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Osak - Silence (21561)

Agnieszka Osak
"Silence II"

charcoal on paper,
dimensions: 39 x 27 cm



There came a time in my life when I started to look for place of my own in the vast world of art. I have sought and found many ways to express myself. For many years now sculpturing, photography, painting as well as creating theatrical costumes have been a vital and constant part of my life. Painting however revealed itself to me as the most meaningful and powerful art in my hands. I have finally found my way. Now I could let my imagination run free! Today I create and paint magical stories from fantasy land.

I create for those who are looking for beauty and joy in life. I invite them into my fairytale world where they become children again, leaving reality and sorrows behind. Carefree and light-hearted they rediscover the magnificent nature of a happy life.

Exhibitions and artistic projects:

Painting Exhibition at Maya Gallery in Torun

Painting Exhibition at the Art Center of Moscice in Tarnów

Painting exhibition, Local Community Centre Gallery, Debica
Creation and execution of the project “Small Designers” together with the company “Śnieżka” and the Foundation “Your Chance”.
Creativity workshops for children. Debica.
Performing stage design for the musical “Penderecki by the keyhole.”
European Center for Music of Krzysztof Penderecki in Lusławice

Painting exhibition “In my fairy tale” Centrum Edukacji i Kultury, Jaroslaw
Painting exhibition, HolaLola club, Rzeszow
Painting exhibition “In my fairy tale”, SCEK Gallery, Warsaw

Painting exhibition “Origami in love”, Ambrozja club, Debica
Painting exhibition “Never ending story”, Bialolecki Osrodek Kultury, Warsaw
Painting exhibition “Never ending story”, Teatr Maska, Rzeszow
Painting exhibition “In my fairy tale”, Local Community Centre Gallery, Debica
Stage design for Stanisław Moniuszko’s “Horrible Manor” opera, Directed by: Jakub Bulzak

Stage design for the opera “Love Drink” Gaetano Donizetti. Director: Jakub Bulzak

Photography exhibition, Local Community Centre Gallery, Debica
Painting exhibition “Awaking the imagination”, Ambrozja club, Debica

Sculpturing exibition “Captivated in stone”, Local Community Centre Gallery, Debica
Illustrations for the magazine “Eksmagazyn” no.6 September

Painting exhibition “Art event Artpark”, Rydz Smigly park, Warsaw

Sculpture and painting exhibition “So different…”, Local Community Centre Gallery, Debica
Stage design for theatrical performance “The Meeting” at the Białołęckie Center of Culture in Warsaw. Directed by: Aneta Muczyń, Warsaw

Numerous participation in environmental exhibitions in the Gallery of the Municipal Cultural Center in the years 2009 – 2017, Dębica

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