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Adamczyk, Piotr"Adoration of Cash Cow"
"Age of Steam"
"Armada of Love"
"Armand Louis de Gontaut"
"Ball of the Roses"
"Bird's Town"
"Carousel Woman"
"Chasing a Fox"
"Church Fair"
"Circus Arrived, The"
"Circus Deriglasoff"
"Commedia dell´arte"
"Equestrian Portrait"
"Farinelli in the Garden of Palacio Real de la Granja"
"Fish Tamer"
"Gustav Klimt’s Black and White Cat"
"Horse Riding with Dogs"
"Mademoiselle Machine"
"Maze, The"
"Monsieur Chauffeur"
"On a Swing"
"Polish Proverbs"
"Polish Stories 16"
"Polish Story"
"Polish Story"
"Polish Story 11"
"Polish Story 12"
"Polish Story 4"
"Polish Story 5"
"Polish Story 6"
"Polish Story 7"
"Polish Story 8"
"Polish Story 9"
"Prince of Lowicz"
"Princess of Lowicz"
"Rape of Europa, The"
"Sad Dream of Adelaide Springett"
"Sleepiness according to Gustav Klimt"
"Spanish Equestrian"
"Steam Circus"
"Steam Violin"
"Temple of Caresses"
"Toa Ball"
"Walk in the Chinese Garden"
Andrusiewicz, Kazimierz"In the Café"
Anthony, Justyna"A Cat"
"Angel with Purple Wings"
"Autumn in the Woods"
"Ballerina with a Red Glove"
"Big Feet"
"Black Swan"
"Blue Ballerina"
"Blue Eyes"
"Blue Shirt"
"Dancing Woman"
"Deep Sleep"
"Evil in Me, The"
"Guardian Angel"
"I Have Enough"
"I See You"
"Ice Princess"
"Kobieta w czerwonym gorsecie"
"Lady in a Red Robe"
"Lady with a Cameleon"
"Lady with a Cat"
"Lady with a Cat"
"Lady with a Poodle"
"Lady with a White Cat"
"Lady with Flowers"
"Lady with German Shepherd"
"Lady with Long Lashes"
"Lady with Red Hair"
"Love Me"
"Moment for Me"
"Pretty Woman"
"Red Carpet"
"Red Haired Nude"
"Romantic Woman"
"She is all in Colours"
"Sleeping Girl"
"Smoking Woman"
"Sunday Breakfast"
"Suspended Angel"
"White Pearl"
"Woman with a Sparrow"
Baj, Stanislaw"Bug River, The"
"Bug River, The"
"Bug River, The"
Bak, Karol"Angel's Dream"
"Birth of the Star"
"Chaos Star"
"Dancing with Lost Star"
"Esoteric Portrait"
"Galactic Girl IV"
"Golden Dawn"
"Golden Girl"
"Metamorphosis of Europe"
"Prima Mobilia XL"
"Prima Mobilia XLI"
"Prima Mobilia XLII"
"Prima Mobilia XLIII"
"Prima Mobilia XLVIII"
"Sailing Ship XX"
"Sailing Ship XXI"
"Sweet Day"
"Time IV"
"Time XIII"
"Tree of Knowledge"
"White Flower"
Beksinski, Zdzislaw"M15"
Bereznicki, Kiejstut"Self-Portrait"
"Still Life with a Palette III"
"Still Life with Glasses"
Borowicz, Maja"Alone"
"End of the Future"
"Eva Leaves"
"From the Ashes"
"Golden Dragon"
"In the Middle of Emptiness"
"Numbered Time"
"Tenderness of Destiny"
Dabrowski, Krzysztof"Untitled"
Dominik, Tadeusz"Amazonia"
"Roses and Forget-Me-Nots"
"Water Lilies"
Duda-Gracz, Jerzy"Luncheon on the Grass, The"
"Painting 1065"
"Portrait of Uhlan"
"Useless Penance"
Dwurnik, Edward"14 Double Bass Players"
"Big Fruit - Small Dogs"
"Blue Tulips"
"Castle Square in Warsaw"
"Common Landscape"
"Double Bass Players"
"Falling Apples and Berries"
"Four Giraffes"
"Golf Course"
"Grizzly Bears Love Daisy"
"Merry Hemulens"
"Merry Tanks - Riga"
"Monkey Man"
"Mr. Kogito"
"New York"
"New York"
"Notre-Dame de Paris"
"Pink Jetty"
"Polish Pine Trees"
"Poppy Flowers"
"Poppy Flowers"
"Potato Bug"
"Rainbow Warsaw"
"Red Tulips"
"Royal Castle Square"
"Royal Castle Square in Warsaw"
"Russian Tank"
"Three Crosses Square"
"Warsaw - London"
Dzielawski, Arkadiusz"Aero Machines"
"Aqua Machines"
"Arena of Life"
"Between Heaven and Earth"
"Gate II"
"Gate III"
"Gate V"
"Immoral Proposition, The"
"Journey to Devachan"
"Luggage of Memories"
"On the Other Side of the Mirror"
"Queen III"
"Queen VI"
"Sirens Playing II"
Eidrigevièius, Stasys"Untitled"
Galinski, Pawel Tadeusz"In a Park"
"In Silence and Shadow"
"Mask I"
"Peninsulas of Silence III"
"Shaman or Sweet Bitter Fate of the Artist"
Galus, Angelika"3CI"
"A passi lenti"
"Awakening. Yellow"
"Dream. Blue, The"
"In the Space"
"On an Island"
"Plays. Vicious Circle"
"Talk. Red"
"Waiting. Green"
Garwol, Pawel"Billboard"
"One step"
Gorecki, Wojciech"Haystack at Dawn"
Heksel, Krzysztof"Thinker"
Hinc, Zbigniew"Borderline"
"Comfortable Cruise"
"Dark Silence"
"Exploring Expedition"
"Grand and Elegant Cracow-Vienna Railway"
"Guardians of the Earth"
"Last Stop"
"Little Port Towns"
"Lost City"
"Mauve High Tide"
"Mediterranean Dawn"
"Music that will Never be Made"
"Night Train to the End of the World"
"Port Authority"
"Port in Gdansk"
"Quiet Day"
"Rozchodniaczek II"
"Secret Astronomical Observatory"
"Smell of Dawn"
"Sunset at the Countryside"
"Tourist Cruise"
"Train to Sopot"
"Transatlantic Cruise"
"Trap of Time"
"Travelling Musician"
"Waiting for a Concert"
"Waiting for the Husband"
Izdebski-Cruz, Krzysztof"6th Street"
"Fantasy Nr 2 (with Flowers)"
"Fantasy Nr 3 (with Birds)"
"Mermaid, The"
"Return of the King, The"
"Sketch 69"
"Sketch for the painting - Young Burlak"
"Story, The"
"Triple Portrait of Julian"
"Upside Down"
"Vanitas 1887 with Flowers"
"White on Red"
"Woman in White or Sheep"
"Young European"
Jasnikowski, Jaroslaw"Above the Clouds by Train"
"Baikal Express"
"Blue Torpedo"
"Clock on the Seed of the Pea"
"Closeness of Breath, Closeness of Look"
"Cyclop Lover"
"Desert Cruiser"
"Deserted Town"
"Explorers of the Old Civilization"
"Flight Over the City of Clouds"
"Fortress Among Clouds"
"Gate to the Parallel Worlds, The"
"Green Dreams of Old Watch"
"Guardians of the Middle Desert Time"
"Hell of Sisyphuses"
"In Search of the New Worlds"
"Just Before the Departure"
"Landscape with Fallen Time but without a Cat"
"Last Bonfire this Autumn"
"Martian Clock"
"Martian Traces"
"Masters of the Desert"
"Moon Tower"
"Nigrum Cathedrali"
"Old, Abandoned Steam Engine"
"Over the Plateau of Gold Winds"
"Power of Experience, The"
"Rain Clock"
"Revelation in the Desert"
"River of Quest, River of Knowledge"
"Second Cruise of Titanic"
"Sphaericum aer vehiculum"
"Steam Engine"
"Towards Clouded Meadows"
"Valley of Useless Atoms"
"Zeppelin Amenhotepa XXVI"
Kaleta, Dariusz"Acquiring Knowledge"
"After the Battle"
"Amber Lady"
"Battle with an Orc"
"Blue Angel"
"Boy and a Lizard"
"David and Bathsheba"
"Fairy Tale"
"Gate of the Angel"
"Head of the Elder"
"Hunting the Beast"
"I Love Vouge"
"Lady of Dragons"
"Lady of Eagles"
"Lady of Eagles"
"Last Note"
"Mask - Pride"
"Meeting Panthera Chimera"
"Monster Slayer"
"Muse and Pegasus"
"Orc and Hussar"
"Red Nude"
"Resting Angel"
"Socrates and Cicuta"
"Touch of the Angel"
"Venus and Mars"
"Whisper of the Raven"
Kaminski, Pawel Jan"Desire"
"My Piece of Sky"
"Rainy Morning"
Karasek, Klaudia"Coexistence"
"Consensus / Discordia"
"Great Game"
"Green Bodies Zone"
"In the World of Old Trees and Kingfishers, Time is a Concept of Absurdity"
"Lady Dandelion"
"Light Disperses Darkness"
"Most Important is Invisible for Eyes, The"
"Permanence of Being"
"Sky Residence of the Microcosmos Army"
"Spiritual Messengers"
Kiwerski, Krzysztof"Castle I"
"Castle II"
"City 2"
"Moth Bound XVIII"
"Outsider I"
"Outsider II"
"Still Life - C1"
"Still Life - C2"
"Still Life - C3"
"Still Life - H1"
"Still Life - H2"
"Still Life - H3"
"Still Life - H4"
"Still Life - S1"
"Still Life - S2"
"Still Life - S3"
"Still Life - W1"
"Still Life - W2"
"Still Life - W3"
"Vermeer in New York"
"Vermeer in New York"
"Vermeer in New York"
"Vermeer in New York"
"Vermeer in New York"
Kolpanowicz, Marcin"Atlantis III"
"Hunter of Clouds"
"Indian Summer"
"Jellyfish Place"
"New Jerusalem"
"New Jerusalem"
"Sail from Antipodes"
"Sunken Cathedral"
Koltan, Katarzyna"Algor"
"Caput mortuum"
Koniczek, Krzysztof"Birth"
"Blue Expression"
"Blue Forest"
"Blue Venus"
"Computer Dream"
"Cyan Abstraction"
"Eternal Blues"
"Florida. Impression"
"Gate of Iceland"
"Golden Abstraction"
"Green Abstraction"
"Gulf of Mexico"
"Gulf of Mexico"
"Iceland Impression"
"Let's Talk"
"Marsh Marigolds"
"My Flotilla"
"Mysteries of the Tower of Babel"
"Mystery of the Violin"
"New York Abstraction"
"New York Abstraction"
"New York Abstraction"
"Nike in a Red Dress"
"Organic Composition"
"Passion for Music"
"Pillars of Heaven, The"
"Pink Abstraction"
"Poppy Flowers"
"Red Abstraction"
"Red Abstraction"
"Red Expression"
"Touch of Nature"
"Towards Infinity"
"Towards Infinity"
"Towards Knowledge"
"Winter Nocturne"
Kopania, Zbigniew"Before the Storm"
"I Want a Balloon"
"Indian Ocean"
"Journey through Life"
"Lost Gardens of Atlantis"
"Monet’s Pond - Spring"
"Peonies in the Garden"
"Peonies with Mysterious Mask"
"Reminiscence of Igor Mitoraj"
"Romantic Landscape"
Kukowski, Jaroslaw"Angel"
"Elements of Unfaithfulness"
Kulon, Franciszek C."In the Catskill"
"In the Catskill II"
Lebenstein, Jan"Rape of Europa, The"
Lech, Ryszard"Architecture"
"At Sunset"
Lenica, Alfred"Talismans"
Lewandowski, Janusz"Birds"
"Boy on a Stool"
"Cocoon II"
"Ferry Woman, The"
"Gust of Wind"
"Hour of Silence"
"Nocturne II"
Lipowczan, Jacek"After the Show"
"And how to live, how to live Mr. Prime Minister.....?"
"Battle between Lent and Carnival, The"
"Bavarian Idyll - Oktoberfest 2018"
"Between Scylla and Charybdis"
"Countes Anastasia U. and her Lovers"
"Crazy Corner"
"Crazy World"
"Dangerous Games"
"Day After..., The"
"Day of the Wacko - Anything can Happen"
"European Madonnas - Britannia"
"European Madonnas - Marianne"
"European Madonnas - Polonia"
"European Madonnas - Rossiya"
"European Madonnas II - Britannia"
"European Madonnas II - Germania"
"For Charity..."
"Good Bye Our Dear Boy"
"Happy Polish Family on Holiday"
"Have Fun - There's no Hell"
"Heart Breaker"
"Hell's Angels"
"I Love your Sense of Humour... Adi!"
"In the Theatre of King Zula-Gula"
"Landscape after the Battle"
"Last Judgement, The"
"Last Stop to Heaven"
"Let the Music Play - Kindergeld is on the Way"
"Let's Fly to a Better World"
"Let's Play in Bambuko Now!"
"Life & Adventures of Vicar Sz."
"Luncheon on the Grass in the Folk-Patriotic Edition"
"Merry Widow"
"Merry Xmas - very patriotic carp..."
"Midnight Talks"
"Migrants '81 - Lolita Waiting for a Happy Day"
"Migrants - It should have been like in Paradise"
"Moulin Rouge - Time to Remember...."
"National Patriotic Portrait - Polish Mother of the Five Hundred"
"No GENDER - Blessed House Retreat"
"Oh, What a Wedding...!"
"On the Way to a Better World..."
"One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest"
"Orient Express"
"Our Leader Lead us, Lead us!"
"Patriotic Corner of a Football Fan..."
"Penny Line"
"Polish Cavalry"
"Poor, Old Europe..."
"Power! More Power!"
"Queen of Time"
"Rejtan 2019 - No pasarán"
"Right Choice - Better Sort, The"
"Roads to the Paradise"
"Seeing along into the Bright Future"
"Siesta - after the Patriotic Demonstration…"
"Small Talk"
"Sovereign Enters the European Staterooms"
"Strong, Prepared, Ready... - Knight Errant"
"Sunday School"
"Tempting of Europe"
"Tempus Fugit..."
"Three Graces"
"To Europe, to Europe!"
"Tsar is Tired"
"Veteran´s Dream"
"Voters - Waiting for a Miracle"
"Waiting for the Inspiration"
"We Were Going, Going and Finally Arrived!"
"We will Manage it, we will Manage it! We.....?"
"Welcome Home from the Big Bad World My Dear Boy"
"Without Fear We Take a Step Forward"
Lipowska, Marta"Gardens"
"Gardens IV"
"Good Dog"
"Marina XXVIII"
"New Places"
"Road II"
Lisek, Kamil"Dots"
"Keeping On"
"My Ambiguity"
"Playing with Time"
"Red Kite"
"Tea for Two"
Lotocka-Huelle, Ida"Animal Among Us"
"Curtain II"
"Feeding Time"
"Moon Garden"
"Valley of Death"
"Witch in the Garden I"
"Witch in the Garden III"
"Witch in the Garden V"
Lukasiewicz, Michal"Boleslaus the Brave"
"Untitled 22"
"Untitled 25"
"Untitled 27"
"Untitled 28"
"Untitled 33"
Majrowski (Meyro), Zdzislaw Constantin"A Long Time Ago"
"After the Rain"
"At the Dawn"
"Beginning of the Red"
"Best Wishes"
"Castle 2"
"Composition 1"
"Composition 19"
"Composition 22"
"Composition 25"
"Composition 26"
"Composition 40"
"Composition 41"
"Composition 42"
"Composition 52"
"Composition 53"
"Composition 54"
"Composition 55"
"Composition 56"
"Composition 61"
"Composition 62"
"Composition 64"
"Composition 66"
"Composition 68"
"Dawn at the Lake"
"Dawn on the Wuthering Heights"
"Dream about the Meadow"
"Fiery Feeling"
"First Day of Spring, The"
"Flowers 11"
"Flowers 13"
"Foggy Day"
"Lost World"
"Night Journey"
"Noon Light"
"Oasis of Peace"
"On the Tour"
"Ordinary Day"
"Over a Bay"
"Power of Calm"
"Sun Valley"
"Untitled, The"
"Welsh Landscape"
"White Rose"
"Wide Horizon"
Maler, Eryk"Antarctica"
"At the Sea"
"Bouquet at Dusk"
"By the Sea"
"By the Water"
"Dreaming Irises"
"Faun and a Magpie"
"Faun and Flowers"
"Five Beehives"
"Flower Behaviorism"
"Flowers and Butterflies"
"Flowers and Fruit"
"Flowers and Things"
"Flowers in Sunshine"
"Flowers in Sunshine"
"I Love You"
"Idioms of Impressionism"
"In the Garden"
"My Friends"
"On a Deck"
"Pansies under a Tree"
"Roasted Crucians"
"Rock Garden"
"Spring in Tatra Mountains"
"Still Life"
"Two Irises"
"Willows - Paint"
"Willows, my Muses"
"Wine, Fish and Fruit"
"Women's Moods"
Michalik, Borys"Adventures in Hangars"
"Alaska Station"
"Conquest of Colca Canyon"
"Desert Exchange of Thoughts"
"Desert Voyages"
"Gust of Wind"
"Land of Five Miracles"
"Levitating Fortress"
"Milky Way"
"Multi Dimension"
"Reminiscence II"
"Third Dimension of Columbus's Journey"
"Third Dimension of Reality, The"
"Train of Magic Spells"
"Van Troff's Cylinder"
"Voyage of Yesterday's Desires"
Miklasiewicz, Jaroslaw"Afternoon of a Blue Tapir, The"
"Small Marquis de Sade"
"St. George"
"Unexpected Fall of Icarus, The"
Minciel, Eugeniusz"Fear"
"Four X"
Mlodozeniec, Stanislaw"Aborigine 3"
"Beach, The"
"Blue Composition"
"Christ and Cecilia"
"Composition in Green"
"Dali and Gala"
"Don Quichotte"
"Eiffel Tower, The"
"Frida Kahlo"
"Golden Age"
"Grey Landscape"
"Leonardo and Mona Lisa"
"London from above"
"Louis Armstrong"
"Miles Davis"
"Monica Bellucci"
"New York - Time Square at Night"
"Paris at Night"
"Rape of Europa, The"
"Red and Black"
"Red Composition"
"Romance of Psyche"
"Three Nymphs"
Mlodozeniec, Piotr"Untitled"
Mozyro, Elzbieta"A Moment is a Moment"
"Anxiety of Heart"
"At the Sea"
"Between Night and Day"
"Between Sounds"
"Blue Sigh"
"Cat Nature"
"Déjà vu"
"Don Diablo"
"Dreamy Breath"
"Every Life is in Others Hands"
"Everything is in Your Hands"
"Fallen Angel"
"Fontana di Trevi"
"Guardian of the Universe"
"Harmony of Senses"
"I See You"
"James Grieve"
"Key to the Imagination, The"
"Key to the Past, The"
"Marina in Gizycko"
"Matt Pokora"
"Neverending Longing"
"Ocean of Desires"
"One Look"
"Sentimental Moment"
"Spring Morning"
"Temptation of Taste"
"Train to the Stars"
"Trustfulness of Heart"
"Verba volant..."
"What Words Can't Express"
"White Night"
"World at Her Feet, The"
"You Give Me Wings"
"Your Light"
Musial, Krzysztof"At the Bus Stop"
"Bus Stop"
"On a Carpet"
"Room I"
"Room II"
"Website F"
"Website I"
"Website J"
"Website K"
Najbor, Wiktor"Abducted when Young"
"Adelabela has Dogs"
"At a Crossroads"
"Attractive Driver of the Bus No. 5/7"
"Billiards at Bill´s"
"Bowler Hat"
"Chest Full of Secrets"
"Chimney Cleaning"
"Chocolate Factory in the Future"
"Compulsory Landing of Uncle Tadeusz"
"Criminal Case"
"End of Summer"
"Four of Aces"
"Free Saturday"
"Funeral of a Cat, The"
"He Stopped a Car"
"Health Resort"
"House of Broken Hearts"
"Husband of Hairdresser"
"La Bibliothèque Municipale"
"Last Fly"
"Leaning OPRA in PuCO"
"Let Her Go and don't Hold Her"
"Lunch Break"
"Men from the City"
"On the Top Roof"
"Passion Woman Flies"
"Passionaria. Woman..."
"Princess Flies to Shop"
"Princess Flies to Visit"
"Rape of the Sabine Women, The"
"Rape of the Sabine Women, The"
"Resort on the Volcanic Island"
"Show of Uncle Tadeusz"
"Steps at Night"
"Stop Over"
"Such a Situation"
"Western Wind"
"Where is the Seventh Day of the Holiday"
"Yellow House"
"You don’t Refuse Them"
Naliwajko, Piotr"Angel in a Bathtub"
"Creole Woman"
"Goodbye to the Artist's Studio"
"Indian Summer"
"Lady Macbeth"
"Listening to a Message"
"Nicest, The"
"Self-Portrait with the Guardian Angel"
"Self-Portrait with the Guardian Angel II"
"Two Little Pigs"
Nawrocka, Danuta"Lava in the Sea"
Nocon, Cyprian"19 Double Bass Players"
"26 Violin Players"
"31 Violinists"
"32 Violin Players"
"37 Double Bass Players"
"4 Basses"
"5 Double Bass Players"
"Abstraction No. 3"
"After the Storm"
"Baltic Sea"
"Baltic Symphony"
"Blue Mask"
"Blue Rain"
"Boxes, The"
"Burning Stage"
"By the Sea"
"Change of Exhibition"
"Composers' Discussion"
"Crazy Duet"
"Crazy Soloist"
"Don Quijote"
"East Layout, The"
"Gold Basses"
"Golden Line"
"Golden Quintet"
"Great Wave"
"Green Melody"
"Green Wave"
"Green Waves"
"High Tide"
"In a Ring"
"La Mer"
"Late Summer"
"Livre Pour Orchestre"
"Mask - Insanity"
"Mask 270319"
"Mask 290319"
"Mask 300319"
"Morning Exercises"
"New Wave"
"On the Bank of the River"
"Op. 7"
"Purple Rain"
"Red Storm"
"Reflection of the Weather"
"Storm at the Sunset"
"Une Rose"
"Wall of Rain"
"West Wind"
"Withered Tulips on the Background of Unfinished Painting (for Chopin)"
Novak-Zemplinski, Max"Alley of Cypresses"
"Navis Pneumaticus"
"White Locomotive"
Olbinski, Rafal"Apollo and Daphne"
"Art of Camouflage, The"
"Beauty of Solitude"
"Between a Night and a Day"
"Calla Lilies"
"Christmas Carol"
"Circumstantial Happiness II"
"Colour of Shade II, The"
"Conventional Sentiment"
"Criterium of Self Relevance"
"Daughter of Christopher Columbus, The"
"Don Giovanni III"
"End of Gods, The"
"First Day of Autumn, The"
"Full Moon"
"Germany Divided"
"Judgement of Paris, The"
"La Belle Dame sans Merci"
"La Donna del Lago III"
"La Traviata"
"Leda after the Sin"
"Life is a Candle Light"
"Logic of Desire"
"Manon Lescaut"
"Manuscript Found in Saragossa, The"
"Ms. B Birthday"
"New Dress of Io"
"Paris - Third Dimention of Time"
"Peace of the Tropics"
"Peaceful Retirement"
"Postcard from Holidays"
"Retrospection of Identity"
"Rhetorical Hyperbole"
"Room with a View"
"Secret Life of a Shooting Star, The"
"Sentiments Attentiveness"
"Smell of Decadence, The"
"Substitution of Appearances"
"Tempest, The"
"Temporary Appreciation II"
"To Have or to Have Not"
"Unearthly Look"
"Whispers of the Spring"
"Work in Progress"
Osak, Agnieszka"Creativity"
"Dancing Light"
"Dark Night"
"Deep Breathe"
"Inner Peace"
"Sky Traveler"
"Taste of Life"
Paulska, Graszka"Again"
"And my Thoughts Want to Sail Away"
"Are You not an Angel?"
"Bird Flew by Whispering, The"
"Colourful Dizziness"
"I am in Pink"
"I am in Pink II"
"I'm in the Shadow of You"
"In Some Time"
"So Close"
"This Moment"
Pennards-Sycz, Justyna"An Optimist´s Dream"
"Dark Forest"
"Dark Forest"
"Golden Door"
"In the Distance"
"Light will Guide You"
"Light will Guide You"
"Night Air Fills my Soul with Kindness"
"Night Swimming Requires a Quiet Night"
"No Light"
"NY Rain"
"Preparing to Escape"
"Preparing to Escape 2"
"Second Night at the Lake"
"Urban Solitude"
"What Remains"
"Where did I Put it?"
Pielucha, Daniel"Awaiting"
"Centaurus Fight"
"Crane Dance, The"
"Fall of Centaurus, The"
"Fight of the Angels, The"
"Hop Grower"
"In a Steppe"
"Lady with a Dog"
"Little Fauns"
"Miss Mullein"
"Miss Mullein"
"Morning Melody"
"Our Daily Bread"
"Peasant Wagon"
"Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus, The"
"St. Christopher"
"Thistle Divination"
"Three Graces"
"Three Graces"
"Three Horses"
"Una Furtiva Lagrima"
"Viribus Unitis"
"Viva Polonia"
"Water Nymphs"
Przadka, Lukasz"14"
"Black Tower between Worlds"
"Collector of Planets"
"Deep Hidden Secret"
"Galactic Mother, The"
"Last Journey, The"
"Meeting of Travellers"
"Road to the Oracle, The"
"We Failed"
Przybyla, Marek"Alchemy of Body, The"
"Baltic Goddess in Izera Mountains"
"Five Moons"
"He Xiangu"
"Lac Virginis"
"Music Lesson"
"Ordinary Girl"
"Portrait of a Woman"
"Shamaness from the North"
"Transformation of Venus, The"
Rapsa, Krzysztof"Composition"
"Dream by the Sea"
"Horizon III"
"Print 001"
"Print 01"
"Print 25"
"Wounded City"
Ruminkiewicz, Krystyna"Angel"
"Artist and His Muse"
"Ballet Dancer"
"Blushing Woman"
"Cave Paintings of Bulls"
"Cave Paintings of Cats"
"Cave Paintings of Horses"
"Clay Figures"
"Frida Kahlo"
"In a Broken Mirror"
"In the Morning"
"Landscape with Birds"
"Lilies II"
"Lilies III"
"Magic of Underwater World II"
"Mother's Angel"
"Parisian Inspirations"
"Poppy Flowers"
"Red-Haired Woman"
"Red-Haired Woman II"
"Two Women"
"Woman in a Hat"
"Woman in a Suit"
"Woman in Flowers"
"Woman in Red Gloves"
"Woman with Pelargonium"
Rybi, Stefan"Christ Feeding the Multitude"
"Christ the King"
"Isaiah's Prophecies"
"Paul Before the Areopagus in Athens"
Sadowski, Pawel"Elements"
"Filtering Bubble"
"No More Blood"
"Per aspera ad astra"
"Unbearable Lightness of Being, The"
"Young Poland"
Sajewski, Andrzej Andrea"Alice has a Cat"
"Bay of Solitude"
"Carnival is Over, The"
"Different States of Self-Consciousness"
"End of Summer"
"Harbinger of Peace, The"
"Icaro? Dove sei?"
"In Pursuit of Dreams"
"In Search of Lost Hope"
"Journey in Time"
"Journey to the Interior of the Earth"
"Learning to Fly"
"Life on the Sidetrack"
"Magic of Clouds, The"
"Metamorphosis 3"
"Nothing Compares to You"
"Per aspera ad astra"
"Quo Vadis"
"Song of the Sirens"
"Stairway To Heaven"
"Three Graces"
"What Awaits Us on the Other Side"
"Who was Moby Dick?"
Schab, David"Spring in the Mountains"
Serafin, L. Tadeusz"2014 I"
"2014 IV"
Sibera, Alina"Autumn"
"Blue Balloon"
"Girl in Black"
"On a Beach I"
"Pretty Woman"
Sitak, Kamila"At the Beach"
"Ballet Dancer"
"Break VI"
"Fly II"
"Golfer Girl I"
"Step Back"
Skrzynska, Magdalena"Autumn"
"Autumn Landscape with Stinging Nettle"
"Black Elder"
"Black Elder"
"End of the Summer"
"Landscape with a Meadow"
"Landscape with Jasiones"
"Landscape with Nettle"
"Marsh Marigolds"
"On the Way to Zgorzaly Most"
"Poppy Flowers"
"Summer Landscape"
"Three Cornflowers"
"Three Wild Apple Trees"
"Velvet Plants"
"Winter Landscape"
Slusarsky, Dariusz"A Bit of Luck"
"A Midsummer Night's Dream"
"Alice - Diamonds"
"At the Dawn"
"Beautiful Mind"
"Clock of Life, The"
"Colours of my Youth, The"
"Common Way, The"
"Debut of Sancho Panza"
"Elapsing Time"
"Elusive Moments"
"Evening Coated with Moonlight"
"Fighting Thoughts"
"Fighting Thoughts"
"Flicker of Hope"
"Forgive Me Darling"
"Going to Plein Air"
"In the Shadow"
"Inspiration of Every Day"
"Like a Flower in the Sun"
"Limits of Imagination, The"
"Little Prince, The"
"Milky Way"
"Mirror of Soul"
"Moment of Joy"
"Moon Zone"
"Night and Day"
"Night Challenges"
"Nine Wishes"
"Queen of Hearts, The"
"Scale of Happiness"
"Sign of Time"
"Subtle Taste of Freedom"
"Symphony of the Ocean"
"To the Light"
"Tree of Life"
"Urania - IX Muse"
"Voice of Heart, The"
"Woman with a Pearl"
"Wonder Years, The"
"Yellow Scarf"
"Youth Years"
Sokol, Leszek"Captive"
"Fruitful Meeting"
"Lofty Poet, The"
"Sunday outside Town"
"Venetian Meeting"
Stolorz, Jozef"Book of Labyrinths (Golden Mountain), The"
"Dreamcopter's Sailor"
"Miserere II"
"Solitude of David's Psalms, The"
"Song of Velvet Morning"
Szynkarczuk, Jacek"Architecture of Time"
"Arena Mundi"
"Axis of Earth"
"Heavenly Suburbs"
"On Other Side"
"Other World"
"Perseids, The"
"Port Earth"
"Road to Rome, The"
"Sea of Galilee, The"
"Souvenir Shop"
Trzaska, Krzysztof"Aquarius"
"Moon Sonata"
"Old Monastery"
"Second Queen"
"Seventh Billiard Ball"
"Unplayed Chess Game"
Wach, Anna"Alchemy of Love"
"Astral Love"
"Aurora and the Snowy Owl"
"Autumn in Dreamland"
"Beautiful Land, The"
"Bella Provence"
"Bella Venice"
"Bird of Luck"
"Black Swan"
"Call of Nature"
"Call of Nature, The"
"Castles of Dreams"
"Cats Secrets"
"Cats Siesta"
"Chance for Love"
"Charm of Paris, The"
"Colours of Thoughts"
"Dandelion Diva"
"Eastern Garden"
"Elvish Fiancée"
"Flower Bouquet and Fruit"
"Flowers and Pears"
"Flute Player"
"French Breakfast"
"French Breakfast"
"Frida Kahlo"
"Gentleness of Nature"
"Gold-Haired and Pegasus"
"Good Winds"
"Happy Land"
"Harper, The"
"Hour of a Red Rose"
"Jane Eyre"
"Just Before the Abduction of Persephone"
"Love, Evening and Samovar"
"Magic of Venice, The"
"March Walking"
"Melody of the Forest"
"Miss with a Mask and a Cat"
"Morning in a Studio"
"Music of the Night"
"New Year´s Wishes"
"Pink Beetle"
"Queen of Diamonds, Queen of Hearts"
"Rainy Morning"
"Rape of Europa, The"
"Red Umbrella"
"Red Umbrella"
"Rose of the Winds"
"Secret Garden"
"Secret Message"
"Secrets of Bosphorus"
"Siesta in Mykonos"
"Sweet melodies"
"Time for Lovers - Evening in Venetia"
"Time of Lovers"
"Town of Dream"
"Tree of Life"
"Venetian Whispers"
Wasikiewicz, Anna"At Night"
"Boats for You"
"Burning Forest"
"Field with Willows"
"Life Giving Water"
"Meanders of Salt"
"Narewka River"
"Reminiscence of a Journey"
"Salt Cave"
"Salt Cave"
"Two Boats"
Wilczek, Kornel"Autumn"
"Autumn Melody"
"Autumn Sonata"
"Birth of Elements, The"
"Blue Marina"
"Blue Port"
"Cascades of Light"
"Constellation Draconis"
"Dance of the Suns"
"Fishermen´s Beach"
"Galactic Ocean"
"Golden Gate"
"Golden Marina"
"Golden Nebula"
"Golden Sails"
"Impression on the Horizon"
"Island of Birds"
"July in Dalmatia"
"Light of the Port"
"Looking for a Tavern"
"November on the Meadow"
"Old Town"
"Queen of Water Garden"
"Rain in Kazimierz"
"Red Sails"
"Retro Marina"
"Saint Paul de Vence"
"Seas of Light and Peace, The"
"Secret of Mist Castle"
"Secrets of Galactic Castle"
"Silence Before Sunset"
"Southern Town"
"Sunny Sail"
"Sunset City"
"They Returned"
"Time of Bohemia"
"Tower Bridge"
"Tower of Solar Wind"
"Treasure Island"
"Venetian Street"
"Venice Night Temptation"
"Walking in Autumn"
"Walls of Split"
"Western Marina"
"Western Sails"
"White Dawn over Horham"
"Wonderful Greece"
Wisniewski, Krzysztof"Amen"
"Quo vadis?"
Wiszniewski, Eugeniusz"At Sunrise"
"Autumn Forest"
"Biebrza River in Winter"
"Biebrza River Marshes"
"Birch Forest"
"Birchwood Forest"
"Christ Feeding the Multitude"
"Christ the King"
"Forest in Autumn"
"Forest in Fog"
"Forest Mist"
"Forest Mist"
"Isaiah's Prophecies"
"Krutynia River"
"Landscape of Podlasie"
"Landscape with a River"
"Narew River"
"Other Dimension"
"Paul Before the Areopagus in Athens"
"Road to the Wetlands"
"Tree Alone"
"Trees over the Lake"
"Tributary of the Narew River"
"Water Nymph"
Wojtkiewicz, Witold"An Elder and a Child"
Wrona, Dagmara"Boring"
"Forest before Winter"
"In a Harbour"
"In my Garden..."
"In the Southern Sunshine"
Zarow, Diana"Dreams II"
"Dreams III"
"Poisonous Words like Beautiful Flowers Entwine me..."
"Water of Life, The"
"Without Fear"
Zejmo, Dariusz"Amalfi"
"Basilica San Marco Venice"
"Beauty and the Beast"
"Before the Storm in Cefalu"
"Boca do Inferno. Portugal"
"Butterfly Woman"
"Cafe Romana"
"Caffe San Giulliano"
"Canale Grande"
"Casinò di Venezia"
"Castellammare del Golfo 2"
"Certaldo Alto"
"Clouds over Como"
"Deep Purple"
"Dreaming on the Beach"
"Dusk in Salerno"
"Garden Impression"
"Gondolier and Ponte Rialto"
"Grand Canal with S. Simeone Piccolo, The"
"Grande Balcone"
"Gulf of Naples, The"
"Hidden Desires"
"Impression of Gondolier"
"In Blue"
"Klimt Woman"
"Late Afternoon"
"Lisbon Night"
"Morning in a Port"
"My Greece Vacation"
"Notturno Veneziano"
"Orange Bridge"
"Pietrasanta Bar"
"Ponte colori"
"Ponte Rialto"
"Ponte Vecchio"
"Primavera con Ombrello"
"Red Gloves"
"Red Wall"
"Riomaggiore 2"
"Santa Margherita Ligure"
"Secret Garden"
"Siena 2"
"Spring in Corfu"
"Stone Pine"
"Venetian Impression"
"Venetian Sketchbook"
"Venetian Sketchbook 19.0"
"Venetian Woman"
"Venice 29"
Zietara, Robert"Battle of Trafalgar, The"
"Bubble Dreams"
"End of Time"
"Event Horizon"
"Mystery of Time"
"Red Thin Line"
"Tree of Life"
Zyngiel, Krzysztof"Architectural Luna"
"Before the End Comes"
"Birth of Cosmic Melody"
"Bloody Monday"
"Chamber Concert"
"Dormant Chamber"
"Enchanted Musical"
"Enchanted Studio"
"Evolution of Sound"
"Exodus of the Metropolis"
"Fantom Freedom"
"Flow of Dreaming"
"Gate to the World of Music"
"Goddess of Liberty"
"Goddess of War"
"History of Unknown Expedition"
"In Defence of Freedom - Joan of Arc"
"In the Unknown Land"
"Incredible Story of the Man from La Mancha"
"Interesting Meeting"
"Light and Darkness"
"Lonely Journey"
"Madness of the Voyage"
"Magic Moment"
"Magic Operetta"
"Malicious Blast"
"Man with a Magic Box"
"Matron Period"
"Melodic Luggage"
"Melodic Polyphony"
"Moonlight Sonata"
"Murmurs of the Night, The"
"Odyssey of Memories"
"On the End of the World"
"Railway of Parallel Worlds"
"Reminiscence of the Rocky Empire"
"Romantic Ballad"
"Sea Accompaniment"
"Secret Dreams"
"Silent Sound"
"Spontaneous Time Lapse"
"Spring of Eternal Youth"
"Starry Night Music"
"Stony Gorgon"
"Summer Symphony"
"Temptation of Eve, The"
"To Save from Oblivion"
"Travels with Music"
"Vehicle of Time"
"Voices of the Past"