Boleslaus the Curly

Boleslaus the Curly Boleslaus the Curly (1125-1173) received, under Boleslaus the Wrymouthed's will, the principalities of Mazovia and Kuyavia and following the banishment of his elder brother, Ladislaus, ascended the Cracow throne as the senior prince. He had to fight to keep this position since Ladislaus made efforts to win back the throne with the support of the papacy and the German states. In 1148, the papal legate Guido came to Poland with the mission of persuading the provincial princes to recognise the suzerainty of the exiled Ladislaus. In 1157, Boleslaus was defeated by the emperor Frederick Barbarossa and forced to pay homage and a high contribution. In the event, Ladislaus did not return to Cracow, but Boleslaus had to hand over Silesia to his sons in 1163. Under his rule, Poland lost Pomerania. [art]