Polish Paintings in Abroad Auctions

Alphabetical List of Artists (L)

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Lachur, Zdzisław
Lambert-Rucki, Jean
Lampi the Elder, Johann-Baptist
Landau, Zygmunt
Lebenstein, Jan
Lempicka, Tamara de
Lenica, Alfred
Leszczynski (Michael Lester), Michal Antoni
Lewandowski, Janusz
Lewandowski, Ludwik
Lewensztadt, Henryk Zvi
Librowicz, Catherine
Lichtenstein, Izaac
Lindeman, Emil
Loeffler, Leopold
Loevy, Edward
Lopuszniak, Wladyslaw
Lubieniecki, Theodor
Lurczynski, Mieczyslaw



The current web page presents auction results of selected polish paintings that were sold in auctions outside of Poland. All data inserts were sourced from public domains. Artyzm.com is not responsible neither for data accuracy nor authenticity of listed paintings.