Jadwiga of Angevin

Jadwiga of Angevin Jadwiga of Angevin (1374-1399), the daughter of King Louis of Hungary. In 1384, the Polish lords recognised her rights to the throne and had her crowned queen of Poland, but they forced her to break off her engagement to William of Habsburg, since they were in favour of a dynastic union with Lithuania, which would strengthen both these countries threatened by the Teutonic Knights. Under the treaty of Krevo concluded in 1385, the grand duke of Lithuania, Ladislaus Jagiello, together with his brother and the whole of Lithuania, were converted to the Latin rite and Ladislaus married Jadwiga. Jadwiga enjoyed great popularity due to her readiness to sacrifice her life to state aims. She renovated the Cracow Academy and bequeathed to it her personal property. [art]