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Slusarsky - Moving (11241)

Dariusz Slusarsky

dimensions: 50 x 80 cm (69 x 99 cm framed)



I was born in 1979 in Częstochowa.

Painting is my lifelong passion to which I have devoted my entire life and education, placing particular emphasis on perfecting both my painting technique and skills, so that I could find a more sophisticated way of making my way around the surreal world, which is the main area of my interests.

When finishing my primary education, I had already known which life path to choose. This led me to graduating from the Jacek Malczewski Secondary School of Fine Arts in Częstochowa five years later. Both my secondary education, as well as university course completed at the Jan Długosz University, allowed me to improve my skills and craft, while being an apprentice of one of the most prominent Polish Surrealist artists, Tomasz Sętowski, at his Museum of Imagination in Częstochowa.

The artist’s task is to observe the surrounding world and, thanks to his painting skills, reflect it on canvas. My paintings are not always fully understandable and clear but they always carry my distinctive message. My aim is to involve the viewers in my own reality, filled with symbolism of my perceptions and emotions.

I live and work in Częstochowa.

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