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Majrowski - Composition 41 (4510)

Zdzislaw Majrowski (Meyro)
"Composition 41"

oil on canvas,
dimensions: 90 x 160 cm



The artist about himself: I graduated from Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in 1979 at the atelier of Jan Lis. Apart from formal schooling, I started my own studies of historical European paintings.

1981 exhibition in Munich (pastiches of XVII century Dutch masters).

In the eighties I have completely changed my approach to painting and have started searching for my own way of creation . I must mention here the huge essential help of Mrs.Gertrude Abramowic (Sonia), the great friend of Elton John from his Paris period. I was able to study and create many painting in the atelier especially created for me in Cologne, Germany. I have escaped from objective way of watching and started to search new artistic forms to extract pure energy. Pure energy and emotions became motto of my painting. I have passed all periods of modern art, from monochromatic compositions to contrast impasto and reliefs. I have passed from classical drawing by deformation to constructionism.

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