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Osak - Deep Breathe (21051)

Agnieszka Osak
"Deep Breathe"

acrylic on canvas,
dimensions: 80 x 100 cm



There came a time in my life when I started to look for place of my own in the vast world of art. I have sought and found many ways to express myself. For many years now sculpturing, photography, painting as well as creating theatrical costumes have been a vital and constant part of my life. Painting however revealed itself to me as the most meaningful and powerful art in my hands. I have finally found my way. Now I could let my imagination run free! Today I create and paint magical stories from fantasy land.

I create for those who are looking for beauty and joy in life. I invite them into my fairytale world where they become children again, leaving reality and sorrows behind. Carefree and light-hearted they rediscover the magnificent nature of a happy life.

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