Interiors in Polish Paintings

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Aberdam, Alfred"Mother and Child in an Interior"
Ajdukiewicz, Sigismund"Charity Soup"
Andrychiewicz, Zygmunt"At a Café Table"
Anthony, Justyna"Church"
Bakalowicz, Ladislaus"Ball at the Court of Henry of Valois"
"Court of Valois"
"Dance in the Inn, The"
"Inviting to Dance"
"Joan of Arc at the Coronation of Charles VII in Reims Cathedral"
"Lecture on a Sonnet"
"New Acquisition (La nouvelle aquisition)"
"Portrait of a Lady in a Red Dress"
"Recital, The"
"Suitor, The"
"Young Woman Before the Ball"
Bakalowicz, Stefan"Companionable Silence"
"Lady Reading in a Pompeian Interior"
Benn, (Bencion Rabinowicz)"Woman Reading in Living Room"
Bierkowska, Leona"In a Room"
Blond (Maurice Blumenkrantz), Maurycy"Interior with a Table"
Boznanska, Olga"Grandma's Name Day"
"Interior of the Artist's Studio"
"Studio Interior"
Brzozowski, Tadeusz"Property Room"
Buchbinder, Szymon"Scientist"
Buyko (Bujko), Boleslaw"Interior of the Pantheon"
Chlebowski, Stanislaus von"Interior of a Mosque"
Chmielinski, Wladyslaw"Interior of Wilanow Palace"
Chudzik, Slawomir"Interior with a Pink Floor"
Cybulski, Tadeusz"Interior of a Chapel"
Czachorski, Wladyslaw"At the Clavichord - Love Song"
"In Front of a Mirror"
"Interior of a Sacristy - Silentium"
"Lady with Jewelery"
"Pink Rose"
"Wedding Wreath"
Czapski, Joseph"Apples on a Chair"
"Man at Exhibition"
Czarnecki, Henryk"Portrait of Artist's Daughter Wanda"
Dyrdon, Henryk"Tradesman's Story"
Ejsmond, Franciszek"Family"
"First Lesson, The"
"Quiet Happiness"
Eljasz-Radzikowski, Jan Kanty Walery"Tyszowce Confederation, 1655, The"
Faczynski, Jerzy"Castle Interior"
"Girl with Cat at the Window"
"Interior with Armchair"
"Portrait of My Mother in Her Music Room"
"She and He"
"Stage Design"
"View on Festival Garden - Cat Before a Window"
Gerson, Wojciech"Cottage Interior"
Gierymski, Aleksander"Interior of Gierymskis' Flat in Munich"
"Interior of Saint Mark's Basilica in Venice"
Gorska, Maria Pia"By a Lamp - Self-Portrait"
Gotlib, Henryk"Workers Drinking Beer"
Gottlieb, Leopold"Café Interior"
Gramatyka, Antoni"Monastery Kitchen"
Grocholski, Tadeusz"Maryjka Harbarowa"
Grott, Teodor"Girl with a Parrot"
Gryglewski, Aleksander"Interior of the Church"
Halicka, Alice"Small Girl in an Armchair"
Hayden, Henri"Musician in Interior"
Izdebski-Cruz, Krzysztof"Fantasy No 1 (Mint)"
Jarema, Maria"Woman on a Bar Stool"
Jasinski, Feliks Stanislaw"Paolo and Francesca"
Karpinski, Alfons"Interior with Flowers"
Kasprzycki, Wincenty"Fine Arts Exhibition in Warsaw in 1828"
Kibel, Wolf"Interior Scene with Figures"
"Interior with Purple Doors"
Kiwerski, Krzysztof"Small Talk VIII"
Kokular, Aleksander"Interior of the Artist's Salon"
Kolpanowicz, Marcin"Traveller's Room"
Korolkiewicz, Lukasz"Ceremony"
Kotsis, Aleksander"In a Kitchen"
"Kitchen Interior - sketch"
"Last Possession, The"
"Mother Died"
"Old Mountainer"
Kozakiewicz, Antoni"History Lesson"
"In Front of a Fireplace"
Kraszewska, Otolia"Confidence"
Kruszewski, Jozef Wincenty"In the Court"
Krynicki, Nikifor"At the Tailor Shop"
"In a Hospital"
"In a Kitchen"
"In the Church"
"Kitchen in a Guest House"
"Kitchen in a Guest House"
"Scene in the Military Office, The"
"Scene in the Military Office, The"
Krzyzanowski, Konrad"At a Piano"
"By the Light of the Candle"
Kulesza, Marian Stefan"Interior"
Lebenstein, Jan"Woman in a Window"
Lempicka, Tamara de"Hotel Room"
Lentz, Stanislaw"Misunderstanding"
Lesser, Aleksander"Casimir the Great and Esterka"
Loeffler, Leopold"Attendance of the Minister (Besuch des Pastors)"
Lubieniecki, Christoffel"Food Lovers"
Machalski, Ludwik"Portrait of a Boy"
Maciejewski, Zbyslaw Marek"Ola"
Makowski, Tadeusz"At The Shoemaker's"
"In the Studio"
Malczewski, Jacek"Artist's Atelier"
"In the Artist's Studio"
"Man Reading"
"Portrait of a Woman"
Malecki, Wladyslaw Aleksander"Studio Interior"
Marcoussis (Ludwik Markus), Louis"Musician in an Interior (Musicien dans un interieur)"
Markowicz, Artur"Chess Game"
"Chess Game"
"Scripture Copyist in his Chamber"
Maszkowski, Jan"At the Pawn Broker"
"In an Inn"
Matejko, Jan"Portrait of Artist's Children"
Mehoffer, Jozef"Cloister of the Cistercian Abbey in Szczyrk"
"Europa jubilans"
"In a Church"
"Interior of the Church in Turek"
"Little Things on a Fireplace"
"Portrait of Marshall Jozef Pilsudski"
"Portrait of the Artist's Wife"
"Wyspianski in the Paris Studio"
Menkes, Sigmund Joseph"Bride"
"Concert, The"
"Concert in a Studio"
"Reclining Woman in Studio"
"Sleeping Woman"
"Woman in an Interior"
Milinski, Dariusz"Untitled"
Moniuszko, Jan Czeslaw"Conversation with Wine"
"In Bacciarelli's studio"
"Knock knock!"
"Who's there?"
Musial, Krzysztof"Room II"
Najbor, Wiktor"Four of Aces"
Nocon, Cyprian"Change of Exhibition"
"Still Life"
Nowosielski, Jerzy"Double Portrait"
"In the Artist's Studio"
Orlowski, Aleksander"In an Inn in Czestochowa"
Pankiewicz, Jozef"Cup of Tea (the Visit)"
Piechowski, Wojciech"Girl at a Desk"
Pilarski, Paul"Portrait of a Woman"
Piotrowski, Antoni"In an Inn"
Piotrowski, Maksymilian Antoni"Travelling Salesman"
Pochwalski, Kasper"Healers"
"In the Artist's Room"
"In the Artist's Studio"
Pochwalski, Kazimierz"In an Inn"
Polkowski, Jozef"Homeworks"
Potworowski, Piotr"Blue Room"
"Corner of the Artist's Studio, Cornwall"
Pronaszko, Zbigniew"Artist's Wife with a Boy at a Table"
"In Front of a Mirror"
"Woman Reading"
Pruszkowski, Witold"Artist's Son with a Dog"
Rodakowski, Henryk"Marshal"
Rosenstein, Erna"In the Artist's Studio"
"Swimming Pool"
Ruminkiewicz, Krystyna"Blushing Woman"
"Parisian Inspirations"
"Woman in a Suit"
Ruszczyc, Ferdynand"Interior"
Rychter-Janowska, Bronislawa"By a Window"
"Portrait of Matylda Janowska (the Artist's Daughter)"
"Reading for Grandmother"
Rzepinski, Czeslaw"Still Life"
Simmler, Jozef"Portrait of Emilia Wlodkowska"
"Portrait of Mary Rosa and Rosa Mary Caroline Kronenberg with a Dog"
Sokolowski, Sigmond"Unexpected Advance"
Streitt, Franciszek"Busy"
"Catherine Jagiellon of Poland"
Stryowski (Stryjowski), Wilhelm August"Freitag Carving the Bust of Hevelius"
Studnicki, Juliusz"Gertruda Wysocka - Udarnik"
Suchodolski, January"In the Salon of Senator Franciszek Skibicki"
Swidwinski, Aleksander"In a Café"
Szancenbach, Jan"Interrupted Solitaire"
Szermentowski, Jozef"Courtyard of Szydlowiec Castle"
Teodorowicz-Karpowska, Helena"Interior of a Church"
Topolski, Feliks"Bistro pres de Notre Dame"
Trojanowski, Wincenty"Critic in the Artist's Studio, The"
Unknown Painter, "Portrait of Catherina Ostrogska née Lubomirska"
Walach, Jan"Inside Peasants House"
Waliszewski, Zygmunt"In the Artist's Studio"
Wedrychowski, Lucjan"Medicine Man"
Weingart, Joachim"At a Table"
Wnukowa, Jozefa"Milk Bar"
Wodzinski, Jozef"Drawing Room"
"House Concert"
"Lady with Greyhound"
Wroblewski, Andrzej"Family"
Wyczolkowski, Leon"I Saw Once"
"Interior of the Artist's Studio"
"Interior of the Church of the Virgin Mary in Torun"
"Sarcophagus of St. Stanislaus"
"Woman Praying in Church in Bochnia"
Wygrzywalski, Felix Michael"S.S. Maria – Aracelli"
Wyspianski, Stanislaw"Interior of the Artist's Studio"
"Interior of the Artist's Studio in Paris"
"Solitaire by the Candle Light"
Zak, Eugène"Happy Family"
Zaleski, Marcin"Interior"
"Interior of the Dominican Church in Cracow"
"Interior of the School of Fine Arts in Warsaw"
"St. John's Cathedral in Warsaw"
Zmigrodzki, Ludwik"Recollections"
Zuber, Juliusz"Inside a Cottage"
Zukowski (Станислав Юлианович ЖУКОВСКИЙ), Stanislaw"Elegant Interior"
"Interior of a King's Office"
"Interior of a Salon"
"Red Room"
"View on the Garden"