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Baranowski - Space III (3975)

Tadeusz Baranowski
"Space III"

expressive spatial composition,
medium: fabrics, polystyrene, acrylic, oil,
dimensions: 105 x 120 cm



Tadeusz Baranowski A graduate of the Faculty of Graphics and Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw led by prof. A. Nacht-Samborski and prof. A. Kobzdej. He graduated with honors in 1969.

Tadeusz Baranowski participated in numerous exhibitions in Poland and abroad, including Helsinki, Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts Student Exhibition, London, „Współczesna” Gallery, „Youngest Generation”, Warsaw, Old Guardhouse, 9th Debut of Academy of Fine Arts’ Graduates, West Berlin, Polish Exhibition of Modern Art, Warsaw, Art Gallery MDM, AUT Group, Warsaw, the Grand Theatre Contemporary Gallery, Lublin, BWA. „Young Sprouts”, Sopot, BWA. Sopot. National Exhibition of Young Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Szczecin, 5th Jubilee Festival of Polish Modern Art, Warsaw, 3rd Festival of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Art Gallery MDM. Youth Exhibition, London, Gallery of Modern Arts, London, „Zachęta” Gallery. 6th Festival of Fine Arts, Warsaw, ”Zachęta” Gallery, ”Pee in the cake.” 5th Presentation of Selected Works from the „Zachęta” Gallery collection.

Apart from painting, he also worked with applied graphics (especially by creating numerous original press layouts), and creativity workshops for children, for which he received the „Gloria Artis” medal in 2007 from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. Between 1984 -1990 he worked with the Belgian publishing house Editions du Lombard. He was the only Polish illustrator published in an exclusive edition of J. Brel songs released in Belgium and France. Through the creation of original comic books for children (e.g. „Antresolka Profesorka Nerwosolka”, „Where Does Sparkling Water Come From” or „Journey on the Diplodocus Dragon”) he was listed in the American anthology „1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die” published by Universe Publishing.

His paintings can be found in the collections of the „Zachęta” Gallery, the Ministry of Culture, Studio Theatre in Warsaw as well as in many private collections.

He has recently been creating a new series of paintings entitled „Spaces”. He invented his very own painting technique that uses a variety of materials (plexiglass, fabric, polystyrene, acrylics, oils, etc.). It allows for the construction of works resembling reliefs – by composing layers built from various materials. In this abstract reality we find landscapes, still lifes and spectacular images that fill his rich imagination.

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