Railway"
"Last Stop"
"Little Port Towns"
"Music that will Never be Made"
"Quiet Day"
"Smell of Dawn"
"Sunset at the Countryside"
Hofman, Vlastimil"Human Fate"
Holzmüller, Juliusz"Deer in Clearing"
Jasinski, Emilian"Landscape at Sunset, The"
Jaxa-Malachowski, Soter"Nocturne"
"Seascape. Nocturne"
Jozefczyk, Zygmunt"Tooting-Grounds of Black Grouse"
Kamienski, Antoni"Jokers (At the Cemetery)"
Karpinski, Alfons"Garden at Dark"
Kasprowicz, Jan Maksymilian"Driving a Sleigh at Night, Pursued by Wolves"
Kaufmann (Kamir), Leon"Landscape in the Twilight (Paysage au crépuscule)"
"Night Owl"
Kedzierski, Apoloniusz"Fisherman"
Kietlicz-Rayski, Konstanty"Winter Landscape"
Kiwerski, Krzysztof"Small Talk I"
"Small Talk II"
Kochanowski, Roman"At Dusk"
"At Dusk"
"Autumn Forest"
"Autumn Landscape at Sunset"
"Evening Landscape at the River"
"In the Forest at Sunset"
"Landscape at Sunset"
"Street at Dusk"
"Winter Landscape"
Koniczek, Krzysztof"Winter Nocturne"
Korecki, Wiktor"After Sunset"
"Snowy Landscape at Sunset"
"Snowy Landscape at Sunset"
"Sunset in the Polish Countryside"
"Sunset over a Pond"
"Sunset over Water"
"Water-Mill at Sunset"
"Winter Landscape"
"Winter Morning"
"Winter's Night"
"Wintry scene in the twilight"
Korwin Piotrowski, Mieczyslaw"Reeds"
Kosinski, Kajetan"Night Sleigh Ride"
Kossak, Juliusz"Insurgents' Camp at Night"
Kossak, Jerzy"Desert Prayer, The"
Kostrzewski, Franciszek"Fire Victims"
"Kupala Night"
Kotarbinski, Wilhelm"Evening Silence. Lost in Thoughts"
"Grave of a Suicide, The"
"Star in the Night, The"
Kotsis, Aleksander"Country Salesman"
Kraszewska, Otolia"Stories around a campfire"
Krzyzanowski, Konrad"By the Light of the Candle"
Kulon, Franciszek C."Sunrise in the Catskills"
"Sunset over the Catskill"
Kutew, Christo"Girl"
Lampi, Franciszek Ksawery"Mountainous Landscape with Waterfall (The Sunset)"
"Rescue of Shipwreck Victims"
"Scene in the Carthusian Convent"
Laveaux, Ludwik de"In Sunset"
"Parisian Cafe at Night"
"Parisian Opera House by Night"
"Parisian Street at Night"
"Sea (Sunset over the Sea)"
Lentz, Stanislaw"Misunderstanding"
Lewandowski, Janusz"Nocturne II"
Lindeman, Emil"Giewont at Sunset"
Lipinski, Hipolit"Back Home after Harvest"
Lotowski, Jozef"Ciechanowiec"
Majrowski (Meyro), Zdzislaw Constantin"A Long Time Ago"
Makowski, Tadeusz"Return from School"
Malczewski, Rafal"Skyscrapers in New York"
Malczewski, Jacek"Thanatos II"
Malecki, Wladyslaw Aleksander"Forward Patrol"
"Landscape with a Chapel"
"Storks' Seym"
"Village near Kielce"
Maler, Eryk"Sunset"
Malinowski, Adam Wiktor"Nocturne"
"Rocky Coast. Nocturne"
"Village on Fire - Episode of the 1863 Insurrection"
Markowicz, Artur"Winter"
Marszewski, Jozef"Nocturnal Landscape and Windmills"
Maslowski, Stanislaw"Departure for the Hunt"
Matejko, Jan"Gamrat and Stanczyk"
"Night Adventure of Jan Olbracht"
Mehoffer, Jozef"Planty Park in Cracow"
"Vistula River near Niepolomice"
Michalik, Borys"Reminiscence II"
Michalowski, Piotr"Gypsum Factory"
"Parade in front of Napoleon"
Mlodozeniec, Stanislaw"New York - Time Square at Night"
"NYC at Night"
Mokwa, Marian"Street in Gdansk"
Mozyro, Elzbieta"Angel - Until the Last Glare"
"Between Night and Day"
"Cat Nature"
"Train to the Stars"
"World at Her Feet, The"
Mroczkowski, Aleksander"Landscape with Cottages"
Musialowicz, Henryk"Animalistic Landscape"
Najbor, Wiktor"Steps at Night"
Nalecz, Wlodzimierz Jan"Sailboats at Sunset"
Niesiolowski, Tymon"Vilnius. Winter Morning"
Novak-Zemplinski, Max"Untitled"
Olbinski, Rafal"Paris - Third Dimention of Time"
"Secret Life of a Shooting Star, The"
Orlowski, Aleksander"Batalistic Scene"
"Landscape with Water in Moonlight"
"Polish Insurgents in the Forrest at Night"
"Seascape. At Night"
Osak, Agnieszka"Dark Night"
Pankiewicz, Jozef"Hackney at Night"
"Nocturne - Swans in the Saski Garden at Night"
"Park in Duboj"
"Warsaw's Old Town Market Place at Night"
Pelczynski, Czeslaw"Cemetery at Dusk"
Pennards-Sycz, Justyna"No Light"
"Urban Solitude"
Peske, Jan Miroslaw"Moonlight"
Piatkowski, Henryk"Pond at Night"
Piotrowski, Antoni"Guard in the Fog"
"Morning on the Danube"
"Morning Patrol"
Pochwalski, Kasper"Sunset"
Pociecha, Michal"Country Landscape"
Podkowinski, Wladyslaw"Chopin's Funeral March"
Popiel, Thaddaus"After the Storm"
"First Star"
Popowski, Stefan"Moonlit Night"
"Moonlit Night at the Lake"
"Moony Night"
Potrzebowski, Jerzy"Droshky Driver Reading a Newspaper"
"Town Carriage"
Potworowski, Piotr"Sunset with Black Trees"
Pruszkowski, Witold"All Souls' Day"
"Barrows at Night"
"Falling Star"
"Kupala Night"
"Moonlit Landscape"
"Water Nymphs"
"When Morning Dawn is Breaking"
Rapacki, Jozef"At Dusk"
"Dawn over the Pond"
"Evening in Warsaw"
"Evening Star. Mist"
"Landscape with Nenuphars"
"Nocturnal Marshland"
"Shrine on an Old Willow"
Rej, Aleksandra"Grandfather’s Roses"
"Silent Night"
Rosen, Jan"Night Watch"
Roszkowska, Teresa"Café"
Rozwadowski, Zygmunt"Winter"
Ruszczyc, Ferdynand"Emptiness - Old Nest"
"Into the World"
"Moonlight Night"
"Nec Mergitur"
"Old House (Manor in Bohdanow)"
Rybkowski, Tadeusz"Wolves Attack"
Rychter-Janowska, Bronislawa"Manor House at Sunset"
Ryszkiewicz, Jozef"Before Hunting"
"Polish Scythe-Men"
"Return at Night"
"Winter Evening"
Sandoz, Adolf Karol"Prayer at Sunset outside Barka, Oman"
Schulz, Bruno"Undula at Night"
"Undula Goes Into the Night"
Setkowicz, Adam"Sleigh in front of Cottage"
"Sleigh Ride at Dawn"
Sidorowicz, Zygmunt"At Sunset"
"Gipsy Camp"
"In a Forest at Sunset"
"Landscape at Sunset"
Siemiradzki, Henryk"Departure from an Island at Night"
"Night in Pompeii"
Sitak, Kamila"Evening"
Skrzynska, Magdalena"July Night"
Slabiak, Juliusz"Escape From Wolves"
"Going to Midnight Mass"
Slusarsky, Dariusz"A Midsummer Night's Dream"
"Evening Coated with Moonlight"
Sosnowski, Kajetan"Good Night"
Stabrowski, Kazimierz"Colosseum by Moonlight, The"
Stachiewicz, Piotr"Ave Maria"
Stanislawski, Jan"Dnieper River"
"Landscape of Sieniawa on the River Rosia"
"Moon - Tyniec"
"Moonlit Evening"
"Night (Cottages in the Moonlight)"
"Poplars near the Water"
"Sapphire Dnieper"
"St. Michael's Cathedral in Kiev"
"Village in the Ukraine, The"
"White Church in Ukraine"
Stankiewicz, Zofia"Wetland"
Steller, Pawel"Christmas Star"
"Midnight Mass"
"Silesian Christmas Nativity"
Streitt, Franciszek"On the Way to a Market"
Stryowski (Stryjowski), Wilhelm August"Raftsmen by the Vistula River"
Styka, Adam"Thebes - Sunset over the Nile"
Suchodolski, January"In a Forge"
"Polish Uhlans' Bivouac near Wagram"
Swieszewski, Aleksander"Nocturne - Landscape with a Lake"
Szancenbach, Jan"Pont Neuf, Pone des Arts"
Szczyglinski, Henryk"Lazienki Park at Night"
"Nocturne with a Shrine"
Szermentowski, Jozef"Morning Star"
Szerner, Wladyslaw"Gooseherd Braiding a Wreath"
Starykon"Beginning of Spring, The"
Tepa (Teppa), Franciszek"Bedouins Resting Near Deserted..."
Topolski, Feliks"Tempest, The"
Trojanowski, Wincenty"Early Morning on the Lake"
Trusz, Ivan"Dawn on the Dniepr"
"Evening Sun"
"Sunset in the South"
"Sunset over the Bay"
"Sunset over the Steppe"
"Water-Mill at Dusk"
"Yacht on the Dnieper River"
Vogel, Zygmunt"Lazienki Palace in Moonlight"
Wach, Anna"Time for Lovers - Evening in Venetia"
Waliszewski, Zygmunt"Statue of General Championnet"
Wankie, Wladyslaw"Lonely Woman in a Park"
"Moony Night"
"St. Augustine"
Wankowicz, Walenty"Mickiewicz on the Cliff of Yudah"
Wasikiewicz, Anna"At Night"
Wasilewski, Czeslaw"At Dawn. Going to Work"
"Dawn over the Lake"
"Family of Wild Boars"
"Halt by Cottage"
"Horse-Drawns in Winter"
"In a Steppe - Hunting with Greyhounds"
"Journey at Night"
"Small Town"
"Winter Evening"
"Wood-Grouse Courting"
Weiss, Wojciech"Parisian Cafe (Cafe d'Arcourt)"
"Radiant Sunset"
Wieloglowski, Artur Waclaw"Beginning of Spring, The"
Wierusz-Kowalski, Alfred"Attacked By Wolves"
"Departure for the Hunt at Dawn"
"Evening Sleigh"
"Free Wolf"
"Frosty Afternoon"
"Hunters, The"
"In the Evening Mist"
"Lonely Wolf"
"Night Attack"
"Night Ride"
"Return Home at Sunset, The"
"Sleigh at Night"
"Snow Storm"
"Through the Snow at Night"
"Through the Snow at Night"
"Wolf at Night (Wölfe in der Nacht)"
"Wolves in a Snowstorm"
Wilczek, Kornel"Good Evening"
"Light of the Port"
"Marina at Sunset"
"Time for Love"
"Venice Night Temptation"
"Wawel Castle in Cracow at Night"
Wiszniewski, Eugeniusz"At Sunrise"
Witkiewicz (Witkacy), Stanislaw Ignacy"Australian Landscape"
"Australian Landscape"
"Australian Landscape"
"Nocturnal Landscape"
"View of the Wawel Castle in Cracow"
Wojtkiewicz, Witold"Mi-Caréme"
"Moony Night"
"Procession of Children"
Wyczolkowski, Leon"Barrow in Ukraine"
"Fishing At Dawn"
"Giewont at Sunset"
"Landscape after Sunset"
Wygrzywalski, Felix Michael"Venice"
Wyspianski, Stanislaw"Planty Park at Dawn"
"Solitaire by the Candle Light"
"Straw Covers on Rosebushes"
Wywiorski-Gorstkin, Michal"Afterglow"
"Last Sun Ray"
"Return from a Market"
Yerka, Jacek"Midsummer Night's Dream"
Zygmuntowicz, Ignacy"At Dawn. Going to Work"
"Dawn over the Lake"
"Family of Wild Boars"
"Halt by Cottage"
"Horse-Drawns in Winter"
"In a Steppe - Hunting with Greyhounds"
"Journey at Night"
"Small Town"
"Winter Evening"
"Wood-Grouse Courting"
Zak, Eugène"House on the Hill"
Zawadzki, Stanislaw"Evening at Marienplatz in Munich"
Zdybal, Mariusz"Sagittarius"
Zejmo, Dariusz"Clouds over Como"
"Late Afternoon"
"Lisbon Night"
"Morning in a Port"
"Notturno Veneziano"
Ziomek, Teodor"Evening"
Zmurko, Franciszek"Morning Star"
Zukowski (Станислав Юлианович ЖУКОВСКИЙ), Stanislaw"Church Cupolas Bathed in Moonlight"
"House Door at Night, The"
"View of a Village at Night"
"Winter Road at Night"