Abstraction, compositions in Polish Paintings

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Adler, Jankel"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
"Standing figure"
Baranowski, Tadeusz"Space I"
"Space II"
"Space III"
"Space IX"
"Space V"
Baszkowski, Jacek"Convolvulus"
Beksinski, Zdzislaw"Composition"
"T 7"
Berlewi, Henryk"Circle and Square in Space"
"Cypresses and Clouds"
Beski, Jerzy"Caprices"
Biegas, Boleslas"Face (Visage)"
"Glances in the Distance (Regards dans le lointain)"
Bienkowski, Andrzej"Melancholy"
Blond (Maurice Blumenkrantz), Maurycy"Composition with Cello"
Bogusz, Marian"5 Minutes to 12 in Nankin"
Brzozowski, Tadeusz"After Washing Squeaks"
"Blanche and Rouge"
"Ekwipaz chyzo pomyka"
"Funeral of the Shark"
"Piszczka dech"
"Property Room"
"szach-mach star-mach"
"Treser (II)"
"Trop w trop"
"zaluzyji zazdrostka"
"Zerberus III"
"Zerberus VIII"
Bujnowski, Rafal"Brick, The"
"How to Paint VHS Tape"
Choynowski, Mieczyslaw"America"
Chrostowska, Halina"Blue Figure IV"
Ciecierski, Tomasz"Garden Nymphs"
"Indian Summer"
Cyankiewicz (Cyan), Zdzislaw"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
Damasiewicz, Witold"Composition"
Dlubak, Zbigniew"Asymmetry"
"Movens - 30"
"War - Dying Branches"
Dobkowski, Jan"Blossoming"
"Life Goes On..."
Dominik, Tadeusz"Amazonia"
"Black Marks"
"Colourful Rectangles"
"Composition I"
"Explosion. Garden II"
"Water Lilies"
Dwurnik, Edward"Abstraction"
"Old Town Market Place in Warsaw"
Eidrigevièius, Stasys"New Year Presents"
"Tears of a Dog"
Faczynski, Jerzy"Abstract Animals"
"Abstract Woman"
"Bird, The"
"Composition in Blue"
Fangor, Wojciech"B 101"
"E 10"
"E 30"
"M 22"
"M 56"
"M 62"
Fijalkowski, Stanislaw"Composition - Akaka"
"Delicate Conscience Becomes a Reason for its Examination"
"Highway VI"
"Pyramid for a Tired Man"
"Seven Forgotten Good Deeds in Perfect Geometric Form"
Fogtt, Andrzej"Marina"
Galczynski, Wladyslaw"Untitled"
Galinski, Pawel Tadeusz"Untitled"
Galus, Angelika"3CI"
"Awakening. Yellow"
"Dream. Blue, The"
"Talk. Red"
"Waiting. Green"
Garwol, Pawel"Bulgaria"
"Earth is Flat, The"
"Historical Riddle"
"They Killed a Dog"
"This is India, Man"
"Yoga Fever"
Gasienica-Setlak, Emilia"Dusk III"
"Dusk IV"
"Perspective of Dusk"
Geppert, Eugeniusz"Composition"
Gielniak, Jozef"Improvisation for Grazynka I"
Gierowski, Stefan"Composition CC"
"Composition CXXIX"
"Painting CCC"
"Painting CCLXXXI"
"Painting CLV (Strike)"
"Painting DCX"
"Painting DXLVII"
"Painting LXXX"
Gotlib, Henryk"Fantastic Landscape"
Gottlieb, Leopold"Composition"
Grabowski, Stanislaw"Face Profile - Surrealistic Composition"
Grzyb, Ryszard"Last Exhibition"
Hasior, Wladyslaw"Bread of Life, The"
"Composition with a Plane"
"Crucifix, The"
"Last Bird"
"Singer with Silver Lips"
"Suburban Pietà"
Hayden, Henri"Composition"
"Still Life with Ace of Clubs and Chess Pieces"
Heksel, Krzysztof"Untitled"
Hiller, Karol"Composition 214 A"
"Composition O"
Januszewski, Witold"Composition"
Jarema, Maria"Filters"
"Filters XIII"
"Filters XV"
"Penetazione 6"
Jasnikowski, Jaroslaw"Old Automobile"
Jaworska, Renata"Untitled (Bird)"
Jurkiewicz, Zdzislaw"26.6 Meters of Blue and Red"
Kalucki, Jerzy"Perforation"
Kaminski, Pawel Jan"Desire"
"My Piece of Sky"
"Rainy Morning"
Kantor, Tadeusz"Black Emballage (diptych)"
"Chexbres 5"
"Composition with a Ladder"
"Composition XI"
"Composition XI 1959"
"Emballage I"
"Painting (Peinture)"
"Penture C"
"Red Envelope (Enveloppe rouge)"
Karat, Robert"Composition of the Circle"
Kibel, Wolf"Creation, The"
Kierzkowski, Bronislaw"Collage"
"Composition No. 1"
Kijno, Wladyslaw"Composition"
Kiwerski, Krzysztof"Castle I"
"Castle II"
"Crows I"
"Crows II"
"Crows V"
"Moth Bound XIV"
"Moth Bound XV"
"Outsider I"
"Outsider II"
Kobzdej, Aleksander"Birth"
"Birthday I"
"Birthday II"
"Green Guard, The"
"Polczarno Szary"
"Wide Fissure between Violets"
Koniczek, Krzysztof"Autumn"
"Biebrza River"
"Birches - Autumn"
"Blue Expression"
"Blue Venus"
"City I, The"
"City II, The"
"Computer Dream"
"Cyan Abstraction"
"Florida. Impression"
"Gate of Iceland"
"Golden Abstraction"
"Green Abstraction"
"Gulf of Mexico"
"Gulf of Mexico"
"Iceland Impression"
"Let's Talk"
"Light in a Tunnel"
"My Flotilla"
"Mysteries of the Tower of Babel"
"New York Abstraction"
"New York Abstraction"
"New York Abstraction"
"Organic Composition"
"Pillars of Heaven, The"
"Pink Abstraction"
"Red Abstraction"
"Red Abstraction"
"Red Expression"
"Red Marshes"
"Running II"
"Running III"
"Smoke on the Water"
"Three Windows"
"Touch of Nature"
"Towards Infinity"
"Towards Infinity"
"Towards Knowledge"
"Tsunami 2"
Korczowski, Bogdan"Ashes of the Angel"
Kujawski, Jerzy"Composition"
Kupczynski, Zbigniew"Abstraction"
Lachur, Zdzis³aw"Composition"
Lambert-Rucki, Jean"Composition with Faces"
"Couple, The"
Lebenstein, Jan"Axial Figure"
"Axial Figure"
"Axial Figure"
"Axial Figure"
"Axial Figure No. 89"
"Blue Figure"
"Dead Beast (Bete Morte)"
"Figure in a Mask (Figure masque)"
"Golden Figure"
"Horned Monster"
"Salon Scene"
"Small Figure in a Blue Frame"
"Stretched Figure III"
Lech, Ryszard"At Sunset"
"Four Triangles"
Lempicka, Tamara de"Abstract Composition in Orange"
"Painting with a Botticelli"
"Surrealist Landscape"
Lenica, Alfred"Abstract Composition"
"Bound of Suspension"
"Composition (Komposition i blåt, rødbrunt og sort)"
"Flowers of Evil"
"Head of an Elder"
"In a Red Circle"
"No Entry"
"Road to Freedom"
"Surrealist Gouache (Gouache surréaliste)"
"Untitled (Ohne Titel)"
Lewicki, Leopold"Figural Composition"
Lopuszniak, Wladyslaw"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
"Abstract Composition"
"Composition with the Crosses of Lorraine"
Lunkiewicz-Rogoyska, Maria Ewa"Composition"
Majrowski (Meyro), Zdzislaw Constantin"A Long Time Ago"
"After the Rain"
"At the Dawn"
"Beginning of the Red"
"Best Wishes"
"Castle 2"
"Composition 1"
"Composition 19"
"Composition 22"
"Composition 25"
"Composition 26"
"Composition 40"
"Composition 41"
"Composition 42"
"Composition 52"
"Composition 53"
"Composition 54"
"Composition 55"
"Composition 56"
"Composition 61"
"Composition 62"
"Composition 64"
"Composition 66"
"Composition 68"
"Dawn at the Lake"
"Dawn on the Wuthering Heights"
"Dream about the Meadow"
"First Day of Spring, The"
"Flowers 11"
"Flowers 13"
"Foggy Day"
"Lost World"
"Night Journey"
"Noon Light"
"Oasis of Peace"
"On the Tour"
"Ordinary Day"
"Over a Bay"
"Power of Calm"
"Sun Valley"
"Untitled, The"
"Welsh Landscape"
"Wide Horizon"
Makowski, Zbigniew"Border of Elegy"
"Composition (Komposition)"
"Composition with a nude woman, hands, birds and text. "Diffugere nives""
"Intro Vocat"
"Maria Sub Monte Erat"
"Old Garden"
"Things Fall Apart"
Malczewski, Jacek"Composition"
Maler, Eryk"Cows"
"Flower Behaviorism"
"Flowers in Sunshine"
"My Friends"
"Rock Garden"
Marcoussis (Ludwik Markus), Louis"Composition with the Face and the Shell (Composition au visage et au coquillage)"
"Without title (Sans titre)"
Marczynski, Adam"Still Life"
Matuszczak, Edward"Composition"
Maziarska, Jadwiga"XXX"
Mazurkiewicz, Alfons"Duo - Composition"
Mehoffer, Jozef"Decoration Design for Armenian Cathedral in Lviv"
"Serpents amid Roses"
Menkes, Sigmund Joseph"Flowers in a Vase"
Michejda, Tadeusz"Street"
Mierzejewski, Andrzej"Composition"
Mikulski, Kazimierz"Composition"
"Family Tragedy (Fish Seller)"
"Holiday Afternoon of the Cricket over the Town"
Minciel, Eugeniusz"Best Berlin, The"
"Four X"
"Market Halls"
"Moons 45"
"Water Lilies and Faces"
Mlodozeniec, Piotr"Untitled"
Mlodozeniec, Stanislaw"Aborigine 3"
"Blue Composition"
"Composition in Green"
"Grey Landscape"
Modzelewski, Jaroslaw"Hunt"
"Pedalling under the Lamp"
Musial, Krzysztof"Cat"
"Fragments - Bar"
"Fragments - Bridge"
"Fragments I"
"In Hiding"
"Line V"
"Line VII - Tree"
"On a Carpet"
"Wall, The"
"Website F"
"Website K"
Musialowicz, Henryk"Animalistic Landscape"
Nacht Samborski, Artur"Ficus in a Pot"
Nawrocka, Danuta"Lava in the Sea"
Nocon, Cyprian"Abstraction No. 3"
"Baltic Sea"
"Baltic Symphony"
"Boxes, The"
"By the Sea"
"East Layout, The"
"On the Bank of the River"
"Reflection of the Weather"
"Une Rose"
"Withered Tulips on the Background of Unfinished Painting (for Chopin)"
Nowosielski, Jerzy"Abstraction"
"Girls by the Sea"
"Pigeon House"
"Pre Stasika Balewicza"
Opalka, Roman"Lambda-Omicron"
Osak, Agnieszka"Creativity"
"Dancing Light"
Ostoja-Kotkowski, Joseph Stanislaus"Abstract"
"Moon Pendant"
"Untitled 12"
Pacanowska, Felicja"Abstract Composition"
Pawlak, Wlodzimierz"Poles Forming a National Flag"
Pennards-Sycz, Justyna"An Optimist´s Dream"
"Dark Forest"
"Dark Forest"
"Golden Door"
"In the Distance"
"Light will Guide You"
"Light will Guide You"
"Night Air Fills my Soul with Kindness"
"Night Swimming Requires a Quiet Night"
"No Light"
"Preparing to Escape"
"Preparing to Escape 2"
"Second Night at the Lake"
"What Remains"
"Where did I Put it?"
Pink (Ludwika Pinkusiewicz), Lutka"Composition"
Podsadecki, Kazimierz"Autumn Leaves"
"Venus A"
Potworowski, Piotr"Abstract Composition"
"Ametla del Mar"
"Corner of the Artist's Studio, Cornwall"
"Landscape - Cornish Wood"
"Street in Spain"
"Sunset with Black Trees"
Przadka, Lukasz"42"
Ralicka, Justyna"Bird's Town"
"Colourful Town"
"Fish Town"
"Forest Town"
"Old House"
"Paradise Town"
"Red House"
"Strange Town"
"With a Fish"
"Yellow Still Life"
Rapsa, Krzysztof"Composition"
"Dream by the Sea"
"Horizon III"
"Print 001"
"Print 01"
"Print 25"
"Wounded City"
Robb-Narbutt, Krystiana"Two Figures and a Lobster"
Rosenstein, Erna"Swimming Pool"
Rudowicz, Teresa"59/99"
Ruszkowski, Zdzislaw"Untitled"
Salaburski, Zdzislaw"Composition"
Sasnal, Wilhelm"Aquarium"
Sawka, Jan"Partial Recall"
Sempolinski, Jacek"Dawn"
"Violet Space"
Serafin, L. Tadeusz"2014 I"
"2014 IV"
Sienicki, Jacek"Landscape"
"White Interior"
Siminska, Aleksandra"Composition I"
Sitak, Kamila"Quarantine"
Skarzynski, Jerzy"Carousels in Motion"
Slusarsky, Dariusz"Paper Bird"
Sosnowski, Kajetan"Untitled"
Stajuda, Jerzy Adam"1511"
"Composition with a Bottle"
"English Landscape III"
"White Flags"
Stanislawska, Monika"Dreams Fulfilled"
Stazewski, Henryk"Abstract Composition III"
"Coloured Relief #10"
"Composition Nr 11"
"Composition Nr 3"
"Figural Composition"
"No. 17"
"No. 18"
"No. 19"
"No. 3"
"No. 37"
"No. 37"
"No. 49"
"No. 5"
"No. 50A"
"No. 66"
"Nr 12"
"Painting no. 36"
"Relief in Aluminium no. XII"
"Relief in Copper"
"Relief no. 17"
"Relief no. 17"
"Relief Painted (White)"
"Strata Composition I"
"White and Grey Relief - No 20"
Stern, Jonasz"Nude"
Strzeminski, Wladyslaw"Cubism - Tensions of the Material Structure"
"Sun - Heart of the Day"
"Unist Composition 14"
"Unist Composition II (10)"
Studnicki, Juliusz"Composition"
Susid, Pawel"Churches"
"Ratio of Beautiful Girls to Other"
Szczuka, Mieczyslaw"Poster Study"
Szewczyk, Andrzej"Tristan and Iseult"
Szymaniuk, Antoni"Forest Cemetery"
Tarasewicz, Leon"Composition"
"Sunset Over New Mexico"
Tarasin, Jan"Armor"
"Complication II"
"Dynamic Collection"
"Things II"
Tatarczyk, Tomasz"Composition"
Tchorzewski, Jerzy"Cold World II"
"Great Hunting"
"Homage to Karol Szymanowski, painting VI"
Themerson, Stefan"Composition"
Trochim, Anna"Untitled"
Tymoszewski, Zbigniew"Swiatowid"
Uklanski, Piotr"Untitled"
Wasikiewicz, Anna"Magic"
Weingart, Joachim"Cubist Composition with Guitar"
"Dire la vérité"
"Still Life"
Wilczek, Kornel"Autumn Melody"
"Birth of Elements, The"
"Cascades of Light"
"Constellation Draconis"
"Dance of the Suns"
"Galactic Guardian, The"
"Galactic Ocean"
"Golden Nebula"
"Kingdom of Helios"
"Queen of Water Garden"
"Seas of Light and Peace, The"
"Secret of Mist Castle"
"Secrets of Galactic Castle"
"Tower of Solar Wind"
Winiarski, Ryszard"33-rd game"
"34-th game"
"35-th game"
"Area 79"
"Area 82"
"Chance in game 4 x 4"
"Chance in Game for One"
"Fifteenth Game 10 x 10"
"Game 10 x 10"
"Transition VI"
Wiszniewski, Eugeniusz"Other Dimension"
Witkiewicz (Witkacy), Stanislaw Ignacy"Aldebaran and Hyades"
"Antares in Scorpius"
"Autumn Landscape"
"Chopping of Forest. Fight"
"Comet Encke"
"Composition with Swans"
"Fairy Tale, The"
"Jupiter Metamorphosed into a Bull"
"Kiss of a Mongolian Prince in Ice Desert"
Wlodarski (Henryk Streng), Marek"Moving Autumn"
Wojtkiewicz, Witold"Christ and Chilldren"
Wojtowicz, Stanislaw"Composition"
Wozniak, Ryszard"Stack"
Wroblewski, Andrzej"Family"
"Multicoloured Head"
"Sun and Other Stars, The"
Zablocki, Jerzy"Boats at Dock"
Zaborowski, Andrzej"Roads will Be New"
Zajac, Ryszard"Composition with Fruits"
"Music Composition in Blue"
Zalewski, Stanislaw"Still Life with Letters"
Ziemski, Rajmund"Composition"
"Landscape 1/60"
"Landscape 3/68"
Ziemski, Jan"Untitled"
Zietara, Robert"Bubble Dreams"
"Tree of Life"
Zinkow, Jerzy"Kazimierz Plein Air"
Zulawski, Marek"Three Figures"