magic realism in Polish Paintings

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Bak, Karol"Angel I"
"Birth of the Star"
"Curtain of Silence, The"
"Dancing with Lost Star"
"Esoteric Portrait"
"Fortune II"
"Galactic Girl IV"
"Golden Girl"
"Necessity II"
"Prima Mobilia XL"
"Prima Mobilia XLIII"
"Prima Mobilia XLVIII"
"Prima Mobilia XXXIII"
"Prima Mobilia XXXVI"
"Square One"
"Time IV"
"Time XIII"
"Under Cover"
"With No Return"
Borowicz, Maja"Alone"
"End of the Future"
"Eva Leaves"
"From the Ashes"
"Golden Dragon"
"In the Middle of Emptiness"
"Tenderness of Destiny"
Dzielawski, Arkadiusz"Aero Machines"
"Aqua Machines"
"Arena of Life"
"Ariel II"
"Between Heaven and Earth"
"Immoral Proposition, The"
"Journey to Devachan"
"Luggage of Memories"
"On the Other Side of the Mirror"
"Queen III"
"Queen VI"
"Sirens Playing II"
Hinc, Zbigniew"Castaways"
"Dark Silence"
"Guardians of the Earth"
"Sunset at the Countryside"
"Transatlantic Cruise"
Izdebski-Cruz, Krzysztof"Faun 2"
"Faun 3"
"Self-Portrait from Mancha"
Jasnikowski, Jaroslaw"Above the Clouds by Train"
"Air Balloon"
"Baikal Express"
"Beginning of the Sinful Dream, The"
"Clock on the Seed of the Pea"
"Desert Cruiser"
"Deserted Town"
"Doubts of a Young Watchmaker"
"Escape from Atlantis"
"Explorers of the Old Civilization"
"Flight Over the City of Clouds"
"Forgotten Bastion"
"Fortress Among Clouds"
"Green Dreams of Old Watch"
"Guardians of the Middle Desert Time"
"Hell of Sisyphuses"
"In search of the Second Earth"
"Just Before the Departure"
"Martian Clock"
"Moon Tower"
"Nigrum Cathedrali"
"Old Automobile"
"On the Way to the End of the World"
"Over the Plateau of Gold Winds"
"Picnic for Two"
"Power of Experience, The"
"Quantum Mechanic"
"Rain Clock"
"Red Aeroplanes Are Very Rare"
"Revelation in the Desert"
"Second Cruise of Titanic"
"Sphaericum aer vehiculum"
"Valley of Silence"
"Valley of Useless Atoms"
"Zeppelin Amenhotepa XXVI"
Kaleta, Dariusz"Adoration"
Kolpanowicz, Marcin"Atlantis III"
"Factory of Soap Bubbles"
"Gate of the Heaven, The"
"Hunter of Clouds"
"Indian Summer"
"Jellyfish Place"
"Lady of the Landscape"
"New Jerusalem"
"New Jerusalem"
"Sail from Antipodes"
"Sunken Cathedral"
"Two Towns"
Kukowski, Jaroslaw"Dream"
"Seven Trumpets"
Lipowczan, Jacek"Patriots, The"
"Politician's Dolce Vita"
"Waiting for the News at the Wunderplatz"
Novak-Zemplinski, Max"Alley of Cypresses"
Paulska, Graszka"A_2013"
Pielucha, Daniel"Shepherd"
Przadka, Lukasz"49"
"Collector of Planets"
Sajewski, Andrzej Andrea"Axiom"
"Icaro? Dove sei?"
"In Search of Lost Hope"
"Per aspera ad astra"
"Song of the Sirens"
"Stairway To Heaven"
"Who was Moby Dick?"
Setowski, Tomasz"Astronomers"
"Crazy Love"
"Empire of the Great Magus"
"Infinite Painting"
"Labyrinth of Imagination"
"New Jerusalem"
"Scattered Dreams"
"Three Queens"
"Town of Sailors"
"Underwater Graces"
Setowski, Mikolaj"Nobody Harbour"
Slusarsky, Dariusz"A Bit of Luck"
"At the Dawn"
"Big Adventure"
"Big Adventure"
"Colours of my Youth, The"
"Dreams Become Real"
"Elapsing Time"
"Joy of Creation, The"
"Legend of King Popiel, The"
"Like a Flower in the Sun"
"Little Prince, The"
"Mechanical Orange"
"Milky Way"
"Mirror of Soul"
"Night Challenges"
"Paper Bird"
"Scale of Happiness"
"Sign of Time"
"Singing of the Whale in Love, The"
"Subtle Taste of Freedom"
"Tide of Hope"
"To the Light"
"Tree of Life"
"Waiting for Inspiration"
"Yellow Scarf"
"Youth Years"
Stolorz, Jozef"Advent Prelude"
"Book of Labyrinths (Golden Mountain), The"
"Dreamcopter's Sailor"
"Miserere II"
"Sigur Ros Reflections"
"Solitude of David's Psalms, The"
Szynkarczuk, Jacek"Architecture of Time"
"Arena Mundi"
"Heavenly Suburbs"
"Perseids, The"
"Port Earth"
"Sea of Galilee, The"
Wisniewski, Krzysztof"Amen"
"Quo vadis?"