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Koniczek - Frenzy (0869)

Krzysztof Koniczek
"Frenzy of Bodies”

oil, acrylic on canvas,
dimensions: 130 x 120 cm



Krzysztof Koniczek was born in Olecko. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan in the Faculty of Painting, Graphics and Sculpture. Graduated from Prof. Waldemar Swierzy Studio.
He had his first individual exhibition in the middle of 1980s - at the time when the young were really angry as a result of the crisis of the avant-garde from 1970s, both European and American. When we add that it was accompanied by the disappointment with politics, sociotechniques and mass culture, the phenomena prevelant at that time, such a search for new aesthetics and attitude in general, become clear.
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