Mieszko II

Mieszko II Mieszko II (990-1034) became king under the will of his father, Boleslaus the Brave, who also arranged his marriage to Richeza (Ryksa) of Lorraine, the emperor Otto III's niece, in 1013. His brothers, the elder Bezprym and the younger Otto, opposed the father's decision and in their struggle against Mieszko sought support of a German-Rus coalition. Under Mieszko II's rule, Bohemia captured Moravia, Germany occupied Lusatia, Denmark entered Pomerania, and Rus recovered Grody Czerwienskie. Richeza secretly left Poland, taking with her to Germany the royal insignia. The young Polish state was collapsing. In 1033, Mieszko recognised the suzerainty of the emperor and resigned from the crown and the royal title. His death was followed by a civil war. Mieszko had one son, Casimir, and two daughters. [art]