Boleslaus the Wrymouthed

Boleslaus the Wrymouthed Boleslaus the Wrymouthed (1085-1138), after his father's death, drove his elder brother, Zbigniew, out of the country. His influence grew as he made new conquests and expanded the territory of his realm. The dramatic war against the emperor Henry V ended in the latter's defeat at the battle of Psie Pole near Wroclaw. Boleslaus' conquest of Pomerania was accompanied by missionary work. He captured Gdansk Pomerania and won suzerainty over Szczecin Pomerania. Unfortunately, he undid his enormous successes when in his political testament he divided the state among his three adult sons, although he also established the institution of the sovereign, or senior, prince. This was the beginning of the period of feudal disintegration, which lasted almost two hundred years. [art]