History in Polish Paintings

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Abramowicz, Bronislaw"Congress of Cracow, The"
Ajdukiewicz, Thaddaus von"Scene from the 1863 Insurrection"
Bacciarelli, Marcello"Napoleon Proclaims the Constitution of the Duchy of Warsaw"
"Portrait of King Stanislaus Augustus in a Coronation Costume"
"Prussian Tribute"
Baginski, Stanislaw"Disarming of German Soldiers, The"
Bakalowicz, Ladislaus"Joan of Arc at the Coronation of Charles VII in Reims Cathedral"
Brandt, Jozef"Czarniecki at the battle of Koldynga"
"Departing from Wilanow"
"Inspection of War Prisoners"
"John III Sobieski Departing from Wilanow"
"LevÚe en masse at a Ford"
"Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Forces Singing the Bogurodzica (Mother of God) Hymn Before the Battle"
"Return from the Battle of Vienna"
Brodowski, Jˇzef"Napoleon Crosses the Elbe"
Brun, Peter Le"During the Retreat from Moscow"
Chelminski, Jan van"Napoleon Leading His Troops Through the Sierra de Guadarrama"
"Napoleon´s campaign in Spain"
"Retreat from Moscow, The"
"Retreat from Moscow, The"
Chelmonski, Jozef"Episode of the 1863 Insurrection"
Dolabella, Tommaso"Battle of Lepanto, The"
Eljasz-Radzikowski, Jan Kanty Walery"Death of Stanislav Zolkiewski in the battle of Cecora"
"John III Sobieski at the Battle of Vienna"
"Tyszowce Confederation, 1655, The"
Gerson, Wojciech"Barbara Radziwillowna's Ghost"
"Casimir the Restorer Returning to Poland"
"King Lokietek near Ojcow"
"Queen Jadwiga of Poland and Dymitr of Goraj"
"Veit Stoss on His Way to Nuremberg"
Gierymski, Maksymilian"Insurgents Marching out of a Village"
"Insurrectionary Patrol"
Gorski, Konstanty"Prussian Deportations, The"
Grottger, Artur"Escape of the King of Poland (Flucht des Polenk÷nigs)"
"Flight of King Henry de Valois from Poland"
"Last Admonition"
"Meeting of King John III Sobieski with Emperor Leopold I near Schwechat"
Hadziewicz, Rafal"Death of General Henryk Kamienski"
Kaczor-Batowski, Stanislaw"Attack of the Hussars. Khotyn"
"Battle of Grunwald, The"
"Charge at Rokitna, The"
"Jozef Pilsudski's Polish Legions Entering Kielce on 12 August 1914"
"Pulaski at Savannach"
Kaplinski, Leon"Historical Scene"
Kossak, Wojciech"Before the Charge at Somosierra"
"Bloody Sunday in St. Petersburg"
"Crossing the Berezina River by Napoleon's Army"
"General Josef Sowi˝ski in Battle"
"Lviv Eaglet"
"Lviv Eaglet"
"Napoleon on the banks of Neman River"
"Prince Joseph Poniatowski in 1812"
Kossak, Jerzy"Crossing of the River Niemen"
"Napoleon and His Military Staff"
"Napoleon’s Vision"
"Napoleon's Retreat from the Russian Campaign with Memories of the Egyptian Expedition"
"Napoleonic Wars, The"
"Retreat from Moscow, The"
"Retreat from Moscow, The"
"Retreat from Moscow, The"
"Retreat of the Great Army from Moscow, The"
"Retreat of the Great Army from Moscow, The"
Kossak, Juliusz"Casimir Pulaski in the Battle of Czestochowa"
"Election of King John Casimir"
"Rodakowski at The Battle of Custoza"
Kozakiewicz, Antoni"History Lesson"
Kwiatkowski, Teofil"Chopin's Polonaise - a Ball in H˘tel Lambert in Paris"
Los, Wlodzimierz"Insurgents"
Luszczkiewicz, Wladyslaw"Casimir the Great Arriving to the House of his Mistress Esterka"
Malczewski, Jacek"Portrait of Adam Asnyk with Muse"
"Scene from the 1863 Insurrection"
Matejko, Jan"Battle of Grunwald, The"
"Bohdan Chmielnicki and Tuhaj-Bej at Lviv"
"Christianisation of Poland in 965"
"Death of Sigismund Augustus in Knyszyn"
"Departure of Henry the Pious from Legnica"
"First Seym in Leczyca, AD 1182"
"Gamrat and Stanczyk"
"Jan Zamoyski at Byczyna"
"King Jan Sobieski Takes the Banner at the Battle of Vienna"
"King John Casimir's Oath"
"King John Casimir's Oath"
"King John III Sobieski Presenting Canon Denhoff with a Letter to the Pope"
"Kosciuszko at the Battle of Raclawice"
"Kosciuszko at the Battle of Raclawice"
"Ladislaus the White in Dijon"
"Meeting of Jagiellonians with Emperor Maximilian at Vienna Conference of Kings 1515"
"Poland at the Zenith of Power - Golden Liberty - 1573 Election"
"Prussian Tribute, The"
"Seym in Gasawa"
"Shuiskys at the Warsaw Seym, The"
"Skarga's Sermon"
"Slaying of Leszek the White in Gasawa"
"Slaying of St. Stanislaus"
"Stefan Batory at Pskov"
"Storming of the Guardhouse, The"
"Year 1863 - Polonia"
Michalowski, Piotr"Charge of the Polish Light Horse at Somosierra, The"
"King Boleslaus the Brave Entering Kiev"
"Parade in front of Napoleon"
Milwitz, Bartolomeus"Coronation Portrait of Ladislaus IV Vasa"
Norblin de la Gourdaine, Jean Pierre"Vote upon the Constitution of the 3rd of May 1791, The"
Oleszkiewicz, Jozef (Joseph)"Chodkiewicz Saying Goodbye to His Wife before Battle of Chocim"
Orlowski, Aleksander"Massacre of Praga"
Pawliszak, Waclaw"Cossacks Gift"
Pekalski, Leonard"November Night, The"
Piasecki, Leszek"Liberation from the Turkish Siege 1683"
"Liberation of Vienna on 12 September 1683, The"
Pillati, Henryk"Death of Berek Joselewicz in Kock"
Piotrowski, Antoni"January Insurgents` Patrol"
"Prince Alexander of Battenberg (1857–1893) in the Battle on the River Slivnitsa, 17.11.1885"
Piotrowski, Maksymilian Antoni"King Ladislaus Jagiello before the Battle of Grunwald"
Piwnicki, Witold"Battle of Cecora, The"
Plersch, Jan Bogumil"Departure of Catherine the Second from Kaniow in 1787"
Pochwalski, Kasper"IX.1939 - Polish History"
Rodakowski, Henryk"Ambassadors of Pope Innocent XI and Emperor Leopold Beg King John III Sobieski to Help Vienna"
"Hetman Koniecpolski Liberates Prisoners from the Turks at Halych"
Rybkowski, Tadeusz"Christmas Eve 1914, Lviv"
Schoninck, Martin"Siege of Malbork in 1460"
Siemiradzki, Henryk"Christian Dirce"
"Herod's Feast"
"Joan of Arc"
"Sketch for Rus Burial in Bulgaria"
"Torches of Nero or Candlesticks of Christianity"
Silvestre, Louis de"Portrait of Augustus III, the King of Poland"
Simmler, Jozef"Death of Barbara Radziwillowna"
"Queen Jadwiga's Oath"
Smuglewicz, Franciszek"Battle of Warka 1656"
"Death of Chodkiewicz, The"
"Kosciuszko Taking the Oath at the Main Square in Cracow"
"Queen Esther"
"Titus Flavius Vespasianus"
Sochaczewski, Aleksander"Farewell to Europe"
Stachowicz, Michal"Kosciuszko on Horseback"
"Kosciuszko's Camp"
"Raising of Kosciuszko Mound"
Streitt, Franciszek"Catherine Jagiellon of Poland"
Suchodolski, January"Assault on Saragossa"
"Battle of Fuengirola in 1810"
"Battle of Kircholm"
"Battle of San Domingo"
"Death of Cyprian Godebski in the battle of Raszyn, 1809"
"Death of Prince Jozef Poniatowski at Lipsk"
"General Jan Henryk Dabrowski entering Rome"
"Napoleon and Prince Joseph Poniatowski at Lipsk"
"Retreat from Moscow, The"
"Retreat from Moscow in 1812, The"
"Siege of Ochakiv, 1788"
Wach, Anna"Black Swan"
Wiesiolowski, Ludwik"Aleksander Sobieski on his Deathbed in Rome in 1714"
Wintorowski (Winterowski), Leonard"War Episode"
Wojniakowski, Kazimierz"Adoption of the Constitution of 3 May 1791, The"
Wolski, Stanislaw Pomian"Gypsy Woman"
Zaleski, Marcin"Seizure of the Arsenal"
Zywolewski, Stanislaw"L. Walesa"