Children in Polish Paintings

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Aberdam, Alfred"Mother and Child in an Interior"
Adamczyk, Piotr"Sad Dream of Adelaide Springett"
Ajdukiewicz, Thaddaus von"Boy Playing a Flute"
Augustynowicz, Aleksander"Maternity"
Axentowicz, Teodor"Blessing of the Waters"
"Girl and Old Man"
"Young and Old"
Andrzej Ansgary"Children in the Garden"
"Portrait of a Girl in a White Blouse"
Aneri"Hanusia with Apple"
"Playful Children"
Bacciarelli, Marcello"Portrait of Apolonia Poniatowska née Ustrzycka with Her Son Stanislaw"
Barbacki, Boleslaw"Portrait of a Boy"
Benedyktowicz, Ludomir Ludwik Dominik"Picking Violets"
Blocki, Wlodzimierz"Sick Girl"
Blonder, Sasza (Szaje)"Helenka (Artist's Daughter) with a Doll"
Borowski, Waclaw"Maternity"
"On a Balcony"
"Return from the Walk, The"
Boznanska, Olga"Girl with Chrysanthemums"
"Grandma's Name Day"
"Italian Girl"
"Portrait of a School Boy"
"Portrait of Children"
"Portrait of Two Children on Steps"
"Portrait of Two Girls"
"Portrait of Two Girls - Helena and Wladyslawa Chmielarczyk"
"Silver Shining Girl"
"Young Girl"
Brzozowski, Feliks"Landscape"
Bunsch, Adam"Girl Feeding Turkeys"
Chelminski, Jan van"Family on Horseback"
Chelmonski, Jozef"Before the Statue"
"Big Carduus"
"Little Shepherds by the Bonfire"
"Saturday's Payday on the Farm"
"Shepherd, The"
"Smoke. Autumn"
Chmielowski, Adam"Girl"
"Girl with a Dog - Portrait of Wanda Chojecka"
"Girl with a Hat- Portrait of Janina Chojecka"
"Portrait of Halina Chojecka"
Czachorski, Wladyslaw"Portrait of a Girl with Laurel Wreath"
Czarnecki, Henryk"Portrait of Artist's Daughter Wanda"
Czedekowski, Boleslaw Jan"Family Portrait"
Debicki, Stanislaw"To the Cheder"
Dukszynska-Dukszta, Emilia"Portrait of a Girl"
Eibisch, Eugeniusz"Girl with a Red Umbrella"
"Reclining Girl"
Ejsmond, Franciszek"Family"
"First Lesson, The"
"Girl in Colours"
"Quiet Happiness"
"Reading for the First Time"
Epstein, Henryk"Maternity"
Erb, Erno"Selling a Cow to a Jew"
Faczynski, Jerzy"Girl Friends"
"Mother with Child"
Falat, Julian"Boy with an Elderberry Branch"
"Girl with Dolls"
"Head of a Boy"
Fa³at, Antoni"Two Children with a Dog"
Fortunski, Leon"Portrait of a Farmer Girl"
Garwol, Pawel"In"
Gedlek, Ludwik"Children's Delight (Kindervergnügen)"
Gerson, Wojciech"Country Kids"
"Queen Elisabeth Richenza of Poland"
"Queen Jadwiga of Poland and Dymitr of Goraj"
Gierymski, Maksymilian"Riding Lesson"
Gierymski, Aleksander"Boy Carrying a Sheaf"
"Jardin du Luxembourg, The"
"Old Town Gate"
Gladysz, Jan Krystian"Portrait of the Misses Pechwell at the Clavichord"
Glebocki, Adrian"Heaven"
Gorski, Konstanty"Prussian Deportations, The"
Gotlib, Henryk"Two Children"
Gottlieb, Leopold"Portrait of a Boy"
Gramatyka, Antoni"Gooseherd"
Grott, Teodor"Girl with a Parrot"
Grottger, Artur"First Exercices"
"Girl with Fruit"
"In the Saxon Garden"
"Portrait of a Girl"
"Portrait of a Girl with a Medallion"
"Portrait of Rosalie Matylda Glaser"
Halicka, Alice"Small Girl in an Armchair"
Hannytkiewicz, Adam"Girl with an Umbrella"
Hanusz, Feliks"Portrait of a Girl in Pink Dress"
Hausnerowa, Maria"Portrait of a Girl"
Hayden, Henri"Mother and Her Child"
Hofman, Vlastimil"Blue Boy"
"Boy before the Figure of Christ"
"Children with the Jackdaw"
"Coming Back from the Forest"
"Country Boy"
"Fauns with a Bird"
"Girl Going to the Market"
"Girl with a Bunny"
"Girl with a Red Ribbon"
"Girls Playing"
"Girls with a Bird"
"Grandmother with Grandchild"
"Guardian Angel with Two Children"
"Kingdom of God"
"Little Wanderer"
"Madonna with Child"
"Madonna with Child"
"Nativity Play"
"Old Man and a Boy with a Forsythia Flower"
"Portrait of a Girl in a Red Hat"
"Sleeping Child"
"Soap Bubbles, Allegory of Vanitas"
"Spring - Girl and Faun"
"Spring - Skylark"
"Three Children"
"Wanderer, The"
Hohermann, Alice"Girl with a Doll"
Izdebski-Cruz, Krzysztof"Sketch for the painting - Young Burlak"
Jablonski, Marcin"Portrait of Leon Jablonski, the Son of the Artist"
Jaesche, Marian"Girl"
Januszewski, Witold"Head of a Child"
Jasinski, Zdzislaw Piotr"Children and Flowers"
"Peasant Woman"
Jasnikowski, Jaroslaw"Children of Afghanistan"
Jaxa-Malachowski, Soter"Pine Tree Alley"
Kaleta, Dariusz"Fairy Tale"
Kamocki, Stanislaw"Portrait of a Girl"
Kanarek, Eliasz"Girl with a Doll"
Kanelba (Kanelbaum), Rajmund"Arab Girl"
"Boy with a Drum"
"Boy with a Lantern"
"Boy with a Persian Cat"
"Boy with Violin"
"Captain of Home Guards"
"Girl in Blue"
"Girl with a Lantern"
"Little Boy"
"Playing Soldier"
Karnicka Morstinowa, Sabina"Portrait of Children: Roman, Tadeusz and Henryk Morstin"
Karpinski, Alfons"At the Kermesse"
"At the Market"
"Portrait of a Girl in White Dress"
Kauzik (Kausik), Jan"Portrait of a Girl"
Kedzierski, Apoloniusz"Horse Cart"
"In the field"
"War of Tug"
Klepinski, Jan"Hide-and-Seek"
Kochanowski, Roman"Portrait of a Girl"
"Potatoes Baking"
Kolnik, Arthur"Family"
Kossak, Wojciech"Girl with a Dog"
"Lviv Eaglet"
"Lviv Eaglet"
Kossak, Juliusz"Boy on Horseback"
"Princess on Horseback"
Kostrzewski, Franciszek"Circus at Saska Kepa"
"Fire Victims"
"First Cigarette"
"Milk Drinkers"
"Quarrel with Jewish Merchant"
"Rural Genre Scene"
Kotarbinski, Janusz"Portrait of a Girl"
Kotarbinski, Wilhelm"Sunset"
Kotsis, Aleksander"Children in a Forest"
"Gypsies with a Bear"
"Highlander and Children"
"In a Kitchen"
"Last Possession, The"
"Mother Died"
"On the Assumption Day"
"Portrait of a Boy"
Kozakiewicz, Antoni"Boy"
"Genre Scene with an Organ Grinder"
"Girl with a Handkerchief"
"History Lesson"
"In the Gypsy Camp"
"Mobile Theatre"
"On the Street"
"Return from a Walk"
"Summer Landscape with a Photographer"
Kraszewska, Otolia"Child Among Flowers"
Krcha, Emil"In a Park"
Krzyzanowski, Konrad"Girl under an Umbrella"
Kukowski, Jaroslaw"Dream"
Kulisiewicz, Tadeusz"Highlander's Family"
Kulon, Franciszek C."Girl"
"Girls on the Boat"
"Let Me Fix It"
"Mostly Cloudy"
Kwiatkowski, Teofil"Young Mother with Her Son"
"Young Mother with Three Children"
Lampi, Franciszek Ksawery"Girl with a Book (Mädchen mit Buch)"
Laveaux, Ludwik de"Girl with Catkins"
Lempicka, Tamara de"Kizette on the Balcony"
Lenica, Alfred"On Building Site"
Leopolski, Wilhelm"Resting"
"Sunday in the Belvedere Garden (Ein Sonotag im Belvederegarten)"
Lepkowski, Ludwik"Child in an Armchair"
Lewandowski, Janusz"Boy on a Stool"
Lewkowicz, Leon"Gypsies"
"Little Musician"
"Portrait of a Boy"
"Portrait of a Girl with Braids"
Librowicz, Catherine"Boy with Red Collar"
Lipinski, Hipolit"Back Home after Harvest"
"Story About Insurrection, The"
Lipowska, Marta"New Places"
"Road II"
Lisek, Kamil"Tea for Two"
Loeffler, Leopold"Attendance of the Minister (Besuch des Pastors)"
"Forgotten Speech"
"Girl with a Dog"
"Punishment, The"
Lotocka-Huelle, Ida"Time"
Lubieniecki, Theodor"Family Portrait"
Lubieniecki, Christoffel"Food Lovers"
"Schoolmaster Chastening Two Boys"
"Travelling Seller"
Lukaszewicz, Tadeusz"Portrait of a Dark Haired Girl"
Machalski, Ludwik"Portrait of a Boy"
Maciejewski, Zbyslaw Marek"Ola"
Makarewicz, Juliusz"Going to Candlemas"
Makowski, Tadeusz"At The Shoemaker's"
"Birds (Les oiseaux), The"
"Children and Swallows"
"Children with a Basket of Fruit"
"Children's Orchestra, The"
"Children's Theatre"
"Children's Zoo"
"Five Children with a Dog"
"Four Children with a Trumpet"
"Girl in a Beret"
"Girl in a White Hat"
"Girl Reaching a Nest"
"Girl with a Fringe"
"Girl with Pears"
"Head of the Boy in a Red Hat"
"In the Studio"
"Little Boy on a Bed"
"Little Family - La petite famille"
"Little Gioconda"
"Little Parisian Girl"
"Little Pierrots"
"On the Beach"
"Portrait of a Little Boy"
"Ray of Sunlight"
"Return from a Walk"
"Return from School"
"Three Children"
"Three Children"
"Three Children Near a Road Sign"
"Three Children Under the Flags (Trois enfants sous les petits drapeaux)"
"Tulip Offering"
"Two Children with a Dog"
"Two Little Friends"
"Walk (La promenade), The"
Malczewski, Jacek"Angel and Little Shepherd"
"Angel, I will Follow You"
"Angel, I will Follow You"
"Boy and Chimera"
"Boys' Heads"
"History Lesson"
"In a Jewish shop"
"Little Gardener - Portrait of Rudolf Dobrzanski, son of Piotr, The"
"On a Pasture"
"Portrait of Karolina and Adelajda Lanckoronska"
"Portrait of Rafal, the Artist's Son"
"Shepherd and Chimera"
"Sketch for the Portrait of a Girl"
"Study of Three Young Boys"
"Towards Fame"
"Woman Carrying a Child"
Maler, Eryk"Maternity"
"On a Deck"
Maszkowski, Jan"At the Pawn Broker"
Matejko, Jan"Artist's Children"
"Blind Wit Stwosz with His Granddaughter"
"Portrait of Artist's Children"
"Portrait of the Artist's Daughter Beata with a Canary"
"Portrait of the Artist's Son on Horseback"
Mazurowski, Wiktor"School Boys Outside the Circus"
"Street in Tangier"
Medrzycki, Maurycy"Desolation of the Family"
"Young Girls Playing with a Spinning Top"
"Young Woman and a Child"
Mehoffer, Jozef"Country Girl"
"Girl Braiding Her Hair"
"Highland Girl"
"In Front of a School"
"Strange Garden"
"Tranced Garden"
Menkes, Sigmund Joseph"Boy Playing a Harmonica"
Merwart, Paul"Portrait de Mlle L.C."
Michalowski, Piotr"Artist's Children on Horsebacks"
"Artist's Son on a Pony, The"
"Blue Boy"
"Portrait of the Artist's Son with a Dog"
"Rural Boy"
Mierzejewski, Jacek"Andrew and Apples"
Minkowski, Maurycy"After the Pogrom"
"Cheder in the Shtetl"
Mondzain (Szamaj Mondszajn), Simon"Offer"
Mozyro, Elzbieta"At the Sea"
Muter (Maria Melania Mutermilch), Mela"Girl"
"Mother and her Baby Son (Mère et son enfant)"
"Seated Girl"
"Two Children"
"Young Girl with Braids (Jeune fille aux tresses)"
Naliwajko, Piotr"Youth"
Niesiolowski, Tymon"Dorothy - Portrait of the Artist's Daughter"
Oleszkiewicz, Jozef (Joseph)"Compassion of the Empress Elizabeth"
Olpinski, Jan Kazimierz"Portrait of a Girl"
Orlowski, Aleksander"Country Boy"
"Dancing Lesson"
"Portrait of a Girl"
Pankiewicz, Jozef"Girl in a Red Dress (Portrait of Jozefa Oderfeld)"
"Girl in a Red Dress II (Portrait of Jozefa Oderfeld)"
"Portrait of Henryk Jasienski as a Child"
"Portrait of Mrs Oderfeld with her Daughter"
Papier, Zofia"Zosia"
Pautsch, Fryderyk"Maternity"
"Portrait of a Woman with Child"
"Young Girl with Flowers"
Pawlak, Leon"Family"
Peske, Jan Miroslaw"Girl with a Baby"
"Woman with Baby under a Big Tree"
Peszka, Jozef"Portrait of the Borch Family"
Piatkowski, Henryk"Winter Walk"
Pichor, Stanislaw"Portrait of a Girl"
Piechowski, Wojciech"Girl at a Desk"
Pilichowski, Leopold"On a Railway Station"
Piotrowski, Maksymilian Antoni"Travelling Salesman"
Pochwalski, Kasper"Girl"
"Girl in a Blue Dress"
"Portrait of a Mother with Her Daughter"
"Portrait of a Woman with a Child"
"Portrait of Barbara Pochwalska"
"Woman Sitting in a Window"
Pochwalski, Kazimierz"Girl with a Puppet"
"Portrait of a Blonde Child"
Podkowinski, Wladyslaw"Children in the Garden"
"Portrait of a Girl in a White Blouse"
Polkowski, Jozef"Homeworks"
Pronaszko, Zbigniew"Artist's Wife with a Boy at a Table"
"Family Portrait"
"Kid, The"
"Portrait of Two Children"
Pruszkowski, Witold"Artist's Son with a Dog"
"When Morning Dawn is Breaking"
Przepiorski, Lucjan"Spring"
Rapacki, Jozef"At the Bonfire"
"Bell Tower"
"In Front of an Inn"
Rembowski, Jan"Two Girls"
Rodakowski, Henryk"Sleeping Girl"
Rosenstein, Erna"Swimming Pool"
Rossowski, Wladyslaw"In the Park"
Rozwadowski, Zygmunt"Uhlans' Patrol in Front of a Cottage"
Rustem, Jan"Portrait of Maria Mirska, Barbara Szumska and Adam Napoleon Mirski"
Rybkowski, Tadeusz"Cottage"
"Rural Landscape with a Shrine"
Rychter-Janowska, Bronislawa"By a Window"
"Portrait of a Child"
Segal, Simon"Brothers"
Seifert, David"Girl with a Black Cat"
Setkowicz, Adam"Potatoes Baking"
"Shepherd Girl"
Sibera, Alina"Blue Balloon"
Sichulski, Kazimierz"Boy with a Horse"
Siemiginowski-Eleuter (Szymonowicz), Jerzy"Portrait of Queen Maria Kazimiera with Children"
Siemiradzki, Henryk"Bringing Comfort and Help"
"By the Fountain"
"Roman Idyll"
"Roman Idyll - Fishing"
Simmler, Jozef"Portrait of Mary Rosa and Rosa Mary Caroline Kronenberg with a Dog"
Skoczylas, Wladyslaw"Portrait of a Girl in a Red Sweater"
Slewinski, Wladyslaw"Breton Boy with Bread (Ludwig Koscielniak)"
"Orphan from Poronin, The"
Sonnewend, Stefan"On Chodzieskie Lake. Fisherman and His Daughter"
Spiegel (Szpigel or Szpiegel), Natan"Boy - Study for the Portrait"
Sroka, Jacek"Childhood"
Stankiewicz, Zofia"Girl at Work"
Stattler, Wojciech Korneli"Portrait of Alfred and Adam Potocki"
Streitt, Franciszek"Busy"
"Catherine Jagiellon of Poland"
"Doll Doctor"
"Feeding Pigeons"
"Gypsies On the Road"
"Wandering Gypsies"
"Young Violinist"
Stryjenska, Zofia"Christmas Carolling"
"Little Musician"
Strzalecki, Wandalin"On the Steps of the Palace"
"Violinist, The"
Styka, Jan"Portrait of a Girl"
Styka, Adam"Algerian Boy"
"Boy with Donkey Water Bearer"
"In the Nile River"
"Small Boy on a Donkey near a Palm Plantation"
"Under the African Sun"
Suchodolski, January"General Jan Henryk Dabrowski entering Poznan"
"In the Salon of Senator Franciszek Skibicki"
"Partisans Fleeing"
"War Victims"
Swieszewski, Aleksander"Rural Scene"
Szankowski, Boleslaw"Butterfly - Portrait of the Artist's Daughter"
"Portrait of the Artist's Daughter"
Szermentowski, Jozef"Country Baptism"
"Country Woman with a Child"
Szerner, Wladyslaw"Collecting Spikes of Grain"
"Waiting for a Wreath"
Tetmajer, Wlodzimierz"Achievements (the Artist's Family)"
"Country Road"
"Cracovian Wedding"
"Easter in Bronowice"
"Pond in Bronowice"
"Procession in Bronowice"
Trebacz, Maurycy"Portrait of a Girl"
Unknown Painter, "Portrait of Antonina Olszowska"
"Portrait of Ludwika Karolina Radziwil"
"Portrait of Tomasz Zamojski"
Wankie, Wladyslaw"Madonna"
Wedrychowski, Lucjan"Medicine Man"
Weingart, Joachim"Maternity"
Weiss, Irena"Hanusia with Apple"
"Playful Children"
Weiss, Wojciech"Aneri with Stas Drawing"
"In the Garden"
Wierusz-Kowalski, Alfred"Attack of Wolves"
"Dozynki - Harvest Festival"
"Sleigh Party"
"Waiting for the Master"
"Welcoming Party, The"
Wiesiolowski, Ludwik"Boy in a Hat"
"Island of Happiness"
Witkiewicz (Witkacy), Stanislaw Ignacy"Portrait of a Girl"
"Portrait of Anna Nawrocka"
"Portrait of Anna Nawrocka"
"Portrait of Anna Nawrocka"
"Portrait of Izabela Zborowska"
"Portrait of Jerzy Komorowski at the Age of 11"
"Portrait of Leszek Komorowski at the Age of 7"
Witkowski, Karl"Carnations"
Wodzinowski, Wincenty"Road through the Village"
"Woman with a Child"
"Woman with a Sleeping Child"
Wodzinski, Jozef"House Concert"
Wojniakowski, Kazimierz"Society Gathering in a Park"
Wojtkiewicz, Witold"Child´s Melancholy"
"Children s Crusade, The"
"Christ and Children"
"Escape (Abduction of a Princess), The"
"Peasant Boy Playing Harmonica"
"Princess´s Assistants, The"
"Procession of Children"
"Two Children"
Wolski, Jan"Resting Peasants"
Wozniak, Dominik"Boy"
"Spring Story"
"St. Boy"
Wroblewski, Andrzej"Family"
"Line Never Ends, The"
"On the Beach"
Wydra, Jan"Maternity"
Wygrzywalski, Felix Michael"Portrait of a Boy"
Wyspianski, Stanislaw"Artist's Wife and Daughter, The"
"Artist's Wife with their Son Stas"
"Boy with a Flower"
"Boy with Pistols"
"Child Study"
"Girl in a Blue Hat"
"Girl Putting Out a Candle"
"Girl with a Red Hat"
"Girl With Blue Eyes"
"Girl with Violets"
"Head of a Girl"
"Head of a Girl"
"Head of a Girl"
"Head of a Girl"
"Helenka - the Artist's Daughter"
"Helenka with a Vase and Flowers"
"Jozio Feldman"
"Portrait of a Girl"
"Portrait of a Girl"
"Portrait of a Girl"
"Portrait of a Girl in a Red Dress"
"Portrait of a Girl in a Red Dress"
"Portrait of a Grl"
"Portrait of Eliza Parenska"
"Portrait of Helenka in a Folk Costume"
"Portrait of little Jozia"
"Portrait of Mietek"
"Portrait of Miss Sternbachowna"
"Portrait of Salomea Hankiewiczowa and Her Daughter"
"Portrait of the Misses Kijenski"
"Sleeping Mietek"
"Sleeping Stas"
"Sleeping Stas, the Artist's Son"
"Study of the Child - Mietek"
"Two Girls"
Zak, Eugène"Breton Girl"
"Child with a Doll"
"Happy Family"
"Idyllic Scene"
"Idyllic Scene"
"In the Boat"
"Maternity (Maternité)"
"Mother with an Infant"
"Mother with Child"
"Woman with Child"
Zaleski, Teofil"Rural Landscape"
Zamoyski, Jan"Girl with a Rooster"
Zarzecki, Marcin"Portrait of a Woman with a Child"
Zawadzki, Stanislaw"Evening at Marienplatz in Munich"
Zmigrodzki, Ludwik"Recollections"
Zmurko, Franciszek"Three Children's Heads"
Zyngiel, Krzysztof"Conversation with an Angel"