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Trzaska - Unplayed Chess Game (21421)

Krzysztof Trzaska
"Unplayed Chess Game"
from the series "Simple Gambling Games"
acrylic on canvas,
dimensions: 70 x 90 cm



– Graduate from the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw (A Master of Fine Arts) and the Institute of Art History at the Warsaw University (A Master of Art History);

– He paints and sculpts, but also creates structures, installations, videos, multimedia initiatives and Internet projects.

– For many years, up until 2003, he collaborated with the Galerie du Chevalier from Paris. Since 2008, his works have been exhibited at annual art salons in Paris (Ozoir la Ferriere and Presles en Brie). In January 2012, in collaboration with a spanish artist, Manuel Alcala he presented an art installation called “Ucieczka z raju”. In Autumn 2012, he was awarded at the 2nd all-Polish Art Contest for illustrations inspired by Jeremi Przybora’s song lyrics.

– In 2013, he was awarded first place in the “Colorovo” ABC Data art contest, he received the Tomaszów Lubelski starost award for his painting series “Pejzaże z Roztocza”, he also won the 3rd all-Polish Art Contest for illustrations inspired by Jeremi Przybora’s song lyrics and was awarded first place for his series of graphic art. In 2014, he received the PKO BP Bank Director’s award for his painting submited to the Barwy Roztocza 2014 contest.

– Since October 2013, he performs the “Autoportret z poetą” project – it encompasses exhibitions of new paintings inspired by Jacek Kaczmarski’s poetic work coupled with Adam Łapacz’s concert performance of Kaczmarki’s songs.

– Krzysztof Trzaska takes part in domestic and international plein air painting events; since 2010, his works have been shown at over forty individual and group exhibitions; by experimenting with shapes and styles he creates works that astound with their compositional dynamics, harmony of colours and chromatic contrasts.

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